Welcome To My Den

It’s a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to my blog. My main objective will be writing about reality, truth, opinions, and overall thought-provoking issues. I hope this blog will give a voice of reason in an era of lies and madness.

I want to make a few things clear when visiting my blog:

1. This is blog is created and run by a black man in America with a liberated sense of reality.

2. This is not an anti-white blog. Telling the truth does not equate hating white people. This also isn’t a “make white people feel happy or superior” blog. If you are into that, go to Stormfront or some shit.

3. This is an anti-privilege mindset blog.

4. Trolling only makes you look pathetic. If you want to troll on my blog, proceed with caution as you will humiliate yourself.

5. I do not side with personal responsiblity or bootstrap thinking. Both present serious flaws in reason and truth. I am not against personal responsibility or working harder, but arguments in which the subjects present themselves disregard the realities of living in a white male dominated society.

6. I stand for women’s rights of life, liberty, and happiness, and no, that does not mean I’m a pussy.

7. I do not subscribe with the vicitm mentality, but I do side with vicitms of an oppressive society.

8. If you are a racist, race realist, white supremacist, conservative, liberal, white, black, or anyone with a racist mindset, and you think posting the usual, tired-ass comments will change my perception on racism, you are out of your damn mind.  Still, if you want to embarrass yourselves, type away.

9. I’m against big media which includes movies, news, television, publications, and radio.

1o. I do not have degrees in sociology, law, genetics, or the like, but you don’t need to have a degree to know that America is a racist nation.

11. If you have an essay or article you would like to post on my blog you can send them to brothawolfemail@gmail.com, and I will post them for you. Don’t forget to include your name and website.

Thank you for your time, and continue fighting the good fight.

-Brotha Wolf

23 thoughts on “Welcome To My Den

  1. Hi Brotha Wolf,
    Just wanted to let you know the ‘about’ page and link is showing up on the mobile version of your website.

    And I love your posts. Thank you!

  2. Brothawolf, I love your posts!! Keep doing what your doing.. Very educational and much needed…!!!!

  3. I have been commenting on Abagond for over a year and when I accidentally clicked on the link to this blog and looked around, I was impressed. I love your blog, Brothawolf! Keep up the good work!

    Yes AmeriKKKlan is a very racist country that runs on the ideals of White supremacy and oppression of minorities especially Black people.

  4. To say that this is not an anti-white blog is quite a stretch. After reading a few of your posts (including your most recent Halloween rant), I’m finding you have quite a bit of animosity towards the white race. That is not something that instills “truth”; it is an opinion, and a hateful one at that.

    I was looking forward to reading this blog, as I was under the impression it was going to be intelligent and insightful (as you have made it seem to be in your introduction). I suppose I was wrong, and I’m leaving disappointed.

    1. So, what would you call dressing up as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman or as the deceased flight attendants of a crashed flight for Halloween for pleasure? Are we supposed to laugh with them?

    2. lola 1256, you’re, I’m assuming, a White person telling a *Black man* with lived experience, what racism is. That’s rich.

      This sort of tone-policing and oppressive silencing is one of the primary reasons why blogs like this exist and are needed. Bumrushing, what’s supposed to be, a safe space for Black people to dismantle racism is the *height* of racism and White privilege. Speaking all over a Black blogger, once again, *with lived experience*, trying to tell him how the process and discuss racism, is RACIST. You don’t know what *we* know, so it’s not your place to dictate how Black folks should express their disdain for institutional racism.

      BrothaWolf isn’t hear to pacify *your* feelings. It’s not about you. This space isn’t meant to amplify White voices. Deconstructing this stuff isn’t supposed to make you feel anything but uncomfortable, and maybe, prompt you to reevaluate and unpack your own privilege and the things you’ve been indoctrinated with as a White person.

      If all you can do is whine about how ‘mean’ he’s being to the ‘White race’, then perhaps you shouldn’t intercept spaces that’re well beyond the race 098 level.

      1. Nice copy and paste Tiff.

        Where did you get that from the other 5,000 bullshit articles that repeat the same old bullshit?

        I love how you’re talking about “white privilege” as if it actually exist. “White privilege” is a concept that was invented by the Jewish feminist Peggy McIntosh in the late 80’s to excuse non-whites of their failures.

        Institutionalized racism? God you Negroids never quit with your bullshit.

        I know how to handle this it’s called segregation.

  5. No, I wouldn’t agree. You’re speaking of whites in a racist way. Your entire blog is racist. I’m beginning to question if you truly know the meaning of the word.

    And I don’t find any of those Halloween costumes to be funny, that was sick, but I don’t care if the people who dressed up were white, black, Asian, anything. It still would have been a disgusting costume. And you could have focused on the abhorrence of the costume without making the racial slurs that you did. That’s where I find the intelligence or “truth” of this blog is lost. You’re a pot calling the kettle black. (Sorry, is that pun racist as well?)

    1. In the first place, I admit to being racist on more than one occasion. Second, what do YOU think racism is exactly? Also, where did I make racial slurs?

      You said you’d be disgusted if the people were any color. Yet, you have a problem with me being disgusted due to the fact they’re white and that I not only called them out on it, but also addressed a problem that white people tend to do.

      Check this out, most of the time, the people who engage in this bullshit are white. This is going by the images they put up on their webpages. I doubt any black person would be foolish enough to dress up as Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman. And I doubt any Asian would be foolish enough to mock the crash of Flight 214. Why on Earth would they?

      But white people have mocked black and Asian culture for years. We see it in old minstrel black face performances of the past to MLK college parties of today. We see it in movies where white people are in yellow face to white people taking on the roles made for Asians.

      It is not wrong to illustrate how wrong that is. To remain quiet about it IS wrong. To say how it’s wrong to do so IS wrong. To do either is to accept a form of white racism, my dear, a form of white racism that’s been going on for decades.

  6. I lived in Aiken until 1983, when I went to USC for college. From there to Buffalo and then San Francisco. I’m in Aiken right this minute, here to see about selling my mother’s home.

    I found your blog by googling “race relations in Aiken SC.” I searched for this because I was reminded (as I always am on my visits) of just how different interactions between black people and white people feel here (in Aiken? In SC? In the South more generally?). Compared, I mean, to the North and the West.

    Does different mean better? Better for just one party or the other? It’s impossible not to imagine that what I sense, whatever is real about it, must have some roots in slavery, in the everyday familiarity of blacks and whites that is lacking elsewhere.

    That suggests it’s not entirely a familiarity founded on equality. Or that it’s entirely positive. But I wonder if it’s a better starting point than where we are elsewhere in the country.

    Thoughts? I will keep reading your blog, which I like very much. For the record, I’m a white guy, age 51.


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