Notable Links: 4-20/12

What if blacks talked about black-on-white murder the way whites talked about slavery or Trayvon? If blacks in America talked about black-on-white murder the way somewhites talk about the much greater interracial crime of white-on-black slaveryand racism, it would go something like this… Liar, Liar Among the attributes I most envy in a public man (or woman) is […]

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The Whiteness Program Pt. V

Religion The following list is based upon “Who the Hell is the ‘Whiteman’s God” found on the blog Anna Renee Is Still Talking.  1. God/Jesus is a white man. He’s the only God there is. 2. Everyone in the bible is white. 3. God loves white people, but hates all other races. 4. God made […]

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The Whiteness Program Pt. IV

Politics 1. Blame the problems of society on black and brown people. 2. Blame the drug and crime problem on inner city young men of color from poor ghettos. The public will love to hear it and will have a sound reason to hate and fear them. 3. Advocate more prisons, more police, and more […]

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The Whiteness Program Pt. III

Music 1. Do not allow music that will make people think, especially if it comes from non-whites. It will not make money, and it would not be good for the white power structure. 2. Make music written and sung by whites more balanced. The same can not be applied to non-whites if you want to […]

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The Whiteness Program Pt. II

Entertainment Media 1. Follow the ‘History’ points mentioned in part one and broadcast them to the public. Make them learn history through the white man’s point of view. 2. Take control of as much media as you can so that whiteness is the only subject that’s primarily presented. 3. Make sure whiteness is the core […]

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The Whiteness Program Pt. I

The following is a list of things to say, do and think if you are ever programmed with the matrix of whiteness.  History 1. Believe that society was built by whites for whites through hard work only. 2. Ignore and refute any and all events that showcase the history of bloodshed and misery caused by […]

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