R.I.P. Natalie Cole

From the Associated Press: LOS ANGELES (AP) — Natalie Cole, the daughter of jazz legend Nat King Cole, who carved out her own success with R&B hits like “Our Love” and “This Will Be” before triumphantly intertwining their legacies to make his “Unforgettable” their signature hit through technological wizardry, has died. She was 65. While […]

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Notable Links: 11-13/14

From Michael Brown to Assata Shakur, the racist state of America persists Civil Rights Group Color of Change Asks Bravo Network to Stop Promoting Black Violence KKK Passing Out Fliers Promising To Use Lethal Force Against Ferguson Protesters Michael Brown’s Parents Pour Their Hearts Out to the UN Charges Dropped Against Man Whose Subway Slap […]

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When Childbirth Ends Privilege

Anything black is hated, feared and just plain unwanted. The (white) liberal mindset is that we are all human beings and that color doesn’t or shouldn’t be show when certain people’s vision operates. But we all know that’s bullshit as a person’s skin color is part of their identity which should not be denied, and that we’re […]

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Notable Links: 10-3/14

Michael Dunn Found Guilty Of First-Degree Murder In Killing Of Jordan Davis Parent who sued over black sperm donor gives emotional TV interview NYPD Witnessed Telling Black Kids To Leave White Neighborhood Ted Nugent unloads on African-American “thugs” in horribly racist column about Ferguson 30 Men Show Us Who’s Really Responsible for Preventing Sexual Assault […]

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