Sock Puppet Alert! UPDATE

My blog has come under attack by sock puppets, people using more than one account to spread their views under the guise of multiple people. I did a little investigating and found out there is a frequently used IP address used in my comment section from those calling themselves Blankenship, Anubia and HerLadyShip. It’s hard […]

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You Can’t Handle the Proof

I sit here rubbing my temples at the influx of commenters out to refute any single article written about racism. The overall theme of these hive-minded drones is that racism is either not a big problem or that it’s comprised of singular incidents that only occur a few times per year. Whatever the case, they […]

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Response To Viewer

Remember a commenter who goes by the screen name ‘viewer’? I banned him along with his cohorts ‘FourSquare’ and ‘Apollo’. Apparently, he either forgot about his permanent banishment from my den, or he’s the type that doesn’t care. Either way, he’s back to commenting and he left this gem for me to respond to: Are […]

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