Editorial: Israel Is Not My Birthright

With the current drama behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict heightened once again, and with Western media’s obvious pro-Israeli bias showing off, especially the likes of the most liberal news stations like MSNBC, public opinion mostly supports the actions of the Jewish state no matter how questionable. However, there are some who are appalled by the actions […]

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Notable Links: 7-18/14

The Media Shows Its True Colors: Reporter Makes Offensive Remarks Turning into what should’ve been a regular news report about a New Jersey shootout between a cop and citizen, the attention was quickly drawn to a reporter’s remarks and choice of words when interviewing witnesses and associates of the assailant. Sean Bergin’s remarks only revealed […]

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Notable Links: 7-11/14: UPDATE

Dodging Decarceration: The Shell Game of ‘Getting Smart’ on Crime It has taken a long time, far too long, but politicians seem finally to have realized how catastrophically expensive it is for the United States to lock up more people than any other country on the planet. Although most had cared little about how much […]

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Notable Links: 7-4/14

We are a corporate theocracy now: The Christian right seeks cultural and political domination “If fascism comes to America, it will not be identified with any “shirt” movement, nor with an “insignia,” but it will probably be “wrapped up in the flag and heralded as a plea for liberty and preservation of the constitution,” wrote […]

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Response to Keith Essien

The following is a response to an article I wrote entitled “Bad and Sexy“. I wrote about the internet popularity of the now-infamous mugshot of Jeremy Meeks. My article got the attention of a lurker who goes by the name Keith Essien who dropped a lot of sexist and misogynist deuces. I asked him point […]

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