The American Pathology of Hatred

America is a nation of so many fuck-ups that it’s safe to predict that its collapse will be imminent. As a whole this society has so many dysfunctional problems left and right that it’s hard to believe that the American Dream is attainable mainly if you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth. […]

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Notable Links: 3-23/12

“The Tragedy of 9/11” by Abagond Every year far more Americans lose their lives in street crimes than died in 9/11. The reason you hear so much about 9/11 is because President Bush, never one to miss an opportunity, blew it up for political gain. “Trayvon Martin: The 911 Tapes” by Abagond Trayvon Martin, a […]

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9/11: Revised Edition

I wrote a post about September 11 in 2010 in my old Blaque Ink blog page. This year will mark the 10th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say about this day, or rather I don’t have anything new to say. All I could do is repost my essay with a […]

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One Hundred Lies

This will be my 100th blog post as Brotha Wolf. So, I decided to dedicate this personal milestone by presenting a list. I will call this Brotha Wolf’s 100 Biggest Lies Ever Told. Some of them are funny. Some of them make you think. But, in the end it’s all true. They are not necessarily in descending order according […]

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Blaque Ink Archives: 9/11

The following was posted September 11, 2010 September 11, 2001 I remember waking up that morning. I turned on the television to do some channel surfing, and that’s when I found out about the attack on the World Trade Center. It was a surreal day; it seemed like a bad dream at the time. All […]

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We Got Him, Big Deal

So, after several years, Osama Bin Ladin, leader of the terrorist group Al Qaeda, and poster boy for American fear and hatred towards Islam, Muslims, and Arabian culture in general worldwide, has been killed by gunfire by U.S. Navy SEALs in Pakistan. As expected, people all across the US and beyond are jumping for joy, and the fear of a […]

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