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19 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. My suggestion would be if you could explore Slavery, Genocide and Racial Hatred in the cult classic film The Shining

    There is tons of innuendo and symbolism regarding “the white man’s burden” in that film.

  2. Hi Brothawolf,

    I was wondering if you had an opinion about the MRA? Yeah it is largely a white male thing in that most of their hatred is expressed at young white women who will not have sex with them, but there’s a great deal of intersectionality with racism in this very misogynist group and i wasnt sure if black men were even aware of them at all as ive never seen any of them address the subject.

    1. Hey lkeke35,

      Well, I’m not really aware of the MRA, which I’m guessing stands for the Men’s Rights Movement, right? Do you have any more info about them?

      1. They spend a large amount of their time on Reddit. And there ‘s an organization called AVFM- A Voice For Men and another called Men Going Their Own Way. The movement itself is called Men’s Rights Activists. They don’t seem to spend much time activating for all of the numerous things that beset men – like male rape or high imprisonment numbers or Stop and Frisk. They do seem to spend most of their time arguing about /against feminism and female sexuality as something that’s oppressing them, how women have so much power bc of such and sending death and rape threats to women on the internet. It’s quite complicated and many of their rants and screeds are against the very social systems white males have put in place to subjugate women.

        Imagine entire organizations made up of Tommy Sotomyers, except they seem to primarily hate white women. I think, outside of Asian stereotypes, WoC don’t much exist for them and there’s occasionally a lot of backwash onto black men.

        If you’re unable to stomach the actual rants themselves, there are a couple of websites that discuss ( and usually mock) them. Pharyngula, at the Freethought Blogs and We Hunted The Mammoth,aka Manboobz.

  3. Brothawolf, I suggest that you stop engaging in the type of endless, circular arguments that takes up so much space on your “Viewer” post. I know this is your blog and you run it as you see fit, but it should be obvious by now that trolls like that one come here to do nothing but start arguments and then sit back, wherever he is, and laugh about it. It is also obvious that someone who takes that much time to refute everything you say on a point-by-point basis has an awful lot of time to kill and frankly, I doubt if he’s doing it for nothing.

  4. *Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement for football nor do I support the sport.*

    My topic of discussion will be about “Kayvon Thibodeaux’ s Decision Day”.
    You may already know about him but in case you don’t, he is a Los Angeles boy who is the highest ( #1 to be exact) football prospect in the nation. Not only is he’s top notch on the field but also off with a 3.8 GPA and he’s very serious about his academics. It seems that a lot of colleges/ universities want him .He has also lowered his possible picks of schools he wants to attend. One of them is Florida A & M University ( FAMU).. an HBCU.

    While a lot of social media folks like me are having fun with his pick of schools,I couldn’t help to notice what one poster and FAMU alumnus said her reasoning for Kayvon to attend her alma matter..a lot of it has to do with the history of it

    A lot of PWIs ( Predomi-
    lately White Institution) have a lot of Black talent on them and along with that talent ,also came body snatching.. that coaches from PWIs have persuaded some former players from HBCU and got rich from it. It would be nice if a documentary could be done about this if it haven’t already.

    Although Kayvon’s school search is supposed to be in fun,I also can’t help the racial coding with it. I looked at several non Black sports websites and one of the things that I’ve noticed is how FAMU has been dismissed as a Kayvon’s contender,how they won’t include in his list of prospective schools or worse they have this ” Why a Black college? Everybody knows that they’ll go to a PWI” mentality.* eyeroll*

    At the end of the day,the choice will be Kayvon’s but as an alumnus of a PWI, Im hoping that he’ll choose FAMU / HBCU. Not only will he’ll have one of the most unique, honest ,wordly and great learning experiences but he’ll be part of a some of FAMU supporters say he’ll be part of a family that most PWIs cannot/ won’t give.

    I’ll tell you another reason why Kayvon should attend an HBCU. Imagine if he didn’t measure up to how they want him to or as the FAMU mentioned if he lost a game at a PWI,he’ll be treated like LeBron James when he left Cleveland for an abused dog. While students at an HBCU wouldn’t want him to lose games at their schools,he not only will be forgiven but he’ll still a member of the FAMU/ HBCU family…or as FAMU will say FAMUly.

    He’s visited FAMU and other schools.Far as their school? While it not guaranteed that he’ll attend it,he seemed excited ..even recommending other Black high school athlete to attend and asking for a FAMU shirt. Maybe a!

    Regardless of whose school Kayvon choose,it will be all good but one thing I hope he will take into consideration, what qualities is most important to him doing going.Hopefully ,his long term decision will be based on a piece of mind.

  5. Please do a blog post regarding the lack of sympathy and attention toward Black women victims of crime perpetrated by men of all races. Mainstream media tend not to pay attention and whenever they do pay attention, the media place racist stereotypical labels on the Black victims and the police tend to look the other way when it comes to serial murders of Black women. Thank you.

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