Promote Yourself

If you are a writer, artist, poet, musician and you have a product you would like to showcase on this blog, send all the information to or upload it in the comment section of this page. Brotha Wolf is happy and obliged to help independent artists get their name out.


7 thoughts on “Promote Yourself

  1. I would like to bring to you and your reader a really good internet radio station. It is
    OverTymeMusic – The Best Hip Hop, Soul and R&B on the Planet!
    This the app for your mobile device:

    My internet radio station is only three months old, and is gaining popularity but I need to reach more listeners and subscribers. Right now access is free but I am using the good faith system, meaning I hope to see all listeners subscribe to the station with a small $5 dollar monthly fee in order to keep my radio commercial free and truly remain independent. So I thank you for the opportunity to promote my radio and sincerely hope that not you become an avid listener, I hope that you bring as many listener/subscribers to what you may find is the absolute best internet radio station on the planet!

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