Vern’s Venting: It’s a Black Thing


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By Lavern Merriweather

While on Brotha’s website recently, I clicked a link to another great blog by Kushite Prince who is a frequent commenter [and one of my favorites] named Kushite Kingdom. There, he reprinted a post by Boyce Watkins where Watkins praised black athletes like LeBron James and Derrick Rose who are using tee shirts to protest the current violence and evil perpetrated by white cops against black people. Watkins also called out other black athletes such as Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan for not speaking out.

I have a major issue with Watkins’ attitude, because I often wonder why is it that black people are expected to fight everyone else’s battles but nobody has to be there for us. Many black folks are quick with the quickness to criticize other black folks. Yet, when any other racial group has a problem, we are supposed to be there for them too? So black people are so incredible that we can solve our own problems as well as other folks, but nobody should come to our rescue?

I feel that it’s more about the notion that we aren’t good enough for other people of color (POC) to worry about. That mindset always gets me to thinking; okay then, why the fuck do you keep demanding our help? You can’t believe that we should drop everything in our lives for you, but you don’t have to return the favor? FUCK THAT!

Dr. Boyce Watkins, like many other high minded Negroes, could just as easily complain about athletes of other races that play for baseball, the NBA, hockey and soccer. Not one comment ever is made that the same people of color who are forever bitching about “If this were the blacks” seem to think that we should be on our own. And even if they didn’t feel that way, it’s still fucking common decency to give a damn about your fellow man. Obviously, they really do appreciate their spot on the unspoken race ranking system of white people. You know, the one that says Asians are the model minority and that black folks are at the bottom of the totem pole.

We supposedly are the worst of the worst, which must be why other folks of color don’t have to worry their pretty little heads about our troubles. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t actually going to get treated that much better by white people. They still aren’t us, which is good enough apparently. It certainly seems to justify why it is they think we should play Zena warrior princess for their benefit as they sit silent when black lives are annihilated time and time again by the police departments of America.

It’s somehow become the responsibility of black people to protect everybody else. Yet, when it comes to us it’s our trouble, we have to fix it our damn selves. The people who don’t imagine that they need to have our backs while they scream that we should have theirs seem to be forgetting that maybe we are too damn busy. They refuse to do for us while crying how if it were black people, it would be a lot different and bitching about how they don’t have organizations like the NAACP.

I have no problem with sympathy or empathy for others. That’s why I get so pissed when I hear high minded black folks attack other black people. We shouldn’t be the only ones outraged about brutal, cruel and horrific acts against innocent citizens. And we also shouldn’t be anticipated to forgo our own trauma while other folks are allowed to ignore ours. Anybody who has an ounce of decency and humanity should be outraged.

I was very grateful seeing non-black people walking the streets of New York and elsewhere protesting particularly the death of Eric Garner. However, those people aren’t famous. So their voice, wonderful as it is, won’t be as respected.

Many famous white comedians and white folks in the media have no qualms giving black people their undivided attention when they can make snide comments about a black celebrity in trouble with the law. But when it’s the law giving US a problem, they are nowhere to be found. That means we are okay for their entertainment or to point fingers at and make fun of. Yet, when it comes to seeing us as people just like them well that’s too damn heavy a burden for those assholes. I have seen this scenario play out quite a lot before.

Obviously, other people of color feel that we are strong enough to face discrimination by ourselves. I got news for them; the only reason why black people come across as strong is because, we had to be. It’s because we knew very few people outside of our own private circle who would stand up for us as well as by us. We have had to face many a daunting sadistic situation all on our own.

Now, once again the same folks bellyaching for us to come and save them from white folks could care less about what is happening to black people. Police brutality and authority run amok is everybody’s issue and if not then it should be. Just because I’m not Jewish doesn’t mean I can’t hate on the Nazis, but when it’s a group of black people, we are continually stand alone. There is no support system from the people that whine about our lack of support for them. You don’t even hear us complaining. No, we just got out and do like we have done for countless years.

It’s very interesting that many marginalized groups like to use black people as an example. Yet when what they say comes true they can’t be bothered. I applaud my man Lebron as well as Derrick Rose. However, there should be outcry and outrage from every corner, not just the ones affected most. There has been a lot of talk about humanity from the police lately, but I guess ours is still on hold. It’s like that song says, Don’t take it personally, because you are not a person. Perhaps to ourselves, still, we can’t let the idea that defending our rights is only our fight. Not when there are so many others riding the backs of blacks to get respect as they deny us ours. You don’t have to share my skin to share my pain or experience, especially when the stakes have never been higher. Those people who speak of there only being one race the human race need to start acting like everyone actually is human. That means it should be more than just us concerned with our injustice.

A Temporary Hiatus

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R.I.P. Charlie Sifford


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From the Huffington Post:

Charlie Sifford, who only wanted a chance to play and broke the color barrier in golf as the first PGA Tour member, died Tuesday night, the PGA of America said.

Sifford, who recently had suffered a stroke, was 92. Details of his death and funeral arrangements were not immediately available.

Click here to read the rest of this article.

Please, Don’t Let Him Be…


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“God, I hope he’s not black. Please don’t let him be a Muslim. I hope he’s not Latino.”

Above are statements spoken by at least one member of nonwhite groups in America whenever something terribly wrong occurs. When you hear about any crime in this country, usually something major and fatal, and you’re a member of “other” groups outside of the white dimensional plain, you get this cringe in your heart and a knot in your stomach. Then, words run across your mind like a ticker which may read along the lines of “I hope he’s not one of us.” You worry and dread. Then, a description is made of the suspect or suspects involved. Either that or a mugshot is produced. And when you find out that the fools are members of your group, you curse, you get angry, embarrassed and you predict that somewhere, white people in high places will make life harder for you than it already is because you’re guilty by coincidence; you share the group’s characteristics like skin color or religious beliefs.

As a black man, I hate to admit it, but I experience this kind of collective shame. It comes from watching or reading the news or videos that only WorldStar would be interested in. We know that black people and crime – and violence – are well connected in news reporting within the first seven minutes of the six o’clock news and the front page of local newspapers. Whenever a black person commits a crime, there it is on TV or in the newspaper.

So, why do such emotions exist? We all know it comes from the history of oppression that continues to this day, unrelenting and unresolved. For blacks in this country, one wrong act could punish the entire community. It’s reasonable to fear the worst whenever it happens because even in contemporary times, that still goes on. Stop and frisk, mass incarcerations and police murders anyone?

The next thing you know, you have people, mostly conservatives, babble about the lack of accountability in the black community. They will turn to the usual supposed cause of the problems going on, lack of black male fathers. Sometimes they will turn to rap music as the issue. They will even blame single black moms. Whatever it is, black people are to blame for what’s wrong with black people.

Society, in various ways, media included, essentially wants marginalized people to feel bad about being what they are. They want blacks to feel bad about being black. That would explain why most news you see in the mainstream is negative, and most don’t realize it, especially some black people themselves. Some brothas and sistas have a steady diet of this kind media junk food and don’t realize they’re getting sick.

It’s not often you hear positive news concerning black folks. For whatever reason, that’s not as “attractive” as say a football athlete clocking his wife in an elevator and dragging her like a caveman. No. Stereotypes are what’s in. Always have and always will as far as society’s concerned.

This collective shame is a form of mental oppression. It’s part of a trick to make you ashamed of what you are. It also strikes out the notion that you are an individual and not some part of a monolithic group. It fools you into thinking that you, or your people are the problem, not the ones who set the disaster in motion like politicians who cut funding for jobs and education or billionaires who put millions out into the street.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about whenever one of your people screws up. They are human, and all humans – yes, including you white folks who love to point fingers at everyone else but yourselves – mess up. But only know that when someone screws up, only that person deserves to be blamed, not that person’s race.

Special Announcement: No More Notable Links


I know some of you are shocked by this announcement, but let me explain.

I’ve been posting ‘Notable Links’ for a few year now. At first it was only a few links to certain articles I felt were important during that time frame of one week or in general. Soon, there were way more articles to link to. After a while, it got taxing copying and pasting links to various stories and articles and turn it into a weekly entry, especially when you have other responsibilities outside of blogging. I don’t have as much time as I used to. So, I’ve decided to drop the ‘Notable Links’ entry.

Now, here’s the good news. You see my twitter feed on the left side of the blog’s homepage? Yeah, that one. You can still check out some amazing articles by the links provided in each tweet made. So, I will still let you know about some important articles each week. It will just be in a different location. Besides, most of the ‘Notable Links’ come from there anyway.

I apologize if this posed any inconvenience. Thanks for reading. Oh, and don’t get it twisted. I’ll still be blogging.

My Final Cosby Post


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News about the Bill Cosby scandal keeps going as yet another accuser came forward. And I’m sure, like most of you, I’m tired of hearing about it. I’m so tired, I didn’t even feel like finding a picture to illustrate this article. I’m tired not because I am a fan of Cosby, because I’m not. I’m tired of feeling embarrassed by skin and gender association.

After much consideration and thinking, I’ve decided to put a lid on discussing the Bill Cosby scandal. I think the media has treated it as nothing more than a pull to drive ratings as opposed to make society aware of the problem of rape culture which is a great disservice to actual victims of rape. After all, the mainstream continues to show how much it could care less about society’s issues only if it helps generate viewers and dollars.

Rape is a very serious topic that must be confronted and dealt with. As a man, I am aware that I live in a male dominated society where my genitals suggest, according to the unofficial rules of male supremacy, that I am superior to women and therefore I have the right and power to do with them what I want, when I want. Sexual abuse by men against women unfortunately comes with the territory, and even though I’ve never done it nor would I ever stoop to that level, it is sadly the norm in America. Real talk.

I’ve lost count as to how many women have accused Cosby of drugging and raping them. But the hits keep on coming. (Cindra Ladd, a white female philanthropist and wife of Oscar-winning producer and former MGM Chair Alan Ladd Jr, is the latest to accuse the comedian of raping her during the late 1960’s) And even though this is a serious matter, I still have enormous doubts as to the validity of some of the accusers. One, huge glaring wonder is that Cosby somehow managed to walk free after raping many white women, especially during the 60’s and 70’s. The history of this country suggests that if a black man so much has been accused of raping a white woman, his ass is grass. How can Cosby get away with it for so long? Does he have friends in high places? If so, even they are likely white guys who are as racist as their lesser income brethren. That would not sit well with them that a Negro of any standing raped their precious treasures. So, the question is, what was the deal?

There have been less popular articles that cast doubt on this whole mess. One was by a woman paid to destroy Cosby. Another explained how the agent of two models believed they were lying. That doesn’t let Cos off the hook, however. But that does leave a crack in this whole case.

I don’t know if Cosby is guilty or not. All we can go by is here say. But when over 30 women have made the same claim, something’s rotten in Denmark either way. But what is it? Where does the truth begin? Do we automatically believe or consider believing the women, which is what we should do more often? Or do we believe that something stinks about the whole thing, because something doesn’t add up? If so, is it reasonable, or is it a normal reflection based on how this country does black men with false rape accusations which I’ve learned are more common than we think?

I’m not saying this is the case, but it is something that can’t be overlooked. And when you have over 30 women, it may not be possible that this is merely a smear campaign. I’m just saying.

I admit that, like many other people, hearing about this scandal from any news outlet is painful. Deep inside, I hope and wish this isn’t true. However, I cannot forget that this is the same man who went on a tirade against poor black folks, poor black folks like yours truly, like conservatives who detest poverty as much as they hate common sense. Not to mention him omitting the major factor of race in every race-based situation and his command to not blame the white man.

Now, if Ole’ Bill is a pillar of morality as he portrayed himself to be as his character Heathcliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show, and truly did not rape all those women, then by definition, there’s a hidden “plot” to bring him down. However, if he did, then he is one muh’fuckin hypocrite who doesn’t deserve any support. Point blank. And the odds are heavily stacked against him, especially for him to tour the nation and make a lame ass joke about it.

But if this is a plan, the question is why are they trying to bring down Cosby? What could they hope to gain, especially since most of the women are in good economic standing? And if there is some kind of conspiracy, who’s involved and why? I’m just asking.

I’m just going to shut up and uncomfortably watch this unfold. Again, I’m not a fan of Cosby. I do admire his work – sort of – but I’m not a fan of the man. As a side note, have you ever noticed how all of his media products like Fat Albert, Little Bill and, of course, The Cosby Show are based upon himself?

This may be a case of trying to destroy a highly successful black person. But you must consider how women are viewed and treated whenever they accuse a any beloved man of rape.

Darren Wilson Continues To Walk


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Black Male Season continues, and the rules are simple. Murder a defenseless black person. The end. No punishments harsh enough to fit the crime, if there are any punishments.

Darren Wilson is the most notable example of a hunter where the he doesn’t follow the rules, but instead the rules follow him. And there is still no push to convict this pig for the murder of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen killed by him last year.

The so-called ‘Justice’ Department is not expected to file any civil rights charges against Wilson. Why? Because the FBI found no evidence. What a shock.

The New York Times reports:

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and his civil rights chief, Vanita Gupta, will have the final say on whether the Justice Department will close the case against the officer, Darren Wilson. But it would be unusual for them to overrule the prosecutors on the case, who are still working on a legal memo explaining their recommendation.

If Holder is no Clarence Thomas, he would let the case continue until Brown’s family gets justice and Wilson gets prosecuted. Will Holder has what it takes to do what is considered “unusual”? We’ll have to see.

A decision by the Justice Department would bring an end to the politically charged investigation of Mr. Wilson in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. The Missouri authorities concluded their investigation into Mr. Brown’s death in November and also recommended against charges.

But a broader Justice Department civil rights investigation into allegations of discriminatory traffic stops and excessive force by the Ferguson Police Department remains open. That investigation could lead to significant changes at the department, which is overwhelmingly white despite serving a city that is mostly black.

Darren Wilson is a true pig who continues to grunt and squeal that he was the one being attack despite eyewitness testimony and other forms of evidence contradicting him, suggesting he was the true aggressor. As with most other entries of the saga where black lives are cast aside like trash, I don’t see any kind of justice that will bring a much-needed twist in this story.

But I’ve been wrong before.

Vern’s Venting: What Goes Around Comes Around


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By Lavern Merriweather:

This post might seriously offend some people, which is why I was so hesitant to write it. However, since I am like everyone else in this country entitled to my opinion, here goes.

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about two NYPD officers that were murdered by an African-American gunman. The officers named Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were ambushed as they sat in their squad car by a local man named Ismaaiyl Brinsley. The shooter then ran to a New York City subway where he took his own life with his gun. Mr. Brinsley claimed on his Facebook page that the killings were in retaliation for the many recent shooting deaths of young black males.

I, for one, feel no sympathy whatsoever for the cops that were brutally gunned down. If that sounds cruel and thoughtless, then just think about what the families of those murdered young black men are dealing with right now. I would also suggest that anyone reading this post think about how the media and cops are framing this story.

When the news broke about the shootings the two cops were humanized immediately. That’s not what happens when a black man like Eric Garner or Mike Brown is killed. They are seen as thugs and criminals who were doing something bad anyway. Apparently to white people in the media and cops on the beat, selling cigarettes on the street is a crime punishable by death. Not only was no one in the lamestream media that outraged by Mr. Garner’s death; they also didn’t call out the cops who killed for their use of excessive force. Many of NYPD’s so-called ‘finest’ took to Twitter and went on several angry rants attacking Mr. Garner’s weight, claiming that had to be the cause of his untimely death, as if choking someone by strong arming them around their throat while your cop buddies hold that person’s arms so they can’t defend themselves is a justifiable act. Or that you can claim, with a straight face, that your actions had nothing to do with someone’s death.

After the shootings of officers Liu and Ramos, the media went on a frenzy to paint the two fallen cops as saintly as possible. You would have thought they could walk on water then turn it into wine the way the media was carrying on. That never happened when white male Eric Frien, shot and killed two cops in Arizona. (I won’t mention the officers names because I don’t know them.) The media didn’t elevate them to perfection status once they were dead like they are doing with the two New York cops.

It also didn’t happen when white couple Jarrod and Amanda Miller shot and killed two cops in Las Vegas. I don’t know the names of those two cops either. Come to think of it, I don’t even think they showed the police officers pictures whereas officer Liu and officer Ramos’ pictures have been on constant rotation non-stop. This leads me to believe that it’s more about who did the shooting rather than the end result.

There was no public outcry from Attorney General Eric Holder or visits to the funerals from Vice President Joseph Biden. There sure as shit wasn’t a rush to speak out from former elected officials rushing to decry what a horrific tragedy this is and how this will lead to anarchy and panic in the streets. Not one word of distress or disgust was spoken about the cops who died at the hands of the Miller couple or Eric Frien. Rudy Giuliani didn’t use the deaths of those cops as a platform for his bigoted and divisive agenda. In fact I feel that Giuliani needs to fuck off and stay his ass out of this all together. Let’s not forget his very sorry and shitty track record when it came to handling suspicious deaths involving black folks and cops. That goes triple for former New York governor George Pataki. Neither of them uttered a peep about the Millers or Frein despite the fact that all three of them were associates of white male nutjob Cliven Bundy.

For those not in the know Bundy is a racist, separatist loony asshole who heads his own tea party and has a ranch where he invites like-minded idiots to vent about their hatred for the government and for President Obama, of course being the main target of their wrath, seeing how they just can’t stand that a darkie from another country is leading America.

Mr. Brinsley’s family has adamantly stated that the killings of the two cops had nothing to do with the murders of Mike Brown and Eric Garner. They, like a lot of the protesters and even activist Al Sharpton, are denouncing the behavior of the gunman. I say FUCK THAT! If Mr. Brinsley’s actions were a direct result of cops getting away with murder, then I say bravo. He did what a lot of Negroes do; talk a good game about but never follow through. If my opinion offends anyone, too bad, because the cops made this us vs. them – meaning black folks – long before I even entered this planet. And judging from the ridiculously arrogant, insensitive, whiny and malevolent comments they are making, that attitude won’t change any time soon if at all.

Most of the cops commenting have absolved themselves of any responsibility or any wrongdoing when it comes to how they deal with black people. All while making egotistical excuses by whining that cops are ‘human’. That is such a contradictory notion, not to mention laughable, if it weren’t so destructive. How the fuck are you going to correct a problem when you flat out refuse to acknowledge it, especially when you refuse to take any accountability for the part that you have played in creating this mindset of hatred?

Even after the shootings cops still have made it all about them with the always-willing help of the media. The perspective of white male cops and white male politicians is the only one I have heard of late. There have been zero attempts by white males in the media to have a fair and balanced discussion. The people mainly affected by cop violence and brutality are being selfishly left out of the conversation.

By the way, NYPD and police departments all over the country being human is no excuse to justify your thuggish stupidity. Humans also have biases and prejudices that they use to judge others something the cops crying that none of this is their fault seem to have forgotten.

Another thing white male cops need to stop using religion to defend their own arrogant obliviousness. One such white male cop named Peter Miller had the absolute nerve to say that he has a God given right because of his chosen profession to protect his family. First of all jag-off God had NOTHING to do with you becoming a cop. That was solely your decision. Second of all, I and every black person that you disregard daily with your privileged mentality has that same fucking right. Third, his self-centered belief tells me that many white cops don’t give a damn about bridging the gap or closing the angry rift that they made with black folks. Sorry Jonathan Capeheart of the Washington Post, but it ain’t police policy that’s viciously killing Negroes while doing it in the name of God. It is cops like Miller and the head of the fraternal order of police in Chicago Dean Angelo who said that it was a ‘sin’ to point an accusatory finger at the cops. Well whose fault is it then prick? Oh that’s right. According to their logic, it’s because we darkies won’t do as we are told by cops. Gee maybe that’s because so many of them are arrogant, moronic, thuggish, racist lowlifes that see black life as worthless as a fly they smash with a newspaper.

I find it interesting that the two cops are men of color. Men who a number of these white folks crying over them wouldn’t give a damn about were they not fellow brothers in blue. If that’s what it takes to gain cops respect, then no thank you. I only regret that one of the cops killed wasn’t a cop who killed an unarmed black male anywhere in America.

Divided on Cosby, Racially


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Like this problem of cops killing unarmed black males, this Bill Cosby rape scandal will stick around for a while, maybe even longer. More and more people in the public eye are either slamming him or supporting him. But there’s one thing that’s glaring at me during the media’s coverage of this mess. Most famous people like Judd Apatow, Donald Trump, Alan Thicke and recently Jay Leno has condemned Cosby while Vivica A. Fox, Faizon Love and former Cosby Show co-stars Phylicia Rashad and Malcolm Jamal Warner came out to show some kind of support for the embattled comedian.

Those famous names mentioned are popular examples of a larger issue. I’ve seen mostly white people expressed their anger, calling Cosby a ‘rapist’. On the other hand, most of the people who have Bill’s back are black folks, even the ones from the socioeconomic level that he talked down to for years now. Of course, it’s not definite. Not all whites despise Cosby and not all blacks support him, but the racial divide is apparent.

Rape is a loaded issue for the black community caused by the history of racism and how it has led to the deaths of countless black men and the sexual assault of countless black women. For the sake of argument, let’s say Cosby is guilty (I don’t know if he is or not). In case you’re blind, Cosby is a black man, and to be accused of rape is to invite negative stereotypes of old times, not to mention the wrath of white people, if the victim is a white woman. If there’s one thing that steams white people up with the fire of a million burning crosses is hearing a black man raping a white woman. Although that blaze may be more quiet nowadays, but it’s still burning hot.

Some of Cosby’s accusers are white woman. And a lot of white folks are seething for the simple fact. White women are like diamonds to the white community when it comes to sexual purity. A black man fucking a white woman is a cardinal sin to a lot of whites.

But there’s a flip-side to this issue, also rooted in history. Black people are very defensive when it comes to black men. A brotha accused of rape usually means the end of that brotha’s life whether he actually did it or not. The past shows that it’s always the word of white women over black men, even if her word is bogus in some way. If need be, white terrorists “aggravated color-aroused antagonizers” will storm into black communities to start their killing spree.

Sometimes whenever a white woman is actually raped, it was done by a white male. But a simple twist and turn of the facts can create a phantom Negro rapist. When that happened, there was hell to pay.

And white women most likely lied about being raped by a black male. This is why it’s hard for many Cosby fans of color to believe the victims, even the black female ones.

Black women were raped, but were seen as women who yearned for some dick in the worst way. So, the white men who raped them didn’t see it as rape. Instead, they saw their victim as a Negroid who had to “have it” and liked it rough, and this stereotype remains just as powerful as back then. Nowadays, the rapist can be any color, but if the victim is a black woman, there’s about as much sympathy for her as a charging moose.

The same could be said of the white women who accused Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them, but only according to what went down in history. It’s hard for some black folks to trust white women when they claim they were raped by black men, even though it happens. (It’s hard to repeat myself, but yes, it happens.) That is not to say that what racists white jackasses have been saying is true. But that is to say there are black men who happen to be rapists and Bill Cosby, as sad as it is since he’s black and successful, could very well be one of them.

We can’t fathom that some of these rapes took place where America was proudly and overtly racist especially where white women are concerned. I hear it all the time. How could Cosby get away with all those rapes during that time period. But I guess he had enough honorary privilege to get away with it, and it looks like we must accept it for what it is.

It’s something we may have to come to terms with, including myself. I’ve seen people, most of them black, wishing this would all go away. I’ve heard them wanting this to end saying how this is a ‘nightmare’. It seemed as painful as nails on a chalkboard. My only guess is that they’re ashamed of him, because he’s black. They can’t stand hearing that a famous black man is a rapist of so many (white) women. They hate seeing one of their idols, a black man who did so much to produce positive black images and gave a lot to black colleges, go down in the media abyss of shame. It’s easy to get embarrassed by black folks, especially famous ones who screw around (No pun intended), and Cosby doesn’t seem to truly care about how this is hurting his fans, his family, possibly the black community in general or his own career.

Then again, most of his fans remain loyal. He’s still touring North America and have had considerable success with his live shows. Like he stated, he’s not through yet. But this may be the last hurrah for Cosby as his image is on life support and has a 25% of surviving. We may be seeing Cosby killing his own career carelessly.

He’s in the same boat at Tiger Woods, Herman Cain and yes, O.J. Simpson, brothas with great images at one time and outstanding success at one time who refute race in some way and who dealt with white women, also in some way, only to have their images or very lives dealt with themselves.

It’s a tough time for Cosby, his family and his admirers, especially his black ones who still look up to him. I always say that rape must be tackled and dealt with, but in this country, it can be, and have been, racialized and used as a weapon against those who demand change and justice. This makes it funny how the descendants of a people who literally raped their way to the top developed a sense of morality against it, especially when they still idolize the likes of Roman Polanski and Woody Allen.

Vern’s Venting: Karma Comes Calling


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By Lavern Merriweather:

After two NYPD cops were shot and killed by gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a bunch of cops starting using the hashtag #NYPDLivesMatter. That statement, as Brotha so accurately pointed out, is a complete slap in the face to the current moniker being used by protesters called #BlackLivesMatter. So, not only are cops in New York and elsewhere insulting and insensitive, they aren’t even original.

You have such disdain for us, yet you copy our slogans all while disrespecting us. Then, cops have the gall to wonder why there is hatred from many black people in the American public. And when they aren’t being offensive as hell, they are making bullshit excuses to justify their evil.

I am done forever with the notion that being in a noble profession makes a person noble. Or that being a good cop automatically makes you a good human being, cause it doesn’t. The minute those two cops were killed, there was a PR rush by them, the media and white male politicians to defend their honor. Cops are using the same logic that black people feel about them that causes these protests to begin with. They want us to see their humanity while denying ours every damn chance they get. So, if the police in America want to be angry because of what happens, good go right ahead. Now, they have just a small taste of what the people they treat like crap have been dealing with for decades.

After Officer Ramos, in particular, was killed, the media bent over backwards to join his son in expressing grief. Eric Garner was also a father, but of course, we heard nothing from his family or anything of his life. He was just another bad Negro doing something that he had no business doing, as if that has ANY bearing on how cops treat black people.

That’s another thing that pisses me off. Cops need to stop lecturing us about facing off against them. Cops in America need to worry more about how they are behaving rather than talking down to us. What really bothers me is that even some of the protesters are agreeing and saying all lives matter. No, all lives don’t matter according to them and that’s why we still have a problem. Cops still won’t take any accountability and still don’t see themselves as the reason behind this whole mess.

When Ice- T’s controversial hit song “Cop Killer” came out 23 years ago, many cops bitched about the lyrics. They never once stopped to take a moment and question why they are so despised and reviled by black folks. That also goes for all the rhetoric they are spewing which boils down to nothing more than we are more important than the darkies we murder all the time. They are pissed because the schoolyard bully just got his ass handed to him by the 98 pound nerd.

Black folks, unlike other races, are expected to tolerate being a doormat for the police. We aren’t allowed to fight back, speak out or even utter one word about police brutality. Negroes in America are at the bottom of the food chain. So who do we think we are complaining? We should just sit back and let the police departments across the country walk all over us. Cops can’t possibly violate our civil rights, because we don’t have any. Nor apparently in their minds do we deserve any either.

They can’t keep saying to us how much their lives matter when they don’t think ours do. They want to talk about getting home safe to their loved ones or making an honest hard day’s work. Obviously, they don’t believe that’s the same ideals that a lot of black people have. And usually, when a white person means ‘hard working’, they don’t mean anybody who is African-American. To the police every last black person is a criminal, but they won’t ever say that shit out loud.

The other day, some jag-off on YouTube was whining about how cops are unfairly generalized. He said that cops get painted with the same brush regardless. In case he hasn’t noticed, that’s the very same thing that cops do to us! As I have stated before when you are black your age, occupation, looks, wealth and how you present yourself has no bearing whatsoever on the way cops react to you. And as I have also said, most of the times cops go into black neighborhoods they are looking for trouble. Even if the area itself isn’t a bad or dangerous, one cop will always find some excuse to intimidate the residents living there.

Cops will never admit it but they see every black face as a bad person, yet they see no fault with that mentality. They still insist on making the conflict that they have with black folks ours exclusively.

I am a firm believer that you get out of this world exactly what you put into it. Police can hide their heads in the sand and ignore the pink elephant, but that won’t change the truth. It doesn’t help matters that they are the only ones with a voice we need to get our opinions out there too if for nothing else than to call them on their bullshit and have our side of the story represented for once. If they demand that we recognize their humanity then they damn well better see ours also. If they want to demand that their lives matter then our lives damn well better matter too. Otherwise, that culture of distrust and anger that they have cultivated will only go on and on.

And they can forget about any little speeches or posturing regarding the value of their being allowed another day. It’s very interesting to me that now all of a sudden cops are speaking of mending fences with the very community they have bullied for so long. They should have been considering that before they lost two of their own. They should also take a long look at their own statements before deciding whose lives have worth and whose lives don’t. Don’t keep talking a good game while doing absolutely nothing to back up your words. You want peace? You want an end to the violence? Then prove it. Maybe you also need to start realizing that you aren’t blameless in any of this or that you can’t continue to cry about how your lives matter while you eagerly believe that the lives of those who are beholden to you don’t.


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