Vern’s Venting: Black Woman’s Burden


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By Lavern Merriweather:

It appears that many white folks in the media only want to give a shit about black women when it suits them, more specifically when they can use it as an excuse to play protector against the big, black male boogeyman.

I wrote previously about a female pedestrian in California named Marlene Pinnock who was viciously assaulted by a state patrolmen, presumably because she tried to cross the street without using the intersection, and he was pissed off about it. Or maybe he’s just another thug with a badge that gets off abusing his authority with a woman he knows society won’t care about. I didn’t hear a peep from the holier than media or the whiny, acerbic, self-serving feminazis. Ms. Pinnock, from day one, since that despicable cop began pounding on her for no damn good reason, has been on her own.

She was left out the same way that teen Dejerra Becton has. She is the girl seen on that now infamous pool party video. Although there were teens of several races in attendance, the black teens were the only ones targeted by cops. Cops supposedly were called because the claim was that the teens were being too rowdy, which is code that too many Negroes are in our lily white neighborhood and we’re mad to the 35th degree! The police officer that assaulted Dejerra seemed oblivious to the fact that two grown white women who lived on the block started the altercation in the first place. One of those women has since began to parade around her husband’s black male friend as a badge of honor I guess. “See, I can’t be racist, she says because her hubby is best buddies with one of them.” She failed to mention if that were a precursor to having too many black folks nearby. This is why I believe that not only were the police called, but when they got there, they chose to single out the black kids exclusively.

What makes my blood boil however is the deafening silence from the same crowd that hurries to speak out about violence towards a black woman when this is a black man. Apparently, their logic dictates that they should only give a damn when it’s a chance to portray the black man as the enemy of the black woman so they can swoop in like the hero. But if she is being physically abused or attacked by a white male, particularly one that wears a badge, it’s perfectly okay. Thanks for clearing that up, white people, because I was starting to get really confused for a second there.

Most likely that’s the same reaction Charlena Cooks is feeling after she was brutally accosted by police for refusing to give her name. Cooks is the woman seen on video being violently thrown to the ground and handcuffed even as she screams that she’s seven months pregnant. Her cries went completely unheeded by the cops as did her plight by the same media supposedly so concerned with the welfare lately of black women. Sports columnist Dave Zirin even went so far as to whine that black women are the least cared for group in America. I wonder where was Dave to preach that shit to his fellow white colleagues as they continue to ignore what happened to Ms. Cooks, Becton and Pinnock?

He also stayed quiet about the sadistic assault on a black woman and her brother in Chicago after a melee by revelers celebrating the Blackhawks hockey team playoff win. Kristina Fox says that she and her brother were having a pleasant conversation with some people when another group approached. Fox said that two men from either group began to argue, then started throwing fists. That’s when she said her younger brother tried to intervene. Then the crowd turned on the two, because they were the only black people there. Ms. Fox recounted the harrowing ordeal she and her brother experienced to the local media while in a hospital room. She was stabbed 11 times and her brother was also stabbed repeatedly. So far, no arrest have been made, and the national media as usual is treating this story like a non-priority, even as they hemmed and hawed excessively about the welfare of Janay Rice. Yet they eagerly ignore the plight of the three women I just mentioned.

Of course dumbasses commenting about Ms. Fox’s horrific and heinous assault are playing blame the victim. One even had the nerve to say that they shouldn’t have been in that area at that time of night since it’s a predominantly white neighborhood. Gee, now where have I heard that one before? The same old, “If those darkies had just stayed in their place i.e. their own neighborhood, this never would have happened” routine.

Another asshole whined that the cops didn’t arrest anybody because Ms. Fox and her brother only knew the assailants first name. Excuse me while I go call bullshit! Cops rush to solve crimes when the perpetrator is black and a stranger. So, fuck off with that “They didn’t know them” load of crap. That doesn’t have shit to do with what those punks did any damn way.

This is a classic diversion tactic used by fake ass white folks to justify the lack of concern for the terror that was inflicted on this woman. It also has nothing to do with why the same media so disgusted with Ray Rice hasn’t uttered a damn word about a black woman violently attacked by a stupid white mob. Or why the media believes that the treatment of Ms. Pinnock and Ms. Cooks is completely acceptable, despite the fact that they shouted at the top of their lungs otherwise when there was a rich Negro man to vilify. Ms. Cooks was particularly targeted, because she allegedly damaged the property of a white female on the parking lot at her daughter’s school. Typical that when the cops arrived, they fell head over heels for the thin, blond white woman in tears, as they proceeded to savagely manhandle a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, Ms. Cooks can cry all she wants, but that won’t get sympathy from the police. Nor will it garner her any sympathy from the same white folks in the media so distraught over the abuse of a black woman.

Speaking as a black woman, I say that the next time the media comes along with their phony as hell so-called empathy for a black woman, I will tell them that they can shove it right up their collective full-of-it ass.

For Confederate Flag Defenders


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The following is a quote from the man who designed the Confederate battle flag, William Tappan Thompson. Defending it, he wrote the following:

“As a people, we are fighting to maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause… Such a flag…would soon take rank among the proudest ensigns of the nations, and be hailed by the civilized world as THE WHITE MAN’S FLAG.… As a national emblem, it is significant of our higher cause, the cause of a superior race, and a higher civilization contending against ignorance, infidelity, and barbarism. Another merit in the new flag is, that it bears no resemblance to the now infamous banner of the Yankee vandals.”

Now, do you still want to defend the flag? If not, thanks for finally waking up. If so, go fuck yourself.

Bill O’Reilly’s Race Problem


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I seriously don’t understand the mindset of (some) conservatives these days. It seems like most of them are lost in a realm outside the space of reality. But what’s really frustrating, as a man of color, is their insistence that racism is primarily a thing of the past. Yet, most racists tend to lean toward the side of conservatism. The Council of Conservative Citizens is an excellent example from looking at the name alone. Still, some on the right continuously declare themselves to be anything but racist, even if and when their racism is unleashed.

Bill O’Reilly, the golden child of the Fox News propaganda machine seems to believe intensely that America is not a racist nation. Even more crazy is that he’s willing to go to war for it against the those who want to have honest race conversations.

Wes Williams at Addicting Info writes:

O’Reilly is outraged, OUTRAGED, he tells us, that some people are “demonizing America as a racist nation.” He says that his favorite villain, the “far left,” believes:

“The U.S.A. has gone from being the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ to a country dominated by white supremacy.”

The irony in O’Reilly’s quote is certainly lost on him. When Francis Scott Key wrote about the “land of the free,” there were hundreds of black slaves, who were anything but free, in the area around Baltimore, where the British were holding him prisoner. And thousands more scattered all across the southern U.S. We haven’t become “a country dominated by white supremacy,” Bill. That’s what we’ve always been.

But Bill doesn’t think so, and neither do most right wingers. Instead, they mostly think that the conditions that – let’s say – poor black people find themselves in are their own doing and that crime is a product of their screwed up culture of rap music and baby making.

Williams continues:

O’Reilly asks if anyone heard about the twelve people who were shot at a Detroit party, before playing a Fox News clip about it. The suggestion is that Fox is the only network that covered it. Except that CBS did, too. So did ABC. And so did a host of other media outlets. It’s “black on black crime” like the Detroit shooting, not crimes committed by white people against black people, that is the real problem, O’Reilly claims.

O’Reilly seems to neglect the fact that the term ‘black-on-black crime’ is a misnomer that implies that only black people commit crimes against each other at high rates. What he fails to mention or consider is that intra-racial crime is common across the board and it’s based on proximity and the fact that most neighborhoods are segregated by race. Of course you’re going to have black people committing crimes against each other. But then, you’re also having whites committing intra-racial crimes as well. In fact 86% of crimes against whites are committed by white criminals. But the term ‘white-on-white crime’ ain’t used much, if at all, in a white mainstream society. I wonder why (sarcasm).

Blacks are treated differently in school, O’Reilly says, which is another problem. He says that “if black students misbehave, or fail, nothing is done.” Uh, Bill, you do know that black students are suspended from school at a much higher rate than white students, right?

Maybe Bill should learn about the school-to-prison pipeline that sends black kids to prison for the smallest school infractions at an alarmingly high rate. But I doubt he will. Conservatives seem to think that knowledge is a liberal thing, and they can’t seem to stand liberalism.

As usual, O’Reilly feels the need to tell black people how he thinks they should behave. He blames everything for problems in black communities except institutionalized racism. Single parent families, lack of discipline, poor performance in school. All of those are reasons why black Americans can’t escape poverty, according to O’Reilly.

O’Reilly might want to actually ask black people what they think about the nature of race in America. He would find that they have a different opinion about issues regarding race than he has. Ask black people for their thoughts about things that affect black people? What a novel concept. Just like if you want the view of dumbass middle-aged white guys, you would ask Bill O’Reilly.

But O’Reilly won’t ask black people, unless he finds the most available house negroes to echo his sentiments. Black people with a different opinion scares the ever-loving shit out of him, especially when they drop some knowledge about what racism is and what it does to the black community. No. O’Reilly would rather cling on to his right wing beliefs and believe in the myth of black pathology while likely believe himself and whites to be superior to them. And to him and others like him, in their so-called minds, that is not racist.

Flag Down!


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It has been days since the awful terrorist attack on the Emanuel AME Church where white supremacist shooter Dylann Roof shot and murdered nine black people. After the tragedy, news outlets uncovered pictures of him wearing racist paraphernalia, including a picture of him holding the infamous battle flag of the old Confederacy. Since then, people have set their sights on the very flag which waves in front of the State House in Columbia, South Carolina, as an undeniable symbol of racism and generally all that’s wrong with the South.

It should be noted that after the mass murder, the American and state flags were lowered to half-mass. However, the Confederate flag was still at full staff. Today people from all walks of life, black, white, democrats and (some) republicans want the flag taken down. But there are those who would rather cut off their noses than see the stars and bars removed.

People have been roughly divided on the issue of the Confederate flag since day one. Many people see it as a symbol of racism not unlike the flag of Nazi Germany. Others, mostly Southerners, see it as a sign of their heritage, a kind of treasure to be upheld and admired, because it reminds them of the good old days, they never lived through. Yet, many of those people have no clue what those ‘good old days’ were really all about.

A lot of people romanticized the Confederacy to a “Gone With the Wind” kind of tune where men were refined and ladies were gentle and kind. All was right with the South in their minds. And slavery? Well, it wasn’t all that bad, right?

The true story behind the flag is a true story about white supremacy, human enslavement, and the bloodshed from a war to maintain those practices. In other words, it was a symbol of the South’s desire to maintain slavery. So, in my opinion, if you support the flag’s existence, you also not only support racism but are also a traitor to your nation. Plain and simple.

I know a lot of people who may lurk this blog are freaking out, because I mentioned the words “racism” and “slavery” when I talked about their beloved flag. But these are the same fools that love to tell black people to “get over the past”. Think about it. They want us to get over the past, and yet they adore a false narrative of that past. Make sense? Not in the slightest. If we are told to move on, why can’t they move on from the historical fact that the South was immoral and was on the losing side of the Civil War? Why can’t they join the rest of the world in the 21st Century and leave the flag in the past, if they tell us Negroes to leave the past, including slavery, behind?

Everyone, let’s take the flag down already.

Thoughts on Charleston


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Nine lives were taken in a church a few days ago in Charleston by a wanna-be white supremacist. The victims were black.

The massacre occurred at the Emanuel AME Church one evening during a Bible meeting. The assassin Dylann Roof waited an hour to make his move. He took out his gun and started firing indiscriminately killing six women and three men, one of them was Paster and Senator Clementa Pinckney. After the shooting, Roof managed to flee until he was captured in Shelby, North Carolina.

When asked why he did it? Roof replied that he wanted to start a race war. As it turns out, he was indeed a young white racist who intensely hated black people. Apparently, he planned to do something about it for months, according to a former roommate.

The families and friends of the nine victims publicly forgave Roof for his heinous act of terrorism, and I call it terrorism, because the young man was intent to start some chaos, drama and mayhem fueled by his white supremacist ideals he got from God knows where, probably from conservative media or from a hate site. He had a gun that he obtained and wanted to launch the first attack against a people he despises. And he succeeded in taking out a few lives, but his purpose was short lived somewhat as, with all tragedies, it only brought people, both black and white, closer together, if only temporary.

Sadly, there are still many people, mostly white, who supports Roof’s terrorism against the black community. They harbor the same racist feelings and views as he. Only many of them don’t have the guts to carry out the extent of what he did. Instead, they find other, more cowardly ways to express their white racist mindsets. But it’s still racism no matter how one looks at it, and it still harmful just the same.

Again, I call what Dylann Roof did that fateful night terrorism. But there are still those who are considered ‘officials’ that can not and will not decide on what to call it. One can only guess that it was done by an American white guy on American soil against black people. Instead, they see it as a singular occurrence by a lone wolf with mental problems. They treat it as if it happens once every hundred years or so, purposely ignoring the problem of the angry white male with guns who shoot up and murder as many people as possible before – in most cases – taking themselves out.

Those on the right have a hard time admitting that this was indeed a hate crime. They refuse to see it as such, because it goes against their belief that white racism is a thing of the past. In fact, I would say they are too scared to face the reality that racism is still festering in America, and are even more frightened to face their own as almost all white supremacists and regular racists identify with the right. And I think they know it, but yet, they reject that truth, because it counters their political ideals and faith that racism is no more. Yet, they jump at a chance to prove that black racism is here, and sure enough, there are those who blame the shooting in Charleston on black folks, especially the President himself who is black.

Racism in America is real. The actions of that young man helps to prove that we are far from post-racial as possible. There are white males out there who feel entitled to what he thinks is his, and they are pissed off enough to do whatever it takes to teach the world a lesson that the world is his to own and command. When he doesn’t get what he wants, he feels isolated, betrayed, and wronged, and with access to weapons, he will punish the world. Whoever’s in his crosshairs will feel his wrath. No one is safe, not even white people.

As both black and white people heal each other through this crisis in the community of Charleston, the wound of racism will still be open enough for another terrorist attack to occur somewhere else. Another aggrieved white man will carry out a mass murder due to white privilege being denied in his mind and heart. He will have supporters and “excusers”. People will try to deflect what he did on the state of his mental wellbeing and will ignore, on purpose, the realities of racism, whiteness and gun culture, all of which is part of the American existence and what drives American violence. And it will remain so unless society deals with it’s other pathology. The pathology of denial.

Vern’s Venting: Freedom of Speech


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By Lavern Merriweather:

Correct me if I am wrong good people, and I don’t think I am, but isn’t a freedom something that everyone is meant to enjoy? If something is said to be free, then shouldn’t we all get to participate in it? Not so in America where although something is referred to as a freedom, it’s still only for certain people. Funny how those freedom of speech folks, especially the ones in the media, get all butthurt when folks that don’t look like them say words that they don’t approve of.

I distinctly recall when Harold Washington, the first black mayor of Chicago, passed away from a heart attack. Some snotty, little white pissant thought it would be a good idea to mock him by drawing a painting where Mr. Washington was dressed in a bra and panties. When a group of black alderman – out of respect – went to the Art Institute and forcibly removed the offensive art work, they were criticized. Many of the mostly white students protested and called them fascists. The students complained that their freedoms were being infringed upon.

The media also jumped into the fray by referring to the aldermen as stromtroopers all while defending this little punk. On the Phil Donahue show much of the audience agreed with the students and said that freedom of speech should be protected at all costs. Oh really? Then why did those SAME people get angry when another student over there placed the American flag on the floor?

Typical of the white hypocrite mindset. The very same folks defending the prick who made an offensive caricature of Mr. Washington care more about protecting some damn piece of cloth. Then again, this is America where apparently a dog’s life is more important than a black person’s. And many white people believe first and foremost in do as I say not as I do. Or that they can completely change the meaning of a term that they themselves created to support a racist agenda.

When you call something a ‘freedom’, that means it should not be for only a select group of people. A ‘freedom’ should be for everyone, and even if you find something offensive, you should still defend the concept, not change your tune every ten seconds, because you feel slighted.

Apparently white people believe that freedom of speech should be on their terms only. The asshole who painted the insulting art claimed that he did it because he didn’t like the way that Mr. Washington was being ‘deified’. Hold the hell on! That man was a public official who was appreciated by a lot of people. If he got more adoration in death than this jag-off thought necessary, then so be it. He seemed to have no problem whatsoever with how the media was going on after the untimely passing of Princess Diana. You’d have thought that Jesus himself expired – yet again – the way those idiots were carrying on. On top of that, for a woman who wasn’t even American! He also had no qualms about how the media slobbered over John Kennedy Jr. when he died in a plane crash. So that whole deified bullshit holds zero water. He’s too much of a pussy ass to say that he didn’t want a black man to be celebrated after dying. However, this is the argument that white people love to use whenever their feet are rightfully held to the fire for saying something stupid and obnoxious, regardless of how they and foolish Negroes try to defend the rational.

It’s still steeped way too damn far in racism, hypocrisy and self-serving agendas for their mentality to be taken seriously such as Jerry Seinfeld whining once more like the typical arrogant white male about society being too politically correct. Of course, a number of just-as-equally arrogant white people in the media jumped on his bandwagon in agreement. They piss and moan about how it’s a comedian’s job to offend sometimes and that with a particular comedian, you should know what you’re in for.

Here’s the problem that I have with their rhetoric. White people are notorious for being able to dish it out but not take it themselves as we have seen throughout their history. This is just more of the same lame ass ridiculous excuse that people who feel superior trout out to justify their prejudice. As I have said before, being a comedian doesn’t give you license to be an asshole. You still have to play by the exact rules of polite society that everybody else plays by.

When Oscar winner Halle Berry made a crack on the “Tonight Show” about how a distorted picture of her with a bulbous nose looked her Jewish cousin, white people got upset, just like they got upset about the Nicki Minaj video where she is supposedly mocking Jews. Interesting that those same folks were silent about Katy Perry’s video which offended Arabs aka Muslims. I gather that since they hate them anyway, no harm no foul. Therein lies the issue that I have with white people preaching political incorrectness. They want to say one thing then do another.

After British comedian Trevor Noah, who is extremely funny by the way, was picked to replace John Stewart for Comedy Central’s satirical “The Daily Show”, has-been Roseanne complained. She wrote on her Facebook blog that she didn’t like their choice because she thinks some of his jokes are too anti-Semitic. See how full of it and egotistical white people are when their feelings are at stake? Black folks taking alleged cheap shots at the Jews gets them all bent out of shape, even while they stand by the side of dumbasses that are blatantly racist and use their humor to hide their hatred.

I believe actress Rosie Perez said it best on ABC’s “The View” the other day. She stated that whoever creates humor which is more offensive than funny should be prepared to face the consequences for their actions. Very rarely do you have a woman of color on a prominent morning news program spitting truth quite like that. I’ll go even further and say that ANY white person who tries to expect Negroes or anybody else to accept their bigotry disguised as comedy better grow a thicker skin their damn selves, instead of, as usual, imagining that they can keep saying ‘do as I say not as I do’ before they take a shot in the eyeball. Next chucklehead white person bitching about the world being too PC better hope some very angry Negro doesn’t catch their ass off guard when they don’t have the protection of their fellow stupid brethren to stand behind.

The Charleston Church Shooting: SECOND UPDATE


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wptv church shooting_1434593609556_20041994_ver1.0_640_480

All eyes of the world are focused on Charleston, South Carolina, as yet another mass murder has taken place. This time it took place at a setting most people least expected, at a church. The most troubling part is that it was a white male shooting up a black church, the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church to be exact. A total of nine people were killed, including South Carolina state senator and pastor Clementa Pinckney. As of the writing of this article, the terrorist is still on the loose.

Once again, we are faced with another mass murder involving a white male killer. Will this man get the usual sympathetic treatment from the media like his predecessors and considered a singular act of white male violence by a deranged individual? Will this man turn the gun on himself for whatever reason? Will the media shift this tragedy into an inquiry on why black-on-black crime isn’t a more pressing issue? More importantly, will this man get caught, and if so, will he be taken alive or dead at the hands of the police?

But the one question that won’t get asked is what’s going on with white folks, especially cops, and their dislike of black people to the point of killing them? One can never seem to ask such a question without being labeled a racist. However, with such events as the continuous murders and assaults by mostly white police, the constant appropriation of what many whites consider to be black culture, the endless finger-pointing of all things wrong with society directed at black people and the denial that it has any racist implications, one can say that that question is pretty valid.

One of the ways we can examine why this is happening is when we start to turn back the clock and have an honest look at history. However, there are certain people who think that America’s racist history is just that. History. And that said history has no effect on what’s going on today. They will even object that what happened in the past is still going on today in some way, shape or form. After all, terrorism, a term they would not use when it comes to white folks, at the hands of white people was a thing of the past in their opinion. But those of us awaken and living in the real world know that white racism is still around and is here to stay, and no one is safe, not even in a church.

The past and present, particularly when it comes to white terrorism against black churches, are interconnected. In fact, it is inseparable. During the 1990s, there was a series of arson attacks against black churches throughout the Southern United States. During the Civil Rights era, there were terrorist attacks by violently racist whites who considered themselves ‘Christians’. Acts of petty vandalism have been reported sporadically where black churches are often the targeted places. So, it’s a safe bet that the past has a pretty good influence on what happened in Charleston.

Society must consider this mass murder as an act of terrorism. More to the point, society must take a hard and honest look into why white males are acting out violently against groups of people, especially black folks. Otherwise, there will be more acts of terrorism committed by troubled white men because of one of society’s most disturbing pathologies, the profound and blatant ignorance and denial of it all.

UPDATE: The name of the shooter is identified as Dylann Storm Roof. He is still on the run.

SECOND UPDATE: Police have apprehended Roof in Shelby, North Carolina.

Vern’s Venting: Truth Always Defends Itself


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By Lavern Merriweather:

There is something very interesting and glaringly obvious with the recent scandals involving white males in the public eye such as Dennis Hastert, Stephen Collins, Jerry Sandusky and Josh Duggar and that is white people haven’t uttered one peep about this being a crisis in the white community. Nor, are there a number of well-meaning, holier-than, outraged folks whining that we should stop at nothing to protect the children. In fact very little, if any, concern or compassion is being shown for the victims of these scumbags. Most of the comments are, yet again, a chance for white people to make countless bullshit excuses while they tiptoe as much as possible about how despicable and rotten those fools are. I believe it’s because white people will have to face their own evil and they aren’t willing, in ANY capacity, to do that.

When a video surfaced of football player Ray Rice knocking out his wife Janay and Bears player Ray McDonald was arrested for domestic violence, many high minded white and black people were all up in arms about the issue of spousal abuse. They wrung their hands raw about how this was such a problem for the NFL and how the entire nation should start a dialogue about domestic violence. I have yet to hear the same declaration about the white male predators abusing children. Not one person has exclaimed that there is a crisis among white males and that we should start a conversation about the problem of sexual abuse in the white community. The same voices that cried before to vilify black males are of course now silent. They have run out of things to say – I guess – or maybe a cat got their tongues.

I will cut to the chase; they and the house Negroes at their beck and call aren’t rushing to speak out about this because they never see anything they do as destructive or wrong. They have a status of superiority to uphold. So that means they can’t ever possibly allow themselves to be held under the same microscope of judgment as those lowly darkies who are beneath them. Admitting you are a miserable piece of shit who has destroyed the lives of minors is like admitting that you are no better than a Negro when it comes to bad behavior.

I have written numerous posts about how it’s not a coincidence that the stories of black men behaving badly get discussed endlessly while the tales of white male wickedness are forgotten quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shock jock, comedian, TV talk show host or some late night idiot on cable and regular TV news networks, magazines, newspapers and the internet. Any opportunity that presents itself for white folks to finally face the truth that they aren’t perfect and free of flaws will get shot down in a heartbeat.

There have already been several white people in the media trying to downplay what Josh Duggar did by claiming that he was a child himself and that his family has forgiven him, including the two sisters he molested. The disturbing thing about that is that Duggar didn’t face any jail time or punishment for what he did. Plus, he didn’t just molest his sisters; there was another underaged girl that was victimized by that slimeball. This is not something that should have been kept just within the family, particularly when that family preaches about having the best Christian values of any human being breathing. They have painted themselves as the most righteous, upstanding, moral people on planet Earth. Though now it’s more like they have painted themselves into a corner.

One time vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin is even coming to their defense by saying that the liberal media was quiet about confessions made by actress and “Girls” star/creator Lena Dunham. For those not in the know, Dunham admits that out of ‘curiosity’ she once touched her younger sister’s private parts when she was seven and the sister was a year old. That could be excused considering their age at the time were it not for the fact that when she was older. Lena also coerced her little sister to dress in fake breasts, make-up and a slutty outfit. Then there are the utterly creepy pictures that both girls’ so-called artist father Carroll Dunham has drawn in the past. No shock Lena’s now adult sister is a lesbian. So I have to very reluctantly agree with Sarah’s point.

My point, on the other hand, is that ALL white people on either side of the media love to hide their heads in the sand whenever a white male comes along and shatters their fantasy of being exceptional, or at least nothing like Negroes who beat their wives, abuse their kids, aren’t responsible fathers to their kids, rob and steal excessively, cheat at baseball, drink and drive, rape, murder and countless other nefarious acts that they would absolutely never be guilty of. Who gives a rat’s ass if that mentality isn’t true? They have the arrogance of undeserved privilege on their side. They also have the media which is available 24/7 to vilify black folks exclusively, thus letting them off the criticism hook.

The media bombarding us with images, especially of black male celebrities, that supposedly commit more crime than any other group, particularly themselves, is a carefully crafted plan to absolve their own vile pathology. This is why there’s no immediacy like with Adrian Peterson to denounce Josh Duggar as a danger to children. His family gets paraded around on TV singing a song of white wholesomeness like a modern Osmond family. So, all is right with the world. No need to feel the same amount of sympathy for his non-familial victim as we were required to feel for Adrian’s son.

Pretty ironic coming from the same media that will ultimately justify the senseless murder of same said son if he gets shot and killed 85 times by police despite being unarmed. See how the bullshit has gotten so out of control that they flat out refuse to even bother keeping it consistent? Just like they don’t have to hold themselves to the very standards that they demonize Negroes by. Still, regardless of how much they attempt to deny their own perversion the truth is something that can’t ever be denied. And no degree of your pride in having the loudest voice will drown that fact out.

R.I.P. Ornette Coleman


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From the New York Times:

Ornette Coleman, the alto saxophonist and composer who was one of the most powerful and contentious innovators in the history of jazz, died on Thursday in Manhattan. He was 85.

The cause was cardiac arrest, a family representative said.

Mr. Coleman widened the options in jazz and helped change its course. Partly through his example in the late 1950s and early ’60s, jazz became less beholden to the rules of harmony and rhythm and gained more distance from the American songbook repertoire.

Click here to read the rest of this article. 

R.I.P. Dusty Rhodes


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From ABC News:

WWE legend and Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes died today at the age of 69, the company said in a statement.

Rhodes, whose real name was Virgil Runnels, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007 and was considered “one of the most captivating and charismatic figures in sports entertainment,” the WWE said.

Rhodes is the father to current WWE stars Goldust (Dustin Runnels) and Stardust (Cody Runnels).

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