Vern’s Venting: Mentally Ill vs. Mentally Stupid


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by Lavern Merriweather:

Once despicable lowlife Christy Sheats killed both of her daughters Madison and Taylor social media became a floodgate of stupid, arrogant, whiny white folks crying about her mental state. The requisite moan of mental illness was tossed around like an uncooked pizza pie about to be shoved into an oven. A particular dumbass named Jennifer Mayers even had the absolute gall to defend Sheats actions by saying that she was a “Christian warrior” who was trying to prevent her daughters from race-mixing with black men. Never mind the fact that her oldest daughter Taylor was engaged to a man who is Mexican. White folks stuck on stupid are using any excuse they can to justify the thuggish behavior of many a white person while yelling to whatever high heaven deity who will listen that it’s black folks who are the most violent.

Oh really assholes? Then why is it that the majority of stories I see on Dateline, 20/20 and 48 Hours, three shows created and produced by white people, by the way, feature bad people killing others that are white? Are they somehow an anomaly, a figment of the imagination or perhaps they are something to be dismissed because of what they represent, and that is the fact that they have no opportunity to own the moral high ground on us Negroes that they cling to so fucking desperately?

Make no mistake. Christy Sheats was not a nutjob. She was just an evil bitch hellbent on causing havoc and misery in her own family. The 911 call from her oldest was heart breaking. Yet, that still isn’t enough to convince white people that yes, they too have some very rotten apples in their barrel. Whenever some self-righteous little snot tries to argue with me on YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere about how “dreadful” we Negroes are as opposed to them, I always throw those names in their face. Of course, instead of a rational or thought provoking response, I get a defensive complaint about FBI statistics on crime and blah, blah, blah. Interesting that they can’t uphold their racist, asinine position when I tell them exactly who puts out those statistics and why I refuse to trust their accuracy.

And another thing. If the court system thinks just like they do, then how the fuck do you expect more white people to get harsher sentences when judges, lawyers, politicians and the police never treat white criminal behavior with the severity that it deserves?

Don’t believe me? Take a look at what happened with Brock Turner, the accused rapist swimming champion. It’s bad enough that his father and the judge have been non-stop apologists for this worthless punk. But he has numerous white folks on the internet disregarding his act at every turn with an array of endlessly stupid analyses. For a group of men that are supposed to be so damn protective of their women, white males have zero problem throwing white females under the bus for the sake of their male brethren.

This was very evident in the case of another white male college athlete named John Enochs. Enochs, like Turner, is an accused rapist who had a very lenient judge that felt the stake of this thug’s future was more important to preserve than the girls he was said to have raped. One of them was even alleged to have been videotaped, but it’s obvious that don’t mean shit when there is the thought of putting a young white male in jail.

Then there is the case of Luke Gatti, aka the ‘mac and cheese’ guy who was screaming for service at a local establishment. Gatti became increasingly hostile and aggressive. So much so that the cops were called. After they arrived, Gatti not only menaced the female officer on the scene, he also assaulted her partner physically. Gatti stopped once she declared that she would tase his ass.

What I’d like to know is why did this bitch even give him the damn option in the first place? Show of hands, who here thinks that if that were a black man, he would either be shot or have the shit beat out of him? Several commenters used this very valid and astute observation to counterattack those quick to blither-blather that Gatti clearly had ‘mental issues’. Apparently, that has become the fall-back excuse for white people instead of the fact that Gatti, like the others I have mentioned, is just a despicable asshole, another privileged little brat that is getting a sweet little slap on the wrist rather than the foot up the ass he should have gotten from mom and dad.

This is why I refuse to take seriously the argument of white people when they try to justify their wickedness by crying about ‘black on black violence’. Granted, that is troublesome and wrong and has been going on for far too long. However, white people can’t keep holding up a mirror of judgment towards us when they keep disregarding the obvious problem in their own communities. How the hell do they expect us to respect their opinion when they evade the issue of white criminality with that mental illness tripe? It’s like my boy Jesse Williams stated recently at the BET awards, there have been multiple times were cops used every method but deadly force to subdue white suspects.

Case in point, there’s Keith Swainson. Swainson is a white male from Houston, Texas who actually engaged cops in a firefight and standoff that lasted for seven hours outside of his home. Yet unlike Mr. Micah Johnson, cops spent much of the time in negotiations with Swainson to convince him to surrender. They didn’t send in any drones or robot explosives to blow him to smithereens or unleashed a hail of 137 bullets, 50 bullets, 41 bullets or a bullet to the back. They talked in a calm and friendly manner to the white man that was threatening their lives.

So from now on, whenever a white person wants to lecture me, don’t. I could care less about your bullshit statistics. You don’t get to whine that the murdered black person should have just done what they were told and that we should spend more of our attention on crimes committed by black folks against other black folks. You have zero business telling me or any other black folks about our faults when you disguise yours under the umbrella of a mental affliction. It ain’t mental illness; it’s mental arrogance, and until you deal with that, don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t be concerned with. The main thing I’m concerned with right now is how utterly full of it many white people continue to be.

Vern’s Venting: An Eye For an Eye


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By Lavern Merriweather:

This post will probably offend some people. So, I am warning those of you who support police or ‘Blue Lives Matter’ in advance.

I, for one, am not sad or upset about the cops getting killed in the past couple of days. If anything, I think it is their karma finally catching up with their asses. Cops have a long sordid history of brutalizing black communities. Most of the time, there is zero consequence and no jail time given after stupid, worthless mock trials that serve no purpose.

Let’s get real here. At this point, very few – if any – black folks truly believe that one of these kangaroo court jokes of a trial will actually result in justice. On top of that, there are the ever-available willing assholes on social media that happily defend everything the cops do, because they keep the darkies in check.

Then, you have the hypocrites in the media that waste little time digging up whatever piece of dirt they can find on the deceased. I have yet to hear that one of the cops killed (Officer Lorne Ahern) was associated with a white supremacist group. Of course, the media that loves to drag a murdered black man’s name though the mud is being silent about racist cop, particularly his blatantly obvious tattoos that are a sign of allegiance to a racist institution. It wouldn’t shock me in the slightest that a number of cops who worked with him shared his sentiment.

Don’t forget. Sandra Bland met her fate after being pulled over for a bullshit charged, then harassed by the arresting officer. Ms. Bland was later found dead in her cell from what cops called a “suicide”. Hmmm…now where I have I heard THAT one before? Oh yeah, Malcolm’s X stepfather, despite being tied to the very train tracks where he was run over.

This is not new folks. Whites can take our lives willy nilly. Then lie about it and walk away scot-free. I don’t believe Ms. Bland killed herself any more than I believe that all the cops killing black folks were justified, even if that is the typical consensus of the white folks that hurry to claim cops as the hero when they have a negative altercation with black people. They have the absolute gall to whine that if we just “obeyed” the rules like we are supposed to, don’t fight or resist and don’t act like “thugs”, cops will respect us. According to those hypocrites, if we just treat cops friendly with kindness, we will get the same in return. In short, they are saying that we bring our deaths on ourselves.

Okay dumbasses. First off, cops are not – I repeat – not always right. Just because they have an authority, doesn’t mean that authority can’t be challenged or questioned. Their mommies and daddies weren’t so damn “protect and respect” the police during many upheavals in the late 1960’s. Many white people felt it was their right – hell, their duty – to call cops pigs, assholes, the establishment and whatever else they felt like spewing. Nobody had a problem with white folks fighting the power against the so-called ‘man’. Their actions are being romanticized as standing up to the government and law enforcement. It was the cops’ job for a long time to enforce the will of rich, old white men in power to keep Negroes firmly in line. Now they want everybody to cry and hold hands “We Are the World” style, because they have a target on their back?

Sorry, but I don’t care about the dead cops. In fact, I call this payback. I call this God telling cops you can only get away with bullshit for so much before it comes back to bite you on the ass. There was less than 24 hours until yet another black man was shot, and they expect us to not be angry.

The gunman, allegedly involved with the murders of Dallas police, was a man named Micah Johnson. He was a former marine who, I understand, spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Johnson was well trained in handling firearms and shot 11 cops, killing 5 of them. A robot carrying explosives was released at Mr. Johnson which subsequently exploded, thus killing him.

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Johnson’s life was taken that day, he should be considered a martyr by the black community. Mr. Johnson, like Ismaaiyl Brinsley before him, actually stepped up to the plate and did what was needed. There have been petulant white folks that criticize black folks, especially the Black Lives Matter (BLM) crowd, for contradicting their stand on peaceful protest. The leaders of the BLM have since denounced the shooters in both Dallas and Baton Rouge. They may not want to hold Mr. Johnson as a hero, but I do.

And for the white people complaining about peace, white males, the government included, are the last ones to preach peace. As I have stated previously, white males have reacted with violence into damn near every conflict they have ever been in. Look at what happened with Saddam Hussein and “W” saying we had to find those non-existent WMDs. Not only were they never found, but neither he nor Cheney nor anyone in that administration had to apologize to the friends or families of countless soldiers that died. W Jr. also never had to account for all the trauma and misery he caused the innocent people in that country. Yet, white folks want to tell us about peace?

No, taking it up the ass was not working, protests didn’t work. Lawsuits didn’t work. Firing people and replacing them with black men didn’t work. Writing columns and articles condemning police didn’t work. Hell, even electing a black man as President didn’t work. Not a damn thing was working, and the matter was only getting worse. It wasn’t even a fucking day between the deaths of Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling. Micah Johnson, like a lot of black people, was fed up, but he chose not to take the punk route like most of us, myself included.

Richard Dear shot and killed a cop. Yet, he was allowed to live. Keith Swainson got into a stand-off with cops in Houston, but he was asked to surrender. James Holmes is still alive, as are Russell Weston, Charles McCoy, Jared lee Loughner and the asshole that killed two bailiffs in Massachusetts. Guess what? All of those jackasses were white!

Certain white people try to play victim by claiming that more white people are killed by cops than black folks. Yet you never hear about it. That’s because you idiots are full of shit!! I ask those stupid asses to name one white person killed by police and true to form, they can’t. If it wasn’t about race, then by their own logic, every white person that has a run-in with cops should not be breathing right now. I have seen countless videos of white folks being belligerent, defiant, violent and even threatening against police. Still, the rhetoric gang can’t answer for why it is that they aren’t dead, despite their not following the rules, not obeying orders or resisting arrest.

The real problem is that they know, as well as you and me, that white cops don’t have the same attitude in situations with white people, particularly white males. So once that dispute doesn’t work, they run to their standby of black on black violence.

Here’s the thing, what the fuck does that have to do with crooked, trigger happy cops? It’s a deflection that has no basis or merit. These assholes don’t think that we should be speaking out about cops terrorizing our communities. If they think that, they need to think again, and they also need to stop lecturing us about what we should or shouldn’t protest or how we should do it.

There is a petition circulating that demands Obama label BLM a terrorist organization. I got a terrorist organization for you bitches, they are the ones that wear badges, uniforms and guns. White people want tears shed for the cops. However, I refuse to weep when the law gets a taste of their own damn lawlessness.

The Baton Rouge Police Murders and the Aftermath


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About 10 days after the Dallas Shooting that claimed the lives of several police and injuring several more, including a civilian protecting her son, the nation was rocked with another cop killing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. On Sunday July 17, a man dressed in black engaged in a shooting that left three officers dead and three more injured. Eventually, the suspect, a Marine and Army veteran Gavin Long, was shot and killed by police. Long was black.

The shootings against police in both Baton Rouge and Dallas came after the murders of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. And both shootings are reported by the mainstream to have – more or less – been motived by the murders even though there’s no way to really tell since both men are dead. Instead, all we have to go by is what the news media tells us, and even they can’t be trusted.

Police all over the nation are worried. They reportedly don’t feel safe. Cleveland’s largest police union even called for a temporary ban on the open carrying of guns ahead of the Republican National Convention.

I guess that means some cops are getting it. They know how we feel when it comes to their presence. Many black people dread the sight of police, because of numerous stories of harassment, brutality and – of course – murder. They are aware of the media’s ploy to justify such actions by revisiting the victim’s past scrounging for anything they can use to turn the victim into a thug. And we know that the court system will let the killer cops walk free as there will be no convictions.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath for any hopes of revelations.

Racists, especially those who wear badges, will be even more hateful with rage and will take their anger out on the black community one way or another.

The usual hate mongers will try to pin this latest murderous strike against cops on the Black Lives Matter movement still working hard to tell cops and the nation that they are not as threatening as they perceive them to be. In fact, they’re calling for peace after the Baton Rouge cop shooting. Yet still, they are seen as a terroristic threat despite all they’re doing is fighting for the lives of a people this nation has loathed for hundreds of years.

The irony, of course, if that this is why the movement began in the first place. But it will be lost for the sake of protecting the lives of police. Black lives will continue to not matter to those who refuse to learn or feel anything.


The Darkness That Is White Culture


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It seems that everyday, progressive news reports or viral videos record moments where overt white racism surface praying on innocent people of color. A white man in Oregon threatened his black neighbor with lynching just because, according to news, he (the white man) saw him. In Atlanta, a white male cop shot an unarmed black man in the head. His only crime was being at the crime scene and looking suspicious i.e. being a black male. A white couple in Texas went on a racist tirade against a black female teen in a restaurant for no apparent reason while white onlookers sit quietly doing nothing. And a black man could’ve gotten in real trouble for asking a white woman a question, because when he approached her to ask her a question, the woman screamed that he was going to rape her even though that was never his intention.

These are just recent examples of white culture, the parts that are about hatred, ignorance and general bullshit that endangers people of color. There were many more, too many to name. And that doesn’t include the machines of systemic racism.

Not too many people will bring up the parts about white culture that is destructive and corrosive. Hell, not too many people believe that there is such a thing as white culture. The jackasses responsible for incidents of racial animus are many, way more than most of us would like to believe. The reaction to the election of the first black president and the rise of a pretentious asshole of a billionaire proves this. So, we need to ask and examine why white culture is absorbed in the disdain for people of color, particularly black folks, and it is always ignored.

White culture is the desire to move in, invade or colonize an area where nonwhites live and take over that area in ways that oppress the original inhabitants and leave that place in utter disarray for the sake of white power. Sooner or later, white people will consider those nonwhites as inferior for living in an area they destroyed ignoring the roots of its destruction that they (white people) largely caused.

White culture is building a web of systems based on a color caste where white skin is seen as superior. It’s simple as hell, but history shows that it was powerful enough to tip the scales of power in favor of white people through violent means. The caste system strengthened thanks to European and American invasions and colonizations worldwide employing that white skin is supreme above all races. And speaking of races…

White culture believes that race is determined by skin color. Even though there is only one race, the human race, white culture has created a system that made it so that many people believe there are four or five races of humans with the whites being at the top. Skin color has been classified into groups as to who is the most intelligent, most morally sophisticated and the most powerful.

White culture is to look down on nonwhites for not being white. It’s been taught for centuries that anyone that’s not white is simply not right. However, white culture has a thing about the cultures of nonwhites whether its their music, their food or their clothing. But oddly, they care little to nothing about the people who are their originators.

White culture blames nonwhites for their problems, most of which is caused by white racism. Despite their history of devastation, whites have made it so that their people are above accountability. They create a world – a history where their murderous, genocidal actions were either done for the greater good or never happened at all. Instead, it’s the fault – always the fault of nonwhites that this world is in such lousy shape.

White culture is protect itself at all cost, even if it means more destruction and bloodshed. The culture is built from immoral acts of violence, hatred, ignorance, deceit and denial. And it must use them to maintain their power.

These are just a few points, but there is more. Much more. Thankfully, some white people know and have actively taken steps towards fighting it. But others have decided to ride the train until the very end.

Those suffering from the sickness of whiteness will see this article as the anti-white. White culture has a way of twisting minds where the slightest criticism of racism is seen as an all-out attack against white people. This culture which has festered the world for hundreds of years must be abolished in order for all of us, including white people, to progress. This is not about white and black. This is about right and wrong.

Vern’s Venting: Jesse Williams: The Anti-Coon


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By Lavern Merriweather:

There has been tremendous attention, as well as controversy, surrounding “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams after his stirring speech at this year’s BET awards. Jesse, who was the winner of the Humanitarian prize, spoke some serious truth to power as he accepted the award. Unlike certain black famous folks such as Charles Barkley, Stephen A. Smith and Don Lemon, Mr. Williams stepped up to the plate. I’m not exactly sure why he was the recipient for this. However, I’m grateful that he used this opportunity as a platform to say what needed to be said.

Mr. Williams questioned, and rightfully so, how we can be considered “free” as black people when the murders of Tamir Rice, Rekia Boyd and Sandra Bland have occurred with zero consequences. On top of that, there has also been no sympathy, indignation or moral outrage.

When the shooting in Orlando happened, rich, white celebrities came out in droves to shed tears along with the victims. They dedicated songs, said public prayers and donated money. This is a vastly different response to when the victims are black, especially when the perpetrators are cops. Regardless of how wrong the police are, they are always seen as the good guy when they kill a black person.

Remember Rodney King? Although he has since passed away, he is still seen as the villain. Many white folks will defend the cop’s position even when the people who manufacture Hynudais said their car doesn’t go as fast as police claimed. So, you mean to tell me that you purport to be little Mr. and Mrs. Objective about the altercations between black folks and law enforcement while you believe every damn thing cop’s say? I would love to know just how that works again. Here’s the thing, it don’t.

White people can’t defend what cops do then turn around and act oh so righteous about what went on with Adrian Peterson and his son. That tells me right there that their rhetoric is completely and utterly phony.

The same quiet bitching about what Jesse Williams spoke is being silently perpetuated throughout the media. Of course, leading the charge are the uber racist white folks at Fake Noise, namely new Stepford bleached blonde Tomi Lahren. Once again, the response of the white right flies in the face of all their so-called freedom of speech assertions. Jesse was only exercising the ability that many white people demand exist: the right to speak his mind. A few whispers by black people have circulated that they hope this doesn’t ruin his budding career. I honestly hope that his courageous stance doesn’t come back to bite him in the ass. This young man deserves our praise and appreciation, not our scorn.

Those of you reading this may be too young to remember what befell star Eddie Murphy. Thirty years ago when the Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover vehicle “The Color Purple” came out, it was nominated for 14 Oscars. Yet, it won none. Eddie was one of the final presenters of the night. As the show wasn’t going that well, many attending expected him to say something hilarious and save the program. Instead, Eddie gave the Hollywood elite what for by letting them know how pissed off he was about how shitty an all-black movie was treated. Many of the white executives and movie stars there didn’t say it aloud, but most likely they were upset about Eddie giving them a piece of his mind. Notice how Eddie’s name became mud with the critics shortly later on, granted some of his movies have been stinkers. Still, plenty of the biggest names of white males in the industry have had more than their fair share of crappy flicks. Yet, it’s always Eddie that they criticize as if he is the lone star out there that has made bad films.

For me, that all boils down to the night he chose to let his conscience override the need to be accepted into the dominant society.

This leads me to another point I have heard from Negroes about Mr. Williams, that he spoke out just to make a name for himself. If that is the case, then so the hell what? I don’t care what his motivation was. What he said was valid, important and is rarely done in America. Jesse did what scant Negroes have the balls to do and frankly he has a lot more to lose than gain by what he did. So why disregard it?

Some black women even had the nerve to complain that his comments about black women was pandering. Okay, you bitch about black men not speaking up enough for you, then you whine when this black male does. That contradictory angry-about-everything attitude is what continues to cause a rift between black men and women. And make no mistake, Jesse Williams IS a black man.

So, for all of those people with your ass on backwards because he has a white mother, please STFU. His parentage does nothing to change the fact that he is obviously conscious to the racism which has been plaguing this land for centuries. Not decades mind you, but hundreds of years racism which has been a problem. Jesse was addressing what older folks have been saying for the longest of times. That he is so young is extremely encouraging to the future of black people in general. He isn’t here to play the game like others that sit silently on the sidelines when there is violence against black people, yet hurry to speak when it’s time to selectively vilify a fellow black citizen to make themselves more appealing to massah.

This is why I don’t get the huffing from other black people about him being a so-called “half-breed”. Apparently the ones that are quick to reprimand are not nearly as quick to have the same guts that Jesse has. What I find especially funny, or maybe typical of their hypocritical nature, is that even alleged liberal white people are showing their petulance towards Jesse. It doesn’t surprise me seeing how condescending those white people who insist that they are down are. Aren’t these the same folks that hem and haw the most about the right to express yourself freely in the US? Still, this is yet a perfect example of how white people say one thing when it’s them, then do another when they feel disenfranchised. Or when a black person dare tell them to get their shit together and calls out their faults.

It wasn’t black criminal behavior that cost Tamir his life, nor Sandra Bland, Bernard Monroe, Amadou Diallo, Samuel Debose, Tony Robinson and Sean Bell. Yet, that is the motto that white people scream whenever challenged. Well, now they are trying to shut down a person who is finally brave in confronting them. I for one support Jesse wholeheartedly, and even if this does end his chance to get further in Hollywood, he can still hold his head high.

My Thoughts on the Latest Police Murders and the Attack on Dallas Police


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I don’t know what to say. I’m not as articulate or as intelligent as some people to express myself in a profound way. So, don’t expect this to be deep.

I’m saddened. I’m angry. And I’m at wits end. Two black men were killed by cops within the last 48 hours. As far as I know, it was only two…so far. And both of them posed no threat. And 24 hours later, someone or a group of people decided to wage war with police in Dallas. Needless to say, this has been a week from Hell.

Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are among a growing list of black people killed by police or some angry vigilante with a fear for black folks. And it will continue, unless something is done, something intelligent and something effective.

But us getting killed is NOT BECAUSE OF US. It was racism that created suspicion, hatred and fear towards us. And it was racism that classified white skin as innocent and superior and black skin as savage and inferior.

Before you start with the old “black-on-black crime” bullshit speech, let me remind you that intra-racial crime is COMMON AMONG ALL RACES INCLUDING WHITES! Yet, whenever white people commit horrible crimes, MOST of them are never killed by police. Even when they have guns in their possession locked and loaded, MOST cops don’t shoot them down.

Police don’t see white folks as threating even when and if they’re armed. Police are trained to protect and obey them. The law was set up in their favor. And the court system was created for the sake of white supremacy.

No. The system isn’t broken. It’s working just as it was set up to be, for the protection and safety of certain people above everyone else.

And yet, when black folks try to explain our plight, white people tell them to get over it, work harder, assume they want ‘free stuff’ and ‘special treatment’ or it was all in their imagination because racism is supposedly over. When black people tell the police and white America that their lives matter, they argue with all kinds of excuses as to the contrary. Racism is why they get so upset at the simple yet much needed words ‘black lives matter’.

All lives don’t matter if one has a problem with black lives. For four centuries, at least, white people have a problem with black lives. And the recent murders of two unarmed black men was evidently the breaking point to make one, or a few people do, something that would shock the nation.

Details are still sketchy as to the writing of this post, but the truths so far illustrate that there was a sniper attack after a peaceful protest in response to the police killings in the city of Dallas that claimed the lives of five officers and wounded seven more including at least one protester. The police were reportedly present to PROTECT the protesters. No police behaved with hostility towards the movement.

The chaos lasted a few hours over night into the early morning.

A suspect named Micah Johnson was killed by a robot laced with explosives. Johnson was a black man who was a military veteran. Three other people are currently held as suspects. It’s unknown what race they are now. But Johnson’s picture is already blasted all over the media. Some white folks bare animosity towards the Black Lives Matter movement over false claims that they advocate hatred and violence against police and white people. Since Johnson was a black male who allegedly targeted white cops after a protest against police violence, some white people are livid towards the movement, threatening it (and President Obama as usual) even though the suspect claimed he acted alone.

Yet, Black Lives Matter is still like Isis in their eyes.

It was reported that Johnson said that he wanted to kill white cops and was upset at Black Lives Matter. I don’t advocate violence against anyone, but I’m NOT surprised by his rage or his actions if what was reported was true.

Some black (and white) folks knew that a tragedy was about to unfold as a result of so many racist and murderous cops. They knew that a powder keg was lit somewhere in America and was on the verge of blowing up in the near future. Some see Johnson as a martyr who did what few black people would do. Assuming he was a participant, he became the hunter, not the hunted. After SO many black men and black women were dying at the hands of cops across the country each year, the rage created what we witnessed in Dallas.

But last night’s shooting may have done more harm than good. Some white folks and police are pissed off, and it won’t be surprising to see innocent black men and black women harassed, assaulted or gunned down as revenge. If it’s not because of Dallas, it will be because of some other crime committed by black folks. Somehow, somewhere, someday black people WILL PAY the price.

The cycle of violence will continue. Hate begets hate. Until there are solutions – logical solutions – that will help and benefit us all, there will be more bloodshed, and most of the blood will likely come from the bodies of black Americans.

Philando Castile: Yet Another Black Man Killed By Police


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In less than 30 hours after Alton Sterling’s murder at the hands of police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, another unarmed black man Philando Castile was shot by a cop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota.

Castile’s girlfriend Lavish Raynolds recorded her encounter with a cop moments after the shooting. (I don’t know it was the same cop that shot Castile.) It was all taped inside of a car. The policeman pointed a gun at him through the car window while he was still bleeding heavily. There was a small child in the backseat crying.

Castile was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Here’s what will likely happen: The cop who shot him will be placed on administrative leave. The news media will dig up anything, like his criminal record if he has one for instance, that will convince viewers not to feel any sympathy for him. And the cop who shot murdered him will probably walk free.

Just another day in the USA.

Alton Sterling: Another Brotha Murdered By Police


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His name was Alton Sterling, and like many before him, he was another statistic in a never-ending police campaign against unarmed black men and women.

Sterling was a 37 year-old Baton Rouge native who was selling CD’s outside a store. Apparently, someone thought it was suspicious and called the police. When cops Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II, both of whom are white, showed up, a struggle ensued that resulted in Sterling getting shot multiple times while being pinned to the ground. Both cops are placed on administrative leave, as expected.

The store owner said that Sterling was unarmed. Salamoni and Lake say otherwise. There was none. Even if he had one, he was literally in no position to use it being heavily restrained. Plus, Louisiana is an Open-Carry state. I guess that only applies to white folks, huh?

The Department of Justice is conducting an investigation. Yet, many – including myself – already see a ‘no conviction‘ verdict in the future for those two crackers. There wasn’t one for Trayvon, Sandra, Eric or Aiyana, to name a few. So, pardon me while I tell you to fuck off when you say that ‘justice will be serve’ or how we need to ‘wait for the facts’.

Footage of the violent encountered was captured on video which is currently viral all over social and news media along with taping of Sterling’s oldest son and mother of his children suffering. Yet, as usual, white assholes will creep out to spew their racist crap, and the news media will try to bring up Sterling’s criminal record.

Oh wait, they already have.

Jesse Williams’s Speech, Christy Sheats’ Crime & Morally Bankrupt Reactions


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I haven’t been able to write about my opinions on last week’s trending topics. Two of them were the highly talked-about speech that actor Jesse Williams gave during the 2016 BET Awards and the murder of two daughters by gun rights advocate Christy Sheats. And I’m fairly sure you’ve heard of them as well. But in case you haven’t, here’s the quick rundown.

Jesse Williams is the actor who stars in the hit TV series Grays Anatomy who was awarded the Humanitarian award during recent the BET Awards. He gave an acceptance speech so powerful that it sent shock waves throughout social media and beyond. His speech briefly touched on the topics of racism, police brutality and the victims of both. As short as it was, it was enough to still have people talking at this very minute. You can read the transcript here.

Christy Sheats was the Houston woman who made the news after she shot and killed her two daughters Taylor and Madison. Reports stated that she and Taylor had an argument, and that she didn’t want her daughter to marry her fiancè. In the end, Sheats murdered both her daughters which ultimately lead to her own death by police.

As a side note, Sheats getting killed by cops was a little surprising seeing as how she was a white woman in Texas. There’s no need to mention how the outcome would be different if she was a black or brown woman, because we’re all too familiar with the sobering reality that just being nonwhite is a felony punishable by death in this nation.

It should also not astound anyone that both events have prompted predictable responses from the usual underground of self-righteous loons with inverted morals and low-level intelligence. Jesse Williams’ speech has triggered the anticipated ire from certain people (mostly white), especially one astute commentator Tomi Lahren. And despite her horrific crime, Christy Sheats has at least one supporter, a blogger who goes by the name Jennifer Mayers, who supposedly knew why she had to kill.

Lahren, a conservator commentator and host for The Blaze and possible Ann Coulter clone, was absolutely livid about William’s speech. She was so steamed that her argument came out as emotionally charged, devoid of facts and was lacked more coherency than anything Sarah Palin ever said about – anything.

Here are a few gems she dropped provided by Raw Story, most of which you’ve heard before from other conservatives whenever a person of color talks about racism. (I’m not going to upload the video with the entire commentary, because I don’t want to be help responsible for any brain aneurysms.) Read at your own risk:

“The BET Awards were last night, notably they were very black…Oh, but can I say that? What with my whiteness and all? Well, too damn bad.”

“Are you kidding me, Jesse?” she asked, accusing the actor of being anti-police because he spoke out about the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

“The term unarmed black man may be literally accurate, but it doesn’t tell the whole story in most cases,” she insisted. “In a number of cases, if the victim ended up being unarmed, it was certainly not for a lack of trying.”

“Also, white people, yeah, we do have a record of critique of your oppression,” she ranted. “You know how many of our ancestors fought in the Civil War to free your ancestors? Bloodiest war in the United States history was over what was right and it was largely white people fighting it.”

“It’s not white people working to divide America, it’s you!” she exclaimed as if Williams could hear her. “You and Beyonce and Jada Pinkett Smith and Al Sharpton. Do you see yourself as a victim?”

“It sure seems like you want special treatment, it sure sounds like you would like a gold star at the end of the day just for being born. Get over yourself.”

Lahren concluded: “Nice work and how about you sit down!”

It goes without saying how incredibly racist and stupid – fucking stupid – her argument is. The irony is lost on her complaining about a person of color discussing racism while showing how much of a racist she is. Her response drew criticism from many, but Lahren doesn’t seem to be at all deterred.

There’s even a petition out calling for Williams’ to get fired from the show. Lahren didn’t start the petition, but those with the same opinions as her have, upset that the actor had the nerve to open up about racism which – in their so-called minds – is itself racist.

And then there’s Jennifer Mayers, a blogger no one knew about until she expressed how Christy Sheats was right to killer her daughters, because – get this – they were sleeping black boys. After she declared Sheats of being ‘America’s martyr’, it didn’t take long for the internet to notice.

Here’s an excerpt from that infamous post. Please try not to destroy your computer after you read this:

A devout Republican and gun rights advocate, she no doubt discovered that both of her daughters had been promiscuous and were sleeping with black boys and she took it upon herself to put an end to that cycle. She was brave enough to stand up and say ENOUGH! Not in MY house! And she should be lauded.

Race mixing is not only an ungodly thing, it causes such confusion and humiliation. Not only for the children born of this sin, but for the grandparents who would have to carry this burden. Mrs. Sheats was the picture of elegance and I know she would not want to have to explain to her friends why she was carrying around a yellow mixed baby that her promiscuous daughters had created.

Rather than be forced into this life of depravity and sin, she chose to go down grasping her weapon in the name of God. As far as I am concerned, she is a martyr for Christ.

I would say that you can’t make this stuff up, but…she made it all up. There have been no reports that suggest that Sheats shot her daughters for sleeping with black males much less that her daughters slept with black males at all. So in the end, one can only guess that Mayers’s sick, racist, pseudo-Christian mindset conjured up a make-believe story out of thin air in a pathetic attempt to turn an white American murderer into a martyr for Christ.

And that’s not all. You should see what she wrote about O.J., the Stanford University rapist Brock Turner, homosexuals, white and black welfare recipients and why she’s not a racist asshole.

Both responses have one thing in common. It’s all about protecting whiteness at the expense of black people. Tomi Lahren’s rambling demonstrates she not only knows absolutely nothing about why black people should protest the injustices they face, but she and her angry white comrades could care less about hearing them out. Instead, the prefers black people to shut up and smile.

Jennifer Mayers created a false racist narrative to turn a killer into a victim. She made up the story about Sheats’ daughters promiscuity involving black males, in which she refers to them as ‘black boys’, and doesn’t seem to understand why people are shocked enough to consider her article satire. They can’t believe anyone could be that ludicrous.

But when it comes to race and black people, nothing is ruled out when it comes to keeping them down. As we’ve seen with both responses to two different events, thoughtlessness, insensitivity and a complete disregard for the truth and reality is what’s needed to maintain white supremacy, and some people certainly want to keep the oppression going.


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