White People Screwed the World…Again, And We Must Empathize With Them???


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As if conservative white folks aren’t aggravating enough, here comes liberal whites and their pleas for thinking of the white working class.

Kali Holloway of Alternet via Raw Story vents about how people should feel empathy for the white working class, the section of America where most of its people don’t give a damn about black people’s plight:

The only surprise to come out of this election is how many, and how quickly, white people want us to empathize with the people who voted against our humanity, our right to exist in this place. Even before the election, the Washington Post actually had the audacity to berate us for not crying for the white working class. In the days since Trump won, the number of articles urging everybody to be cool to Trump’s America, to understand what they are facing, to hear their grievances, has added insult to injury. Bernie Sanders issued a statement saying Trump “tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media.” I read it at least three times and couldn’t find the words “white supremacy” anywhere in it.

I want to add another article to the mix.

This comes from the Advocate. The writer, Elizabeth Daley, doesn’t want us to blame white women for Trump’s ascension. Instead, we should blame internalized misogyny. While she has a point that it played a major role in the last election, that doesn’t negate the fact that many white women voted for a misogynist due to their unwavering allegiance to whiteness. And people of color, especially women of color, are sick of white women fucking things up and are told not to cast blame:

…While it might be tempting to blame white women for the outcome of this election, let’s not. Doing so reinforces the idea that women have to be twice as responsible as men, not just 10 percent more. Furthermore, the cultural impulse to blame women is tragically aligned with the impulse that we as women have to blame ourselves.

Except women aren’t the primary problem here. It’s white women’s whiteness that’s the issue.

White privilege means never to be demonized or pathologized for the bullshit you or your people do no matter how catastrophic it is. We are told to empathize, chill and feel sorry for them for they know not what they do. In short, never blame white people.

Incidently, another article from New Republic suggests not to blame working-class whites. It’s these college educated yuppies who partook in the fuckery. Now, even though it still blames a population of whites, it dares not blame white people as a whole the way society holds nonwhite groups liable for its problems.

No. Instead, let’s blame and punish black people and their culture for all the crime in this country. Let’s blame and punish Latino immigrants for taking all of the jobs. Let’s blame and punish Asians for getting into great schools. And let’s blame and punish Muslims for all the terrorism they’ve caused. But please, please go easy on white people for EVERY LAST SCREW-UP THEY DID.

Like Comedian Samantha Bee said, “…Don’t try to distance yourself (white folks) from the bad apples and say, It’s not my fault, I didn’t vote for him, hashtag not all white people. Shush. If Muslims have to take responsibility for every member of their community, so do we.

Holloway continues:

Please miss me with all this nonsense. I’m not even going to get into how this is based on an easily refutable economic lie, especially since others have already spent precious time they’ll never get back breaking this down. But even if it was true—and I am well aware of what’s plaguing the white working class, from substance abuse to suicide to a loss of manufacturing jobs—I refuse to take part in the endless privileging of white pain above all others. (Martin Gilens, who has studied this stuff going way back, notes that when the media face of poverty is white, this country suddenly gets a lot more compassionate.) Latinos and African Americans remain worse off than the white working class—which is still the “largest demographic bloc in the workforce”—by pretty much every measurable outcome, from home ownership to life expectancy. Where are these appeals for us when we protest or riot against the systemic inequality we live with? Where are all the calls to recognize and understand our anger?

As some of you know, I’ve had trolls come here refuting the problems that black people are facing. They especially don’t believe that racism is a major issue. Lincoln freed us from slavery. We had the Civil Rights Act passed. We’re on welfare. It’s all good. We shouldn’t complain about anything.

But white people are still dominant in every institution in this country. The government. The corporations. The courts. The education system. The media. Everything. And, when members of their race suffer, the world must stop and feel while they shit all over the world.

Holloway quotes Audre Lorde:

Audre Lorde said (I wonder if that woman ever got sick of being right), “Oppressors always expect the oppressed to extend to them the understanding so lacking in themselves.” For a people who have shamed black folks for supposedly always wanting a hand out, for being a problem of the entitlement state, I have never seen people who so firmly believe they are owed something.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how privileged assholery operates. and I say, FUCK THAT EMPATHY BULLSHIT!

Why the flaming hell should we feel for them, consider their feelings and be civil to a population who’s legacy has been about the religion of white supremacy? Why should we be cool to a group of homo sapiens who would angrily plunge the nation – no, the world into ruins to make sure whiteness stays on top of everything? Why should we always be the better person to a group of people who don’t consider me a person?

I say it again. FUCK THAT! We’re tired of always being the better person. Thoughout history, the white race plundered, enslaved, raped and polluted the world to build their global empire of white supremacy, displaced, dehumanized and destroyed people and their lands to this day in order to keep it going and punished them for having the balls to fight back.

So, why can’t these bumbling, sociopathic, racist assholes be better people?

R.I.P. Gwen Ifill


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From the Daily Kos:


Gwen Ifill, the longtime news anchor who had served as a co-host of PBS’s NewsHour and as moderator of “Washington Week,” has died fter a battle with cancer, PBS has confirmed. She was 61.

“I am very sad to tell you that our dear friend and beloved colleague Gwen Ifill passed away today in hospice care in Washington,” WETA president and CEO Sharon percy Rockefeller wrote in an email to staff at the public TV station Monday. “I spent an hour with her this morning and she was resting comfortably, surrounded by loving family and friends… Earlier today, I conveyed to Gwen the devoted love and affection of all of us at WETA/NewsHour. Let us hold Gwen and her family even closer now in our hearts and prayers.”

Click here to read the rest of this article.

To Those Who Think POC, Muslims, Women and the LGBT Shouldn’t Worry About a Trump Presidency


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Many people are scared as shit right now. And it’s because a known racist, misogynist, etc. etc. has been elected as the next President of the United States. This past Tuesday November 8th, Donald Trump won the Presidential election, and it has a lot of folks on edge, to say the least.

But some people, most of them Trump voters and supporters, think those folks are making a big deal about nothing. Of course, many of those who are worried are people of color (POC). And unless you’ve been asleep for the past year, you would be familiar of Trump’s examples of racism.

Apparently, some have been asleep. One such person is a commenter whom I’ve banned, but can’t keep himself away from this blog. Yet, he felt the need to respond to my reaction to Trump’s victory. Here’s what he wrote before I marked it as spam:

Temporarily unbanning myself:
Hahaha, a bit dramatic now Brothawolf ain’t we! Look, regain your composure, stop dreaming end-times scenarios and acting like you’re going to have a hear attack and come to the realization that your life will go one as before, more or less. Be a sport and not a drama king, whadaya say? OK, I’m out, peace Brothawolf.
Rebanning in progress.

I don’t know if this is his way of telling me that everything will be alright, or if he was just fucking with me. Either way, he’s pretty much saying that my fears – the fears of POC in America aren’t merited. And frankly, I’m too worn out by racist fuckery to care about what he thinks or feels.

He is but one of many who can’t or won’t understand why a Trump Administration would and should frighten certain people. For him and others who don’t know why and would like proof of a possible turbulent period for POC, Muslims, women and others, here are a few examples – so far:


This was tweeted by Yarden Katz who witnessed the exchanged. Although it wasn’t physical, emotional damage can be traumatizing. And no doubt, the victim is hurting inside.

cw3dcryuaaadoccThis next incident was tweeted by Ahmed Koala. Though one of the suspects is a Hispanic male, it shows how powerful this madness can be.


This was tweeted by NY Daily News writer Shaun King who’s been actively monitoring incidents of hate before and after Trump’s victory. Although some will deny that this has anything to do with Trump, let’s remind you of his proclamation of building a wall to keep Illegals out.

There are more tweets of such hate-fueled incidents in Al Jazeera’s article, and like the title says, it’s on the rise.

At the University of Pennsylvania, there are reports from black freshmen receiving hateful and violent messages and images on their phones after they were added to a racist GroupMe account.

A student at a Minnesota high school was shocked when he saw racist graffiti inside a bathroom, including one that reads ‘#GoBackToAfrica, #Whitesonly’ and of course ‘Trump’ See the images below.

cw25zc6xgaut9wd cw25zczxgaa-9hmIn Durham, North Carolina, someone spray painted, “Black lives don’t matter and neither does your votes” on a side of a wall.

A San Jose State University student was attacked by a fair-skinned male who tried to pull her head scarf causing her to lose balance choking her in the process.

Two students from Babson College drove around the campus Wellesley College harassing black female students. The two students were young white male Trump fans. They are facing charges, but it’s reported that the duo was not apologetic, to say the least. Here are their faces:

edward parker

The next three images are posted by Shaun King on his Facebook page. These are a series of Facebook messages from students at York Tech High School detailing racist chants, Trump-sign waving, ‘white power’ yells, sexual assault and brutal fights:

fb fb2 fb3 fb4

There are reports of gay slurs, racist insults and Nazi salutes yelling in the halls at Southern Lehigh High School.

In Santa Monica, California, a gay man from Canada was brutally attacked by who was reported as Trump supporters. Here’s a graphic image of the victim after the attack as well as a description as to what happened:


These are a few incidents reported that occurred after Trump’s win with more to come. In most of these reports alone, the suspects are described as supporters of Trump.

But one thing that must be clear is that racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia and the like have been here long before Trump’s rise to political power. However, his campaign has been fear-based, violence induced and hate filled. So, he’s not actually innocent. In fact, he’s far from innocent. And he has yet to so much as acknowledge these episodes.

It doesn’t matter that these are ‘isolated incidents’, done by individuals and that Trump is not directly responsible. It didn’t matter to the victims and their friends and families. They were attacked, easily swayed by hatred, the hatred constantly swept under the rug and justified for generations but found ways of escaping for all the world to see. And hearing about these events only shows that a Trump Presidency will help fuel more of the same.

And anyone else who isn’t a straight, white Christian male could be next.

Recently, Kansas’ Secretary of State Kris Kobach has been named as a part of the transition team. Daily Kos reports that Kobach is one America’s most racist politicians. He was the man behind SB 1070 which gave police a right to stop, detain and prove your citizenship if you have brown skin and an accent. He’s also connected to what the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a hate group, has been a speaker for a white nationalist workshop and is known for being dedicated for making sure minorities, women and low-income citizens can’t vote. And this is the man the President-elect wants in his circle.

So, tell me again, why shouldn’t we worry?

White Women’s Whiteness Wins: More White Women Chose Trump Over Clinton


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Racism Review pointed out that more white women voted for Donald Trump than for Hillary Clinton. Granted, I haven’t truly supported Clinton, and I’ve made it clear, I was – at first – perplexed as to why on Earth any woman would want to support Trump.

But then, data showed up that more white women wanted to make America great again as opposed to wanting to be stronger together. Why?

It has been proven that Trump is a misogynist and a serial sexual predator. No woman in their right mind would stand with him. But sadly, whiteness trumped common sense this November.

Some white women rationalized Trump’s sexism. Some white women supported him because to them, he seemed real and non-political. And then, there’s the ‘wanting to take the country back‘ thing.

Nothing else could explain this fuckery other than white racial solidarity. White women placed whiteness ahead of feminism. I’m no expert, but I would imagine feminists would rather die a million painful deaths than side with a vulgar sexist. But the white female voters for Trump didn’t give a damn about women’s rights. Some think it’s a bunch of baloney (internalized misogyny). All they want is whiteness to return to the white house. And whiteness won. Women lost.

Angry White Male Resentment Won: Donald Trump Is President-Elect


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Donald Trump won the Presidency. Let me repeat it. Donald fucking Trump won the gotdamn Presidency. No matter how many times I type it and say it in my head, I can’t process it. It’s not too surprising. But it’s still frightening as hell.

I’ll say it again. Trump won! And racism won. Sexism and misogyny won! Islamophobia won! Intolerance won! Ignorance won! Hate won! Angry whiteness won! It always wins when white privilege loses.

I hope you Trump supporters are elated with joy. Your hero and his family will be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But most of all, that Kenyan, socialist porch monkey and his n*gger brood that you blame everything on will be leaving out of office in January and your fears that a woman will be President are put to rest for the next four years.

Your wish came true. So, celebrate. Get drunk. And thank your white male God that he answered your prayers.

In the meantime, I’ll contemplate how the future will look for me and my people, Muslims, women, the poor, the disabled, and anyone else targeted by hate, especially since the dawn of Trump’s campaign. And right now, I’m shaking in fear.

I fear for the lives of the people Trump spoke poorly about. I fear for the people Trump seems determined to keep out of this nation. I fear for the people Trump wants to police. I fear for the people Trump considers as nothing more than sexual devices designed for his amusement. I fear for the people who will not benefit from a Trump administration. And yet, some will walk through hell wearing gasoline draws for him. And I fear for the people who will somehow or another die from this.

America has shown how regressed on the evolutionary scale it is. When you have a nation swathed with people governed by hatred, ignorance and fear, and are seemingly proud of it, it shows how shitty this country really is. A man known for his racist views, Islamophobic-based politics, rampant egotism, blatant ignorance of the world itself much less how politics operate, disturbing misogyny that he has gotten away from for decades and a hair trigger temper that could plunge this world into total chaos is now the Commander-in-Chief of a nation stricken with those problems and is too cowardly to admit that they exist.


Because Donald Trump is the white man it wants after eight years of Barack Obama. He’s the white male savior that will rescue the white race from the jaws of political correctness and equality. He’s the face that America wants, because America doesn’t want to wake the fuck up.

We joke about leaving the country should Trump be elected into office. We didn’t think it would happen. But it did. We got a rude awakening. Our worst fears have come true. The nightmare is real.

Will Trump prove me wrong? I doubt it. Will more people awaken? I don’t think so. We’ll have to see what the future holds and prepare ourselves for what may come.

While male supremacy is back in office with white male privilege as his Vice President.

Your Thoughts: The Upcoming Presidential Election


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It’s that time of year again. A new president will be decided Tuesday. What are your thoughts and opinions on this year’s election? .

But first, I want to give my brief opinion.

I’ve honestly never been so nervous about an election as major as this one. And it’s because of who’s running. I’ve voted. But for me, it was like deciding between the electric chair and lethal injection. Donald Trump represents the chair while Hillary Clinton represents injection. The former is more painful while the latter is more subtle. And I prefer to die in my sleep than shocked to death.

In one corner, you have a candidate with a scandal revolving around possibly questionable emails and whose husband had a scandal or two of his own during his active political career. Not to mention her position on race, class and gender leave plenty to be desired.

In the other corner, you have a racist, misogynistic, narcissistic, ignorant sexual predator whose platform revolves around fear and hate. And his fan base and potential voters – more or less – share the same loathsome views and possess similar pathetic traits as he does and are proud – violently proud of it.

So, it’s safe to say that one way or another, certain people will be screwed either way after January 2017.

I’m honestly not a huge supporter of Clinton. And I damn sure can’t stand Trump. But out of the two, she seems to be the preferable candidate out of the two. I guess American didn’t think Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren was the ideal choice.

I don’t really care about either democrat or republican party as they are both ass-kissers for the immensely powerful, vastly wealthy and overprivileged. But in the end, America decided that these two are the best representatives for this nation. So, it’s getting what it wants, and in the end, it deserves whatever it gets.

What do you think of the candidates? Don’t hold back. Exhale in the comment section your brash honesty.

Quick Thoughts: Police Shooting and Church Burning Done by Trump Supporting Suspects


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Whenever police are ambushed, and the suspect(s) are black, there’s a rush to try to pin the shooting on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. But what happens when the shooter is white?

For one thing, he gets taken alive. White privilege is a powerful shield.

The Daily Kos reports:

I woke up to the news this morning that two Iowa police offers were shot and killed overnight, ambush-style. As of 9am ET, the gunman was still on the loose. Predictably, the comments to any news story about this were disgusting, and many comments were aimed at blaming #BlackLivesMatter for the shootings.

I’m going to assume that the hateful anti-BLM comments were made prior to the revelation of who the gunman is. It turns out the suspect is Scott Michael Greene, a white dude who got pissed off for being to told to stop waving his Confederate flag in front of black folks at a football game.

Oh, and he supports Donald Trump.

And speaking of the civility of those who plan to vote for Trump in a few days, we have this story out of Greenville, Mississippi where the Hopewell MB caught on fire. Not only that, it was vandalized. Someone left their mark by spray painting two words on the side of the church: Vote Trump.

It’s clear that most of potential Trump voters not only share his traits and beliefs, but are just plain savages who would throw their feces at people if they wanted to. If Trump wins, then his screw-up followers will win too. This is why voting next week is essentially vital. These “people”, and use that term very loosely must not win.

One more thing. Those who still insist that the Iowa police shooter is a BLM supporter, must still haven’t bothered to research to find his true identity and background. I bet some who do will change their tune and either praise him for his ‘patriotism’ or curse out the so-called ‘liberal media’ for racism against white people. Or maybe they would get quiet after embarrassing themselves. Worst yet, they would still find ways to blame BLM for the shootings showing off their ignorance and hatred. And I can guess that they are likely Trump supporters themselves.

A Meme Says That Black Males Are the Worst When It Comes To Their Women. Is It Right?


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My alter ego was in a Facebook group dedicated to the black man’s love for black women. Then, someone posted a meme that says that no one has put down their women more than black men. Naturally, it started a comment thread that I bet is still active with most brothas refuting the meme. Some sistas agreed with the brothas, but some agreed with the meme, including the one who posted it in the first place.

I stepped in to give my two cents. I stated that misogyny is prevalent among all groups. I agreed that we need to fix this problem in your own communities. But to read that black men are the worst struck a nerve with me.

Maybe it sounded similar to the “we’re the most criminal” cliche we hear among racist trolls. Maybe it implied that black men disrespect their women without any explanation. Whatever it was, I wanted to defend my brothas, the ones who genuinely love black women. Maybe it was my male privilege that made me want to put the meme and arguments to rest without hearing any counters. But in retrospect, I pondered if it was right to do so in the faces of black women who had reasons of their own to back up the claim.

One sista argued that other races of men do not disrespect black women the way we do. I responded by saying that they do, but in their own ways which are no more or no less damaging to the women within their cultures. She wasn’t having any of that. She argued that black men are more open with their misogynoir. Interracial dating, raunchy rap lyrics and music videos and social media conversations and images are some examples of black men’s lack of respect for black women.

I was frustrated. I didn’t feel like conversing with her anymore.

Prior to the thread, I stated how tired I was of my people being seen as the worst of the worst. It seemed that someone somewhere want to make black people as the most inferior collection of humans on the planet. And to not only see the meme that says we’re the worst when it comes to our women but also see people defend it was too much to take.

So, I left the thread and the group. I was already depressed as hell. And I just wanted to retreat.

I think back to the sistas who backed the meme. The one I was arguing with was definitely tired and hurt in some way. Something happened to her to make her think and feel this way and she latched her anger on behalf of black women against black men. I think she even mentioned considering dating white men, a nod to the Black Women’s Empowerment movement where nonblack (usually white) men are looked upon as ideal mates for black women.

Sure, I’ve said that as black men, we need to do better. Still, I inadvertently argued that everybody does it putting the reputation of black men instead of being concerned for the sistas who were hurting.

As black men, we need to love, honor, protect and respect black women. Most of us are. But our sistas are in pain, and overall, we need to man up and help them instead of making things worse. We’re all in the same boat fighting the raging sea of racism. But if we don’t stand together as equals with love as our power, we will all sink to the bottom.

When Cops Attack Cops: Off-Duty Cop Attacked By Police


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If blue lives truly mattered, the police seem to be doing a poor job setting that example among themselves. It’s been said millions of times that there are good, descent cops out there. It’s usually used by supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement to explain that they’re not anti-police. Yet, it still falls on deaf ears. People still think the movement is anti-police and even anti-white.

But what happens when cops go after other cops and brutalize them as they would certain civilians, the black, brown and even poor white varieties? We know why black and brown folks are targeted so much. “We fit the description. We look suspicious.” But what if it happens to a cop for the same reasons?

Oh wait! It has.

A police officer, Robert Parker, in Temple Hills, Maryland was assaulted by another police officer, because he fitted the description of a shooting suspect. He’s a black male wearing a hoodie and blue jeans. Parker is also a black male wearing a hoodie and blue jeans. Case closed.

Fox 5 News reports:

Parker, who is assigned to Harbor Patrol as a diver, says he was thrown to the ground and punched in the head, even as he was identifying himself as an officer, obeying all commands.

“And I can’t remember if I said okay or was just kind of baffled at the moment, and he walked up to me and he started patting me down and I’m just thinking, is this really happening? Because I know the protocol because I’m a police officer,” Parker told FOX 5’s Paul Wagner. “He reaches around and feels my sidearm, my firearm and I look at him and I see the look in his eye and I say, ‘I’m the police.’ I’m literally slammed. I went to the ground I kept saying, ‘I’m the police, I’m the police.’ There were two other officers there. I felt their presence and they placed me in handcuffs, and then somebody hit me in the right side of my face.”

Parker says he wasn’t resisting and felt the take down and punch were totally unwarranted. He says he hates to pull the race card, but believes had he been white, the take down and what he views as excessive force would not have happened.

Gee, you think?

During the incident, Parker says he injured his wrist and went for treatment at the police and fire clinic as well as a hospital emergency room.

It should be noted that the officer in question is also a black male. But a cop is a cop, and black men are still subjected to police brutality even if some of them are cops themselves.

Naturally, the police department defended the officer, the one who physically assaulted Parker while Parker has to deal with his injuries.

It sucks to have this looming cloud of suspicion always with you, because of what you are. You’re a black male, and thus, you’re up to something no good. You’re guilty of something. You have to be. You ‘look’ suspicious. Society’s hangup with the criminal black male stereotype is out to get black men, even if they carry a badge.

According to the NFL, sitting during the Nation Anthem is wrong, but beating your wife multiple times is okay


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Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the 49ers, sat down during the National Anthem before a game to protest against police brutality. Though several players from other NFL teams followed his example, his actions have been met with a great deal of disdain, especially from the higher-ups in the League. He’s christened the most hated man in the NFL all due to his activism.

Josh Brown, linebacker for the Giants, was revealed as a habitual wife-beater by the sports news media. Yet, the owner of the Giants knew. But Brown was still allowed to continue playing for some time up to this point, despite him having a record of domestic violence that’s 150 pages long!

Kaepernick doesn’t have a criminal record. Brown has been abusing his wife for years. The former is despised while the latter is still loved by NFL both personnel and fans alike.

Also, Ray Rice, a former running back for the Ravens who became infamous for knocking his wife out in an elevator, was immediately suspended. His football career is now in a possibly permanent limbo.

As Shaun King of the New York Daily News puts it, “To be black and a peaceful protester of violence makes one far more hated than being white and beating and intimidating a woman. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of white privilege.” As you can tell, the NFL’s actions towards its players is questionable at best and deplorable at worst. It shows how the institution views domestic violence in terms of race. If Kaepernick so much as had even one report, his career and repurtation would have been damaged, probably beyond repair. To the NFL, him sitting during the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ is as sinister as Rae Carruth, another former black football player, hiring a hitman to kill his then-pregnant girlfriend. But for obvious reasons, Josh Brown beating his wife for years is not that bad, because you know – white men.