Angela Box vs. Quanell X


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Like it or not, there are a lot of white people out there that have a pathological problem with people of color, and most of those white people are afraid to face that truth. They will fight tooth and nail to show how not racist they think they are by ironically showing how incredibly racist they truly are.

There’s a video going viral about an on-air verbal smackdown between former teacher-turned-conservative commentator Angela Box and civil rights activist Quanell X. The pair were discussing the now-infamous video of a white male cop slamming a black female teen student in a South Carolina classroom. The cop Ben Fields has since been fired from his job while the teen sustained some injuries, but will survive nonetheless.

Box tried to defend the officer and begins by blaming “black culture”. Quanell fires back by suggesting that the officer’s firing was appropriate and proceeds to bring up white males shooting schools. Needless to say, the exchange got heated very fast.

Raw Story reports:

During a KRIV news segment called “Face Off,” Angela Box argued that Deputy Ben Fields should not have been fired for violently throwing a 16-year-old school girl to the ground because he was “doing his job.”

To Box, this teen was no saint. She should’ve followed directions and be obedient to white authority. Since she wasn’t, then she deserved to get her ass kicked.

“It’s time we start addressing the root cause of all this,” she said. “The disrespect of teachers, this Black Lives Matter movement, this perpetual chip on your shoulder against everybody that’s not like yourself. It’s got to stop. We’ve got to address the culture.”

Maybe Box should get off her white ass and start researching the why’s behind why we have this “perpetual chip on our shoulder”. Contrary to what most people think, it didn’t come from a vacuum. Maybe she should find out what Black Lives Matter is really all about instead of listening to the wrong sources and not asking any questions. Maybe she should talk to black people instead of at them as if she’s the only one entitled to talk about any damn thing as if she’s a freakin’ expert.

Activist Quanell X calmly asserted that the officer should have been indicted in addition to being fired.

“Ms. Box, nobody supports a disruptive student in a classroom because it stops other kids learning,” Quanell X explained. “But what I do have a problem with is, men should never handle a woman like the way that cop handled that little girl, to turn that desk over the way he did, grab her around her neck, then grabbed that child and threw her across the room, that is unbecoming of a man with decent character and conduct.”

“Now for you to say that we need to deal with the culture of black kids in schools,” he noted, taking a deep breath. “Let’s deal with the culture of these crazy fanatic white boys who go in schools with guns and shoot and kill everybody.”

Quanell addressed that no one supports a disruptive student but at the same time, no man has any right to put his hands on a woman. In this case, it was a grown man physically abusing a teen girl.

Box should’ve been smart enough to see that as a problem, but clearly, her privileged mindset is incapable or unwilling to do just that one simple thing. She instead chose to see this as a case of a disrespectful black thug mouthing off to a good white police officer. But when Quanell mentioned the continuous problem of young white males committing school shootings, something that should be discussed and examined, that’s when her claws came out.

Box began shouting back but Quanell X continued: “Columbine, killing the kids at the [Sandy Hook] elementary school, the shootings in other cities across the America have all been crazy little white boys shooting up innocent people so let’s study that culture!”

With her finger in Quanell X’s face, the teacher-turned-pundit fired back by blaming Democrats for destroying black families and their “self worth.”

“Address the black culture, the perpetual chip on your shoulder, blame whitey!” she yelled.

“Show some manners,” Quanell X replied. “Don’t tell me a damn thing about the black culture and kids in school when it’s white boys who go in school and murder all kinds of innocent people. Don’t tell me that! We need to study these fanatic white boys!”

He does have a point. But Box wasn’t having any of that.

“When you go in these inner cities and start teaching there, you let me know,” Box quipped. “Then you can have something to say about it.”

“I went to inner city schools!” Quanell X exclaimed. “And at the end of the day, there’s wolves in sheep’s clothing teaching at inner city schools.”

“How dare you say that to me,” Box gasped.

“It’s the truth when it comes to you!” Quanell X concluded.

It should be noted that Angela Box is the same woman that publicly wished that President Obama would die from Ebola, called Muslims “goatfuckers” and filed a lawsuit against Quanell X in the recent past for defamation for calling her a racist! It’s funny and typical how white people when caught with their bigotry will blame everyone and everything else and never take any responsibility for their bullshit. Clearly, Box doesn’t like to be called out on her shit, but she sure as hell doesn’t mind dishing it out.

Box felt entitled to lecture a black man she seemingly deems as lower than she is and is less informed about the problems facing this country’s education system in how it deals with children with issues. She didn’t talk to Quanell X like a human being or as her equal. Instead, she lashed at him, tried to shut him up, and had the nerve to feel disrespected when he tried to speak his mind, defend himself and disagree with her. Through all that absurdity, Angela Box has shown why she’s the perfect Fox News commentator, and what’s wrong with white privilege, white entitlement and of course, white racism.

Guest Post: When White People and Law Enforcement Say It’s Not About Race, it Certainly Is About Race!


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By Blakksage:

Over the past two years in America, there has been a plethora of high profiled cases involving unarmed black women, child and men assaulted, maimed and murdered by white police officers and lone wolf vigilantes. Just as soon as one of these racialized incidents take place, the usual guardians of white supremacy come out of their hiding sewers in full force. The protectors of systematic white supremacy are black and white race baiters sworn to uphold the pillars America, even at the cost of appearing to make themselves out to be mind controlled fools.

The usual sewer dwelling defenders of white supremacy are David Clarke, Milwaukee County Sheriff, Don Lemon, CNN news anchor, Harry Houck, CNN News Analyst and last but not least, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News Anchor who are amongst a host of lesser known protectors of the scourge that we refer to as white supremacy.

As we all know by now, white supremacy is the belief in the superiority of the white race, especially in matters of intelligence and culture—achieved the height of its popularity during the period of European colonial expansion to the Western Hemisphere, Africa, and Asia. Unfortunately, here in the early stages of the 21st century, visions and reality of white supremacy is still here with us. This demonic belief that an individual is superior, merely due to the skin tone makes absolutely no sense.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott opined: “I make that decision based on personal knowledge about this deputy,” Lott said. “He’s been dating an African-American female for quite some time now.” He made this idiotic statement when referring to School Resource Officer Ben Fields. He is the officer seen in the recent social media video slamming an African American student to the floor while she was still sitting at her desk. Fortunately, he was fired due to this excessive use of force in this incident due to media exposure. Eventually, officer Fields was reluctantly terminated.

I would not be surprised if officer Fields will eventually be hired by another South Carolina county as a Deputy Sheriff. Therefore, keep your eyes open for this to happen.

Moreover, the Sheriff initially stated that what officer Fields did to the high school student was lawful. Well then, if what he did was by policy and lawful, why the hell was he fired?

It is safe to safe to say that officer Ben Fields was and perhaps still is a white supremacist who has an African American girlfriend (I hate the term African American, however, that’s another story).

Not so dearly departed white supremacists Sen. Strom Thurmond, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington have already proven to us many times over how a white supremacist could date a black woman as either a mistress, sugar daddy provider, concubine or girlfriend. More specifically, in the case of President Thomas Jefferson, he had sex with a slave child by the name of Sally Hemings who bore him six children. Who, by the way, was only 14 years old at the time she was first seduced by Thomas Jefferson.

Under today’s laws, President Thomas Jefferson would have been convicted of statutory rape and ordered to report the local Sheriff Department to register as a sex offender and have a mug shot taken.

Therefore, for a racist white American to have either a short or long term companionship with an African American woman is as Amerikkkan as baseball, hot dog, apple pie and Chevrolet. In short, Sheriff Lott’s analyst that it’s impossible to Ben Fields to be a white supremacist simply because he has an African American girlfriend is as shallow a statement one could utter to deflect the attributes of a white supremacist doing what they do in the name of Ben Fields.

Furthermore, President George Washington became the owner of 318 slaves at the age of eleven after his father. Between 1785 and 1786, the first president of the United States, George Washington (1732-1799) had a child named West Ford with a black slave girl who was either 15 or 16 years of age, known as Venus.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Jr. stated: “When we take people to the ground, it’s called decentralization.” When we use language like brutality or slamming to the ground is a little bit of hyperbole and is used to incite and inflame. Cameras don’t always tell the whole story.”

Really, … Sheriff Clarke? Decentralization is the appropriate word to utilize when a child is slammed to the floor who presented no physical or life threatening harm to the officer? Also, since “cameras don’t tell the whole story,” as you put it. I surmise what the sheriff is insinuating, is that IF officer Fields was wearing a body-camera, it would’ve shown or told the world an entirely different story than what the students’ phone camera captured? Is this what you’re telling us sheriff Clarke?

Well then, why wasn’t Fields wearing a body camera so that we the people, and the world could be privy to the difference between what cops see on a video in relation to what ordinary people perceive?

What happened to the student in South Carolina is just another glimpse into how white supremacy operates. The operation of White supremacy is to avoid admitting to being a white supremacist at all cost; change the language and wording of the situation to lessen impact of what truly took place. The corporate owned media then flood the air waves with those who engage in nonsensical jargon in order to cover their tracks through certified task masters (insert Don Lemon, David Clarke, Bill O’Reilly and Leon Lott). They then blame the victim and tell the masses of people that what they saw, was in fact a lie and that (the hired coons) have some special discernment power to see and differentiate what the masses of people didn’t see on the video. Perhaps the status quo see the difference through a crystal ball.

White supremacy will never cease to exist; it will always be sustained in this country so long as the people allow the status quo to manipulate and distort the narrative and arresting or clouding truth through technological devices and temporarily hired Uncle Toms. I encourage people to trust their own eyes.

Remember, in this country, evil has power and finds its home in the human heart and in the human condition to inflict unabated, random violence primarily against the descendants of former slaves (God’s people).

Job 9:24 The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is he? (We know who the wicked ones are)



Assault at Spring Valley High (UPDATE)


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There’s a viral video going around social and mainstream media where a hulking white cop is seen brutalizing a black female teenager. What was the problem, you asked? It seems that the teacher asked her to leave, but she refused to. (The reason why is unknown as of this writing.) So, a resource officer by the name of Ben Fields was called to force the girl out of the classroom. Instead, he started handling the girl, who was unarmed and nonviolent, like she was an overgrown rag doll while most of the other students watched. The video was filmed by fellow student Niya Kenny, but then, she got arrested for filming and standing up for the girl!

Reports say that Ben Fields has questionable past, to say the least. He attacked army medic Carlos Martin and his wife Tashiana Rogers in 2005 because of a noise complaint. Both of them are black. It is said that Fields has been known to target black students. After the incident, he is placed on administrative leave and the Sheriff has called for an FBI investigation on the matter.

As expected and quite typical, there are people coming out in defense of Fields. They place the blame solely on the student for not being cooperative. Some have even blamed her parents for not doing their job of raising her better. As always, it’s always black people’s fault for being assaulted by white cops.

Of course, if you’re a white person, most likely you would get much better treatment. But if you’re black, prepared to get handled like either a WWE wrestler or a wild animal in the woods during hunting season. The same sadly and realistically goes for black children.

In this racist nation, black children are not seen as children. Instead, they are seen as potential troublemakers, thugs and future criminals that deserved to be locked up early on during their academic careers. The pipeline from school to prison has been overflowing for years filled with mostly poor minority children. It is directly due to the teachers’ mishandling of students behavior seeing it as a pathology that deserves the attention of law enforcement and the criminal “justice” system. The smallest infractions that seem like no big deal are magnified to appear like felonies to teachers who most likely don’t know how to handle children and shouldn’t be teaching in the first place! Instead of seeing children and teens as developing young adults, they are seen as – you guessed it – criminals that deserved to be handled just as badly or worse.

This isn’t to say that the girl did anything, but whatever she did doesn’t warrant such treatment, provided that she did anything to begin with. Students who witnesses the event are saying that she didn’t do anything wrong. Yet, she got treated like a wild beast or rather worse than a wild beast.

Most of the people defending this brutish cop can’t or won’t see all that is wrong with this incident. Ben Fields, heavily built, was basically throwing around a young girl who could not defend herself. Nevertheless, she was wrong for “disrespecting authority”. So, she got what was coming, and she has no one to blame but herself.

I think it’s safe to say that black children will never be seen as children, especially to the eyes of cops and the “justice” system so long as there are people like Ben Fields wearing badges and have people who will have their backs whenever they abuse their power. There will always be a racial bias against them, and there will always be defenders of such an oppressive system. We clearly have to learn how to serve and protect our children from the ones who are supposed to “serve and protect” but are only out to enslave and oppress.

UPDATE: Ben Fields has been fired! In my opinion, with the record and reputation he has, he shouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

Also, the young girl is revealed to be a teen who recently lost her mother. She sustained injuries to her back, arm and neck after the attack.

Lastly, resident house negress Raven Simone defends the officer by stating that the girl should’ve followed the rules. She and Don Lemon both may as well join Fox News as they would feel more at home there.

Cosby, the Cosby Show and the Ebony Cover


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It’s practically a full year since the public was reminded of Bill Cosby’s horrendous rape allegations via a comedy routine by Hannibal Burress. I’d say it’s a done deal that his sterling silver reputation is unsalvageable as it seems that every new month or so, one or two more accusers emerge to say that the puddin’ pop authority and respectable politics advocate raped them.

Recently, it’s been made abundantly clear how far the Cos has fallen as Ebony’s recent issue’s cover displays a shattered image of the cast of the beloved Cosby Show with a huge hole over Cosby’s face. The cover alone has caused quite a stir on and offline. Half the people support the cover, while the other half is disgusted by it as they still believe that Cosby is the innocent victim in all this. And the ones who are at fault, according to them, are the 50-plus women.

It’s easy to see why people hold dear to the Cosby Show’s legacy despite the current hurricane of rape allegations. It showed America a different side of black America, the side that is rarely seen if not imagined. The Cosby Show was about a successful black family living the American dream. Some of the problems, including racism, didn’t exist in that universe. In a way, it showed that black people can indeed “make it”, and that racism was a thing of the past during the administration of perhaps one of America’s most racist presidents.

Some black folks look to the Cosby Show as the Holy Grail of television. They consider it as the blueprint for positive black imagery hardly seen on television back then and in small doses today. And the Huxtables were seen as the anti-stereotype of the way black people, families especially, were seen in the white-owned media.

But the actors behind the show are real people, and with ole’ Bill’s past springing up and Raven Simone’s “New Black-isms”, especially her recent hang up about not hiring black folks with black-sounding names, some of them are quite dysfunctional.

I often hear from Cosby’s defenders why must these allegations surface now? I often ask why not now? Perhaps it has something to do with the current racial climate. With Black Lives Matter still rolling and black lives continue to be taken by law enforcement, it’s a safe bet that Cosby’s rape allegations are not helping in any way.

Many people feel that these allegations of rape against Cosby is shaming black America. Some people feel that black America’s image is tarnished because of it. They hate hearing about it, especially when a new accuser pops up, because it perpetuates the stereotype of the black male rapist, a stereotype among many, that black people struggle to get rid of. Bill Cosby helped to turn the stereotype into a reality in the worst way. In my mind, we should be furious at him, not try to defend him. The fact is many black folks believe in respectability politics, the kind Cosby used to preach, more or less, and with that, you would think they would be pissed off at Cosby for becoming America’s famous serial rapist instead victim blaming the women.

I admit. I struggle with this everyday. I wonder how Cosby’s rape allegations would impact black America as we are all collectively judged by individual screw-ups. I wonder how it would impact his shows’ legacy. After all, he’s not just famous for the Cosby Show. There’s also Fat Albert and I Spy, to name a couple. Can those shows see the light of day again on the small screen, or should they be buried along with the love and admiration people had for Cosby? And I wonder what will become of all the parties involved. What will become of the women? What will become of the Cosby family? How will society as a whole handle rape and sexual assault after this? Will it change for the better, for worse or not change at all?

I know there are some of you who still support Cosby throughout this whole crisis, and I respect that. I don’t know if he is worthy of any support. I no longer became much of a fan after his infamous Pound Cake Speech. As conversations are ignited and will likely remain lit up for some time in the future, we must look at the gender-based and racial angles throughout this whole saga. Only by asking uneasy questions would we on the road to healing.

Black Folks In the White News Media


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Local News

Depending on where you live and the news outlet, which is most likely own by white males, black people are usually over-shown as criminals. The first two minutes of the local news program will showcase the latest in crime, and more often than not, you will see mugshots of black criminals or black suspects handcuffed and in chains escorted by (usually) white cops. In the newspaper, where crime is always a front page topic, you will likely see a mugshot of a black suspect. Most of the crimes covered involve drugs and violence. Thus making it seem that black people are the most violent and are mostly involved in drug activity.

Black folks seen outside the coverage of local crime get minimal attention, or seldom make it to the front page. Stories about black accomplishments or black heroism are covered in the newspaper but they are rarely seen as front page news or get as much attention as opposed to white people’s accomplishments and heroism.

State and National News

Black folks are rarely seen in state and national news outlets, except when it comes to crime. The crimes usually covered are violent crimes like murder, rape, robbery and assault. Hardly any mention of black achievements outside sports.

When blacks are presented as victims, they are dragged through the mud. They are seen as deserving of being shot and killed, especially by the police. They try to paint picture that that man or woman had it coming because of something that happened in their past, that they were violent to begin with or they had drugs in their system. Black folks who are suspects are always treated as representatives of black cultural pathology. In other words, most black people have something existentially wrong with them that has nothing to do with racism, institutional or otherwise.

On the other hand, white suspects are treated with more sympathy. The number one cause for his or her crime is ‘mental illness’, according to the news. White suspects are always treated as individuals, never parts of a larger problem. In the meantime, white victims are treated like victims who didn’t deserve to die.

Celebrity/Tabloid News

Black celebrities get a more balanced coverage, but when it comes to doing or saying something wrong, it’s news. Sometimes the latter gets more attention then their accomplishments inside and outside the entertainment world. And if a crime has occurred and a black celebrity is a suspect, it’s covered extensively from accusations to courtroom trials. You hear more about this compared to white celebrities whose wrongdoings get very little attention.

Sports News

Black athletes’ only achievements happen on the court or on the field in the sports news media. When any black athlete is accused of a crime, however, it’s a news story from start to finish. Most crimes covered involve drugs and alcohol and it gets limited attention, but when it involves violence, it’s widespread and frequent. Sometimes, their mishaps get more attention than their on and off-the-field achievements. It’s very rare you hear about any positive stories off the field, unless you’re a white athlete.

Conservative News

Conservatives admonish black people frequently from false stories about being the biggest welfare spenders to the ones most responsible for the nation’s high crime rate. Black folks are almost always involved in violent crime. When the victim is a white person, then it’s seen as a reverse version of a hate crime. In fact, most conservative outlets cover “black-on-white crime” more often than they do “white-on-black” and white intra-racial crime! Black conservatives that are on board with the right’s base must always agree with their white correspondents and possess their white racist mindset. They too look down on black folks as much as their white counterparts. There is clearly a bias in their news reporting.

Liberal News

Liberal news seem more balanced, but it’s not without a racist slant to their reporting. Most of the time, blacks are seen as victims of racism. They are hardly mentioned in negative stories unless it’s a black celebrity. Then their bullshit is covered in the news. But you hardly see black folks in positive stories as opposed to white folks. White folks in positive stories, especially when it comes to topics of race and sex, get loads of praise! Black folks get praise too, but not as often as white folks.

Black Owned News

Depending on the outlet, news about black people are mostly balanced. Sometimes there’s an imbalance as black folks get more positive coverage instead of crime coverage. Some outlets never report on crime or any misdeeds of black folks that will often grab the attention of the white-owned news media. Black achievements and heroism are given way more coverage as opposed to mainstream news. And black victims of violent crime and police brutality are treated as people.


Almost all mainstream news outlets are owned by white folks. So, you can’t rule out any racial bias regardless of whether they are conservative or liberal. However, most black owned and operated news outlets present a more balanced picture of black America. Some present a more positive picture to counter negative and even racist news reporting. Through it all, it’s safe to say that black people must be in charge of their own stories. Only then would you likely get a more accurate and humane picture of what black America is all about.

Vern’s Venting: Off Limit Jokes


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By Lavern Merriweather:

The other night I was watching “Gotham Comedy Live” on the AXS cable network. The show has a different host every episode and this time it was Gilbert Gottfried. Mr. Gottfried made a very derogatory joke about former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. Although there was quite a bit of laughter, some people in the audience actually groaned. I sat at home thinking that they were a bunch of whiny assholes. I say that, because if Mr. Gottfried had made a mean joke about Michael Jackson or R. Kelly i.e two black men, the crowd would have roared, as I have seen in the past with other white male comedians. It got me to wondering why is there this rush to vilify black male celebrities with humor yet a reluctance to attack white males the same way.

It’s not even just white males. I was also watching the stand-up Showtime show of my boy Dane Cook, whom I love. He told a joke that he had killed a little boy in a Madden football game. Then Cook mentioned that it was the Aaron Hernandez version and the audience reacted with groans rather than laughs.

Hernandez, for those who don’t know, is the former running back for the New England Patriots team. He was accused in 2010 of murdering a man by the name of Odin Lloyd where he was convicted by a jury this year several months ago. As a matter of fact, Hernandez is suspected in at least four other murders, yet his name is rarely if ever mentioned by many in the media. The same media that tripped over each other’s feet to yack about Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Rae Carruth, Ray McDonald and damn near any black male named Ray, except Ray Charles, is extremely silent about Hernandez despite the fact that he too was accused of murder and even found guilty. Somehow that is overshadowed by the guy who popped his wife on an elevator cam. Once more, the very folks in the media who scream like Banshees about a Negro are quiet when there isn’t one available.

They aren’t the only ones. Apparently, white folks at a comedy show don’t appreciate any supposed funny quips made about non-black folks. Adam Hunter is another white male comedian that hosted “Gotham” who alluded to Hernandez as well in a joke about a football video game. That group of people also didn’t take kindly to a man of color not from Africa being the target of a jokester. Interesting that they groan and get uncomfortable when the object of ridicule isn’t black, yet laugh like fucking hyenas any time something snide is said about an African-American.

I have known for a long time that many in the comedy world use that as a tool or rather excuse to criticize people that they don’t like. And by that I mean black folks. It has become so fucking commonplace that any diversion from it causes people to be turned off. That if there is the slightest attempt to make light of a situation not involving black people, well, that just ain’t acceptable.

Nice to know that it isn’t being tolerated anymore as in the recent discussion on the MTV show “Uncommon Sense” hosted by black male comedian Charlemagne. Charlemagne and his panel commented on the backlash towards the Hulu show “Difficult People” which is a show created and written by actress Amy Pohler. He stated that many people are upset and rightfully so because of a crass joke made by one of the stars about Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy. The female star of “Difficult” joked about Blue being old enough one day for R. Kelly to pee on her. That has caused a firestorm on Twitter as well it should. Some of the guests lamented that the joke crossed the line and went way too far since Blue is a child.

While I admire that they didn’t do the required slave act by agreeing with everything that the white people were saying, I am disappointed that they didn’t call out the show for its racism. Granted, they at least took them to the carpet for something. Still, I would have really liked to seen the issue of race mentioned. And I am going there with race, because of the growing list of white males that have been discovered lately to be perverts.

Recently, Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, who made millions starring in their commercials, was investigated then arrested for having child porn on his computer. In addition, Fogle is equally guilty of soliciting then having sex with underaged prostitutes for money. (One of the girls was as young as 14.) He has since admitted to jacking off to pictures of 6 year-olds which were found on his laptop. He is the very definition of a scumbag.

Yet, I will be hard pressed to find as many white or black folks that practice stand-up for a living willing to attack him with the same fervor that they use for famous black males, particularly in light of some recent revelations. They still chose to demonize a black man on their stupid show. I haven’t exactly heard a plethora of jokes about Stephen Collins, Josh Duggar, especially now that Duggar is calling himself the world’s biggest hypocrite once he admitted that he was trolling for other women on the internet, or former representative Dennis Hastert. Duggar is a major league sleazebag but that obviously isn’t enough reason for white people to take a long cold hard look at themselves. They don’t like acknowledging that some of the folks they breed didn’t grow up to be model citizens as expected. That despite instilling on their children the mindset that white means ‘perfection’, some white folks leave a lot to be desired. It’s why a bunch of no talents can continue to pick on R. Kelly while eagerly ignoring the predator in their own backyard. I suspect it’s also the reason why reporter Chris Hansen’s show on NBC “To Catch a Predator” took so much flack before it was eventually cancelled. They were given a mirror image and they couldn’t handle the reality of what was looking back at them. Perhaps they found out that the chink in their armor of whiteness was worse than they had originally believed.

Vern’s Venting: Dressing Down Black Folks


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By Lavern Merriweather:

It appears that white people are so paranoid about losing their place atop the food chain that their disgust will sink to a level of complete batshit proportions!

At the latest VMA’s hosted by Miley Stupid Ass her new nemesis, Nicki Minaj called Miley to the carpet. More specifically she called Miley Stupid Ass a bitch because of comments Miley made about Nicki’s Twitter feud with country star Taylor Swift. Although she had nothing to do with their back and forth ramblings, Miley felt the need to throw her two cents in.

In an interview with the New York Times she criticized Nicki’s hair and outfits, then claimed that Nicki could have handled it better. Keep in mind, this heffa didn’t utter a peep about Taylor or how she was behaving. Taylor and Nicki have since kissed and made up, but of course, the media wants to attack Nicki because she dared tell a nosy, busybody to mind her own fucking business. And per the script of white folks, Miley is playing the victim to the hilt. I’m surprised she didn’t complain about having the ‘vapors’ while delicately holding a white handkerchief to her forehead.

This is typical. How dare they/she/he give us any lip or backtalk. So they have to, once more, remind us of our place, and it ain’t at the head of the table. We are supposed to be in the back toiling our lives away in the kitchen like any happy darkie. If that sounds a lot like a slave analogy then bingo, that’s exactly what I was going for. And spare me the argument about how those days hence ideals are over, obviously not so far, particularly when you have white females pitching the hissiest of fits, because they don’t like their spot at most desirable challenged.

Recently, No Doubt front woman Gwen Stefani felt the need to insult Rhianna for being, in her words, ‘too slutty’. She also slammed Rhianna for not being talented enough. Someone should remind Gwen that her voice isn’t exactly giving Barbara Streisand a run for her money either. When asked about how they were different Stefani replied that “she has the sense to put pants on”. Oh really, then that must have been some other screechy sounding blond bimbo shaking her ass in her “Hollaback Girl” video. You know the scene I’m talking about where Gwen has her ass hanging all out in a VERY skimpy red outfit. Yet she has absolute nerve to whine about Rihanna when she uses just as much sexuality in her videos?

I’m beginning to notice a trend of obnoxious, no talent white folks complaining about Rihanna and Beyonce without uttering a peep about certain skanky white women like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. Gaga behaves in a way that is not only bizarre but childish also. By that, I mean she does a lot of goofy shit to get attention. However ridiculous though, her actions will be seen as cool or outlandish.

Black women on the other hand don’t get that luxury. Our faults are to be critiqued and judged by hypocrites and idiots.

It’s not just white females feeling the heat of getting replaced by those inferior to them. After LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling was heard on tape making inflammatory and racist statements to an ex- girlfriend, fellow owner Mark Cuban was compelled to come to his rescue. Cuban did the requisite, full of shit, white person dance by saying that he found Sterling’s words troubling. But he still defended them! He moaned that even if people were bothered by what Sterling said, and well they should have been, Sterling still had a right to say them as well as a right to his opinion. Well let’s just bring back lynching and having black people sit on the back of the bus while we’re at it huh Mark? What a stupid, asinine, arrogant asshole viewpoint, especially when you take into account that Cuban really had no dog in this fight. Unless maybe his true feelings about the Negroes that HE employs finally came to light.

It wouldn’t surprise me much that a bunch of the owners had the same mentality as Sterling. Let’s get real here, the young black males playing for these rich, white assholes are often nothing but a monkey that hops around to an organ grinder. I will bet Bill Gates many billions that I don’t have that every single black person reading this post can remember a scene from a movie or TV show where a white person was allowed to talk down to a Negro. They of course never get to say a damn thing back and have to go on humbly with their lives and their tail between their legs. That’s the way it was in real life 65 years and it’s still that way in this day and age. “Regardless of how much of a dick or whore I’m being it’s not up to you, a Negro, to correct me.” It’s ok however if they tell us what’s what because that’s their God given right. They have to instruct us simple little black folks on how mistaken we are all the time. It’s the same malarkey white people use for their argument about political correctness.

That must have been what Gary Oldman meant when he defended scumbag and has-been Mel Gibson when he made sickening comments on tape about blacks and Jews. Oldman seems to think that we shouldn’t play thought police and admonish someone for their beliefs. I guess he would have been preaching that garbage to those who opposed the Holocaust too.

The problem with white males like Cuban and Oldman is that they have the ability to speak on the other end. They have no clue what it’s like to be on this side of the spectrum. Nor apparently do they give a damn that they are protecting dangerous, disgraceful mindsets, making it that much harder to fight against what people like Sterling and Gibson stand for. What gets me the most about those dickweeds are the people whining, because they got caught spewing hatred. Well no shit, stupid. Of course they weren’t going to admit their real feelings for all the world to know. The reason for that is because they know that their words breed cruel, sick bigotry. It’s something that those coming to their aide need to learn a thing or two about as well.

R.I.P. Grace Lee Boggs


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From the NY Times:

Grace Lee Boggs, one of the nation’s oldest human rights activists, who waged a war of inspiration for civil rights, labor, feminism, the environment and other causes for seven decades with an unflagging faith that revolutionary justice was just around the corner, died on Monday at her home in Detroit. She was 100.

Her death was confirmed by Alice Jennings, her friend and legal trustee.

Born to Chinese immigrants, Ms. Boggs was an author and philosopher who planted gardens on vacant lots, founded community organizations and political movements, marched against racism, lectured widely on human rights and wrote books on her evolving vision of a revolution in America.

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Vern’s Venting: Them No Account Negroes


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By Lavern Merriweather:

Former tennis pro James Blake was in New York recently waiting for a cab when he was attacked by a cop claiming that he ‘fit the description’. Turns out Mr. Blake didn’t look as much like the guy as the cop claimed even while the commissioner of police William Bratton is trying to defend the cop’s bigoted actions. Blake has been speaking out continuously saying that the cop should be fired.

I agree 100% with what Mr. Blake is proposing. And as one person so astutely pointed out, he was accosted by some overzealous prick because of identity theft.

Since when did THAT crime require cops to use harsh physical force? It doesn’t. The fact is Mr. Blake is black. So how the cop treats him regardless of how wrong is completely irrelevant, at least to the people stuck on stupid and prepared to defend cop’s actions to the fullest regardless.

What I love most about this story is that Mr. Blake is not mincing words about why he was treated so disgracefully. Still, there are plenty of dumb Negroes that behave as if a cop’s word is law.

Peggy Hubbard, a mom from St. Louis, posted a video on Facebook that, once again, blames the victim. She blasted protesters in Ferguson for speaking out on behalf of the young black male that was caught on the anniversary of Mike Brown’s death shooting at cops. Hubbard questioned why is it that those same black people aren’t as angry about Jamyla Bolden. Little Jamyla was a six year-old playing in her housing project that was shot and killed by a stray bullet during a drive-by. While I certainly agree that the death of a child in a senseless act of violence should be a top priority to focus on, Hubbard is very misdirected in her verbal assault.

Hubbard states that if you shoot at a cop you can expect them to shoot back. So, if that were true, then the countless numbers of white people I see disobeying the police and being outright defiant should be dead too right about now. Guess what? They ain’t. Miraculously, they didn’t obtain Hubbard’s memo that not complying with police should end your life. She didn’t mention, however, the black people killed by police like Amadou Diallo, Bernard Monroe, Rekia Boyd, Samuel Dubose, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams that didn’t do shit to warrant their death sentence, that there is a huge number of black folks dying by police for no damn good fucking reason.

Hubbard wants to be the type that imagines the majority of black folks as hoodlums asking for trouble. Typical that she is being called ‘brave’ by a number of white people on the internet. I wonder how many of those would be saying that were her attack on white people’s felonious pathology rather than, yet again, picking on the safest target. Interesting that white people find a Negro hating on their own in a stupid, self-serving, asinine rant courageous. Yet if you flip that script and have a black person criticizing white people, they are insulting fools who don’t know what they are talking about. According to white people, black folks are only right when they don’t attack anyone white. I don’t recall white society calling Tim Wise heroic at any time ever. Nor have they once given him credit for having the balls to go there with a group of people that hate to hear the truth regardless of how harsh. Sort of like the same people who will protect a racist cop’s dumbassness even when he is absolutely at fault or will whine about how black folks need to get their priorities in order.

As her own son sits in jail, Hubbard bragged about the fact that she turned her own son in after she discovered that he committed a crime. She doesn’t appear to want to brag about how her shitty parenting skills might have somehow led to her child’s predicament. Yes, I know that some people can be the best parents in the whole world and still raise a tainted seed. However, I have a very strong suspicion that Ms. Hubbard’s sermonizing is more about being bitter because of her failure and less about black people needing to get their shit straight. As I said before she hasn’t spoken out at all about the black people killed by police that didn’t do anything to deserve it, just like Mr. Blake didn’t deserve what he got. But that ain’t enough for some idiots. Has Peggy Hubbard got anything to say about the two white male fugitives that escape from a New York prison recently? Come to think of it, nobody has really had much of anything negative to say about Richard Matt and David Sweat. I haven’t heard one word about what they did, how long they were going to be in prison, etc. I especially haven’t heard anybody, including Hubbard, calling them derogatory names. Not one person in the media has called them lowlifes, scumbags, thugs, losers, take your pick of the adjectives used for Negroes. They weren’t even referred to as dangerous, neither was the white female employee that helped them escape, despite the fact that she originally was going to run away with one of the criminals. She also wanted him to kill her husband besides, providing cash and a getaway car. Yet she isn’t being seen a paragon of evil or a bad person. There’s no rush to condemn the actions and mentality of three white people who saw nothing faulty about breaking the law at every turn. I’m surprised they haven’t claimed the “she is mentally ill” defense, but I suppose that’s coming down the road at some point.

White people love to make excuses for their illegal activity, even while they congratulate a moronic black female for her so-called guts to stand up against the status quo of her fellow Negro. I would very much like to know where is that same attitude when the person that’s doing something unacceptable is one of them?


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