Trump’s Misogyny No. 1,786


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The only things you can expect to come from an asshole are shit and hot air.

At one time, I thought there was no one on Earth that could be so hateful. Then, I grew up and wised up. And then you have people like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Republican Presidential candidate, billionaire, real estate mogul and all-around pompous dickwad Donald Trump, to name a few. But a lot of attention is focused on the third sentient lifeform since he’s amassed a huge following among the proudly ignorant and joyfully hateful population since his bid for running for President of the United States.

It’s already been established and confirmed that Donald Trump is an overprivileged, racist, sexist, Islamophobic, narrow-minded blowhard and that many of the people who support him are just as pathetic. And as the news media obsesses over what he will say next and what form of violence will occur at any of his rallies while simultaneously kissing his fake tanned ass, Trump, once again, shows the world how sick he really is, especially when it comes to women.

On an episode of the Daily Show, host Trevor Noah has uncovered old clips where Trump was describing his then-infant daughter’s developing breasts…Yeah, reading that sentence alone is unsettling, to say the least. Unfortunately, Raw Story has more:

Noah said his producers found a nearly “endless” supply of video clips of Trump making offensive comments about women, but he showed one clip, from a 1994 episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” that he said demonstrated just how “completely innate” his sexist attitude was.

Host Robin Leach asks Trump and his second wife, Marla Maples, which characteristics their 1-year-old daughter, Tiffany, had inherited from each of them — and Noah paused to ask his audience to consider how each of them might answer a question like that.

“Well, I think that she’s got a lot of Marla,” Trump says. “She’s a really beautiful baby, and she’s got, uh, Marla’s legs.”

“We don’t know whether she’s got this part yet,” he continued, cupping his chest. “But time will tell.”

Wow! Just fucking wow!

At first, it’s hard to stomach how anyone with an ounce of sense would back Trump after making such comments. After all, he made a creepy-ass comment about his one of his daughters before. Still, he has legions of followers who would march with him into Hell and back because, as many of them said, he speaks his mind.

To many, Trump is the Great White Hope, the second coming, the man who hates everything as much as they do. But those of us with more than a couple of brain cells and an actual human heart instead of a black hole see him as both a symptom and cause of America’s pathological illnesses, one of which is misogyny. It can not be denied or overlooked, because one of the chief representatives of America’s dark spirits continues to parade around this country gunning for the office of Commander-and-Chief grunting as loud as he possible can.

Causality never applies to race


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Remember when you were young, and you were taught about the concept of cause and effect during elementary school? The lesson is that the cause is why something happens, and the effect is the event that happens because of the cause. Now that you’re older, the term is called causality or causation, but the meaning still remains the same. It’s a simple idea that can be applied in everyday situations. But it’s conveniently left out by some people when the subject is about race or racism.

Where do I start?

When it comes to the prison system, there seems to be a notion to many that the prison population has swollen to immense proportions in relation to other countries and their prison populations due to people breaking the law. “If they can’t do the time, they shouldn’t have done the crime”, as the simplistic adage goes.

As far as race is concerned, some people, usually racist, believe that the reason there are so many black folks in prison is plainly because they commit the most crimes. You may have encountered that one individual who will cite everything from statistics, which are almost always false or horribly misunderstood, to the evening news and their crime reports which mostly feature black suspects. Whenever crimes by black people are discussed in the mainstream, there are those who point the finger at black people, or black culture if you’re pathetically trying not to be obviously racist.

However, anyone well versed in research will tell you how not-so simple that is. Factors that reveal a racist system where law enforcement, convictions, sentencing and jail time are determined based on the races of the offender and – if there are any – the victim. The so-called ‘War on Drugs’ with a racist intent against the black community is a factor. All-white juries are factors. Racist judges and prosecutors are factors. Racist policing against black people are factors. Wrongful convictions are factors These and other probable causes that zero-in on an unfair, unjust judicial system explain why so many black people are in prison. And it all boils down as part of a white supremacist system of oppression against blacks.

But according to some who prefer to live in extreme denial, mentioning racism is racist in itself. There is no system of racism in their minds. The swelling of the black prison population is not the problem, but rather the solution. Something’s just wrong with black people that has no “legitimate” cause.

The avoidance of the causality of racism helps maintain racism which is what some white people desperately and secretly want.

The effect can be seen in terms of movements and activism. The Civil Rights’ Movement, the advent of the Black Panther Party, the Million Man March, Black Girls Rock, Black Lives Matter and other notable forms of action against systemic and interpersonal racism are all direct responses to the continuous racism black people deal with on a constant basis.

Sadly, many consider such movements to be racist against white people since they only focus on black folks. Again, the cause, which is white supremacy, is not considered valid. Instead, the effects are seen as problems. White folks and some people of color believe that such movements are inspired by a hatred against white people. They claim that it is nothing more than black supremacy trying to destroy the white race. Black people – as some think – are getting back at whites for slavery. Seems like karma doesn’t apply to racism either.

First off, black people – in general – are not out to get revenge for slavery. Second, that was not the only form of violent oppression against black folks in the past. Third, the oppression never ended. And fourth, bye Felicia.

Causality is purposely lost when it comes to the facts and realities of racism, because racism was never based on logic, reason or human morality. The conversation should be about the causes and effects of white supremacy. But the effects will be treated as the cause or the difficulties, and the causes will either be disregarded or misdirected for the sake of continuing this country’s greatest cause: white racism.

R.I.P. Patty Duke and Ken Howard


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From CNN:

Patty Duke, the actress who won fame with her stage and screen portrayals of Helen Keller in “The Miracle Worker,” died Tuesday, according to her agent. She was 69.

Duke died of sepsis from a ruptured intestine, according to a statement from Mitchell K. Stubbs & Associates, the agency that represented her.

“This morning, our beloved wife, mother, grandmother, matriarch and the exquisite artist, humanitarian, and champion for mental health, Anna PATTY DUKE Pearce, closed her eyes, quieted her pain and ascended to a beautiful place,” her family said in a statement posted by her son actor Sean Astin. “We celebrate the infinite love and compassion she shared through her work and throughout her life.”

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Also from CNN:

Ken Howard, who starred in the 1970s series “The White Shadow,” had notable guest roles in such programs as “30 Rock” and was the head of the SAG-AFTRA actors’ union, died Wednesday. He was 71.

Howard’s death was confirmed by a statement from SAG-AFTRA.

“We are deeply saddened to announce that SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard passed away today,” the union said. “Ken was an accomplished actor, author, teacher and unionist whose steady leadership as president of Screen Actors Guild positioned him to guide the union’s historic 2012 merger with American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. In addition to his many professional credits, awards and other laudatory work, he led the union for nearly seven years and was devoted to the interests of its membership.”

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The White Privilege of Zero Consequences For the Entire Race


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A few bloggers and writers have written about the racist double standards when it comes to crime and terrorism, particularly when it comes to the feeling of shame. When something senseless, ridiculous or horrible happens that most likely results in injured or murdered victims, there’s a rush of anxiety that minorities feel before the identity of those responsible are revealed. We start hoping and praying that the perpetrators are not members of our group. If they aren’t, we breathe a sigh of relief. If they are, we feel guilt, embarrassed and even depressed. But most of all, we also feel nervous, because if society has taught us one thing is that one or a few bad apples will probably result in that tree getting cut down.

In other words, the bad behavior of a few blacks, browns and Muslims will likely result in numerous of other blacks, browns and Muslims to be held accountable and face real repercussions or consequences.

But that is not the case when it comes to white people no matter how many or how often they screw up others, themselves and the world.

Shaun King, a writer for the NY Daily News expounds on this in a recent article:

Perhaps the greatest form of white privilege in America is being white, but not being judged or somehow held responsible for the crappiest white people among us.

Because if we are being honest, some of the worst people in America — past and present — are white.

Serial killers who eat men for fun, pedophile priests who molest boys and girls, mass shooters who shoot up bible studies or elementary school classrooms, business scammers who steal retirement funds to live high on the hog — by in large — are all white.

Most drug dealers are white.

Most murderers in America are white.

Most mass murderers in America are white. That one’s not even close.

A recent study determined that the greatest terrorist threat to our national security is white men.

Somehow, though, the stereotype from drug dealers, murderers, or terrorists all seem to have brown or black skin. Why is that?

A few crappy men thousands of miles away in Brussels carried out a terrorist attack and Sen. Ted Cruz started calling for American law enforcement to secure and patrol Muslim neighborhoods.

In other words, a few bad men who claimed to be Muslim did wrong in one country and a leading presidential candidate became suspicious of millions of Muslims in our country.

The world has well over a billion Muslims. A tiny percentage of them are going to do evil. In America, though, to be white is to hold entire races or ethnic groups responsible for the evil of a few people from those ethnic groups while never holding white people to that same standard.

Nobody, ever, not one time in the known history of this country, has started calling for the widespread surveillance of white people or white Christians when a white Christian man did wrong in this country. Never mind the fact that since 9/11, far more white Christian fundamentalists have carried out terrorist attacks than Muslims. Facts matter in America, unless it comes to race.

Ask any random black man if he has seen a white woman clutch her purse or lock her doors in his presence. Ask any black woman if she has been followed around by staff in a department store.

Twice the number of white people than black people in America (like 75,000 more) were arrested last year for rape or burglary.

In spite of the obvious reality that white-on-white crime is clearly a problem in America, such a phrase doesn’t even really exist in our country.

To be white and do wrong in America is to do so without any real consequences or repercussions to the race. To be black or brown or Muslim or an immigrant in America, and do wrong, may cause problems for millions.

That’s white privilege.

R.I.P. David Smyrl and Garry Shandling


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From The Root:

Actor David Smyrl, known for his role on Sesame Street as Mr. Handford, the retired firefighter who ran Hooper’s Store, has died at the age of 80.

Smyrl died of complications from lung cancer at the Lankenau Medical Center outside Philadelphia, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Cheryl Smyrl said her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in January.

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From Variety:

Comedian, actor, writer and producer Garry Shandling, known for “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” and “The Larry Sanders Show,” died Thursday, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed. He was 66.

A spokesman for the LAPD said they received a 911 call from Shandling’s home on Thursday, saying the comedian suffered from a “medical emergency.” He later died at an L.A. hospital.

Shandling wasn’t known to be suffering from any illnesses, and just a few days ago retweeted Kathy Griffin’s photo of himself, her and Bob Odenkirk.

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Why We Blog and Vent (UPDATE)


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Reality_check made a comment in one of fellow blogger Lavern Merriweather’s articles. Here’s what he wrote:

I’m just wondering– aren’t you tired of wasting all this energy complaining, bemoaning and venting about white people? Seriously. All your efforts are in vain because THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE. So I fail to see where all this discussion is heading. What’s the end game here? I’m serious with this question.

Blacks will do better to channel this energy and passion into organizing, and strategizing to either improve our lives, fight back OR dismantle white supremacy. Now THAT’s worth the effort.

Don’t misread what I”m saying here. I detest them as much as any other conscious black person, BUT it’s a distraction for us to constantly focus our energies on THEIR actions instead of our own. What about OUR actions? What can we do?

At the end of the day complaining and venting about them is not going to improve OUR situation in the least. So what’s the point?

Before I continue, I want the readers to know that I’m not putting reality_check on blast. He has raised some good points and asked some good questions. However, I’m not sure if it was specifically addressed to Lavern, which has responded, or if it was directed towards this blog in general. So later on, I’ll explain why Brotha Wolf was created.

Again, reality_check raised a good point. There are white people who won’t change because we want them to. Many of them are too far gone in their racism and privilege to ever wake up. As I’ve witnessed in the past and present, there are white individuals that are stuck in their racism and proud as hell of it. And no amount of heart or logic can change them. To be blunt, they would rather be assholes.

Speaking for myself, the thing is that I don’t go to those kinds of people. They always find some way to come to me by choice and either unload their racist, white supremacist crap or whitesplain the way the world is. If you recall, a while back, I had a back-and-forth with blogger xPraetori, a pseudonym for a group of conservative bloggers, or so he/she says. (I’ll just refer to “them” as “he”.) After getting tired of his constant right-wing douchebaggery and subtle racism stuck on repeat, I ultimately banned him.

This blog was never established to coddle white people for being white, to make them feel comfortable and happy for being white or for them to feel superior just because they’re white. This doesn’t mean that white people are forbidden from reading and commenting here. It just means that we’re not here to kiss white ass. And if they won’t get the message, they’re gone.

I also agree that black people need to focus their energy into building themselves up. But the thing is, they are. Black people have done more than just vent and complained about whiteness. We’ve done everything under the sun to improve our situation. We’ve fought and are still fighting back. And we are doing what we can to tear white supremacy apart. From the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter, (to name a couple) we got off our collective asses and made moves toward life, liberty and happiness.

But, here’s the reality of it all. None of that stopped racism from thriving.

In each aforementioned movement, there were people out to stop it by any means. White supremacy saw to it to disrupt and dismantle it to maintain its power. They’ve destroyed Black Wall Street. They tried to take apart the Civil Rights Movement, and in many ways, they have. And now, they’re trying to demonize and undermine Black Lives Matter.

When we’re not trying to integrate into a racist society, we tried to uplift ourselves and take care of our own. But again, white racism wasn’t about to let that happen. Black Wall Street – destroyed. Martin Luther King – assassinated. Black Panther Party – dismantled. These are just a few examples, but the point is that black people have been, and are, strengthening themselves, but in this society, there will be those who will bring them down.

It’s like the respectability politics fallacy. You could be black and be a CEO of a company, and it still won’t keep racist fools from calling you a ‘nigger’, nor does it guarantee that you will be safe from the potentially violent forces of white supremacy such as getting arrested, harassed, brutalized or shot by police.

At the end of the day, white people have to decide to make a change since they’re at the top of the racial hierarchy in this nation and some of them have taken the responsibility. We can only do so much. It’s up to them to want to reform this society – and themselves.

So why was Brotha Wolf founded?

Reality_check, you said, “…It’s a distraction for us to constantly focus our energies on THEIR actions instead of our own.” I respectfully and partially disagree by saying that focusing on their actions is what needs to happen, because since the racial power structure is largely tipped in their favor, whatever they do can and will have an effect on black people. That’s why Black Lives Matter was started, black people were tired of being murdered by (mostly) white male police left and right where many of those officers walked free. That’s why we’re focusing our attention and energies on what’s happening with the water crisis in Flint under the governance of a white male governor who’s still in power.

Many black-owned and operated websites were created for spaces for black people to converge and have a domain away from a white racist dominated environment that always tells them their lives are worthless. They were created by black people for black people. And that’s why I created Brotha Wolf.

Brotha Wolf is a tiny corner on the internet where part of its purpose is for people who are tired of white racism to come and express their thoughts. It’s sort of a “safe house” where they can get a break from whiteness constantly in their faces on a daily basis.

Lavern and I welcome them by essentially telling visitors that we know the truth. We know this is a racist society. You can come here to voice your thoughts or vent your frustrations the same way we’re doing with our articles. We understand that it’s hard out there. And we don’t think you’re crazy or that whatever happened to you is insignificant in any way.

I hope that explains it. And reality_check, if you have any suggestions on how to improve our situation, by all means, let us know.

UPDATE: I just want to add that we have a black President that has worked hard to get to that position. But look how many white people feel about him and wanted to assassinate him. He’s our President, but they still call him a ‘nigger’. Think about it.

Vern’s Venting: Nazi America


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By Lavern Merriweather:

I could have sworn that the Constitution of the United States tells us very clearly that we as American citizens have the right to peaceably address our grievances. I know I ain’t wrong. However, that doesn’t stop me from seeing cops physically assaulting black protesters at a recent rally in St. Louis for Republican front runner Donald Trump. One picture, in particular, of a black male with dreads lying on the ground his face all bloody is extremely appalling. Now, we have to protest against the brutal thug behavior of cops while at a previous protest!

Is this what the founding fathers meant when they talk about us having the right to assemble, or is that only for certain fucking people? People such as the young white folks who protested during the Democratic convention in 1968 which was being held in Chicago, Illinois. Granted, the cops were just as vicious with them as they were with young black people at the time. However, the difference is that the white cops who assaulted young white people like the four college students killed in Ohio attending Kent State were reprimanded. And the young white people charged for the melee in Chicago got their convictions overturned on appeal. Anyone reading this can best believe that if there were a picture of a young white male lying on the ground with a bloody face, heads at the police department would be rolling faster than in a Jason Vorhees movie. It would not be tolerated or easily explained the way it is being now.

Color me unsurprised that not only is Trump not criticizing the police or his followers, many of whom have also beat up protesters at his rallies. He is justifying the thuggery.

Dumb Donald, once more, shows his ass by claiming that they, the ones who protest against him, are there to make trouble so they get whatever they deserve. Of course the people who are criticizing him are the bad guys, not the cops injuring them.

I have already sent an angry message to the governor of Missouri Jay Nixon on Facebook, and I hope more people do as well. He should be handing down suspensions along with firing a bunch of people. Yet deep down, I have a gut instinct that it won’t happen. This is in the same city not too dissimilar from Ferguson. So we know how the white males who run that town like to get down. Justice to them is ignoring the plight of folks that they considered criminals and hoodlums in the first place. Well, you ought to know all about thugs and hoodlums Jay, because many of them are on your police payroll.

Interesting that Trump wants to be the leader of this country, yet finds no issue with the very Constitution that he swears by getting shit on daily. Guess what Donald, like it or not, those people you don’t care about will be stepping in that voting booth come Nov. 16. Don’t for one second delude yourself in thinking that the zombie hoard who applaud you will be enough to elect you after the rest of us view your obnoxious display. Trump has to take those declarations just as seriously as everybody else if he expects to have a snowball’s chance of winning, which I hope he doesn’t.

Don’t get it twisted. I don’t want another Clinton White House any more than I want to have dinner at Hannibal Lecter’s house. Hillary has been very quiet about the shitty way many in America are being treated in the name of free speech. The same folks who want to govern won’t imagine that they have to protect those very values for everybody. Sorry, but I beg to differ. We can’t keep saying we are a free country as long as shit like what happened in that picture that I found so damn disturbing is allowed to occur, nor can we keep up the charade of a hundreds-of-years-old document if the people that we don’t particularly like are refused a voice.

Nobody had any problems with the white people who were attending rallies for Sarah Palin and John McCain who used a shitload of offensive and racist language towards Obama. Yet piss off Trump and his ship of fools and all hell is required to break loose? “Obama is such a rotten president,” according to some white people, but I never once saw any white person who opposed him on the street in handcuffs with blood all over their face. See, that’s the difference. We don’t encourage ass-kicking when somebody makes a remark we don’t approve of. Therefore, we should stop letting other people take potshots at us because we hurt their widdle feewings.

I got a message for the white people whining that the Black Lives Matter movement is divisive. What is happening at the Trump rallies is what’s divisive, you stupid assholes! This country has been split for a long ass time and will continue to be so, because the people who are supposed to be in charge let the inmates run the damn asylum.

Now, Trump is trying to say that Democratic potential nominee Bernie Sanders is the one responsible for his cretin brigade. It appears that in Trump’s little world, being a former activist who was out there walking the walk instead of just talking the talk has stirred up a hornet’s nest.

No Donald. People are paying closer attention to the rhetoric that you are spewing and many don’t like it. So they are using their government sanctioned right to call you out, the very right you pretend to defend yet give the thumbs up when thugs in your name beat the crap out of people.

Trump also didn’t put his money where his big fat mouth is by going to fight either. However, that didn’t stop him from chastising a man who did. Now I would never in a million years have voted for John McCain but at least he made the sacrifice.

If Donald wants to run America, then he first better find out just exactly which America he is willing to represent.

R.I.P. Phife Dawg


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From The Root:

Malik Taylor, known as Phife Dawg, from A Tribe Called Quest, died Wednesday at the age of 45. Although the cause of death has not been released, Taylor had been battling Type 1 diabetes for several years.

Taylor’s music with ATCQ catapulted hip-hop to another level. The group’s albums The Low End Theory and Midnight Marauders are pieces of hip-hop nostalgia that will never go out of style.

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Vern’s Venting: Give a Dog a Bone


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By Lavern Merriweather:

The next time a white person brings up black-on-black violence as a way to argue against Black Lives Matter, you are perfectly within your right to throw white-on-white violence right back in their face.

I say this, because white people have been using the brutality we sometimes inflict on each other as a deflection tactic, particularly what is happening in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Many white people keep repeating the media mantra of all the supposed deaths in the Windy City – one of the main ones being that of 9 year-old Tyshawn Lee. He is a little black boy that was lured by older gangbangers into an alley on the South Side, then shot in cold blood. The murder was said to be retaliation for his father’s debt to the gang leader.

I don’t know if all that is true, and I really don’t care. The most important thing here is that a young child has lost his life senselessly as have countless other children, teens and young adults. I’m not trying in any way to downplay the tragedy of Tyshawn’s death. It was graphic, tragic and the entire country should be outraged. Yet, the only emotion white folks seem to be expressing when talking about Tyshawn is a flippant one. They are either attempting to shame or embarrass black people by declaring that we should be just as enflamed about the crimes we commit against each other.

Okay, first off, how the fuck do they know that we aren’t equally pissed about the deaths from other black people as we are about the police? Second, it is not – I repeat – not their place to tell us what to be angry about when you consider how phony as hell their whining is. Make no mistake, readers. Those people don’t give a rat’s ass about Tyshawn. I know for a fact they don’t, because any time there IS cruelty directed towards a black child by police, they fight tooth and nail to defend it.

Case in point, the infamous video taken by a private detective showing an extremely burly white male cop putting a 9 year-old boy in handcuffs. The video also shows this despicable asshole proceeding to throw the boy back on the ground by his left arm after he stood up. Then the jag-off tried to justify his disgraceful behavior by claiming that he felt “threatened”!

Really, shitbag? A nine year-old boy in restraints had you shaking in fear? Still, we had white people condoning his thuggish bullying act by saying that he was just protecting the public, and the boy should have been following the rules. Well, maybe this prick should have found something better to do with his time than harassing a kid doing nothing more than riding his bike sans helmet.

There is – of course – the sad, horrific, unnecessary murder of little Tamir Rice as well. A lot of white people on blogs endorsed the police brutality against Negroes status quo. They stated that the cops had no prior knowledge Tamir was playing with a toy gun. So the use of overly excessive force is acceptable.

Hmm…let’s go back a ways in their logic shall we? White folks are decrying the hypocrisy of Negroes by complaining that we don’t have steam coming out of our ears unless a black person dies at the hands of police. They are completely oblivious to the fact that they show their own hypocrisy whenever they maintain the notion that it’s okay for cops to handle black people with guns blazing at all times. You criticize us for not showing more disgust then taking it to the streets for Tyshawn while cheering the murder of Tamir since you say a black male, boy or not, made you feel nervous holding what appears to be a firearm.

Pick a fucking personality, Sybil!! This is another classic example of white people trying to have it both ways. We should be marching and screaming at the top of our lungs for a black boy killed by another black person. But you don’t have to have any compassion or outcry for a black boy killed by white thug cops. Do I have that about right, Mr. and Mrs. White?

I’m not trying to make light of this situation. And I agree that the destruction of a black youth’s life should meet with ire regardless of who pulled the trigger. However, seeing how white people show their true colors when a black life gets snuffed out by law enforcement over bullshit, they are the last people to be lecturing us on anything, especially when you take into account the excuses and their burying their heads up their ass once a white male goes on yet another shooting rampage.

A white male named James Dalton went on a shooting spree this past February killing six people and wounding three others. Dalton is claiming that his phone apps provided to him by the Uber Company were commanding him to attack people.

Oh, this is fucking rich! Now, white males who are very violent are using phone icons as their reasoning. How laughable!

In typical fashion, plenty of other white people are rushing to depict Dalton as an innocent victim of mental illness. Okay white people, I’m confused. You have the nerve to preach to black folks about whose evil we should be furious at. Then turn around and make lame ass rationalizations of white male sadism all while eagerly ignoring the assault of minors that are white too? Remember the eight year-old white girl died after scumbag Jared lee Loughner targeted congresswoman Gabby Giffords? Plus, a 14 year-old was wounded by Dalton in the midst of killing those other victims.

The same white folks telling us what is what are silent as fuck about Dalton, Loughner and the many other white men guilty of harming innocent people. They give us grief about not giving enough of a damn for our youth who has fallen prey to black-on-black violence. Then they have the temerity to show zero animosity for a white male who hurts white children. Did anybody in the white media call Adam Lanza a thug or other names they use for black people? Hell no! Did any of the putrid filth-spewing assholes at Fake Noise use white male criminals as a blueprint for all every white male breathing? Fuck no! So they are not at all in a fucking position to comment to us about which direction our resentment should go.

I’ll make a deal with you white folks. When you start using the exact venom and righteous indignation about your own that you use for Negroes, then you can speak to us. But not a damn second before.

Vern’s Venting: White People of Color


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By Lavern Merriweather:

The backlash from some black artists against the Oscars for – yet again – ignoring the acting contributions of black performers has stirred up another debate about how “Hollywooden” likes to whitewash stories.

Recently, there was the $140 million dollar flop with Christian Bale, Ben Kingsley and John Turturro called “Exodus: Gods and Kings”. Ridley Scott of “Alien” and “Gladiator” fame tried in vain with the explanation he pulled out of his ass as to why he didn’t cast brown and black people. Mr. Scott seems to believe that Negroes and other folks of color aren’t big enough box office draws.

Okay Ridley, then why the fuck did your overblown, over-budgeted little epic fail miserably if that were the case? Plus, he obviously has short term memory loss as white males are completely full of shit.

Call me kooky, but I could have sworn that Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Chris Tucker, Forrest Whittaker and one time powerhouse Eddie Murphy had NO problem getting butts in the seats. Hell, even upstart Chadwick Boseman, who was a stand-out in “42”, the movie about Jackie Robinson, brought in acceptable numbers. A shitload more than that Exodus shit did. And no, Ben as the token melanin man doesn’t qualify. He was there as pure window dressing for the sake of ‘Hollywhite’ to claim how liberal they are while at the same time justifying screwing over actors of color. God Bless America!

Technically, Bale and Scott are both from England. Yet, they have no issue continuing the very arrogant and racist mindset so prevalent in America, which is that white people are more qualified than everybody else at everything, including playing people assumed to be non-white.

Granted, we don’t really know what Moses looked like. However, he did come from a region that is known for dark haired, brown eyed olive to brown-skinned people. Still, Scott made a feeble attempt to defend his bullshit casting by saying that he does know Egyptian people who are blond hair and blue-eyed. Oh pray tell old Ridley boy, where the fuck might these phantom folks come from?

Funny how white people can make declarations like that without offering one shred of proof. Where are these so-called white Egyptians, because even Western media tells us most people from Egypt have darker skin than either you or Bale. Then again, that has become the new buzzword for full-of-it white folks. Hey I am part fill in the blank. Get your Rachel Dolezal having ass out of here! That is such crap as to rival the big pile of shit from the sick dinosaur in the first “Jurassic Park”!

To add more insult to injury, Bale, whom I used to like, whined that it was unfair he be denied – as he put it – an exceptional role, because his skin won’t tan. Hate to break it to you Christian, but ‘Hollyweed’ is notorious for overlooking better, more talented folks in the name of the bottom line.

I find it deliciously laughable at their hypocrisy considering the white people protecting their whites only legacy were singing a much different tune when Idris Elba played a Norse god in “Thor” or when his name was bandied about to play the next James Bond. Angry white bitches came out in droves to protest. You would have thought that the Apocalypse were on us the way they were acting. Never once were they taking into account that white folks use every chance they can to rationalize white folks portraying people of color, real or not.

I just found out that the lady very pale British actress Juliette Binoche played in the movie “33” based on the trapped Chilean miners was, you guessed it, Chilean. In addition to being overweight and having wrinkles, that woman also had skin so brown that she could get mistaken at my family reunion. Yet, that means zero to the ‘Hollywhite’ apologists.

In the picture“21” starring Kevin Spacey, the main protagonist of the story came from Korean born parents and looked extremely Asian. In fact ALL of the people the real tale was about were Asians. Still, the powers-that-be decided it would be smarter to cast pasty white male Jim Sturgess in the lead. It wasn’t. The movie tanked just like “Exodus” did the same way Jack Black playing a Mexican man in “Nacho Libre” or Mike Myers playing an Indian man in “The Love Guru”. They too were box office bombs.

Any time I bring this argument to certain white people, it – of course – falls on deaf ears. It’s perfectly okay if they don’t like Rue from “The Hunger Games” being played by a girl of color or the new Doctor Who possibly being a black male. But if we don’t like them being cast in roles rightfully reserved for a non-white person, well then that is our tough luck.

They are always, and only, the true stars of the planet Earth, and damn if a bunch of inferior, runner-ups will tell them otherwise. Even when their being hired is not only stupid and ludicrous, it is no gateway to guaranteed riches. I could somewhat understand and probably even agree with their point if all the films they condone are unstoppable money making machines. The truth is though that they are often times not. The failure of many of these whitewashed movies prove that their mentality about white actors being an automatic bigger attraction is wrong, not to mention unfair and hypocritical.

There aren’t going to be many black actors stealing parts from Bale. So his complaint makes him sound like a self-absorbed, entitled brat. His slice of the pie is huge compared to everyone else’s, but he wants to bitch because there is a slight chance he won’t recieve a cut of the latest one. How selfish and arrogant of a prick can you be? As big as many of the white entertainers and their fans I suppose.


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