Vern’s Venting: Shut Your Ass Up!


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87th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet

By Lavern Merriweather:

White people never fail to surprise or amaze when it comes to the level that their stupidity or racism will sink.

Recently, one of the hosts of E! channel’s show “Fashion Police” Giuliana Rancic made a disparaging and – some would say – racist comment about pop singer Zendaya. Zendaya was wearing dreadlocks while appearing on the red carpet several weeks ago. This is when Ms. Rancic felt the need to make a snide comment about her hair saying that it looked like it smelled of weed.

HUH! How the fuck can she tell what someone’s hair smells like by looking at it? Or maybe it’s that little Ms. Rancic believes any human being with brown enough skin and dreads just must smoke weed. Giuliana was never once so vocal about Justin Bieber’s drug predilection despite that fact that he was caught with that magic herb on his person. Still, if you are perceived as an ‘other’, that makes it okay for white people to make a folly of your lifestyle or habits.

I don’t know Zendaya personally. So I don’t know if she has a fondness for hash or not. I would hope not seeing how she’s a minor. And that’s another thing. You have this supposedly grown woman taking potshots at a teen. Way to keep it classy Ms. G!

Another idiot in the growing line of stupid ass white folks whose mouths need to be on lockdown is semi-talented actor Vince Vaughn. Vaughn was asked in a recent interview about his support of Republican hopeful Rand Paul and the conversation turned to the issue of Affirmative Action. Vince, of course, was all for it.

Just kidding. He took the typical whiny, arrogant, spoiled brat approach that many whites do. Vince complained, as usual, that the government sanctioned policy was racist. Extremely hollow words coming from a man who really isn’t all that remarkable an actor, is not the least bit attractive and is more annoying than anything else. Yeah, Vince because you really have to worry about less talented black men taking your job, right?

There is just no justice for white males in Hollywood judging by the self-serving comments from readers on the Root website. One particular asshole even had the nerve to bring up Eddie Murphy as if one or two or even twenty successful black males in Hollywhite makes it even. Here’s a headline; it doesn’t. Any black person that has made it in the film industry has done so in spite of all the obstacles placed before them. And as I have stated before for every one Will Smith, there are about 30 Matt Damons and Ben Stillers.

When the rational voice of reason who wrote the article rightfully pointed out that the only people who have truly benefitted from Affirmative Action have been white women, she was of course shut down. Even if that were not the case, it still doesn’t give white males who have decades of benefitting from their skin privilege to bitch about something that hasn’t really helped as much as they like to think. The whole point of Affirmative Action was so that those who weren’t white could have an equal chance at getting a good job. Somehow that logic became to white males an opportunity for less qualified Negroes to get more hand-outs. Well guess what white males, even if that were the case A LOT OF BLACK FOLKS IN AMERICA DESERVE A FUCKING HAND-OUT, the same ones you have had ever since your ancestors got here dumb shit, not to mention the ones that you had while sitting on your ass getting free labor from Negroes. So do not even speak about someone having an unfair advantage from the government when you have had one since the day that you were born.

I wonder how badly Mr. Vaughn has had to struggle in his pursuit to be a movie star in a profession that he, I and everybody that watches movies knows caters mostly to white people, white males in particular. If anything, it’s the mindset of whiny pissants like him who are now pissed that if too many black folks are given an opportunity, they might just outshine his ass. That right there is what I think the real problem is for many white males, including those who keep talking about how they scored higher on the test, yet the black guy got picked instead of them. Honestly, if your ass is that damn smart then why aren’t you doing a more professional job? I never hear white males that are accountants, architects, lawyers or chemical engineers complaining about Affirmative Action. Gee, I can’t imagine what the explanation for that could possibly be.

Greaseball white trash rapper, now country star Kid Rock had the utter gall to say in a recent interview that he wouldn’t date Beyonce because he likes very skinny white women with big boobs. I think he must have meant fake big boobs seeing how his ex-wife was chemically enhanced. Seriously, who does this asswipe think he is that Beyonce would even want him in the first place? Every time I see that pig, he looks like he just got finished changing the oil in someone’s car and he expects that a beautiful black woman would care that she doesn’t appeal to him! Please!

It’s always the nastiest, ugliest, stupidest, most raggedy white males that claim they won’t date a black woman. Thanks but no thanks Kid Shmuck because I’m positive that you don’t float her boat any more than you do mine.

Last and very least is the world’s biggest prick this side of Fake Noise’s Bill O’ Reilly. Adolf Rudolph Giuliani uttered at a speech recently that President Barack Obama hates America. Right, he spent all that time campaigning, going from city to city, and spent all that money just to govern a country that he despises. Those words are not new coming from the rightwingnut party or from Giuliani himself which makes his recent spewing of bullshit all the more ridiculous.

I’m not much of a fan of Louis Farrakhan but I loved that he stepped up to the plate to call that fool on his crap. Mr. Farrakhan so eloquently and truthfully stated that Giuliani is a privileged little punk, that he is in no position to question Barack Obama’s loyalties to America.

I understand people, even celebrities, have a right to their opinion regardless of how stupid and asinine it may be. However, when you talk rhetoric that is racist and insulting, then you are just perpetuating a cycle of discrimination. Like it or not, the words of famous people have power and are highly respected sad to say. So when dummies abuse that power, I feel it’s my responsibility…hell, any black person’s responsibility to put their silly ass in check.

Denying Experiences of Racism


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Lately, more and more people continue to tell me that racism against blacks, or people of color, doesn’t exist. Most of the time, their reasons seem unsubstantial or nonexistent altogether. Whatever explanations that are given, however, seem to hark back on everything from the Civil Rights Movement to the election of the nation’s first half-black President. Somehow, those and other certain events signify that racism is a thing of the past and that any accusations of racism today are not only bogus but racist in itself.

Basically, the experiences of African Americans in this country continue to get discounted over and over by those who strongly claim that racism no longer exists. Yet, some of the same naysayers believe that racism against whites is on the rise. If racism is no longer here, then shouldn’t that mean that there is no racism against whites by that line of reasoning?

The objectors that refute the existence of racism will go out of their way to tell you so even if and when you’ve gone through a racial experience no matter the magnitude. They will let you know how race was never a factor. It was anything else but racial. And to assume that it is racial is, of course, racist.

The real deal is that denying the existence of racism helps to continue to cycle of racism. It doesn’t make things better. Just the opposite. Refuting the experiences, including the emotions of those who’ve been through a racist situation, is to deny the humanity of those who have had theirs harmed in some way. Refusing to listen or learn is a sign of shallow arrogance, especially when that person turns around and starts explaining why you are wrong even though they, themselves, have no idea what’s being discussed.

My suggestion is simple; shut up, listen and learn. It’s that simple. You are not remotely aware of what it’s like being a person of color in this nation. So, to talk as if you do know makes yourself look like a total asswipe. Why not try to humble yourselves, open your minds and then, you may learn something. You may even start to realize how denying a disease like racism will only lead to terminal damage.

Strange Fruit 2015


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“Strange Fruit” is the title of a song performed by the legendary singer Billie Holiday. The theme of the song was a lyrical protest against the lynching of African Americans back in the day. The song was produced and recorded in 1939. The “strange fruit” in the song was a metaphor to dead black bodies murdered and hung from trees mostly by white racists in the Southern United States as a proclamation to white supremacy.

Today, it seems that a tree in the South has bored more strange fruit as the body of a black man was found hanging from a tree in Vicksburg, Mississippi on March 8. The body appeared to be that of 54 year-old Otis Byrd who went missing prior to the date. Police suspect that it was a case of suicide. Family members, friends and the NAACP suspect foul play, the kind of foul play that ran amok that resulted in black lives snuffed out callously.

If you’re a black person in America, you should be familiar with the term “lynch” and how it’s been etched in your people’s history. A dead black man hanging from a tree is an instant signal that not only something’s rotten in Denmark, but also that America is still brutally racist against black people. It’s hard to imagine a black man killing himself in such a manner that mirrors one of America’s darkest pathologies.

All we know about Otis Byrd, by way of mainstream news, is that he had a criminal record. But of course. That’s newsworthy. He was a black man. Put two and two together.

CNN reported that Byrd was sent to prison for the robbery and murder of Lucille Trimm. It’s more than a coincidence and less than journalistic integrity that CNN decided to release this tidbit of information soon after black folks started getting suspicious about this man’s death. But since when has the news media ever reported fair and balanced coverage concerning black people, dead or alive, anyway?

It’s hard to fathom anything else except a homicide in this case, unless there is hard evidence that proves Byrd killed himself. Until then, I can not ignore the strong possibility that a man was lynched in 2015. I also can not let go of the fact that America is still fucked up when it comes to how they treat black folks.

Recently, rapper Common said that all we (black people) need to do is extend a hand out to whites as if it will help racism. Listen, I love Common, but I have to ask if he was born yesterday. Black people have, as long as we can remember, been the bigger person. We’ve asked, begged, pleaded, marched and protested peacefully for respect, but history and contemporary times have shown that way too many whites see respect for black people as a serious problem.

I know there will be certain people who will constitute this as race-baiting. However, you can not deny that the history of lynching in America has left a lasting impact that lasts generations and have made most black people in America aware of that history. And to deny or ignore true history is a foolish move played often by those who parade themselves around to be know-it-alls who know better than the people who actually do research.

What will come from this incident? Will the family of Otis Byrd get answers and justice. With black men and black women being killed left and right and the media engaging in victim blaming, I doubt it.

Conservatives, We Need To Talk


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Recently, my den was invaded by a right-winger who was hellbent in making my post about the conservatives’ favorite angry white man Bill O’Reilly and the scandal surrounding his journalistic time line. It seemed this dude was angry himself that I had the nerve to ask for conservatives to practice their mantra of personal responsibility, something Mr. O’Reilly has yet to do.

The funny thing is that he wanted me to prove that Bill was lying even though it’s all over cyber news. Of course, he deemed them all to be liberal and therefore didn’t count when it came to the argument he was trying to stir up. But the funny thing is that he seemed more concerned with winning the argument than anything else. You see, I had no proof, at least none that would convince him. In the end, I banned him, not because of his passion for the truth, but because of his abrasive tone.

Conservatives, Republicans, right-wingers, whatever you want to call yourselves, here’s the deal with me and how my blog operates. I welcome opposing views, but I DO NOT welcome insults and condemnations. Calling me names and talking to me like a dog won’t win the fight. In the real world, they help keep it going to another level which you may not want to enter. Period.

Listen, I know a lot of you are angry white men. I know you are angry at change and can’t stand to see this country changing against your favor. In fact, most of you hate that than you love your country. Let’s be real. At least some of you can’t go without one day to find something wrong with your President who’s a black man.

That’s another thing, you didn’t have issues with where the President was born or what his religion is when he was Bush OR Clinton. It seemed you treated Clinton more kindly than you do with Obama. Whether you want to admit it or not, there’s an issue of race involved, especially with how some of you have been carrying on about him, his wife (Your First Lady) and his children. Come clean and just admit that it’s because he’s a black man and you’re scared as hell of him, because he doesn’t fit the demographics of what a leader of this country should look like. Just be honest.

And while we’re talking about race, let’s get one thing straight. I admitted that I am a racist, at least to a certain extent. I know I’m at least prejudice. However, many of you, who exhibit racial animosity won’t dare admit that many within your camp, possibly including you, are racist. When you refer to your President with negative stereotypes assigned to people of color, THAT’S RACIST. When you continue to believe that most welfare recipients are black even though evidence and proof shows that most of then are indeed white, THAT’S RACIST. When you continue to believe that black people commit the most crimes when it shows that most crime was committed by whites in this nation, THAT’S RACIST. I could go on and on, but that would be racist in your mind, wouldn’t it?

And by the way, don’t dictate what is and what is not racist. Most of you know, but you try to change the definition not because it’s true, but because you do so in your favor. You don’t want to associate yourself with overt racists who are proud to be racist even though you have that mindset.

Now, I know you want to drag liberals a.k.a. lefties a.k.a. ‘libtards’, but here’s the big difference between them and you. They can talk a good game and they’re smarter at hiding their bullshit, most of the time at least. If you don’t want to learn anything from them, at least learn that and maybe your racism will be better hidden and complex instead of the stale pre-1970’s racism that the late George Wallace would grin ear to ear over. Or you could do something even better than that. STOP BEING RACIST PERIOD!

Lastly, as far as some of you harping on the burden of proof, trying to win arguments and having an abusive attitude, all I can say is grow the fuck up. When there is proof out there and even in your face, THERE IS NO FUCKIN’ ARGUMENT. You can’t argue with what is objective. That’s the reality of life and I suggest you get with the program.

I don’t have the kind of “proof” you want to see because you CHOOSE not to see it. And I will be damned if I will waste precious time searching the world to give it to you only to have it rejected. Besides, why not engage in some research yourself instead of living by your own faith? But alas, some of you are more likely to believe a groundhog than actual climate experts.

I don’t know why many of you are angry as you continue to win and dominate. Hell, you trust Fox News than any other news source, according to a recent poll. And I know than if you ain’t right then you’re left. To you there is no middle ground to speak of.

Continue to believe what you want. I’m done. Continue to believe in a White Jesus, a White Santa Claus, the criminal black man, illegal immigrants, that all cops are good, that all rich people are great, that white men are oppressed, that rap music and black culture is to blame for everything, that war is the answer, that global warming is a myth, that America is a Christian nation, that men need to control women’s bodies, that homosexuality is a sin, that Islam is an evil religion, that the more guns, the better life will be, that everyone else is racist but you and that you love America even though your side has been trying to drive it into the ground for years. Continue to believe instead of learn while being angry at the world for not thinking like you. Like I said, I’m done.

The Future of the Blog


You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as many articles as I used to. That is due to my alter ego’s undertaking at a new temporary job. For a while, there will be fewer articles per week until at least after June, hopefully.

Honestly speaking, I have contemplated giving up blogging or at least take a longer hiatus than just a few days. However, after careful consideration, I’ve decided that Brotha Wolf was going NOWHERE.

This blog will still be up and running for a long while yet. But I must admit there will be times where I won’t be on for certain periods of time, nor will I be as active in other blogs commenting. For a few months, at least, Brotha Wolf will have to take it easy while I focus on other responsibilities. Again, that means I won’t be as active as I was. But still, that is likely temporary. In the meantime, continue to check out my archives as well as the links to other top bloggers and websites and more articles by my homegirl Lavern. And don’t worry. Brotha Wolf will not vanish.

Vern’s Venting: Where Is the Love?


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By Lavern Merriweather:

One of the cable movie channels was showing the Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder buddy flick “Stir Crazy” for the 200th time that month. So I decided to watch it. I hadn’t seen the movie in a while, and they were giving me more than enough opportunities to catch up with the film again.

Yes, I laughed at some of the same scenes that I did from the past, but I also noticed something at the end. Just like in their other movies together, Gene Wilder was able to find romance but not Richard. Jobeth Williams, who also stars in the film, rides off into the sunset with Gene after proving the two men innocent of a crime.

Gene also got the girl, aka Jill Clayburgh, in their other classic “Silver Streak” and made out with actress Mercedes Ruehl in the film “Another You”. Once again another Hollywhite tradition comes to fruition. This time, it’s about who gets to knock boots while the other stands by on the sidelines being the funny sidekick.

And if it’s not playing the sidekick, then it’s being the noble savage who must sacrifice the woman that he loves for a bullshit racist plotline. In the film “Hancock” starring Will Smith, he plays a boozing, obnoxious less-than-revered superhero that later discovers a sexual history between him and another star of the film Charlize Theron. Will finds out in one scene that Charlize is also a superhero, amazing that she could keep that little tidbit from her family and suburban neighbors. I should also mention that the scene involves Charlize flinging him through the wall of her home because he was putting the moves on her.

As we all know by now, especially with some recent events, is that a white woman’s virtue is never safe when a black male predator is around, despite the fact that they are actually a lot more compatible in terms of looks, personality and strength. It’s lame-ass Jason Bateman that she is married to and winds up with at the end.

In one of the more laughable attempts to keep a black male and white woman separate at all costs, Charlize explains that if they ever did hook up, the dominant one’s abilities would overwhelm her and she would die. Or some shit like that. (I wasn’t really paying that much attention, because her reasoning about why they couldn’t be together was just flat out ridiculous.) Apparently some other lovers who were just like them also tried to get their mack on and spontaneously combusted.

That is just another way of Hollywhatthehell saying that it’s okay for them to star in the same movie with each other, but we will be damned if they wind up sharing a bed. That theme was evidently present in another Will Smith hit “Bad Boys” that he did with Martin Lawrence. In the film, Martin is stuck protecting white female co-star Tea Leoni who is obviously getting on his nerves. Although the movie presents Will Smith as the Don Juan loverboy of the plot and Martin as the happily married man, it’s Martin that is forced to spend the majority of time with Tea. In fact Tea and Will don’t actually even meet, and she realizes who he really is until the movie is almost over. On top of that, when she does finally find out, she gets kidnapped, so no chance of romance for Will yet again.

In the sequel to “Interview with a Vampire” called “Queen of the Damned” the movie’s based on the very popular Anne Rice Lestat vampire character the late singer Aaliyah stars along with Irish actor Stuart Townsend. Interesting that even though Aaliyah was the one to save him from an attack by some other angry vengeful vampires, it’s white female Margeruite Moreau that he walks away with hand-in-hand at the end of the film. I’m not sure about the race of the character that Aaliyah played or that was even supposed to be black, but you can’t deny the significance of her casting. She also manages to kill some of the less-than-attractive vampires coming to take her down, however that’s another post for another day.

Brotha himself and I once got into a very lively debate about this issue when I mentioned a movie from the 1970’s starring the great Jim Brown and white actress Stella Stevens named “Slaughter”. I don’t even remember what the hell the picture was about. What I do remember vividly though is the scene where they were in bed together. I mentioned that movie to win my point with Brotha but he came up with a better one [darnitt!] by saying that movie came out a long time ago. And that the idea of a black man with a white woman romantically is one that most white males in Hollywhite are not willing to entertain. It doesn’t even matter if he is a big time star like a Will Smith.

Having said that, I am very curious to see how far they take his affair with the pretty white blond co-starring in his latest movie “Focus”. From what I can tell by the trailers, they play a couple of con artists that I assume fall for each other. While this storyline is not new, seeing a black man commit duplicitous capers with a white woman by his side is. Maybe some white executives have grown the hell up a little bit and have no problem with a black man sticking his sizable penis in a white woman’s face.

Then again, the winter might get so cold on the surface that Hell is affected and actually will freeze over. Not to be outdone by Brotha, I read on another website a post that spoke on this very topic. The writer was questioning and rightfully so why it is ok to see white males with women of color [except black women of course] but you don’t see the reverse. I even recall Blair Underwood mentioning on the Arsenio Hall show years back that you never think of Asian men as horny after he and his brother saw a Star Trek skit on “In Living Color”. The answer to that boils down to one word and that word is power. It’s a slap in the face to a white male’s manhood to see a white woman with a man of a different race, particularly if she is an extremely willing, consensual participant that is such a blow to the white male ego. I don’t believe that the status quo will change any time soon, unless you start putting more of those men of color behind the camera. Then we just might see Barbie spending less time with Ken and more time with the black GI Joe.

The Taboo of White-On-White Crime


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I know I will catch a lot of flack for this, mostly from white folks who will try to scientifically explain that black people are the biggest criminals while proclaiming how not racist it is or they are. But more and more articles are reporting that white-on-white crime, a term not popular in the mainstream lexicon, is a serious and growing problem that must be addressed.

Of course, you’ve heard of black-on-black crime. Whites love to make the usual point that although blacks are still roughly a minority of the American population, we constitute half of all crimes, especially murders. They also want to point out there most blacks are killed by other blacks, hence the term ‘black-on-black crime’. Why is it happening? Culture. Rap music. Poverty. We’re black. Simple as that.

But while black people are constantly being painted as a race that is linked with criminality, it’s rare that anyone would question about what’s going on in the white community. If someone so much as open his/her mouth about white criminality, then claims of racism against whites will surface. Some will try to explain how white criminality is a non-issue while black criminality is while, again, claiming that it no way racist. The usual broken record responses are played to avoid the issue that will question white purity.

I can only guess that it’s painful for some white people to hear about what’s wrong with white people in the same sense that white people make no qualms about discussing what’s up with black people as if they’re the cause of their problems. It may be uncomfortable, but it is what it is. White people have a criminal problem in their midst, and if certain white supremacists who claim they care about the existence of their precious race cared, they would see to it that the problem is acknowledged and fixed and not try to scapegoat it on other races and religions.

Now, before some of you get upset, I’m not saying that white people are a criminal race. There are plenty of descent white folks out there who are not engaged in criminal activity. What I am saying, however, is that white-on-white crime can no longer be censored to protect the image of the pure, honest and innocent-by-design white person where there’s absolutely no one within their race that would do anything wrong. There are a lot of white criminals out there and we must be aware of that simple, indisputable fact, especially if they want to survive out there.

The Vox explains:

…The disturbing truth, according to the FBI’s most recent homicide statistics, is that the United States is in the wake of an epidemic of white-on-white crime. Back in 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, a staggering 83 percent of white murder victims were killed by fellow Caucasians.

In other words, most whites are killed not by blacks as many racist claim, but by other whites. So, that trashes the notion that living in white communities would make one feel safer.

As a black person, I can tell you that there is a crime problem in black communities. We can’t or won’t deny it. How can we? The news loves to report it whenever and wherever it happens. In fact, black people have acknowledged and tried to fight it for years with exceptional results. A lot has been done, but a lot more work is at hand. We know there is a crime element among us, and some of us know where it comes from. And despite what some fools think, black people do not worship crime.

We know that whenever black people commit a crime, it gets reported almost instantly. We know that whenever black people does something insane, it becomes an internet meme. Whatever a black person does that’s considered wrong becomes a story that begs people to ask what’s wrong with us and command us to ‘do better’. But now it’s time we turn our attention to white people and ask what’s wrong with them. Tackling the problem may save a lot of lives, including white lives.

Banned: Snowman


Snowman, I would’ve been glad to answer your questions, if they didn’t come across like a frustrated dog owner trying to teach his dog new tricks. You won’t agree, but you came across as a typical angry conservative who’s sick of change, free-thinkers and those that disagree. You’re angrily avoiding taking any responsibility for your jackassery, thus proving how hard it is for your side to accept accountability.

I told you where to find the answers you seek, but you were too lazy to do anything about it. No, you expect me to obey you like a slave (Yes, I said SLAVE. Deal with it.) and work hard to provide you proof which you will disregard as liberal rubbish. Be real with yourself.

All in all, I would’ve engaged in a healthy, online debate with you, but you’ve acted like a brat with your conceitedness and shitty attitude. Therefore, I have no choice but yo ban you from my den. Goodbye and good riddance.

Vern’s Venting: I Just Don’t Get Zoe Saldana


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By Lavern Merriweather:

Actress Zoe Saldana has found herself embroiled in some serious controversy recently for agreeing to play noted soul singer Nina Simone. Many black folks are up in arms about the film company’s choice to hire her and to some extent, I think they are right.

First off, it’s extremely irritating and insulting for her to have to darken her skin to embody the part. There are a number of talented dark skinned actresses that would have made a much better decision to pick.

Second, Ms. Saldana has declared in several interviews that she doesn’t consider herself a black woman. Mind you, I said a black woman, not just a black woman since she does have a multicultural ancestry. Yet, although she doesn’t think she is black she takes this role and the role of Uhura in the rebooted “Star Trek” franchise. She also played the daughter of Bernie Mac in the 2010 remake of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”. If Ms. Saldana doesn’t want her range of offers to be limited, then stop taking acting jobs specific to black women, especially when an acting gig requires you to black face your skin for a woman that had a lot of issues with her skin tone.

Much of Nina’s legacy as a songwriter was centered around her pain at being a severely dark woman of color in a world that hates women like that. Nina, who died sadly at 70 years old in 2003, never shied away from making the hurt she felt public knowledge. She wore it bare for all the world to see through her music in a very unapologetic fashion.

I don’t know Zoe personally, but I doubt seeing how much lighter she is that she could relate to what Ms. Simone was singing. That’s another thing they will most likely get, another woman to lip-sync for her. And really, do the studio executives funding this honestly believe that getting Zoe for the role was the best idea? She hasn’t truly pulled her acting chops by what I could see starring in stupid romantic comedies or doing voice work as a creature. I guess Zoe doesn’t see anything wrong with her other films where she doesn’t have to be the ‘black woman’. She is the color of a fucking crayon.

The reason why I am on the side of the people who didn’t want Zoe to play Nina Simone is because of Hollywhite’s notoriously bullshit attitude towards black women. (Well, all women of color, actually, but especially black women.) White males in Hollyweird prefer to pick someone that is kind of black but not too black. This means they just need her to make it look good enough as not to step on too many toes. But that is exactly what they are doing by hiring Zoe. If Nina were alive today and knew about this, she would probably go outside and practice turning over in her grave!

Little miss ‘I’m not really a Negro’ taking this role is a slap in the face to the lady who bravely dealt with the worst type of discrimination. At least 80’s multi-racial actress Rae Dawn Chong played women that were very ambiguous in their racial make-up. Yes, she did star in “The Color Purple”, but there were any number of light skinned black females that resembled her. Rae never said one thing then did another, and she certainly didn’t make a career out of playing puppets.

A memo to Zoe; if you aren’t black, then stop taking jobs from other black women who proudly identify themselves as what you refuse to. Zoe is almost as bad as that embarrassing “SNL” token that doesn’t even look like a token Maya Rudolph. Yes I know that Maya’s mom was the great Minnie Riperton and that she has a white father, which is why she has that skin color but damn! Kate Winslet makes a more convincing black woman than Maya does or Zoe for that matter.

She reminds me of NBC anchor Soledad O’ Brien in that they want to have it both ways. They want to marry white males and live like white females all while saying, Hey I’m maybe, sort of, will pretend to be black. Granted Hollywood is a place of fantasy, and I don’t for one second buy that this movie will tell Nina’s story in any way that is accurate. They already don’t respect what she stood for by who they picked to portray her. However, that doesn’t absolve Zoe who isn’t practicing what she’s preaching.

There is a very rich history to the songs that people like Nina Simone created that shouldn’t be sullied by Hollowood bigwigs. If it feels like I’m throwing shade on Zoe, then that’s precisely what I am doing. She isn’t some babe in the woods; she knows how difficult it is for other black women. She doesn’t want to be associated with them. Yet, she has no qualms always trying to steal their thunder.

I know that Ms. Saldana is not responsible for the racism hierarchy that exists in her chosen profession. What she is responsible for though is selfishly profiting from it because her skin is brighter and her figure that much smaller. Zoe’s attitude reminds me of an excellent point made by a woman in the poignant Bill Duke documentary “Dark Girls”. She said that she was so sick of black folks whining how they are Haitian or Jamaican and not black because when the Klan showed up they weren’t going to care about those folks distinctions.

I wonder how Ms. Saldana thinks she would get treated in a situation not protected by the Hollyweird limelight. Actually, now that I realize it, those feelings are IN Hollywood and come from the very white people with all the power. Whether Zoe cares to admit it that is exactly why she gets picked for the roles that she does. It’s also why much as she imagines that those white males love her, she will never be competing with the likes of Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Lawrence for the big movies. Perhaps they will suddenly decide to trade white skin for fuzzy blue fur, but I highly doubt it.

When Conservatives Face the Music


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This Bill O’Reilly scandal, and that’s what it is naysayers, has gotten worse and worse for the conservative commentator. In fact, you know it’s gotten bad when even your fellow conservatives call you out on your lies. After Brian Williams got caught in a fib, O’Reilly saw fit to scold him. And then, you know what happened after that. It was all downhill for the man who loved pointing fingers at the world, but too full of himself, along with something else, to admit his own flaws, one of them being that he’s apparently a pathological liar.

Now, it seems that conservatives, for the most part, are trying to distance themselves from the mess that is Bill O’Reilly, especially when he’s going around threatening those who had the balls to call him out. MSN reports:

The editors in chief at Mother Jones this morning sent this email/letter to Fox News Channel’s primetime star Bill O’Reilly and one of the network’s communications execs, saying it is concerned for its Washington bureau chief’s safety after O’Reilly called for him to be “in the kill zone.”

“Mother Jones writer David Corn yesterday responded to Bill O’Reilly’s comments on the magazine’s piece about O’Reilly’s claims regarding his work for CBS News covering the Falklands war, saying “A discerning reader of Deadline can easily see that Bill O’Reilly is hiding behind name-calling, rather than dealing with the substance of the matter,” and that Mother Jones sent O’Reilly a long list of detailed questions about his comments regarding his experience as a war reporter. ” He and Fox News declined to respond. Instead, O’Reilly hurls invective, seemingly to distract,” Corn told Deadline.

“It’s a total hit piece,” Bill O’Reilly told Deadline about the report Corn wrote in Mother Jones about O’Reilly’s claims in re his coverage of Falklands war. In the post, Corn said some of O’Reilly’s stories “don’t withstand scrutiny — even claiming he acted heroically in a war zone that he apparently never set foot in.”

O’Reilly blasted the piece to other news outlets as well, and is continuing to do so today — during which he has been quoted by at least one outlet, TV Newser, as saying he expected those reporters with whom he spoke to “verify what I’m saying, because it’s easily verifiable, then I expect David Corn to be in the kill zone.”

Wow! And the scariest part is that O’Reilly’s supporters and Fox News disciples will be angry enough not only to agree, but will find ways to carry it out. So yes, I too would be worried for David Corn.

The bottom line is that those who worship the insidiousness and caveman-like mentalities of modern-day conservatism who believe in personal responsibility need to practice what they preach and take accountability for one of their own who’s going off the deep end with lies and anger management problems and not blame everyone else for their fuck ups. Rather, O’Reilly needs to man up and own his mistakes. His reputation has always been shady, but now there is proof. It is not a liberal plot to undermine the “purity” of America and go after a proud American. This is what real journalism is about, going after corruption. And Bill O’Reilly, through the years has proven just how corrupt he is.


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