R.I.P. Dusty Rhodes


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From ABC News:

WWE legend and Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes died today at the age of 69, the company said in a statement.

Rhodes, whose real name was Virgil Runnels, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007 and was considered “one of the most captivating and charismatic figures in sports entertainment,” the WWE said.

Rhodes is the father to current WWE stars Goldust (Dustin Runnels) and Stardust (Cody Runnels).

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Vern’s Venting: Hell on Wheels


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By Lavern Merriweather:

Some of my words might offend the delicate eyes of those reading this. So, I am warning you in advance. I am firmly convinced that many white people in the media and on the police forces around America need to seriously go fuck themselves. I say that because of two stories that occurred recently which have a distinct connection to one another.

Several days ago, the cop directly responsible for the deaths of two unarmed black people that were passengers in a car was acquitted of all charges. The judge in the case against (white) officer Michael Brelo felt that he wasn’t guilty of killing Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell. Despite the fact that it was Brelo who stood on the hood of the car and fired 137 shots into the two victims, the judge seems to think that it wasn’t any of the many shots fired by that thug that killed two innocent people.

Okay, repeat after me, “WHAT THE FUCK!!” Please! It was that asshole firing over 100 fucking shots in the vehicle. Yet, the judge can’t determine whose gun let off the fatal blow? Forrest Gump could tell you that it was Brelo who was at fault for killing Russell and Williams, but somehow a judge with presumably many years on the bench can’t figure it out. This is bullshit at its highest fucking order! He knows damn good and well who killed those two people that weren’t doing a damn thing wrong.

The problem is that fucker, like many white Americans in the US, doesn’t give a shit, because killing Negroes in the name of keeping white folks safe has become the norm for cops. Keep in mind the car that Williams and Russell were sitting in as passengers was targeted by police, because it backfired leading them to think that it was a gun shot. Come again? You mean to tell me that those incompetent trigger happy bitches didn’t even bother to wait until there was a reasonable explanation before they let bullets fly? Because that is exactly what happened. Those people weren’t doing shit to warrant a death sentence other than be the wrong color when cop thugs were around and are fully aware that open season on Negroes has been eagerly approved by their bosses, the media, and many in the public. Shoot first. Hopefully kill. And don’t give a rat’s ass about asking questions later, because you won’t need to. It’s all with the chief of police’s approval as well as the mayor, governor and damn near every elected official.

Contrast this sick tragic tale with that of what happened in Waco, Texas when two rival biker gangs squared off at their favorite bar. Although nine people were killed, it has never been reported if those people were murdered by cops or the gangs. One cop on the scene said that there was return fire, but I will bet my vulnerable life it was nowhere near the amount of bullets hailed against Williams and Russell. As I have said before it doesn’t take 50 shots, 41 shots and damn sure 137 shots to realize that nobody is firing back. It obviously isn’t so easy for the boys in blue when those that you rain on are targeting you back.

Yet, I haven’t heard one word about whether or not a number of clips were emptied in response to the bikers, many of whom were either white or Latino and most of them are sitting in a jail cell unlike Russell and Williams. They are dead because the life of a black person in America has become as expendable as it was 65 years ago. The old saying about those who forget history rings true, especially now. Even when followed by claims of justice by elected fools in office. Spare me.

If you dumb shits gave a damn about protecting black folks, this shit would not keep happening with the rapid consistency that is has. It would have been stopped long ago like it should have been and apparently was in Waco. You can’t tell me cops didn’t show restraint when faced with gunning down one of their own otherwise the death toll would have been a lot fucking higher.

This also flies in the face of the high minded Negro and dumbass white media crowds that loves to point the blame at black people. It’s never the cops at fault even as they don’t fire enough shots when confronted by a dangerous, angry gang of bikers armed to the teeth. Not surprising that the media chose, once again, to throw a black face under the bus by plastering the picture of the lone black male in the melee. They claim it’s because he was once a cop himself, but that’s bullshit to the 55th power. Those little shits did it to yet again allow themselves to continue the fantasy. The one that says they are perfect angels who do no wrong so therefore don’t deserve the same treatment as the ‘real’ criminals i.e. Negroes.

That’s why the media is tiptoeing with the utmost care about the fact that brutal, violent white males, some probably sporting lengthy criminal records, can take shots at cops with very little casualties on their end. Where were the 50 shots, 41 shots and 137 shots then cops? Why weren’t those cunts as adamant about emptying their firearms when it was a majority white situation?

I’ll tell you why. Because many cops don’t see other white people as a threat even when facing down the barrel of their guns. Plus, they will have more of a fallout to worry about when there aren’t that many Negroes present in this case, if any at all, which is why I am so pissed about the verdict in the Brelo trial, which was a joke like most of them are turning into.

The whole thing, like the others before it, was done purely for show, much the same way that the mayors of Baltimore and Ferguson have pretended to seek justice. There won’t be any, because there IS none for the most downtrodden of society. Yet, those that wave weapons and use them against a police force can sleep on a cot in a cell instead of at the morgue which is where Freddie Gray, Oscar Grant, Aamdou Diallo, Rekia Boyd, Aiyana Jones, Bernice Hawkins, Bernard Monroe, Trayvon Martin, Malice Green, Tony Robinson and now Timothy and Malissa have ended up. Don’t tell me about being peaceful when you shitheads have done zero to rectify the countless murders by thugs with badges.

Then, we have the sermonizing from those on the force that speak of a few bad apples. That means nothing when the entire force is rotten to its very damn core. Nor does it mean anything to the ever growing number of black folks that have to bury loved ones while their murderers walk free.

No Right To Party


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School’s out. Summer’s practically here. And it’s time for kids all over the nation to cut loose and enjoy their vacation with water fights and cookout parties. Unfortunately, not all young people can party when and wherever they want without being suspected of being a nuisance or a troublemaker. And that’s exactly what happened in McKinney, Texas recently.

There was a party in a mostly white neighborhood. Kids of different backgrounds including white, black, Latino and Arabic were invited or were able to attend. However, the mostly white neighbors thought something was wrong in their utopia of whiteness as a few of them confronted the children of color using racial slurs. One of them, a white woman even smacked one of the teens in the face.

Somewhere around this time, a white guy name Sean Toon called the police. Apparently, the sight of black children in his neck of the woods frightened him. So, he phoned the police about a disturbance in the white force.

A while later, a white officer by the name of Eric Casebolt arrives, and things went downhill from there as the crazy cop chased the teens of color with a gun pointed at them. During his brief visit, Casebolt decided to tackle and hold down a young black teen girl wearing a bikini. Her name is Dajerria Becton.

The whole fiasco was caught on tape by one of the teens who is white and gave an honest account on the whole thing. The most striking thing he observed was that the cops targeted the teens of color while ignoring the white teens. The video surfaced and is now an internet pariah.

Opinions of the incident are divided with many on the side of the police (big surprise). Some people defended the cop for attacking unarmed children, even Dajerria Becton who got the worst of it. Those people include some of the white residents in McKinney and the right wing-based news media who insisted that the children were wrong and should’ve complied with the police. Other news outlets suggested that the kids started their own mess. Therefore, they got their just desserts. Some even suggested that the cop and the residents were scared and had every right to be. Some say that the cop had a right to defend himself against – again – unarmed black children. But they’re not racist, right?

But there are those of us with working hearts and brains know this was too much. No child, especially those who have done nothing wrong, deserved this kind of treatment. But this is America where black skin is a sign of criminality and deviance. The teens’ only crime was being black in a white neighborhood, and despite this being 2015, racism is still part of the American way of life as there are white folks who seem content with fearing and hating black people, a symptom of white supremacy.

This is another reason in a growing list of incidents that define why black people don’t and can’t trust the police. Our well-being is always out of the question while our skin color is always in question.

Since that incident, Officer Casebolt has been placed on administrative leave, and have since resigned from the force soon after the video was released. Yet, his name is added to the list of cops who have shown he was out for the blood of black people, no matter how young they are. In the meantime, this shows that in this country, black youth can’t have a good time without racist white adult interference.

Vern’s Venting: And Justice For All


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By Lavern Merriweather:

Coded language is something that white people in the media are very good at. They use certain words that they think will slip right past the minds of us darkies, because apparently, we are too dumb to get it, particularly when they have their darkie dummies on the payroll by their side nodding with a skeevy grin in agreement. Maybe they can fool some people or all people or however that goes, but they can never put one over on me.

I know exactly what those arrogant jizzbags mean when they call the more violent protesters ‘outsiders’. See this word is an old word that was used 50 some years ago by white folks too. It was when other Negroes and supportive white people went down South to recruit more Negroes to vote. Those people, as you can imagine, were treated brutally and with much disdain since the good, decent white folks there didn’t like change. They didn’t approve of who they felt were strangers coming in and changing the status quo. When Negroes come along and encourage other Negroes that they don’t have to play by white folks rules, nor take their crap, that really, really, REALLY bothered the white folks. They liked their Negroes humble and docile so they don’t need some fancy clothes wearing, or in this case, a bunch of bangers with their caps backwards and pants sagging to come in and bring trouble.

The whiners have forgotten that trouble was already there! It started with cops shooting and killing folks. That wasn’t created by the outsiders; it began with the powers that be, the same powers crying their eyes out for peace while they order tanks, M-16s and sniper rifles to be aimed at people who refuse to lie down and take it. They decry the aggression of the outsiders as they point guns and shoot off tear gas. They demand for peaceful protest denouncing the outsiders as they make matters worse.

And please for the love of God stop fucking yacking about training! This doesn’t have SHIT to do with how cops are trained, this is about how they act when they confront particular citizens. This is about the politicians in charge preaching one thing as they practice another. This is about an apathetic government and the stupid, whiny fools on both sides who defend cops oblivious to their being at fault. Freddie Gray didn’t shoot himself in the fucking back nor did Oscar Grant or Tony Robinson.

The same thing keeps happening on the police officers end yet they are not the problem. In what fucking bizarre universe does that make any damn sense? The cops aren’t at fault even though they are always the ones committing the most violence. But according to the media and politicians, it’s those rotten outsiders stirring the pot, not the thug cops.

I have no qualms breaking it to these people that they have it all backwards. You can’t cry for peace when your employee on your word is sticking a fucking M-16 in my damn face! Nor can you expect peace when this shit keeps happening over and over making young black males especially feel like targets. No amount of nice words or pleas helps when there is no fucking recourse. There needs to be a change on YOUR end before you utter a word to those that are angry and have every fucking right to be at this point.

White officials are crying for peace when they show zero behavior to support that declaration. You have plainly declared war on Negroes. Yet, you expect us to listen when you say we should be peaceful. I say fuck that and fuck you! I for one am glad when there is more discourse from the protesters or who the fuck ever. Anything that sends a message which pisses you off is a good thing to me. I don’t recall white people being ‘peaceful’ when they dropped a bomb on Japan after Pearl Harbor happened. They weren’t peaceful in South America when threatened by the Contras. Nor have they ever let their conscience be their guide when they get pissed at Negroes.

The ‘outsiders’ as you call them aren’t to blame. You are. They are just telling people who already have plenty pent-up frustrations what they should be hearing. They might as well say that black people have no business fighting back. That we have been good little darkies for this long why spoil the party for them. If those words sound familiar, then they should, because that’s the same shit they were spewing 5 decades ago when they were worried that too many Negroes who knew how to vote would ruin it for them. And that one day one of them could be elected into the White House. It’s too late to alter that, but they can at least bust a cap in some ghetto denizens. As their bosses make pseudo heartfelt claims that they will do everything in their capacity to get to the bottom of this.

Guess what? You are at the fucking bottom, because many Negroes are at the end of their rope as some overly privileged stupid white folks wring hands that this country is going to hell in a hand basket. But this isn’t about cops out of control, it’s that those ghetto people can’t control their kids, right? This isn’t because people are tired of being target practice for lowlife cops. It’s because of that rotten old rap music with its glorifying drugs, guns and violence. Yeah, you don’t see white kids acting up like they do. Yeah right! There are white teens who shoot and kill their classmates but they were getting bullied. So it’s ok.

Hey, the cop’s life was in danger from the guy who had his back to the cop’s gun. Funny, but cops obviously weren’t that terrified when they were in a gunfight with two different biker gangs In Waco, Texas recently. Many of the bikers involved in that altercation with police are still very much alive. They got arrested – not killed – even while one officer spoke of them shooting at the cops and the cops returning fire. I sure as shit hope they shot 50 times or 41 times or shot some of the bikers in the back like they do with Negroes. Of course, I know they didn’t, because they don’t treat those not born black they same as they do black folks. Apparently in their mind they don’t need to, which is precisely why they don’t have to fret about their kids getting shot by police for no reason. It’s also why some snot nosed rich, white asshole can drive drunk and kill 4 people injure two then get off because he has a privilege disorder. Judging from how willing white folks are to absolve cops for wrongdoing, he’s not the only one.

Sock Puppet Alert! UPDATE




My blog has come under attack by sock puppets, people using more than one account to spread their views under the guise of multiple people.

I did a little investigating and found out there is a frequently used IP address used in my comment section from those calling themselves Blankenship, Anubia and HerLadyShip. It’s hard to comprehend that several people coming in, new to this blog, would share the exact same view. So, that means either two things: A few people have been sharing a computer with more new folks on the way, if this continues, or that there are, at the most, or perhaps there is one person using one computer using several usernames. The latter sounds more plausible as some comments have appeared immediately one after another from different usernames from one IP address.

I also noticed the same thing with DaShawn, Rational Observer and yes, xPraetorius. I find it strange that xPrae would “come to my rescue” after the appearance of Rational Observer and DaShawn after I fiercely booted him from my den. I noticed they all shared the same IP address. So, that makes xPrae a sock puppeteer unless he enlisted another fellow to use his computer and harass my blog using two ID’s as he strangly pointed out. Either way, I no longer care.

So, here’s the deal, if I see the same IP addresses on any more usernames, they will be deleted instantly into the spam folder!

Now, before you cry and bitch about how I’m being unfair, a coward and not listening to the other side, let me say this once and for all. Why should I listen to the other side when that side considers my thoughts and opinions and “paranoia” as mentioned by blankenship a.k.a. Anubia b.k.a. xPrae and constantly throws insults at my responses like a ten year-old? Besides, there is no debate when something is true, and whoever you are, you are foolish to think you can convince me that racism is not a major issue anymore. But most of all, you must be crazy with a lot of time on your hands to create multiple usernames trying to pass off as several people – and counting – in a sad effort to try to discredit the reality that racism is indeed a prevalent issue in today’s world.

I doubt you will be straight up with me, and I also doubt that you are man or woman enough to tell the truth. So, from here on out, any more comments from the usernames mentioned above will be sent to the spam folder no questions asked. I will no longer allow you to hassle my den with more of your pointless sock puppetry and blatant dishonesty. Leave my blog and get some help.

UPDATE: xPrae/Anubia have the audacity to play victim and place guilt on me for banning him for sock puppetry which is clearly shown here. Click on the image to take a look at the IP addresses. They are he decimal-based numbers underneath his website and email address under the name Anubia.


xPrae, you seriously must think I’m stupid not to see through this charade. I see you and Anubia having the exact same IP addresses, and I know you have more usernames through that same address. Not only that, those “people” comment the exact same way in the exact same tone.

I also found out you used another IP address using and it had sock puppets as well.

Yet, you blame me for spotting this rouse. So, don’t even try to play innocent. All this shows is your lack of maturity in taking accountability for what you know you did. You can’t even admit that you are, or were, many people on this blog, and I find it quite sad and pathetic. So, don’t even think of coming here again or else your comments will rot in the spam folder. Go ahead and try me if you think you’re too good to respect someone’s wishes. And while you’re at it, do yourself and everyone a favor, and please get some professional help.

Vern’s Venting: True That


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By Lavern Merriweather:

To hear white folks, and some Negroes in the media tell it, they are the most objective people in the world. They never have personal opinions or biases and even if they do, the people they criticize are the scum of the Earth anyway so they have it coming. This is why we desperately need different and real voices like my man Brotha to call them on their bullshit. Thankfully, social media has become the great equalizer.

Anyone can say whatever is on their mind at any-time in any country regardless of the approval from the media powers that be. My man Brotha did just that after another cop shot and killed a young, unarmed black male then got away with it yet again. Brotha truthfully pointed out how the media in these situations love to play ‘Blame the Victim’. The person lying dead on the street is somehow always at fault. The cop is never responsible for being irresponsible, don’t you know, because they have a stressful, scary and dangerous job. You can’t expect them to be on their game all the time. Sometimes they make mistakes. Saying two plus two equals seven is a mistake. Taking a life while being stupid, thoughtless and reckless is criminal and should get your ass prosecuted, badge or not.

What makes matters worse are the arrogant, self-serving and often times racist idiots in the media, playing cheerleaders for the police all while claiming to be objective towards all parties involved, something that they themselves prove is a crock of shit time and time again. Tell me that there is no racial bias in the media, and I’ll show you a big, blue fuzzy creature swimming in the waters off the coast of Scotland.

Keep in mind that when I say media, I’m not talking about the blatant jackasses at Fake Noise or any other conservative outlet. No, I mean the white folks who proudly announce at every opportunity that they are on the side of each American citizen. They have no qualms about color, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. I’m talking about the people who run CNN, The View, People magazine, Rolling Stone magazine, Alternet, L.A. Times, NY Times, the Post, Drs. Phil and Drew and the chuckleheads of late night TV.

Speaking of which, I find it highly typical that a pompous little snot like Dr. Drew can defend and rationalize violent, despicable, dangerous behavior from white males as mentally ill yet call the protesters in Ferguson and Baltimore thugs or bad people. Actually, he didn’t say it so much as his two favorite house Negroes, Jennifer Kiett and radio host Spirit, did.

It seems a number of black people like their white counterparts also like to place the blame of these young black males dying squarely on the shoulders of the dead. The high minded Negro crowd that nods eagerly in agreement with the white majority never once consider the idea that white cops are not always the most noble people on the planet. They never appear to think about the fact that some cops are assholes who see nothing wrong with abusing their authority or breaking a law here and there themselves.

Don’t believe me? Check out the statistics on domestic violence regarding many white males on the police force. While we are at it, let’s check how many times these cops get reprimanded and penalized. That’s another thing missing from the media’s discussion is what goes on with the cops who shoot and kill innocent black folks. Despite what the media would have you believe, people who wear a badge do not walk on water. In most cases it’s the exact opposite. Several cops that have murdered Negroes have very sordid little pasts for on-the-job behavior. If you check their records you will not be the least bit shocked to find out that this ain’t their first damn rodeo. They have gone through similar experiences before. It’s just that now somebody died so there is finally something to atone for. The problem is that many of them never do. And that reality would shatter the media’s deluded mentality about who cops in America really are.

They aren’t angels nor saints and to take a life with such cruel and vile abandon makes me think that the ones patrolling the streets should be sharing a cell with the ones they arrest. Seriously, a lot of cops are no better than the people that they slap the cuffs on, which in many cases are the same ones they shoot. Is that the new city, state and government policy now? The jails have gotten far too crowded with darkies so better take them out permanently instead of booking them.

Brotha however failed to mention the holier-than black folks that repeat the arrogant, moronic words of white people. For instance a certain very obnoxious asinine columnist by the name of Walter Williams reiterated white people’s bullshit. Mr. Williams has this notion that if Negroes just do as they are told, play nice with officer extremely unfriendly, don’t make eye contact or mouth off, then everything will be fine and hunky dory. Are you fucking kidding me!?

First of all, if some jagoff is in my face for no good reason I don’t care if he’s a cop. You whine about being human without ever once wanting to give that same benefit of the doubt or respect to a black person. Case in point there was a former football player for Texas State on Dr. Phil who spoke of why he grabbed a cop by the throat in his driveway. It was because that pinhead slammed his mother against the wall of his garage. You read that right. This fuckwad rudely and roughly put his hands on a mature woman.

White people need to get it straight, very few if any males will let some punkass get away with putting their hands on his mom regardless of him being an authority figure, particularly when he is abusing that authority, but that’s not the story that the media tells. They will say whatever makes the cop look like the hero and whatever makes the Negro look like the villain. See, this helps them sleep better at night knowing that their bullies in blue are keeping the darkie horde firmly in line, even when those people are no danger to them in any way, shape or form and the cops are the only ones truly being a problem.

Second of all, when you show no respect or afford another person their dignity, they have a tendency to respond in kind.

Third of all, what the hell makes these dumbasses think that cops are always right? Cops, like they said, are human. Therefore, they have bigoted viewpoints like a lot of their fellow Americans. Do not expect me to imagine for even half a second that those prejudices don’t infiltrate their performance while on patrol. Of course they do. Cops let their negative feelings and attitudes about black folks manifest themselves every fucking chance they get! So spare me the ‘it’s that Negro running away or doing something unkind to the nice, sweet, polite officer man’.

Those of us black people not drunk on the Kool-Aid understand all too well what the reality is. And it for damn sure ain’t that fairy tale being peddle by the media comprised of people that haven’t got the foggiest clue of what it’s like to black in a country with a police state. Not only that, it’s a country that happily uses their police force as an army against its own citizens deemed undesirable. Stop trying to tell me how I should react to a police force with a systematic built-in disgust for me as you sit there on the outside looking in as you make it that much harder for me by justifying their behavior while you falsely proclaim that you are listening to both sides of the tale.

Vern’s Venting: Glass Houses


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By Laverne Merriweather:

Some very sordid and sinister allegations have surfaced recently about Fake Noise’s (Fox News’) loudest and stupidest blowhard Bill O’ Reilly. It seems that the world’s most arrogant jerk who never misses one opportunity to point out how flawed and terrible us Negroes are has not been practicing what he preaches.

During his rather bitter divorce five years ago, O’ Reilly’s oldest daughter asserts that things got so heated while he and his now ex-wife were arguing that he grabbed her by the neck then began to choke her. His daughter goes on to claim that upstanding angel Bill proceeded to drag his ex down the stairs with his hands by her throat.

O’ Reilly is, of course, denying any and all wrongdoing. The network which employs this asshole is being awfully silent, as one can imagine. Fake Noise has built themselves quite a little reputation damning black folks as the scourge of America. They love to proclaim through their endless array of self-righteous and racist hosts that if there were no Negroes in America, it would be a happy, wonderful, thrilling place. That there would be woodland nymphs dancing around in the moonlight playing flutes while butterflies twirled among their heads. And angels would fly by gently sliding their delicate pure fingers against a golden harp. Flowers would bloom magical buds full of singing honeybees straight out of a Disney movie.

While most of us black folk know that is ridiculous propaganda, a large, disturbing number of white people who work and watch Fake Noise believe that utterly moronic rhetoric as do the same people who pretend to hate them so much, because they haven’t said jack shit about this either. Not so much because they feel that he is guilty, but more because they want to protect their agenda. Like I said before, the so-called liberal media is no better than the conservative media when it comes to hating Negroes. Nor do they have any qualms themselves about sending a message loud and clear that all of America’s problems would be over if those dang rotten little black folks just packed up their bags and left. See they are cut from the same cloth as the O’ Reillys of this planet despite their declarations otherwise. They aren’t anymore invested in the notion of freedoms for anyone besides white people.

The idea that they are about equality and promoting racial harmony more than their brethren is complete bullshit. These are the exact folks portraying young black males shot and killed by the police as thug, criminal losers hellbent on a lifetime of trouble. Hell, when you think about it, the cops are doing society a favor, least in their minds. Black male celebrities are also bad guys from birth. How else do you explain that white people in the media can harp continuously about Ray Rice and Chris Brown without one mention of what O’ Reilly is accused of? Facing the possibility of O’ Reilly’s guilt means that they would actually have to finally admit that some white males are capable of horrible heinous shit too. One, however, especially a Negro, would be hard pressed to expect that white males will ever hold themselves under the same microscope of judgment. O’ Reilly sure as shit never has with his DAILY criticisms of black people, oblivious to the decades of despicable acts from white males such as the time he was accused by a former female producer of his show Andrea Mackaris.

Ms. Mackaris alleges that O’ Reilly made lewd propositions to her and also called her on the phone numerous times with sleazy comments that soon turned into threats about her job. This new tidbit against O’ Reilly comes hot on the heels of another privileged and pious white male’s sickening behavior coming to light.



TLC had to recently cancel their popular “19 Kids and Counting” program when revelations against oldest male child Josh Duggar surfaced. It appears that the holier-than. oh-so-righteous. right-wing Duggar clan was harboring a dirty little secret. Police reports have just come out that when 30 year-old Josh was 14. he molested a number of underaged girls. including several of his younger sisters. Instead of getting jail time like he should have. good boy Josh was sent to counseling and no charges were filed because daddy assured the cops that he would give the pedophile a ‘stern talking to’.

See, that’s how it is in the world of white privilege. A white male can molest not only his own family members but other little girls and ruin their lives as well without so much as a slap on the fucking wrist. Fortunately TLC had the decency to not play that disgusting game. However, this does make me wonder how well their screening process is. If they wanted to pride themselves on showcasing a family that espouses true Christian family values, then one would think that they should have done their homework a lot better.

Still, just like in the case of Honey Boo Boo’s mom June dating a pervert that abused her daughter, the white media won’t raise a fuss about this latest shocking instance. There are already some in the media doing the typical standard act of bullshit by making excuses or stating that Josh was just a child himself, so he can’t be held 100 percent accountable for his actions. Besides, he got help for what he did and that right there should nullify anything he did in the past. WRONG!

We don’t know if he is still terrorizing little girls especially considering that he has little girls himself. For all we know he could be targeting them as we speak.

You Can’t Handle the Proof


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I sit here rubbing my temples at the influx of commenters out to refute any single article written about racism. The overall theme of these hive-minded drones is that racism is either not a big problem or that it’s comprised of singular incidents that only occur a few times per year. Whatever the case, they not only want to tell me that racism is not as big a thing as I claim it to be, but they rant about me showing them some proof. Don’t laugh. They want me to prove that racism is a major issue.

I take issue with that favor, or command rather, for a few reasons. One, they expect me to go out of my way to prove something when they can just do some of the research themselves. Two, they have a hint of this master-slave mentality that they bring where if I don’t comply, they go off the deep end and lash out as if I was lower than scum. And three, and the most obvious reason, they wouldn’t except it anyway. We’ve seen it happen all the time, everytime with these commenters. So, even if you do produce some evidence, they’re refute it and scream for something that’s not, as they consider it, leftist because anything that’s not right is obviously left, and that’s plain wrong to them. (There is no middle ground for them. It’s either right or left)

Racism is an institutionalized business that permeates virtually every facet of society from education to the media and even the workforce. There are mountains of evidence that prove that racism exists. Yet, this seemingly never-ending parade of naysayers want me, and perhaps everyone else, to believe otherwise. What’s worse is that they portray themselves as intellectuals who know more about racism than those who actually experienced it. And they get pissed to the point of telling you how wrong you supposed to be when you make it known that racism is a significant problem in America.

These people operate passing themselves as almost scholarly with a knack for conducting and winning arguments. They tell you how wrong every single point you made is after they copy and paste them. In the mix they may even condemn them by calling your comments names as if they’re four-year olds fighting with other four-year olds. And when you can’t take their mess anymore, then they make you feel low. They may even get so crazy enough to think they’ve won the argument, patting themselves on the back for being “right”.

But the irony is that there is no argument when something is true. Racism is here. It’s part of this country’s culture. Arguing whether or not it exists is like trying to prove that water is wet.

Besides, what kind of proof are these loons looking for? What kind of proof will they accept? What evidence would sway them to see the point of view of others? Judging by these people who apparently have the same mind, I doubt any kind of evidence, empirical or otherwise, would convince them of anything other than show how they are either too ignorant or too much in denial about the existence of racism.

These people would scoff at the following for whatever reason:

If This Doesn’t Prove That Racism Still Exists, We Don’t Know What Will

Top 10 Reasons Why Racism Exists

Racism Still Exists: The Worst Tweets From The #WhyDoBlackPeople Twitter Trend

15 Charts That Prove We’re Far From Post-Racial


Shocking New Studies Show Racism Exists, Affects People’s Actions

Fox New’s Megyn Kelly can’t handle the truth about race and the justice system. 

These are online articles. Sure. But they have links to actual studies that show that racism is a major problem in this country. But as we’ve all witnessed, crazy commenters will do what they can to refute that fact. They may as well argue in favor of the belief that Earth is flat while they’re at it.

R.I.P. Reynaldo Rey


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From The Root:

Actor and comedian Reynaldo Rey passed away Thursday at the age of 75 as a result of complications from a stroke.

Rey, who was born Harry Reynolds in Sequoyah County, Okla., was known for his roles in movies such as Friday, White Men Can’t Jump and Harlem Nights, as well as TV shows like BET’s Comic View, The Bernie Mac Show and 227. Rey got his start in comedy under the mentorship of Redd Foxx, who managed him for 12 years. Rey opened for Foxx for more than 15 years during his time in Las Vegas.

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