R.I.P. Erica Garner


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From NPR:

Activist Erica Garner has died, after suffering brain damage following a heart attack. She was 27 years old.

Her official Twitter account announced her death Saturday morning.

She entered the public eye in July 2014 when her father, Eric Garner, died after being put in a chokehold by a New York City police officer. Eric Garner was seen on video saying, “I can’t breathe” 11 times before he died.

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My Final 2017 Thoughts and What To Expect in 2018


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It seems that as you get older, the years go by faster. It’s almost the end of 2017, and already, it seemed as if time truly has flown by. And yet, a whole lot of shit went down since January 1st and it started with the inauguration of what I and many people consider to be the worst possible lifeform to sit in the Oval Office.

It’s almost been a year since Donald Trump’s swearing in as the current POTUS, and without a doubt, politics have been reduced to a badly written soap opera. Trump’s Twitter temper could send us into a nuclear confrontation with North Korea while making right wing extremists have unfounded and crazy-ass reasons to be angry, hateful and violent against…well, the world. In the meantime, he’s waging his own personal war against fake news i.e. any publication that rightfully questions and criticizes his actions, and doesn’t shy away from his racist views. After all, he did call Mexicans Rapists and believe that Haitians have AIDS.

But Trump was only part of 2017’s drama. Mother Nature was on a bender during hurricane season. It seemed there was one right after another that tore through the Southern U.S., Caribbeans and Puerto Rico all within the span of one month’s time. Even though it happened early in the fall, the damage is still being repaired, especially in Puerto Rico which was one of the hardest to be hit.

We can’t forget that this was also the year of many mass shootings. The worst of this year happened in Las Vagas on October 1 when Stephen Paddock opened fire at a crowd at a music festival killing 58 people and wounding hundreds more.

Yet, after that and other horrific moments of insane gunplay in public functions all over the world, society is nowhere near having a talk about gun safety, nor are we close to call the fools behind these shootings ‘terrorists’. By definition, they are. They’ve terrorized people, but society refuses to identify them as such as they are not Muslim. And yes, there were horrific moments of bombings and other acts of violence by those who were believed to have ties to terrorist groups, but when all is said and done, at least in the U.S., the biggest terrorists have mostly been straight, white, Christian and male.

Of course, we can’t leave out the numerous and continuous sexual assault allegations. It started with an expose by the New York Times on former major movie producer Harvey Weinstein, and it snowballed from there. Several Hollywood producers and directors were exposed along with a few big stars, businessmen, and politicians.

Many people wonder if this was a turning point, that this was a significant blow to sexism, misogyny and toxic masculinity. But some people aren’t that optimistic to think this has done terminal damage. Sure, this has removed the power of the accused and shamed them for life, but the machine of patriarchy continues to power many institutions.

Also this year, we had athletes standing up to police brutality by kneeling during the National Anthem. It started with footballer Colin Kaepernick and several other black athletes followed suit. Did it help to stop the high rate of police assaults and murders against unarmed black folks? No. But it made a heavy statement that was enough to drive racists up a wall screaming to the heavens yelling, “How dare they!?”

And speaking of racists, this year seems to have made them feel empowered, especially when their dipshit-in-chief came to power. They marched. They gathered. They spoke. And they trolled, all to prevent a nonexistent white genocide orchestrated by diversity, interracial relationships, PC culture and the eighth Star Wars episode. But we remember how that turned out, especially in the city of Charlottesville where lives were harmed and one life was taken brutally.

However, there’s a bright side to this. The alt-right/Neo-Nazi/whatever they want to call themselves consider themselves to be the “superior race” that is facing extinction at the hands of nonwhites and liberals and believe that the U.S. is a nation for whites, or at the very least they want a white-ethno state.

But their attempts to prove their supremacy have been met with disastrous results mostly by their own fuck-ups. Certain leaders within the movement continue to own themselves with humiliating results, and some continue to Laurel and Hardy their asses for the world to see. Then again, it’s hard to expect anything more when some female members have just recently discovered that the alt-right is loaded with misogynists when it was super obvious from the beginning.

As for me and my year in blogging, it was cool for the most part minus dealing with certain trolls. To be honest, it was a stressful and depressing battle that taught me that some people can not be talked to. Disagreeing or having a different point of view doesn’t sit well with them. There was no point in talking to them. Some have shown to be internet bullies. (I’ve yet to hear from a blogger why he things white people are victims of racism.)

I hope that next year will be a miracle year in that more good things than bad things will happen for us all. But as I do every year, I dread and hope for the worst and best respectively, and whatever happens, I will go with the flow and probably blog about it.

Have a Happy New Year everyone.

R.I.P. Combat Jack


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Raekwon Visits Music Choice

From The Root:

Reggie Ossé, aka Combat Jack, host of the popular Combat Jack Show podcast, has died at the age of 48, just months after disclosing his colon-cancer diagnosis.

The attorney-turned-podcaster announced his diagnosis in October via Twitter.

“Internets, what’s up? It’s your man Combat Jack. In 7 years of podcasting, I’ve never missed an episode. I got hit with some real life shit. I was recently diagnosed with Colon Cancer,” he wrote.

Just months before his health disclosure, The Root profiled Ossé in an article discussing mental health and hip-hop.

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Article: New Study Finds News Outlets Promote False, Negative Portrayals Of Black Families That Don’t Match Reality


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This article is originally posted on Blavity.com by the Blavity Team. It explains what has been said for years, but a recent study has confirmed that most American media has depicted black people, black families especially, in a bad and stereotypical light.

There’s an excerpt:

The study’s researchers reviewed over 800 local and national news pieces published or aired between January 2015 and December 2016, sampling major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC as well as major print publications such as The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.

The study — conducted by  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign communications professor Travis L. Dixon — found that national news outlets were more likely to show black families as broken and dysfunctional while white families were depicted as possessing social stability. 

These images are not only distorted, but contradict government data.

Dixon found that black families represented 59 percent of poor people portrayed in media, but actually only make up of 27 percent of Americans living in poverty. In contrast, white families only make up 17 percent of the poor representated in media, but make up 66 percent in reality. As far as criminal depictions go, black criminals represented 37 percent of the media’s criminals while only 26 percent of those arrested on criminal charges are black in real life. White criminals represented 28 percent the criminals portrayed in the media, but make up 77 percent of real life’s crime suspects.

The report argues that constant depictions of black people living in poor, welfare-dependent and broken homes due to absentee fathers has created a negative image of black families in general.

“This leaves people with the opinion that black people are plagued with self-imposed dysfunction that creates family instability and therefore, all their problems,” said Dixon.

If you want to read the entire article, click here.

Again, this observation has been an examined and discussed for years. The Guardian writes about how negative media portrayals of black men have real world consequences.  The Huffington Post highlights racist stereotypes of black men in popular media.

The successes and accomplishments of black women have been eclipsed by many disparaging and disheartening images of black women in the media. It has prompt black women to combat these images as they too have to struggle in a world that listens to a racist and sexist media landscape as opposed to actually meeting and talking to real black women.

The funny thing is that whenever a black person reveals something so blatantly obvious, the racism in Western media being just one example, a study has to be done. Black folks are never listened to or believed when it comes to matters of racism and discrimination unless it goes along with whiteness and its many, many defenses. A study has to be conducted to see if we’re right if it’s not what a white person says.

Black people are always assumed that we’re wrong in the case of racism. I’ve seen white-laced attitudes that reject or destroy any and everything a black person says whether it’s actual data and evidence to personal experiences. Black people try their hardest to prove the unfair case against them, but to no avail. They refuse to listen and understand. Whiteness gives them the arrogance to think they know more about racism than the actual victims of racism, the ignorance to shield them from much-needed differing views and the cruelty to insult and guilt trip them all in an effort to avoid the reality that only black people know.

So, even though this study solidifies what was said all along and when it’s evidenced by constant, uninterrupted TV viewing, the problem will still be thrown out in favor of a half-baked explanation not rooted in facts or reality concocted by a someone who claims white people are victims of racism.

Opinion: Race and Sexual Harassment


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The continuous wave of sexual harassment and rape allegations against powerful men is still strong.

I sincerely hope that these massive call outs will be the alarm that will wake society up and make preparations to make the world a little safer for women. However, with some of these men, the irritating poison of hero worship will kill any hint of believably among many people. It has with me to an extent.

A few of the men accused has been in the public eye. As such, we see and hear mostly great things about them and their work and talents. But when the press uncovers the skeletons in their thousand dollar closets, they are revealed as less than the gods and saints many of us has made them out to be. In the most extreme cases, they’re far from them entirely.

Yes, we admire their work, but in recent months alone, it turns out the men behind the work are not so admirable. Unfortunately, they are part of the negative side of the human experience, a side we struggle to fight against, and we do our best to try to avoid that truth.

We think that there are “plots” against them by gold-digging women. We think there are more “important” issues to worry about. We assume that the news allegations or reports aren’t true. We do what we can to make sure our idols don’t topple from the pedestals we placed them on.

The continuous stream of news reports that are still going have exposed mostly rich and powerful white men, but it shouldn’t be too surprising that a few have been black men. After all, sexism and misogyny exist in male dominated spaces. Yet, with race in the equation, the risk of reviving dormant racist stereotypes is always taken into account.

History has shown that white men have crafted this dangerous lie that black males are naturally sexually violent, especially towards white women. It was the justification they used to enslave them. When a white woman was raped or cried rape, black men are always hunted down and lynched even if and when they were innocent.

This “fear” was able to carry on into the new millennium. Already, a small handful of prominent black men have been accused of sexual harassment and rape by multiple women, some of them white. Still, an overwhelming majority of the accused are white male movers and shakers. And yet, the fear of the black male rapist will likely overpower the white racist imagination.

Let’s not leave out the truth that black women are also victims in this plague of sexual abuse, and let’s not wimp out and avoid that many of the ones responsible, in our communities, are black men. It’s not dividing our people. It’s not a distraction. And it’s not a case of tricks bringing black men down. Not all black men are innocent and are worthy of protection. 

We can’t think that every black man arrested for rape or domestic violence against black women were somehow justified or railroaded. We try to change the image society slapped on us and have to convince that same society that not all of us are brutes for survival while we deal with the actual issues within our communities trying to avoid stereotype confirmation from spilling out in the public eye. But there are always leaks.

In one way, it’s seen as a dark time for those in the media, corporations and politics. One by one powerful men are dropping like flies, because they chose to drop their pants. On the other hand, this is a breath of fresh air for women (and men). They no longer want to keep silent and stay in fear. This just may be the opening of the floodgates to finally change the world for the better for victims of sexual abuse.

Maybe it will also change for victims of racism too. One can only hope.

Toxic masculinity has claimed the life of a 16 Year-Old, because she rejected a grown man’s advances!


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From the New York Daily News through Raw Story:

“…A Brooklyn teen used her last breath to tell police who shot her after the man reportedly became enraged when she told him she wouldn’t become his girlfriend.

The revelation that 16-year-old Shemel Mercurius identified Taariq Stephens, 25, came during the trial of the man who is facing murder charges over her death.

According to police, the high school junior was babysitting her 3-year-old cousin on May 31, 2016, when Stephens reportedly showed up at the apartment in Brooklyn and shot her three times with what was described as a “submachine gun.”

A grown ass, punk ass fucker decides to kill a teenage girl just because she didn’t want to get with him. Please let that sink in. Think about it, and wonder why we need to talk about this ravenous beast we call toxic masculinity.

If white people think they’re victims of racism, there’s no use talking to them.


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I’ve admitted a few times that I, myself, am racist. Although, it may not be a correct self-assessment. I’m more prejudiced than racist as I have no power to drive the prosperity of non-blacks and only non-blacks down while plotting ways to diminish any hope for them to be on par with us in any way due to loathsome myths that I’ve thoughtlessly ingested.

Yet, I’ve been accused of being racist…against whites by whites. Most entries in my blog are about the malign facets of whiteness: white racism, white supremacy, white fragility, etc. That alone is enough for passerbys and devoted trolls to deliver more ruinous whiteness in the form of deflection, name-calling, condemnation and denial. I’m called a racist. My opinions are delusional, silly and stupid, and the truth is fake.

The most important thing these white-minded individuals want me to know out of all of their banter is that white people are victims of racism. Either that or there’s more racism against them than nonwhites. So, one way or another, I’m wrong and – of course, racist – for blogging about all the shit whiteness has done and is doing. Discussing and criticizing whiteness is equivalent to attacking white people, and I’m fundamentally no different than the KKK.

But how oppressed are white people really are? Are they being pulled over by police in large numbers for “looking suspicious”? Are they followed around stores out of fear that they may shoplift? Are they passed over for jobs and careers based on white-sounding names? Are mostly white neighborhoods, especially poor ones, considered dangerous areas to live, especially at night?

I could ask more questions, present actual facts and data, but no matter what I ask or say, no matter what truths are given, white people will reject it as part of the fake news scheme, an unholy plot against white people, because they’re simply white.

This is why it’s not our responsibility to teach white people about ourselves or racism. Doing so is a full-time job with no pay or benefits, at least not for us.

No explanation or contest against their thinking is worthy of their attention. They’re really not interested in a discussion. They rather argue, put down and win by any means. They prefer apologies or better, that we agree with them and adopt their thinking. Nothing pleases whiteness more than people of color siding with it. As a black person, white people just don’t want to listen let alone hear about what you feel about racism unless if it’s from any of the broken records from the archive of whiteness.

Yet, some think going to spaces that weren’t meant for their comfort is somehow a good idea. They claim to want to add to the conversation and present “another side” to the issue which involves more hits from the broken record of whitenss. But in then end, all they’ll end up doing is intimidate, berate, shown hypocrisy, bully and threatened bloggers of color and white folks who disagree and tried to talk to these people and refuse to back down on what they know is right.

I’ve seen a lot of that while being a blogger. Self-proclaimed race realists, Tea Party members, Neo-Nazis, Trump supporters, cocky liberals and ignorant conservatives resort to being the worst kind of people just to get their points across. They will lie, deceive, gaslight and even threaten if they don’t get their way. Even more hair-pulling is when they claim that being a straight, white Christian male is the new homosexual, black Muslim female.

There would’ve been a slight chance for sympathy for these types as many of them are really struggling, but a lot of them prove, one way or another, that they are just horrible people, and they are living in a time where being horrible is somehow honorable. They don’t care that their hatred and deplorable attitudes harm others. Yet, they expect us to feel sorry that their precious people are somehow being oppressed.

They don’t deserve sympathy, because they truly don’t want it. And we should stop trying to reach out to those who would rather die than wake the hell up and realize who the REAL enemies are.

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Hello, everyone.

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