Former Neo-Nazi Worries That Even If Guns are Controlled, White Nationalists Will Find Other Ways To Inflict Violence

Source: Debbie Schlussel

The Atlantic interviewed Christian Picciolini, a young man who jumped the white nationalism ship and have founded the Free Radicals Project where other former extremists counsel members of violent far-right organizations and help them leave their groups and their ideals. You read about his thoughts here.

Like most people, he was disturbed by the recent terrorist attack in El Paso motivated by the fear of a “Hispanic invasion”.

“That shooting, along with another one hours later, in which an attacker killed nine people over 30 seconds in Dayton, Ohio, renewed the clamor for gun-control laws that has become a grim ritual after such events. But Picciolini said that even if the U.S. could get a handle on its gun problem, terrorists can always find other ways. (Timothy) McVeigh had his car bomb, the September 11th hijackers had their airplanes, Islamic State attackers have suicide bombings, trucks, and knives. “I have to ask myself, Do we have white-nationalist airline pilots?” Picciolini said. “There have to be. I knew people in powerful positions, in politics, in law enforcement, who were secretly white nationalists. I think we’d be stupid and selfish to think that we don’t have those in the truck-driving industry.”

It’s a frightening thought to consider that white nationalists could employ the same means to send a message of terror to the world, but as we’ve seen with some of these terrorists, they are willing to die and take out as many people as possible for the sake of their beliefs. The irony – of course – is how many of their victims will be the same kind of people they believe are “endangered”. But I guess they think that they can’t make an omelet without breaking some white eggs.


5 thoughts on “Former Neo-Nazi Worries That Even If Guns are Controlled, White Nationalists Will Find Other Ways To Inflict Violence

  1. I agree with the former Neo Nazi.

    There are a million and one ways Neo Nazi’s can inflict harm on people.From their fists to can be done. Even worse, we have a president who encourages this evil. They move when he moves.

    As I commented in your prior subject about people” doing nothing” about gun violence and how Donald Trump seems a little open to doing something about it such as monitoring ” at risk” people ,tightening gun sales and looking at what people are saying on their social media accounts. All fairly reasonable but you and me there is something in it for 45..believe you me.

    Forty five wouldn’t be looking at the White supremacists, he’ll be looking at of the social groups that are fighting for the good of people and Black/ non White Christian groups just like they did in the Jim Crow era and punish them for saying ” Uh” to him. This is the same jive he wants to do with Social Security/ SSI look in their social media accounts before being considered in getting the benefits. That is why he seems semi eager in doing a little gun reform. Who do he think he’s fooling?

  2. I have heard Picciolini when he was a guest on Tim Wise’s podcast. Hopefully he can teach more white men and white youth to leave the white supremacist/nationalist movement. Hopefully he can reach all the Richard Spencer wannabes.

  3. People always find ways to hurt each other. Shouldn’t happen.

    I have no problem with two men solving their differences with a private brawl, so long as both agree to participate.

    But this crap…killing people…

    That lust isn’t bound to the tool in their hands. Just the darkness in their hearts. I worry that they will find other ways, because some ways are much worse than guns.

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