Opinion: Three mass shootings in a few days. America should do better, but it won’t

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I’ve been wrapping my head about what to write in regards to the chaotic last few days in this so-called “great” nation. But I realize that I’ve been down this road before. We all have. Everytime a mass shooting happens in America, we go through the cycle of thoughts and emotions. Whoever the shooter was will spark reactions depending on what religion or race he is. We fall into a state of collective and sympathetic mourning. Politicians will “send their thoughts and prayers” to the bereaved while playing the outrage card, condemning the incident and the person or people behind them. Despite the frequency of mass shootings in this country alone, those in Washington, their backers and their supporters alike won’t do jack. They most likely will move on, and before you know it, history repeats itself in another American city or town. The number of lives lost and who will conduct the terrorist act will vary and change, but details, details. It will happen again.

Honestly, I’m numb to this kind of news. However, if something like this happens in a public space or during a public event, and I was there, I would be scared as shit. I would be traumatized if I don’t unfortunately become a victim. I was very near a shooting three years ago. It wasn’t a mass shooting, but it was no less horrific. I can still remember hearing the gun shots. I have small anxiety attacks whenever I go to a public function like a party. I dread that some fool will waltz into the area mad and drunk as hell and start shooting. And since I’m black, fearing that the shooter will share my ethnicity is a double jeopardy.

But if the person was nonblack, it would be no less devastating and traumatic. 

Right now, though, I’m numb to hear about the recent mass shootings in Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. All three were carried out by young and angry white males, two of whom (as of this writing) have been indoctrinated with online white supremacy. It’s a sad and hopeless numb, because it’s a reminder that white supremacy not only did not go away or become less monstrous. It’s gotten destructive to where, in the hands of gunmen, it can take the lives of anyone. ANYONE! And to further rub salt into the many wounds left behind, the government doesn’t consider it as a vital issue to concern themselves with. 

Let’s not sugarcoat this in any way. Most of these mass shootings were done by pissed off white men. That’s not sounding racist. But the motivating factor behind many of these atrocities has been about racial paranoia, the feeling that the white “race” will be replaced by “lesser” more “inferior” races who are supposedly orchestrating white people’s extinction through affirmative action and interracial dating. Does that sound ridiculous? Of course it does. Still, a lot of these bastards and bitches firmly think their people are being wiped out in loads. The irony is that many people killed in these domestic terrorist attacks have been white! So, technically, these racist fuckers need to look in the mirror to see who’s behind their own “extinction-level events”, especially if they have homicidal and genocidal urges and enough blind rage that compel them to buy as much ammo as possible.

And yet, the government at large doesn’t give two fucks! Their lack of action has been obvious every year. Even worse is how they allow an ignorant bum of a failing leader to give angry white guys reasons to kill and have done NOTHING to hold him accountable. Seriously? What’s the use of a government when it doesn’t care about the welfare of its own people?

The Chief Executive and Executive Vice President of the notorious NRA (National Rifle Association) Wayne LaPierre, who’s likely among the usual trying to shift blame away from them and President Gasbag from the truths behind these horrific terror attacks, once said that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. The only problem with that statement, aside from how idiotically asinine it is, is that a lot of these terrorists thought that what they did was an imperative good. ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ are highly subjective terms. Those who shot in the name of preserving the European ethnicity believed that their targets were the races of bad guys that must be killed. They were brainwashed – willingly – that their people were dying, and it made them furious enough to commit mass murder. It was true in Charleston, South Carolina four years ago, in Pittsburgh last year, in Poway, California in April of this year and in towns like Gilroy, California and El Paso Texas more recently.

In short, those bad guys with guns thought they WERE good guys with guns. A gun doesn’t care what you think of yourself or who your enemies are. It’s purpose is to kill. Period. 

Any argument to curb violence that involve stricter gun laws will be made with opposition and fear, the fear that guns will be taken away. The partisan-obsessed will blame either side for their laziness and inaction. Politicians will be bought by NRA lobbyists, and nothing will change.

Even though not all of these attacks are fueled by ignorant hate and aggrieved entitlement or committed by white men, it’s still a testament to the inexcusably high gun violence problem that this nation continues to neglect. Each incident is regarded as isolated incidents. But too many “isolated incidents” would soon become an epidemic, and it may morph into a problem that’s too big – or too late – to stop.

12 thoughts on “Opinion: Three mass shootings in a few days. America should do better, but it won’t

  1. I gave up on anything changing after Newtown. When people are prepared to sacrifice children to protect their guns, it is only a matter of time until the whole rotten system collapses.

  2. ” Momma said there will days like this”.
    In this case ..momma didnt just warn me about having casual bad days but about time repeating itself..with a spin and to prepare in dealing with it.

    I feel you . Just when I was just letting the Gilroy and El Paso sink in..I woke up to the Dayton killings. I admit, it made me a little anxious and almost not go to church( thinking about the Charleston massacre) but all I thought about was what some pastors would say: your adversaries want you do hide. Don’t get me wrong, it can be scary but I wanted to gain some sanity and mostly be strong enough to deal with an always hostile society.

    Im also very frustrated. I look at other countries/ territory that Ive mentioned : Sudan, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico. Whether their agenda would have passed/ failed , the idea that those many people came out to support in those countries to support their perspective cause.

    When it comes to U.S.A…not so much. I also notice one thing, when it comes to the topic of racism , its barely acknowledged. Respectfully, when it comes to this topic, this is something Black people have been aggressively proactive in warning people about since it happened and too often, we got ..and still get pushback for it.

    No matter what example are used in how racism works people just think its no bigggie. I just read a survey about what are the most important issues to young people? Among the demographics Black people said racism, Latinos say immigration and Asians said Health care. Mind you, there were also other issues along with these mentioned on here that affected them but far as their top issues, those were what was important to them.

    If I was a young person my top issue would also be racism/ discrimination. Here is what some of these same people dont grasp when it comes to it.. its very intersectional in areas they would never expect for it to . It effects immigration. Donald Trump wants to get rid of non White immigrants and when it comes to health care there are discrepancies in how its administered to White vs Black and other non Blacks.It was said that Democrats are trying to use the 14 amendment to assure that children born into the from immigrant parents U.S. / territories are repeatedly assures them that they are full blown American citizens.

    Unfortunately, The US. are a selfish nation to do what Hong Kong, Sudan and Puerto Rico are/ were doing. If its not about one persons issue , we overlook it. The equal amount of attention given to one group should be given to the other but its not like that.

    Racism seems to be an issue that resonates people the least but it should be tops. The problem( s) is that people dont connect them and see how it effects our nation in other areas: police brutality, gun rights,ICE,health care, women’s issues..etc racism/ discrimination does. and how they intertwine with these issues.

  3. Reblogged this on Steph's Blog and commented:
    Yes. TBH, it’s the whole system of white male supremacy at the root of all violence in America and around the world 🌎. This segment of the American demographic refuse to own up to the atrocities and they blame others.

    This segment doesn’t care for anyone but themselves and even that is less likely. This society is anti humanity and anti God.

  4. What is standing in our way is the Republican party. Citizens are organizing to vote out Republicans who are using corporate donations which will be addressed by boycotting such corporations that are trying to set themselves up as False Masters wanting to pay starvation to slave wages like Walmart. The NRA should be called out and outlawed as they are using dark money from foreign nations to donate to oppose representatives and senators who vote for banning assault weapons.

    Further if we can organize citizens so we can shut out republicans thereby legislating laws that will allow the house and the senate to be proactive in removing subversive acts like we have been witnessing from the GOP so we can impeach and remove civil officers who are using subversive tactics against people of color so they can control this nation and/or keep it a whites-only nation so we can finally change it into the nation it said it was to be.

  5. I read the GOP get huge amounts of money from the NRA so the Republicans are not going to do anything about this. Or maybe like you said this problem may have morphed into something that is too big and perhaps it’s too late to fix it.

    1. Supposedly, Cult 45 and his losers want tighter gun restrictions and not to give ” at risk” people access to them. As much as I support gun restrictions and other things to quell the violence,I have a strange that these restrictions will not apply to White supremacists but rather the general public especially Blacks,other minorities and their supporters?

  6. Trump trying to condemn white supremacy and nationalism, he’s being insincere and off course he’s lying through his rotten teeth.

  7. Not gonna lie. When white dudes crack…it ends badly for everyone. Ever see one of us drink? Holy crap. No wonder we are over represented in alcohol related crimes.

    I do worry about the “white male” category. Mostly because it is meaningless, really. Just like black is. Unless, of course, we are suggesting there is a specific link between the presence of a certain gene and this type of activity?

    I worry about media bias. Yes, these monsters need to be tortured publicly on TV. I want to watch.

    But at the same time, the things that AREN’T being said are equally telling. Or damaging. Its always easiest to look where they want us to look. Just like a magician. The trick is looking at all the other things too.

  8. Thank you for this deep and thoughtful article. The line where you state that you have become numb to these attacks is deeply sad but also relatable for all of us, these attacks have become so common that the ‘shock’ value has decreased. I have tried to respond to the recent mass shootings in an article on blog, it would be great if you could read it and let me know your thoughts.

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