Mass Shooting in El Paso; Here’s What’s Reported So Far (UPDATE)

Source: Heavy

On Saturday , August 3, a suspect opened fire at a shopping complex in El Paso, Texas. As of this writing, 20 people have died (Though, the number of casualties vary among some reports) while more than a dozen are injured.

The suspect is 21 year-old Patrick Crusius (pictured above) who is reported to have called into a Wal-Mart and started to open fire indiscriminately. The news uncovered Crusius’ online footprints which has uncovered what appears to his postings in the infamous cesspool forum known as 8chan, as well as leaving his mark on other social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.

However, 8chan was of a particular interest as Crusius allegedly left a short manifesto claiming how he was inspired by the Christchurch shooter and how his attack was motivated by what he believed was a “Hispanic invasion of Texas”.

The El Paso police are currently working with the FBI and DEA.

Keep watching the news for developing reports.

UPDATE: I just heard there was just a SECOND mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio. Right now, it’s said that nine people were killed with several injured.

11 thoughts on “Mass Shooting in El Paso; Here’s What’s Reported So Far (UPDATE)

  1. Reblogged this on Steph's Blog and commented:
    This is so evil. May the victims of El Paso and Dayton rest in peace and prayers for the people of El Paso and Dayton. This WS society must go. It’s anti humanity and about life. 😥😥

  2. I read he only had three friends and his twin sister. He’s a POS hope he gets the death penalty. These white nationalists are not going to stop until their is a full blown civil war. Also read his manifesto said how he hated Hispanics. He is a Trump supporter that right there is always telling how unhinged his political cult is.

  3. There were 18 dead people the last I checked and 40 injured. These mass shootings are becoming too frequent and I doubt if they will stop. If the Sandy Hook shootings didn’t make an impact to curb gun control then nothing will stop this.

  4. Some of the injured are afraid to go to the hospital because they are afraid because they are undocumented. This is so disgusting.

  5. All terrorist killings should be prosecuted as Hate Crimes and the death penalty should be an automatic sentence regardless of the trial which should be initiated giving them full rights before being executed. The only way to end this Whites Only Crime is to expose it for what it is and enforce the punishment accordingly. We can not allow the White Conservative Judges to give any lenience sentencing for these terrorist attacks.

  6. Wow..this has got to be one of the most insane Sundays that I ever had.

    I woke up to the massacre in Dayton, Ohio after hearing the killings that took place in El Paso and just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I visited a church. where the Bishop said that a member of his church had a daughter who live in El Paso,called her daughter only to discover that she got shot three times.Im not sure if she’s dead or alive.

    Recently, my cousin went to Texas to spend some time with his best friend and to attend her family reunion in Oklahoma. I almost called him to see if he is ok. Though my family and me always see what’s up with him, I forgot, he’s in Arlington not that Im taking it for granted but so far, so good with him.

    As horrifying as the massacres are in Dayton and El Paso, it’s not a surprise .With a man like 45…any thing goes assuming the worst coming from him and his White supremacist cronies.

    If you ask me, I think that this is what 45 wants…I can see he making light of this : killing minorities. They are pondering if El Paso killing is racially motivated( It should be as the people in there were largely Latino and he saying that he wanted to kill them) , three people of color were killed ( the killer also talked badly about Latinos and White ” twats” ..I guess he meant open minded White people)and I read a woman’s tweet where she said that most of the families who were interviewed about the victims were mostly Black.A possible rumor but I cant put anything past it.

    I also find something about these three sets of killings that seem peculiar as much deadly but that’s another story that Ill mention later.

  7. PFC. Glyndon Oakley Jr. is a hero in this tragedy for helping save young children. Salute to this young soldier.

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