“Ariel” is a live-action Disney film starring Halle Bailey as the main character, and white folks are PISSED

Source: The Wrap

We’ve seen this before.

Whenever Hollywood casts a person of color as a character normally portrayed as white, white people will blow a gasket. This is despite Hollywood’s long history of whitewashing nonwhite characters and white people didn’t raise a stink about that fact. So, it’s not surprising that they’re up in arms over news lately about a film with a black actor cast as a white character.

News broke out recently that Disney, in it’s continuous project to turn their popular animated classics into live-action films, decided to move on The Little Mermaid. The animated tale featured a red-headed, causation teen female named Ariel. But in the live-action version called Ariel, the role is given to Halle Bailey, a black female actress known for her role in the comedy Grown-ish or from the group Chloe x Halle.

Bailey’s gotten plenty of support from fellow actresses and fans. But remember when I mentioned how white folks loose their shit when POC are cast in roles normally given to white actors or white characters? Well…

White people have took to social media to express their outrage. Some cited how the character was created by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and how she simply can’t be black because she’s from Denmark (She’s a mermaid, which means she was born and raised underwater. How can she be from a land-based country?). Many just scoffed at the idea of race-changing the character from a white girl to a black girl. Whatever it is, white people formed a #NotMyAriel hashtag on Twitter to express their “grievances”.

My only response to this and the likelihood that this will happen again is that white people are unaware, uncaring or both about the history of casting white actors as characters or racist caricatures of color or the endless dehumanization of POC by white people, especially in the media. Casting POC in roles usually given to whites is a rare thing, and what was released NEVER showed white people as one-dimensional or insulting to the entire group. And I know none of them have left hints pertaining to the racial paranoia of white genocide.

While many want to point out how this hysteria centers around a person that doesn’t even exist, some want to bring up the obvious racial hypocrisy and selective outrage. It’s the usual white people shit that makes them blind to everyone else’s adversities except their own, even if and when their adversities are – at most – trivial compared to ours.


3 thoughts on ““Ariel” is a live-action Disney film starring Halle Bailey as the main character, and white folks are PISSED

  1. Yes..I heard about this and Hailey is more than qualified to play Ariel. Its a fictional character. The mermaid wasn’t of any race but lets say that that it was based on it, let’s just say she wouldn’t be White..lol!

    Its also interesting that there have been mermaid mythology containing mermaids for thousands of years. I didn’t know but now I know and the naysayers needs to shut it.

    While Haileys critics are offended about her being Ariel, as a proud Black woman there were many things I was offended by when it came to pictures.Ill never forget when my mother showed a White Mormon the door for insinuating that Jesus was White.This also led my my mom to buy a bible that specified the Black people represented in the in there.

    Thankfully, she did as I would find it odd to see mostly White people in a mostly Middle Eastern/ African land.Other than Greece/ Mediterranean, Ive never read anything about blue eyed, blond haired. Europeans in the bible..which was what the Mormon lady said.

    This is what White society dont consider: the world isnt White and representation should match with its representatives. As a kid , I didnt always get the gist of race but at the same time, I knew that I wasnt White and my folks reminded me how prejudiced this world is when it came to Blackness.At the same time, they also wanted me to know that there was nothing wrong with being me and if you take the easy way out of life that you will be retested until you pass the test( far as dealing with race/racism.Eg Candace Owens bootlicking).

    Honestly, I have no interest in seeing the movie regardless of the race of the actress potraying Ariel, but if I had a Black/ biracial Black child , representation would be important for them. Ive observed many media outlets from North American and from around the world.Sadly, with the exception of us, European , Canada and of course Africa and the Caribbean, most of the representation on their shows were White.

    My parents wanted me to think better of my Black self and would want to do the same with my hypothetical kids. There are too many Black/ POC who think ” White is right” because that is what they only see and know.

  2. White folks losing their shit over fictional characters is beyond ridiculous. But according to that sea hag Megyn Kelly, Santa Claus and Jesus are white too. Although I don’t consider Jesus to be a fictional character, he was a person of color.

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