Meet Stefan Molyneux, a Misogynistic, White Supremacy, Race Realism, YouTube “Philosopher” & Conspiracy Theorist

Source: Trackalytics

From Media Matters:

Molyneux often promotes scientific racism. On Twitter, Molyneux has repeatedly pushed statements that link IQ, race, and crime, a basic tenet of scientific racism. An episode of his YouTube show titled “Why Liberals are Wrong About Inequality” centered on discussing IQ differences between races, which earned him the accolades of neo-Nazi outlet The Daily Stormer.

Molyneux was one of the most prominent promoters of false claims about “white genocide” in South Africa. On his YouTube channel, Molyneux has devoted several episodes to fearmongering about white “genocide” in South Africa, even hosting far-right troll Lauren Southern and appearing with Simon Roche, a South African agitator with ties to American white nationalist Jared Taylor.

After a visit to Poland, Molyneux talked fondly about “white nationalism.” As reported by Angry White Men, a blog that tracks right-wing extremists, Molyneux “told viewers he was becoming much more sympathetic to white nationalism” after visiting Poland. On his YouTube channel, he recorded a video in which he waxed poetic about the country’s being “99% white” composition and relative lack of crime, and said that while he had previously “spoken out against white nationalism,” he “can’t argue with the reality.”

Molyneux uses YouTube to promote white supremacist talking points and fearmonger about “population replacement.” The blog Angry White Men has documented Molyneux’s use of YouTube to push white supremacist talking points and racist rhetoric, including framing immigration as “population replacement,” claiming that diversity “means fewer white people,” and advocating for having “people of the same race and culture in a country” in the name of “social cohesion.” On YouTube, he also promoted white nationalist Richard Spencer’s views by calling for people to “listen to his goddamn arguments.”

Molyneux regularly attacks feminism. Molyneux often uses his massive Twitter platform to lash out against feminism, once claiming that its purpose was “reducing white Christian birth rates.”

Molyneux is a men’s rights activist. His YouTube content regularly features complaints about the supposed oppression of men in society, and he strongly championed James Damore, the Google employee who was fired after writing a memo contending that women’s underrepresentation in the technology field is due to biology.

Molyneux once fearmongered that a new film in the Star Wars franchise was about the failure of diversity. As reported by Right Wing Watch, Molyneux devoted one of his YouTube videos to lashing out against Star Wars: The Last Jedi, claiming it was about the suffering of white men caused by increasing diversity.

Seriously, what the flying fuck is wrong with him?
As far as the “philosopher” part is concerned, Molyneux seems to claim that title and his followers apparently agree. He does drop some academic college-level talking points and political issues. But as Right Wing Watch has discovered, none of them are his, even though he acts like they are:
Liberal YouTube commentary channel The Liberal Sanity Project, documented instances of Molyneux’s apparent plagiarism in a video published to YouTube on December 5. Liberal Sanity Project told us that they researched the video by running transcripts of Molyneux videos through anti-plagiarism software.

Those instances of plagiarism were further researched by Stuart K. Hayashi, who found another instance of Molyneux using work from other sources without proper attribution in a video uploaded just four days ago. Hayashi points out that Molyneux read entire passages of text from Zero Hedge, Areo Magazine, The New Criterion, and The Epoch Times— the latter without as much as a link in the video’s description.

So, Molyneux is not only a race realist, white supremacist, white nationalist, misogynistic, conspiracy theorist. He’s also a blatant plagiarist.

I’m gonna guess that Stefan Molyneux was a loser whose life was going nowhere, and like so many budding white supremacists, he didn’t examined his own shortcomings or worked hard to correct them to get himself out of his hole. Instead, he went online and ventured through conservative and hate sites that blame the white man’s woes on Jews, blacks and women, established social media accounts and became the right wing internet celebrity he is today while duping himself into believing he’s some great free thinker who deserves to be heard and praised.


5 thoughts on “Meet Stefan Molyneux, a Misogynistic, White Supremacy, Race Realism, YouTube “Philosopher” & Conspiracy Theorist

  1. “White Christian” birth rates. It astounds me how they use the word “Christian “ when they are the antithesis of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  2. The turd is not only a loser and a fraud he doesn’t have an original thought in his stupid head. So he plagiarized other hate mongers sites to use to spread their propaganda. These animals are nothing but cancers on society. Sadly, bigotry will be passed on to future generations.

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