Race realism, human biodiversity, whatever you want to call it, it’s STILL racism.

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Oh Lord, another one.

A blog post I wrote discussing, or rather debasing, scientific racism has caught the attention of a blogger who runs Dissenting Academia (DA). The premise, according to the homepage, is to center on “HBD-related topics”. ‘HBD’ stands for human biodiversity which is the “study” that human beings differ from one another biologically, usually right down to genetics, and that such diversity predetermines every aspect of a person – or rather “groups” of people. It’s also known as ‘race realism’ or ‘eugenics’.

DA’s blog entries include asking if slaves committed “lots of crime”, education and I.Q., and for reasons that can only amount to antisemitism, the claim that most slave owners were Jews. DA, like his peers and comrades, is hooked with the subject of the I.Q.s of blacks. It’s a trend with these race realists to always bring up this topic, and it’s a push to argue that black people fall behind not because of forms of oppression and discrimination against them, but by their own personal and biological failings that are “built in” at a genetic level. To that end, public policy to control, imprison and even put them down is understandable as they believe that blacks are not only different from whites, but are intellectually and emotionally inferior to whites. And these “scientists” assert that their “data” is empirical and non-refutable. There’s no room for disagreement even if you brought data and articles to disprove them, and there’s certainly no room to call it what it is: racism.

DA is not alone. He is part of a loosely connected cluster of online “intellectuals” devoted to this “science”. So, it’s not shocking to find that his blog is linked to sites like UNV, VDare and American Renaissance, all three well-known sites founded to peddle racist pseudo-science. Though, there are those in the field of biology – genetics in particular – who have jumped on the HBD bandwagon and have become favorites among racist groups and movements. But the crusade for making race a tangible component of humanity has had major stands on the internet in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts and various websites like magazines and forums attracting those interested in soaking in the pseudo-science.

So, DA decided to argue against my entry regarding the falseness of scientific racism by taking it and tearing it down on his blog, and declares how he’ll have “fun” doing it. Like those that came before him who learned of my existence, he wants to “prove” how “wrong” I am. DA provided links to articles and graphs to make his case. He fashions his blog entries like actual research essays.

Regarding my entry, he states:

Brotha Wolf says the argument goes along the lines of “people of African descent have low IQ’s (around 70). So, it’s no secret why most of them are poor and criminal prone. On the other hand,…the greatest gifts to mankind and the result of human progress to what it is today has largely been orchestrated by whites due to them have “superior genes”.” This gets a couple small things right, and A LOT wrong:

1) people of African descent do have lower IQs – got that right, 2) well, 97% of significant scientific innovations came from North America and Europe and Europe and the West are massively overrepresented through all of history in significant artistic achievements (Murray, 2002), and it does have to do with something about white genes. But not superiority which brings us to your third mistake: 3) assuming there are superior races.

So, let’s quickly explain how superiority works to Brotha Wolf. For there to be a superior race, there would have to be a set of features that is objectively superior. If you believe higher intelligence objectively defines all of superiority, then that is your personal standard. But, I not only disagree with that subjectively, but see no way we can objectively justify it. So if you think race realism is about superiority, then the blame is on you. We are not the racists because we have only asserted one fact: biological differences exist and account for most of the disparities between racial groups. You have gone one step further – without our warrant – and said this makes a group superior. You are the white supremacist Brotha Wolf, not the race realists.

Okay. He says that he agrees with the hangup that HBDs like himself have regarding blacks and I.Q.s. It’s almost like a catchphrase with them. At the same time, he glosses over North America and Europe’s “artistic achievements” and cited Charles Murray – yes, that Charles Murray – as a source driving home the case that it has something to do with white genes. Yet, he disagrees with my claim about their deluded conviction of them being superior, but never explains why.

DA objects to being called ‘racist’ even though what he delves in is, by the simplest definition RACIST. And he calls me a white supremacist to boot.

So, I confronted him. He responds by repeatedly asking for proof, data and evidence to my claims and ends by cursing me out. I reminded him that his “field” is nothing more than a con to justify and advocate hate against black people, and he finishes by saying how he didn’t read it, because I had no references.

I’m no expert in the study of genetics, but I don’t think DA or any of these race realists are either. Judging by his response, he’s as far from a scientist as Donald Trump is from being a world leader. This is just me, but I can only guess that these people believe in this pseudo-science not so much out of curiosity but more likely out of a need for a self-esteem booster. They take this in as a genuine study mostly to want blacks to be less than they, and by ‘they’ I meant these particular individuals, not white people or any group of nonblacks in general. I guess that’s why so many bring up achievements and innovations by white Americans and Europeans. They want to attach their greatness onto them at the expense of those they see as detrimental to their existence for personal reasons.

But that’s just a theory.


8 thoughts on “Race realism, human biodiversity, whatever you want to call it, it’s STILL racism.

  1. I feel with white nationalism and the alt-right rearing their ugly heads this is just a way to propagate their racist ideology.

  2. People like these stupid idiots, I wouldn’t even engage with them. Once it gets to the point where they try to demean you and curse you, the discussion is over. You don’t have to be subjected to their verbal assault of your character. F*%@ them!

    Keep up the good work by keeping us informed!

  3. DA is similar to the climate deniers. If he really wanted to see what proofs are out there regarding the fact that race isn’t what he thinks it is, all he’d need to do is check with about 98% of geneticists, all of whom rejected eugenics outright long ago — not because it was politically incorrect but because it is false. So it’s laughable that someone so ill-informed as DA is coming after you in any way whatsoever — the only thing scarier than an ignorant moron is one who prizes his ignorance as if it were an asset. Great post.

    1. Thanks.

      A lot of geneticists do reject the idea that race is biological, but there are some who are committed to proving otherwise. Internet “intellectuals” invested in HBD are not only committed to the idea, but think the idea is solid and irrefutable.

      In many cases, such people who are into this have a hollowness in their souls that they want filled. They want to believe this crap for some kind of personal positive at the expense of others.

  4. A hit dog will holler if they have to curse you out about the facts..lol!

    Anyways.. nobody is born smart. ” Intelligence is a subjective trait that can’t be yea or nay. The idea of having high IQs is really about learning White societal culture. To learn about one thing does not equate to great intelligence. Some non Americans may call you dumb if you don’t know about French ,Japanese, Nigerian or Brazilian culture.

    The Senegalese friend that I occasionally on here told me felt like a dunce when he went back to his homeland because of what/ how they teach in his homeland. Let’s just say that the school system there don’t play and don’t take ” no” for an answer. Ironically, the system is based on the French school model. They also learn English, Creole and Wolof…their true language. As a native born Black woman,I’ve always wanted to speak more than English.

    Even in the states,you may get called dumb depending on which region where you’re from. You may also get called intelligent in the states . Southerners may get called unintelligent by non Southern people because of the stereotypical Southern accent by it has nothing to with it.

    As I said IQ is subjective .Unless was born with a birth defect with the brain, it cannot be an accurate assessment for one’s smarts. One may be considered smart in one place but may not be considered be smart in another.

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