Pseudo-Intellectual Trolls: Ignorant Cyberbullies Masking as ‘Smart’ People

Source: Getty Images through CNN

Less than a few months ago, there was a story posted on the Guardian called “Me and My Vulva”. Basically, it’s an interview by Liv Little with photographer Laura Dodsworth and her 100 portraits of Vulvas.

But one dude thought it was necessary to (in)correct the medical term. Paul Bullen tweeted that they’re not vulvas. They’re vaginas. But they really are vulvas. Who says? A gynecologist AND the dictionary. Yet, Bullen – bloated with overconfidence – was convinced that he knew better than they.

Click here to read more about this trainwreck in slow motion.

I don’t know much about the female reproductive anatomy. So, it would be wise for me not to give lectures without any knowledge. Doing so would require me to do research, which includes looking for sources provided by people who worked in the subject. It would also beseech me to open my mind enough to learn new things and correct myself if what I thought was amiss. Mr. Bullen lost out on this prerequisite for attempting to correct others thoroughly and failing horribly with each pretentious tweet.

I dealt with these kinds of assholes before, and they’ll likely keep coming as long as I blog about subjects they hate. In my case, it’s self-important bloggers who made it their mission to correct me on the issue of racism. I never professed myself as an expert, and I’m not. That’s why I put in some work in look for sources. I’m not right all the time, and I don’t mind knowing that I’m wrong. But with these “intellectuals”, I’m wrong about literally EVERYTHING concerning racism.

I call them ‘pseudo-intellectual trolls‘, because they pretend to know more about particular subjects than actual experts or even dictionaries and encyclopedias and will let people know – usually extensively – how wrong and/or stupid they are. These are the types who use the words “truth” and “facts” in their favor as if it’s ALWAYS on their side. Literally, ANYTHING that disputes their “knowledge” is wrong. The people who challenge them are always talked down. Any sources to their arguments are rejected. Their intelligence – as well as the people  in some cases – are insulted. Name calling and cursing usually come with their clapbacks. In short, they respond like spoiled bratty preteens even though many of them are grown-ass adults, not exactly how well-grounded, sensible and civil people would respond.

These trolls appear to be mostly straight, white and/or male. Though, it can’t be ruled out that some of them fit outside that demographic. But these are the fools that lurk around and look for people to troll to dump their false-intellectual prowess. They look for anti-racists, feminists, LGBT activists, any website, blog or video they deem is leftist, progressive or liberal. On that note, most of these trolls have adopted far-right wing ideologies and talking points and tried to spin them to make them AND themselves sound “smarter” and even scientific. It’s a weak attempt to intellectualize hate and ignorance, but it’s potent enough to influence large sums of gullible people.

These trolls do this as a fear tactic. They use it to attack those who are against their beliefs. It’s a way of demoralizing you and your thinking, stance and activism. It’s a heinous way of trying to silence you.

While they put on a front and seem emotionally neutral or claim how they’re not easily swayed by feelings, these trolls’, from those who command how they use and care about facts and truths, indicate that they actually are emotionally unstable and fragile in their responses. The proof is their urge to knowingly visit areas on the internet not suited for them and responding patronizingly. Some will take several paragraphs to argue against one factual statement. In some cases, they never disprove anything, but do so extensively. So, it’s obvious that the subject sparked their feelings. Of course, the name calling and cursing will show just how stunted their maturity is. Keep in mind that many of these trolls are anywhere from being old enough to drink to old enough to retire. So, you’re dealing with adults who act like children. 

These people want to be right ALL THE DAMN TIME, even in subjects they know little to nothing about. Some will divulge how educated they claim they are. It’s not to say they’ve never been to college or read a school, but it’s understandable to cast doubts if someone tells you they took courses in race relations but concludes that racism is not a big problem in America anymore.  Or hearing someone claim they’re a “scientist”, because he has a beaker at home. So, it wouldn’t be surprising that they would lie about their background, credit biased, limited and/or nonexistent sources or even misinterpret the very information they provide.

Yet, they believe they have “superior minds”.

So, what kind of people are these trolls? Well, if this article is correct, they’re terrible people in real life. They possess narcissistic, sadistic, Machiavellian and psychopathic traits. They believe they – and only they – are the true intellectuals and truth seekers who knows what constitutes as ‘fact’. They seem to enjoy making others feel bad and take no accountability from it. They seem to enjoy it no matter how pathetic it is. They don’t think they’re in the wrong or they don’t really care. And they’re likely this screwed up in person.

To be blunt, these intellectual trolls are anti-intellectual. They’re likely full of shit and want to break others for enjoyment behind their Ph. D-like portrayal.


7 thoughts on “Pseudo-Intellectual Trolls: Ignorant Cyberbullies Masking as ‘Smart’ People

  1. Your last paragraph sums up how those people are…trolls.

    Trolls are not there to hear facts from you,there are there to cause chaos. I’ve seen blogs/ website where you just look at how one person interacts with the other. You can predict how they want to slam the door in their faces.

    This is why I do my best in trying read material from people who write with common sense,which can be tedious only because you can’t always tell them but if I learn that the writer is no good, I drop them. I have no time to read their garbage.

  2. These people are unhinged. When people want to cause that much disruption and are that caustic is very telling of their mental health. So many sick and dark souls. They have nothing positive to offer society.

    1. I caught the attention of one who’s a blogger that deals in favor of scientific racism. He wrote an entry debunking my argument against it. I confront him, and as expected, he copped an attitude.

      I also found out he linked to websites like VDare and American Renaissance, sites that peddle “race realism”.

      1. So he’s a bigot. There just not enough pesticides to get rid of these roaches. But it’s good we have people like you refuting the lies of these cretins.

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