Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Uses MLK To Protect Trump

Source: NOLA

A few days ago on the 4th of April, civil rights leader and minister Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated standing on the balcony of the hotel he stayed in in Memphis Tennessee 51 years ago. His assassin was James Earl Ray, a prison escapee and career criminal. He died in prison on April 23, 1998. King arrived the day before to march on behalf of the striking sanitation workers.

Dr. King’s legacy has always been centered around abolishing racism and classism. Despite claims by the uninformed, he did not fight for “colorblindness”. He was aware of the issues the nation faced and worked to improve conditions for people struggling with race and class adversities.

Some would say King was trying to get people together in racial harmony, and that he would be greatly disappointed if he saw race relations today. However, some would say almost the same thing, but would detest those who constantly bring racism up as doing so will – in their minds –  divide this country.

One such person is Fox News’ own “expert” on race relations Laura Ingraham. As someone on the right, attacking the left, especially Democrats, is the thing to always do, particularly when defending her messiah Donald Trump:

What message do these folks offer America’s voters? I’ll tell you what they offer.

Resentment, anger, division, and alienation. And these Democrats don’t even acknowledge obvious gains, but you know why they won’t? Because to do so would affirm that Trump’s policies are working. Can’t have that.

Democrats aren’t angels or even totally trustworthy. That’s a given. But the way the right operates, everything – including what the right does that causes more problems for society – is their fault and the fault of the left in general. What happened to “personal responsibility”?

Watching and listening to this Democrat field kowtow to Al Sharpton makes it seem like America didn’t even elect, and then re-elect it’s first black president.

But for the hardcore racial rabble-rousers, Obama’s victories, remember, they were just baby steps. What they want now is full-on income confiscation meant to enforce equal outcomes, if not equal opportunity.

What is it with racist conservatives and their obsession with bring up Al Shaprton, and in most cases Jesse Jackson, as being the black community’s only leaders?

She continues:

Today is the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. I was thinking, like, if he were alive today I wonder what he’d think about such dismissive comments. And about a Democrat Party that believes it can regain power by living in a constant state of protest, or racial hatred, and denial.

Since Ingraham’s a white conservative, I’m guessing her idea of racial hatred is when people speak up and fight against racism that benefits white people. To her and many on the right, whites are the new blacks.

Keep in mind that this woman agreed with paleoconservaive and racist fossil Pat Buchanan that there were 600,000 slaves that were brought here and that 620.000 died in the Civil War. So, there’s no need for reparations for African Americans. She also coined the term “white-aphobia” and claims that talking about it is wrong and a way to “shut conservatives up”. She was also thinking, like, abortion to the Holocaust, criticized Rep. Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez about her “minority privilege”, and cried how political correctness will lead to “demographic suicide and cultural suicide”.

And that’s just a tip of the big, white iceburg.

Laura Ingraham’s racism is obvious, unless you’re a far-right conservative and the only kind of racism that concerns you is reverse racism against whites. And if MLK were alive today, even he would say, “This woman’s crazy!” 


13 thoughts on “Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Uses MLK To Protect Trump

  1. That’s because white people like Laura are still mentally and emotionally stuck in the Reagan 80s because that was their youth, and heyday. They look on that with nostalgia along with the things they were angry about then, too. They don’t know anything about current Black leaders or issues. Not that Jackson and Sharpton aren’t leaders, it’s that they’re no longer as relevant as they used to be back then, but white people like her think they are.

    They were mad as hell at Jackson and Sharpton back then and in some ways they’ve never moved on from that era. They still fighting battles from back then. When the battle has moved on. It’s the reason why their arguments about white oppression have gained traction only with their followers of like age and mind. Everyone else has moved on to new fights, and just mocks that bullshit. It’s ridiculous, and most of us don’t engage it. We got other things to think about.

    She and the Pat Robertson’s and Fox media are all dinosaurs, screaming louder and louder, as their comet rains down. If you think this is vile, there’s more to come as these types of conservatives go extinct. (They of course will be replaced by the outright fascists, as each generation of conservatives gets more extreme, it seems.)

    1. I think some are stuck in a “Father Knows Best” matrix and want to remain there so bad they want to destroy the real world supporting policies that undermine society as opposed to helping it. But that’s just a theory.

      This white oppression thing baffles me, but I guess it’s due to them always being center stage of virtually everything that anything that doesn’t makes them lose their minds. And it’s no use trying to convince them otherwise. Their racial paranoia seems way too strong.

  2. ” What is it with racist conservatives and their obsession with bring up Al Sharpton,and in most cases,Jesse Jackson as being the Black
    community’s only leaders?”

    That’s the million dollar question. There’s Huey Newton, Louis Farrakhan,BLM,Malcolm X and all they can bring up are those two? constantly just see them being brought up constantly like that is lame and beyond played out. I’m surprised that they aren’t of constant reputation of them. It goes to show you how much they know about Black history.

    It’s amazing how people can believe such propaganda..or want to believe in that garbage . What do we tell people when they want to learn the truth about history? ” Hey guys,you don’t have to do any research about it, just at TV and …voila!

    There is a young man from Morroco who said that he and his class took at trip to a civil rights museum in Mississippi and he came out crying..wanting to do more for minorities. It was a great thing that he attends an HBCU and went to that Museum. He got a clearer picture of what they civil rights movement was about. There are people who will tell you ” everything” about Black people but when you ask them about where they get their in formation from,they can’t tell you or it’s something stereotypical. Sadly ,there are people who will believe Fox before the truth.

    1. Exactly.

      It’s sad how these types who know little are the loudest and more talkative unaware or uncaring of how ridiculous they sound. It’s pretty much pathological.

  3. Even the faces of those troglodytes on Fox News looks like depravity and unhinged. They are lost dark souls.

  4. I have a different observation. These assholes are polemical speakers. The more outlandish, extreme, factually inaccurate etc, etc, the more their popularity. The more their popularity, the higher their income. They don’t for a minute believe in most of the shit they spew and therein lies the danger. They are nothing but money grubbing pieces of shit. I don’t ascribe any lofty or differing ideas to them.

  5. The fact that they bring up Jesse and Sharpton is sheer laziness. They can’t be bothered researching whos who. That is my first clue a blatant disregard for facts. But they are catering to a subset of white supremacist.

    1. To me, it seems like whatever pops up in their heads is the truth. Either that, or whatever someone says that they like to hear is the truth. One way or another, low-level thinking and minimal intelligence is a must’have in order to be a part of the right. It’s gotten to where the title “conservative intellectual” is an oxymoron or contradiction.

    2. But you know what? That’s okay. Let them keep attacking those two, who are well used to it, and not right in the center of things, because in the meantime, the actual community leaders can get their work done, because they’re being ignored.

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