Aunt Becky’s Goin’ To Jail: “Full House” Star One of Many Charged In College Admissions Con

Source: Quartz

From the Huff Post:

(Lori) Loughlin was allegedly part of a scheme of more than 40 defendants who paid up to $6 million in bribes to ensure their children were accepted to schools such as Yale, Stanford, Georgetown and Harvard. 

Loughlin played “Aunt Becky” on the famous classic sitcom Full House. I gotta admit, this chocked me to my core as I used to be a fan of the show. But she wasn’t the only star that was caught. Actress Felicity Huffman was also charged.

This is major, and as such, the internet came out memes blazing. Check some of them out here.

Here’s what happened:

The Hollywood stars allegedly joined CEOs of private and public companies, real estate professionals and a fashion designer in paying up to $6 million in bribes to ensure that their children were accepted to schools such as Yale and Georgetown. Most of the parents paid $250,000 to $400,000 per student. 

The alleged scheme, which the FBI called a “nationwide conspiracy,” allowed parents to pay for their children to cheat on exams and apply to elite schools as student athletes, regardless of their actual skills. Top college coaches at the schools are also among those charged, but authorities said they are not investigating the schools themselves.

Federal prosecutors said 33 parents bribed entrance exam administrators along with varsity coaches and administrators.

The bribery ring allegedly got its start several years ago when William Rick Singer founded a for-profit college admissions company in Newport Beach, California, that masqueraded as a not-for-profit group, according to authorities. He agreed to plead guilty to charges including racketeering and money laundering conspiracy.

Only one of Loughlin’s daughters admitted on video that she didn’t care about college, at least not the “learning” part. She was more interested in college parties. But regardless, her mom chucked hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to get her and her sister into USC (University of Southern California).

It’s funny how it’s hard for young folks from working class families who do qualify to go to university, but this super scandal shows that with the right amount of money and plenty of people who would ensure that children from upper class families, even the lesser qualified, can get into any school they or their parents want.

This is (over) privilege at work.


16 thoughts on “Aunt Becky’s Goin’ To Jail: “Full House” Star One of Many Charged In College Admissions Con

  1. So Miss Lori and Miss Felicity has been caught up in the SAT cheating scandal ,eh?

    When I read about that made me think about a couple of things: 1) Kamilah Campbell ,the young Black Florida teen who was accused of scoring too high on the SAT test. I also think about the Atlanta Cheating Scandal. Most of those teachers are serving jail time because of their now deceased supervisor.

    If you’re White and/ or rich,White privilege will by you the world. Again,I go back to Kamilah. That girl worked hard in vain attempt to do well on the SAT test,then was questioned about doing too well on the test. If that was a White child to do it,it would have been a no brainer.

    I remembered the first time I heard about those Black high school students winning those multiple scholarships. People questioned them with racist insults like ” How can Black people do that?”” They cheated”, or the infamous one about Affirmative Action ” If it werent for AA ,they wouldn’t have won those multiple scholarships .

    Welp..goes to show ya that you don’t need to work hard to get a degree.Just be White and rich Even if this was an AA scenario..the one thing they don’t get is that you still have to work hard to get a degree…Opps! I forgot,AA mostly benefits White long as you are such you don’t * sarcasm*.

    1. Thanks for highlighting a hypocrisy here.

      I also remember Abigail Fischer who took her grievances to the Superme Court for not getting into a college even though she was an average student at best.

      1. Oh yeah…I forgot about Abby. She really had the nerve to make it seem that AA were the reasons that Black people benefited from college.

        As I mentioned on my prior post about Abbys complaint about AA,it was made for equalize the chances of them getting in school NOT cheating their way to the top. If anything dear Abby should have been fighting for how many of her people were paid off to make good grades to get their degrees?

        The next time a White apologists questions a Black persons ability of achieving good grades,they should be reminded of this. It’s been going on for ages.

        Felicity Huffman was able to bond out of jail. I’m curious in seeing if they will being serving those 2O years as the FBI agent said is given for people like them?

  2. I highly doubt Lori McLaughlin or Felicity whatever will see a day in jail, but they’re idiots. I mean, why didn’t they just donate the money to the college like everyone else–at least Aunt Becky could’ve got a “McLaughlin Hall” out of it? From making big donations to being a ‘legacy student’, undeserving mostly white kids have been stealing spots from qualified applicants for decades. Yet, Asian students, who are already disproportionately represented in prestigious schools, still think black students (who are underrepresented) are preventing them from getting into the school of their choice.

    1. I doubt they’ll go to jail too, but the title was kinda funny to me. Lol Still, this has privilege written all over it and I don’t think a lot of them or any of them will see the inside of a prison cell.

      1. Me too.

        The scary thing about cheaters like them is that they are dangerous. They put us all at risk to get harmed in some way. I mean, just imagine of you found out your doctor cheated in school and has four or more malpractice suits on him because he cheated his way though it. This is a true story of a couple of doctors my cousin knew when he was in his old place of employment.

        Even a doctor asked LPN…about diagnosing a patient. Yikes! It got so bad,he went to another hospital as a result and this place had a commercial about being a ” Top ” hospital. Although he didnt know whether he actually cheated his way through medical school, you have to wonder if the doctor did Hmmm….

        I would rather make an honest F than a dishonest A. At least you still will have your honor. Its getting to a point where you just pray that you get a good doctor, accountant, banker or scientist. One can only cheat so long before it will catch up with you. It’s sort of like your old teacher telling you to do a math problem and explain the steps after that. Those that cheated didn’t get far.

        I promise you that I worked hard for what I do because of stuff like this. Whatever I do,I try to do the best I can with it.

  3. But yet whites want to always accuse black folks of being recipients of affirmative action. Who knew stupid, rich white kids were so expensive. How is this any different from some super rich white person donating a library or giving some exorbitant amount of money to some elite school just to get their kids admission.

    1. Yep. It’s no surprise that white people see things differently than black people. They may not think that this admissions scandal is as bad as it sounds IF most or all of the people involved are white. They would see it as a necessary move to get their kids to the best schools no matter what. To them it’s for the “greater good” in a way. If this had been done by mostly black people, they would be damned so hard.

  4. This brouhaha about Aunt Becky and other rich white celebrities is just one of many examples of white privilege in society.

    1. I understand wanting your kid to go to a good school, and all, and I know college is expensive as hell. But going as far as bribe university and college officials to falsify records to make their kids more applicable is messed up.

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