Quick Thoughts: I really don’t trust the media

Source: Thrive Global

A lot of what I post came from news sites all over the internet. Politically speaking, they came from general left wing sources such as Alternet, Daily Kos, The Root, etc. Most people on the right have bugs up their asses that most of the media is liberal, or so they say. However, they have media catered to their thinking such as Fox News, Newsmax, the National Review, etc. Yet, I prefer leftist news media as opposed to right wing media.

Yet, no matter what slant the media goes to, they’re still largely owned and operated by straight white males mostly for straight white males. I know, there have been significant changes in what’s out there in recent years. But in large sums, it’s geared towards a certain demographic, because it’s owned by that certain demographic.

There’s still a lot of unfairness. Minority voices are still at a premium. Not all views and opinions are heard. And there’s still a priority to maintain certain images usually for profit.

This isn’t an attack on the media or the straight white male population. But this is to say that I have little trust in it, even the ones that are claimed to be black owned. Still, much of it seems geared towards reporting the truth somewhat and tries to make itself appear more diverse cosmetically. The right, from what I’ve seen, appears not as bucking for truth as the left – not all of it. And “diversity” to them is only accepted so long as you agree with them, right or wrong. Again, not all of it is that demanding or closed-minded. But…you know.

No form of media is perfect. I get that. And I’m not really a fan of news as it’s nothing but a business for fear, for the most part. But when push comes to shove, I rely on certain websites to gather my information and give my opinions, right or wrong, regarding the topic at hand.

But I will never fully see them as a clear telescope to the real world.


4 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: I really don’t trust the media

  1. Though I haven’t been big on watching TV since the late ’90s but I did watch some news. Now it’s getting to the point where I barely watch prime time news for the reasons you stated and like you, get most of my news from social media.

    It is said that 74 percent of millennial get their news from social media. I’m not one and though I’m more of a hands on kind of person,I also get my news from there . Sadly ,..its seems far more accurate than prime time media.

    The SmartApp commercial likes to boast about being am ” accurate ” news source. I think not! The thing that they don’t get is that with social media whether formal or formal tends to come from the horses mouth and bring our accurate truth.

    Not that long ago on a prior topic,there was a survey done along Blacks and Whites thoughts about getting their news on social media .Most Black people thought it was a great source to get accurate news ,while most Whites thought that there were that there
    better..accurate ways of getting the news * imagining myself being Wendy Williams and saying ” Uh-huh”.

    Journalism has become a fickle business in recent years..for almost 30 plus years . It doesn’t surprise me at all.
    It seems that most news sources want to go on Fox’s level..skewed . NBC made the fatal mistake of hiring Meghan Kelly ..thinking that their ratings would skyrocket…not! I don’t think traditional media will ever be the same again .They may have put their foot in the own mouth by following the leader..in their case FOX and not letting news flow with the times.

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