The Reasons Why Black and/or Gay People are Anxious About the Jussie Smollett Case (For Those That Don’t Know)

You probably…No. You DEFINITELY know about the case involving actor and singer Jussie Smollett, known for his role on the Fox TV series Empire. For reminders, here’s a quick summary revolves around Smollett supposedly being a victim of a hate crime by two MAGA Trumpster dudes. Naturally, he received tons of love and support. That is, until the Chicago Police Department started to take apart the case by stating that Smollett faked the incident. According to them, he paid two Nigerian brothers to stage the hate crime and would pay them a few grand in return. Why? They said it was due to his resentment of not getting paid enough for his work on the show and he wanted to advance his career.

Smollett has been charged as police declare it a hoax. Still, he maintains his innocence, and there are still questions being asked.

This has been a news media inferno. Reports have been working overtime with the latest updates. As expected, the right was flabbergasted, eating up the news coverage that the alleged attack was a hoax as claimed by Chicago P.D., a law enforcement agency with a not-so-sterling record of trustworthiness, ethics and justice regarding policing communities of color. Donald Trump even took time to express his outrage towards the actor, and conservatives are breathing a sigh of relief as well as recording this case in their memory banks to use it against the left and those they consider are SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) should any actual hate crime happens, real or otherwise.

Commentators from mostly liberal news outlets try to examine this case, particularly focusing on why would an actor who’s black and gay himself would pull off such a horrid act in the midst of this nation’s disastrous atmosphere and what would happen to blacks, gays and actual victims of hate crimes IF Smollett was lying the whole time. 

Blogger Abagond wrote about Smollett’s case a few weeks ago, but the commenting thread turned upside down after recent news reports of his possibly faking it made the airwaves and interwebs. I left a response explaining why blacks and gays are in their feelings about this whole unraveling explaining that our fears are nothing sort of reasonable:

1.) If this is a racial hoax, it would make it harder for actual victims of hate crimes to be taken seriously. The right has always made it their mission to program themselves to believe that black and gay people are NEVER victims, even when they clearly are. The greatest modern examples are just about EVERY police-involved murder of an unarmed black person, and I can remember clearly how right wing media wanted to argue against the fact that racism was the motivating factor for the Charleston Church massacre. And let’s not forget EACH AND EVERY TIME a white person (acts) belligerent whenever he or she sees a black person doing everyday things and that white person calls the police on them for doing NOTHING (but be there and be black). But sure enough, there are people who will contest that those white people were in the right for some BS reason, but will run away at the notion that race was involved.

(It goes without saying that the right entertains white victimhood ad nauseum, and sees this as another hit and miss undertaking to demonize white people they believe are existentially innocent…of everything.)

2.) In this climate where white racism is bubbling in this nation, why the bloody hell would ANYONE stage this? Reports say that Smollett allegedly staged the attack, because he wasn’t getting paid enough or that the letter he allegedly wrote to himself didn’t get enough attention. Even though stranger things have happened, it’s almost impossible to take any of that seriously. We can’t accept someone would be this stupid and careless to want to jeopardize himself, help to undermine any activism against the unapologetic hate in this country and give them fuel to continue their pathological need to hate and fear people who aren’t straight white and male and aren’t mindless “Trumpsters”.

And for what?

3.) I talked a lot about what this does to marginalized groups when members of their own is accused of something terrible. If Smollett’s attack was fake and he knowingly orchestrated it himself, a lot of black and gay people are going to be dismayed, embarrassed, ashamed and will fear the worst. One of those fears is explained in the first point. And America is on denial autopilot whenever something like this happens.

Speaking as a black man, black people can never be victims of racism in the eyes of many people, INCLUDING SOME BLACKS. Whenever racism rears its ugly head, there’s an immediate push-back from people who tell black folks that it’s not racism, that they’re delusional or too sensitive, or anything to deny that race was the issue.

I’ve learned since blogging that some people are too closed-minded with zero empathy to truly get why this case is weighing so heavily on our hearts and minds. They could care less if this puts us in an uneasy position and puts more stress on us than we already feel.

I have no doubt there are many gay and black people praying that Jussie Smollett didn’t cook up the attack. If he did, it will unleash a wave of negative emotions. But if it was authentic and he was indeed attacked, it would still be heavy on us as it reminds us that this country and the world in general, hatred is not only the norm, it’s empowered.

It doesn’t take much research to know that people have been assaulted and murdered just for being what they are that’s none of their choosing. Black skin and sexual preferences are NOT choices, and neither of them are indicators of evil. But choosing to hate those things and be uncultivated to think otherwise IS a choice, a choice this nation continues to make repeatedly against groups of people who survive it each generation. 

So yes, people have damn good reasons to be nervous. Even if the Smollett case didn’t happen, sure enough, the fear and hate will find some other way to continue. It won’t likely be widespread, there will be future victims just because of their melanin-rich skin and/or their sexual orientation doesn’t sit well with those invested in fear.


19 thoughts on “The Reasons Why Black and/or Gay People are Anxious About the Jussie Smollett Case (For Those That Don’t Know)

  1. While there are lots of Gay/ Black people that are infuriated by Jussies actions, Im not making light of his situation . I may be in the minority to say I’m saddened for him.

    If there are people who may think that I may worship him let me say that I’m not gay but I am African American.Though I liked Jussies character on Empire, overall, he was never my favorite actor . I just thought that his character was an excellent example coming from the Black and/ or gay community .

    Why I’m saddened for Jussie some may ask? He was just coming up..his big break…maybe one day he would have been an Oscar winner .Now his career is basically up in smoke. He’s in a rock and a hard place situation. If he returns to the show the ratings may suffer and if he’s not on it ,it’s pretty much the same. Jussie IS the Empire. He is the show .They may as well hang it up.

    Even though what Jussie is alleged of doing is disappointing, Im not mad at him .Rather,Im angry at some of these people..some in my own Black community outing him. Mind you he is a famous face but you gotta ask yourself ” was he the only person that have lied or got into legal trouble like this?I mean Robert Kraft ( the owner of the New England Patriots) got busted in a prostitution ring, Ed Buck is still out doing his thing while being implicated in the deaths of two Black men. There is even a manhunt for a Georgia lawyer accused of duping his clients and killing his mother. I mean..where is the lynch mob for all this?

    My only concern when a Black person is outed,White apologists/ racist will hide behind them with their racist intent to run any Black person to the ground and justify their racism through it.

    I’m also looking at the R.Kelly situation and yes,I believe he’s guilty and deserves to be jailed but notice how all of these Black folks are being quickly arrested for their crimes while White criminals/potential suspects are roaming free. Seems like a case of Black folk not being able to get away with White folks can. ” Justice ” only implies only when it’s Black on Black.

    The racial hypocrisy is stiffling. Ugh!

    1. Honestly, I’ve never seen this much coverage of this. I don’t remember other racial hoaxes got as much coverage. But then again, I could be wrong. The Charles Stuart and Susan Smith cases got a lot of coverage before the internet as we know it came to be. It was partly because they involved actual murders while the rest is based on a racial hoax.

      I’m not really angry at Smollett either. To be honest, I never watched “Empire”. Not that there’s anything wrong with the series. It just didn’t click with me.

      I’m just worried that what this whole matter will do. But if this didn’t happen, the fear and hate will continue. So, it’s like an “You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t” kind of thing.

    1. I honestly didn’t want to say anything about this as it’s gotten way too much coverage in my opinion, and it’s still a hot topic. Right wing media is have a fiesta over this, and no doubt they will use it against liberal activists and democrats in general.

      1. This is a smoke screen. In the criminal scheme of things, this doesn’t rate. I don’t care if this guy is ‘famous’. I just read about this incident that happened several days ago. Has anyone else read of this?

        Like I said, Jesse’s incident doesn’t compare. This is how the media seems to work whenever episodes like the McCoy case occur. They will play up a relative misdemeanour incident to the hilt. On a side note, I find it suspect that they finally arrested that Kelly for behaviour they knew was going on for years. Connect the dots, you have a terrorist asshole who wants to ‘exterminate minorities for a ‘white homeland’, and a 20-year-old man being riddled with 25 bullets. It is almost like they are implying these victims like McCoy deserves it.

      2. Exactly. Instead of paying a whole lot of close attention to the Jussie story, I’ve been paying attention to the stories the media IS NOT playing up, like the rollbacks on abortion rights they’re still trying to push through in various states, the White terrorist guy, and the case you just mentioned.
        Its really the media version of waving their left hand in one direction, saying “look over here”, while the other hand does something its not supposed to be doing.

  2. ^

    YESSS!! I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just me. R. Kelly gets arrested while Jussie just bonded out and leaves the police station. What other Black person is next? It’s like media wants a hit parade arresting only Black suspects.

    Now them cops didn’t have to do that to Willie. I see people sleep/ chill in their cars at all sort of places .Cops/ security guards ride around to check on things but I’ve never seen it result in that.

    Supposedly, Willie had a gun.So There are plenty of White people that have the same. They go hunting and boast about their gun collection yet it rarely ends with death.

    A guy I knew was interested in buying a gun for safety but he is afraid to do so for an interesting reason: he fears that it will get him killed like Philando Castillo and the guy in Alabama.

    He had a point .What suppose to save you may get you killed. Gun permit or not,Felon or non Felon Black folks and guns don’t mix. It will increase your chances of getting killed by a cop like it did with Willie.

  3. “On a side note, I find it suspect that they finally arrested that Kelly for behaviour they knew was going on for years. Connect the dots, you have a terrorist asshole who wants to ‘exterminate minorities for a ‘white homeland’, and a 20-year-old man being riddled with 25 bullets. It is almost like they are implying these victims like McCoy deserves it.”

    “R. Kelly gets arrested while Jussie just bonded out and leaves the police station. What other Black person is next? It’s like media wants a hit parade arresting only Black suspects.”

    It’s always the narrative, especially in the news media. There have been studies that show there’s a racial bias when it comes to news reporting. Although, the most known have been conducted on local news stations in certain cities like New York and Los Angeles. The book “The Black Image In the White Mind” explores this in depth.

    1. Yep..I firmly believe there is a lot of media bias on TV. I just got finished seeing R.Kelly walking out of jail and just when he thought that he and his lawyer were private ,all of those hoards of reporter were our like roaches…its just ridiculous how it all transpires like that.

      Meanwhile,Mr. Kraft is expected to get arrested because of his implication in being in a prostitution ring .Not only that but similarly to R.Kelly,he’s being accused of mistreating the women he was involved with. Where is the circus with this.

      Oops..I almost forgot about Justin Fairfax. Far as my thoughts about him,I have this wait and see attitude with his case. Overall, Media have been on a roll roading Black folks and men more specifically. ..putting those poster boy posters of criminals/ suspects on their walls.

      1. There has to be a balance in reporting crime. But there isn’t any. It’s greatly biased in favor of whites. There have been improvements, but the criminalization of black people still runs high.

      2. Because the media insists on associating our images and names with crime. Is it any wonder that White people think we commit most of the crime in this nation when they are constantly being told by the media that “Black” means crime is involved in some manner.

    1. @Smollett: nobody mentioned any political ideologies. You don’t have to be left wing or right wing to be a white supremacist or an adjacent one. Nice try with the Smollett moniker. If it really is you, you are one sick fuck.

  4. There are real victims of hate crimes and Trump’s evil rhetoric and hate mongering has emboldened these beast to act out with these hate crimes.

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