Opinion: It’s just not normal!

How can one say that the current Putz of the United States is not a racist, despite recorded evidence? More to the point, how can one support who could be among the lowest common denominator of his class after hearing about his racially divisiveness and yet, still argue that he’s not racist? Lastly, how can one support the policies of an individual that are racially charged, and not continue to deny that such an individual is not racist?

Of course, the individual, the one among the lowest common denominator of his class and overall putz is none other than Donald Trump. Yet, to consider him a racist president is somehow a major no-no.

It’s just not normal!

Even though there are mountains of evidence that people of color (POC) still experience racism on a daily basis, there are white folks who will interject, invited or not, shut down any FACT and expect people to simply agree with them as they will likely gloat about how they’re right and know better than them. To them, racism is no longer a thing or is less of a thing.

But when they’re fact-checked and privilege-checked, they get upset. Any fact you bring is rejected. In most cases, they belittle you for discussing a topic they chose to butted in. They’ll call you ‘racist’ while they go into meltdown, and if and when you lose your cool losing patience, they’ll blame you.

Conversely, the POC who side with the white racism deniers are considered ‘intelligent’. If you kiss their asses, agree with them and repeat their sentiments, you’re somehow ‘brilliant’ and more deserving of being heard and listened to.

It’s just not normal!

You can explain your position. You can discuss about the history and realities of racism and what POC deal with. You can give them everything from books to graphs. But you can throw the Library of Congress at them, and they’ll still say that it’s untrue!

It’s just not normal!

White people caught doing or saying something clearly racist or – at least – race-based will get into their feelings when they’re called out. And there are other white people who will defend them. The real problem is never that what they did is racist. Remember, many of them don’t think they are. The main issue is that someone called them out of it and it offended them. Somehow or another, being called out on their racism or calling them a racist is racist in itself and is a form of oppression of sorts. In the end, POC aren’t supposed to say anything even if and when they’re victims or offended.

It’s just not normal!

Even in this day, the white supremacy propaganda machine is still running. The seemingly endless push to promote the fake science that white people are the superior “race” doesn’t seem to be slowing down. And really, it hasn’t. Even though actual science killed the idea, the white supremacy zombies continue to walk the Earth.

But at the same time, they are the ones who say they’re also innocent and oppressed.  And some of them even claim they always have been since the dawn of time. White supremacists think they’re superior over POC, but they also think they’re disappearing due to a nonexistent genocide, genocide they think is conducted through mainly interracial marriages. Though the term ‘genocide’ has a more graphic and violent meaning, marrying outside their race is considered as a harbinger for the destruction of the white race.

Of course, they want to remind me why my people are supposedly inferior. Their go-to are always crime rates. We’re practically a race of criminals to them. We’re out to rob them, kill them and rape white women. Even though, the percentage of interracial (black suspects and white victims) crime is extremely low, they prefer to believe that it’s happening by the thousands and is largely ignored by the news media, which it isn’t. And this is based on so-called stats that they likely have created out of bad math or out of thin air to promote fear and hate, likely due to hate and fear being what their whole lives are about.

It’s just not normal!

Yes, I talk about the stuff white people do a lot on my blog. To some white people and POC, I’m a racist. No explanations are wanted. They see me as the black version of Stormfront or the Daily Stormer. My position is unfounded. The position of other POC and white people working against racism is based on delusion. What I’m doing is actually harmful to this country. Whatever words they choose, I’m the real problem in their eyes.

It’s just not normal!

I don’t know how many times I’ve said that I don’t hate white people or that I DON’T want any harm to come to them. What I write about DOES NOT advocate violence against ANYONE, nor does it endorse oppression. I DON’T think that my people – black people – are superior to whites. And I DON’T think any group is superior to others.

I write about the stuff white people do, because I’m fed up with this malarkey that skin color and physical features determines where you place on the hierarchy of human advancement. I’m equally fed up of being told that racism is gone or a minor problem especially when there’s so much proof to the contrary. (On what date and time did it exactly disappear?) And I’m fed up with the pathological denial to the whole bullshit of it all while they do racist shit, support racist people and/or laws and policies and promote racism as see nothing wrong with it.

It’s just not normal!  


3 thoughts on “Opinion: It’s just not normal!

  1. Nothing in this upside down nightmare we are living in is normal. Everyday is like a crazy episode from the Twilight Zone. It really disturbeds me to see black people aka black conservatives going along with this madness. People like Candace Owens regurgiting And parroting MAGA talking points from the far left. Black conservatives in my opinion are nothing but minstrels for the far left wing. Now we have to watch this shit show in the state of Virginia with the Governor and Attorney General in black face. Actually black face is as American as apple pie. Racism is just in the fabric of America and is not going away.

  2. If anybody think that Candace Owens is normal..they too are just as loopy as she is.

    It’s not that they think POC conservatives are such..its about control. She know full well that Turning Point are not in love with Black women like her,they are using Black/ PICs like her as racist caricatures and when they’re finished with her,they will impolitely let her know. If there is any blatant indication of their hatred of minorities,their later just outright said she HATED black people. No coded talk, she was very blunt with her words.

    It’s hard to believe that it’s Black History Month because as many have pointed out,it doesn’t seem so as the celebration are being blocked by scandals or some anti Black stuff. The Super Bowl have come and gone and it just seemed that self pride/ dignity have went South. Where is it? Even when you discuss stuff like this,these people are indifferent about it..either thinking that Black people should take the easy way out for justice or just thinking this is the past and that’s that.

    People like Candace is embarrassing!! As a Twitter user said,she’s a “OpporCOONist”. Opportunist or not,it sad of the desperate measures people will use for money,fame and even acceptance .

    I’ll never forget about a biracial Black singer who became 45s biggest supporter and became known for her proactive USA outfit. As long as she didn’t say anything bad about him or any other White person in that party she was a friend but soon as she accused a White guy of sexually harassing her,they have her the anti Black business. Instead of her leaving those people,she still remained the loyal lapdog. Ugh!

    I really don’t see how Candace can look at her self in the mirror and believe that she’s an ” exceptional” Black woman? I imagined myself being in her shoes( that was nauseating) ,being around her group putting down Blacks and other minorities and then thinking about how they would view me? The phoniness would be too much for me. I just could never do such stupidity. I’m a very proud Black woman and I wouldn’t want to be anything else.

    If she ever have kids,I would feel bad for it. She can’t talk about Black history when she thinks poorly of herself.

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