Scientific Racism, a Brief History and Quick Criticism

Source: Wikipedia

To sum it up in a few words, scientific racism is a pseudo-science that promotes that race exist, the white race is superior, the black race is inferior and that it’s reasonable to have less-than positive outlooks for black people, because black folks are doomed to fail since birth. Okay, that’s way more words than a few, and writing that sent a cold chill in my soul that there are people who still believe it. It’s been revitalized in the age of the Trump regime, but it’s always been around.

The broken record of biological differences by people who costume themselves as intellectuals and free thinkers always go by two ends: intelligence or IQ and accomplishments. The argument goes something like this: people of African descent have low IQ’s (around 70). So, it’s no secret why most of them are poor and criminal prone. On the other hand, while the greatest gifts to mankind and the result of human progress to what it is today has largely been orchestrated by whites due to them have “superior genes”.

To many of you, this sounds bonkers on several levels. To actual scientists, this is stupid, primitive thinking that has been debunked already at least once. But to today’s alt-right leaders, white supremacist “philosophers” and typical Trump supporters, this is what the truth sounds like.

Yet, to call it and them racist is somehow wrong. Some of them consider themselves “race realists”, not racist. (Pssst…there’s NO difference.)

Ironic seeing as how they hate being judged by their clinging to fake science but use fake science to give them an excuse to judge others.

It’s not exactly a resent thing.

Scientific racism has been around since the 18th Century. It resurfaces under new names with new “findings” and new answers as to how to deal with the “inferior” races. But no matter the time period, it’s always the same means to an end. The pseudo-science of brain size employed the measuring of people’s skulls to determine how large their brains were. Ergo, the bigger the brains, the smarter that person must be. And by using a few people out of millions, it was concluded that whites were smarter than blacks and Africans.

Charles Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’ was not intended to be used as a road map to explaining the assumed biological differences in humans. Some would argue that it did the opposite. However, it was still co-opted by racists and was reinterpreted, rewritten and retaught as the basis for racial categories. Again, white (mostly Western) European supremacy had to be at the top while blacks had to remain in the bottom.

The history of scientific racism is long as hell. So, I’ll sum it up quickly.

There were more divisive measures to attempt to put a “deeper” spin towards prejudice such as the classifications of human races based on location and, of course, where the most superior races resided in. Then came justifications for slavery on both a scientific and religious level, immigration policies, the rise of Nazi Germany, eugenics, racialist publications, laws, court cases, foundations, think tanks, books, etc. In virtually every way possible in this country and beyond, the unrelenting push for white supremacy to exist as a biological quality and as some kind of guilt repellent when confronted about the hate it produces and harm it brought certain people – blacks, Jews especially and even Eastern Europeans in the beginning – is still strong in the 21st Century.

Though some think that it subsided and somehow vanished in the past, like when racism supposedly gone when Barack Obama was elected president 11 years ago, not only was it always there, but found new homes with the likes of today’s right wing thinkers, politicians, activists and scientists. It’s still a heavy priority to keep the myths of race, white supremacy and black inferiority going, and many feel that the rise of Donald Trump’s racism and the inception of racist views making it into the mainstream will continue to fuel it and bring it out into the open.

Again, the concept of race has been thrown away as there are numerous flaws and impossibilities within its concept. In other words, it’s no longer legit. Race IS NOT a biological construct! But regardless, it’s still cherished by racists around the world to justify their hate no matter how often the science community says otherwise.


7 thoughts on “Scientific Racism, a Brief History and Quick Criticism

  1. If there is anything I’ve learned about smarts is that it’s subjective and in it does not always come from books. What someone may be taught in one setting may not be taught in another and the same for ones experiences..which also adds into the
    ” intelligence” bracket.

    I was on an HBCU webpage discussing
    ” good” schools vs “bad” ones. I admit,back in the day,I shamely thought that I hit the jackpot going to a mixed school because supposedly,them or White schools are supposed to be top least stereotypically, they supposed to but the devil is a liar. I’m glad that I no longer believed in it

    I was telling someone that HBCUs are not bad schools and need to give credit to them. The reason why it may seem bad to some people is 1) Society..and even some Black people have been taught that Black schools are bad because..theyre Black 2) HBCUs,especially state owned ones do not get the adequate funds that the ones get 3)” If it aint White ,it ain’t right”..with the education. White society will declare that Black/ non Black as being bad because it’s honest, predominantly non White and 3) Not to their liking/ understanding.

    As people have said over and over White society want to write the narrative to everything because they want things to make sense according to them. I remembered looking at an episode of ” Good Times” where Michael ” failed ” an IQ,test at this school .Supposedly, he wasn’t going to go to college because of his low test scores but at the end of the show James and Florida had their own impromptu test ,where his counselor could not the questions because he didn’t grow up with the same life that they did. As a kid, I also remembered seeing White kids flunking a Black history test on the now defunct Donahue ( I think) show.

    As a college graduate, I say this with high respect and still believe in getting a college education but some of the dumbest people I’ve ever encountered graduated from COLLEGE!! some of them reminded me of Michael’s school counselor,he relied on his machine to measure ones intelligence and academic future on ( eventually, it got so bad ,the machine exploded) while some of the non colleges were so smart that it’s not even funny.Their knowledge with books/ common sense was powerful.

    At the end ,not only do man need book sense but common sense is definitely needed. As I’ve always been taught you can have all of that book sense in the world but without commonsense,you’re basically good as dead.Common sense will carry you a long way..way more than books.

    I’ve always wondered how people assume that a college degree brings intelligence. I’ll never forget what Montel Williams said in his book that he was smart as a kid and he’s been smart as an adult. I feel the same. A college degree doesn’t make a,person smart. It just tell you the subjects that are completed in your field of study.Otherwise,as I told one former arrogant classmate of mine,if colege5is supposed to make people smart, why was he there?

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