Quick Thoughts: Climate Change & Climate Change Deniers

Source: The Conversation

Climate is something we learn at school at a young age. The lesson is nothing complex. It’s nothing detailed. We just learn the basic definition of the word which is basically the statistics of weather over long periods of time. At the time, we learn it not so much in depth to take it as valuable life knowledge but as something to memorize as it’s going to be on a quiz or test.

The scientific community largely agrees that climate changes. But there are those who disagree. Many of those come from the right side of the political aisle, the ones who most likely haven’t learned anything beyond the grade school term. Most of us haven’t actually, including myself. Still, it personally puzzles why such people think they know more about the subject than those who put in years of studying and research and may just have a better idea of what goes on in the atmosphere.

Recently, right wing pundits screeched at people who use solar panels, claiming that they don’t work if it’s cold outside, and that owning one makes you a socialist, whatever the hell that means. Needless to say, they got viciously owned. Their rants lacked any knowledge of how solar panels work and was another not-so-settle jab at those who have them.

To be fair, I don’t know how solar panels work either. But I’m not that devoted to an ideology not to do a little digging, nor am I petty enough to look down on those who – it appears – made a good choice to help the environment and save money on heating and electric bills. So far, I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews on the use of solar panels.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned that some people are seemingly proud to be stupid. I’m not saying everybody on the right is stupid or that everyone on the left is intelligent. But to a lot of folks, dumb is the new smart, and some people seem to be blissfully proud of it.

I’m no intellectual myself, but at least I know how dumb I am when it comes to our planet and aren’t posing. 

Change is inevitable, and I strongly agree that climate is not exempt from change for one simple, common sense-truth. Whether by natural forces or man’s influence on nature, the Earth is constantly being reshaped, and if it changes, so does weather patterns.


3 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Climate Change & Climate Change Deniers

  1. Well it would be good if folks would educate themselves at least read an Earth Science book. It’s amazing how ignorance is being propagated these days. And it doesn’t help that the idiot in the current administration of President is ignorant.

  2. I agree. There are some people . it’s sad that people want to believe in a lie. I guess something catastrophic have to take place in the neck of the woods for them to get it.

    The deniers not going to convince me that the Polar Vortex is just taking place is just coincidental. Even Northern / Midwesterners think that it’s odd for it to be cold like that and more they’re used to it. There is nothing normal about the cold being -60 ,that’s Antarctic weather. Something is terribly wrong with that.

    Speaking of the Antarctic, it has been said that the glaciers are melting and fear that a massive flood will happen if it don’t get back to normal. I guess the best thing we could do is to follow our own instincts.

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