Sooooo, about that Roger Stone thing…

Source: Vox

From Vox:

Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone was arrested in connection with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation early Friday morning at his home in Florida. He was indicted for obstruction, making false statements, and witness tampering. You can read the full indictment at this link.

The charges focus on Stone’s alleged lies to the House Intelligence Committee during 2017 about his statements about and efforts to get in touch with WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign. The indictment also conspicuously mentions that “a senior Trump campaign official was directed to contact Stone” about what WikiLeaks might have on Hillary Clinton.

The indictment does not, however, attempt to explain why Stone would lie about this or lay out a definitive story about what did happen between Stone and WikiLeaks back then. Stone also has not been charged with any criminal activity occurring during the campaign.

The hacking and leaking of Democrats’ emails has long been a central part of the Mueller investigation. Mueller has charged several Russian intelligence officers with the hacking. Eventually, WikiLeaks posted many of these emails publicly — the Democratic National Committee’s in July 2016, and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s in October 2016.

Another one bites the dust.

They say that this year will be Trump’s worst year yet. I have no doubt that it will be.


4 thoughts on “Sooooo, about that Roger Stone thing…

  1. It’s a coming. Eventually..and hopefully 45 will be on that list. I could be wrong,but maybe Robert Mueller have the ” best” present for!

  2. There’s a article making the rounds about how Robert Mueller won’t save us, which I think makes a huge mistake in our motivation of supporting Mueller. It’s not about being saved. We’re not trying to get saved. What we want is motivated by vengeance and spite against one of the vilest human beings on the planet. Trump is in every way a beacon of contempt and he deserves what he gets for the sheer numbers of people he has harmed. This man has presided over some of the most trauma inducing events in recent history. I can’t think of one group of American people he hasn’t harmed.

    It’s a mistake to think we’re looking to Mueller as a savior. That’s not why we’re championing him. We can save ourselves, but what he can do is take revenge on our behalf.

  3. So there’s Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Rodger Stone. Trump is the wicked witch of the west. And Rodger Stone is one of Trump’s minion flying monkeys.

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