Well, xPraetorius responded in his usual way.

I wrote a blog post about the Praetorian Writers’ Group, a blog that supposedly publishes the writings of a right wing think tank, their uttermost anti-leftism, and their constant nagging to challenge me on the issue of racism which they will keep repeating that it’s not a major issue in this country anymore. In his usual style, xPraetorius (xP) responds and usually rejects my points in red. This time, he seems agitated but thorough. Although, he won’t admit how he truly felt, and assuming so is to try to read his mind, according to him.

I won’t address every single rebuttal xP made. If he sees this, he’ll probably consider this a “victory” for him, them or for the right side. To a lesser degree, he thinks I couldn’t keep up to his conservative “fighting style”. But he will see this as me whining again.

Over the years dealing with xP, I clapped back at his responses to my posts on racism. There were times where I was abrasive, because I considered his comments hurtful and offensive, and times where I was civil trying to play ‘nice guy’ while he was still allowed in this blog and while I was in his. One time in his blog, I cursed him out to hell and back. Through most times, he’ll claim he’s unfazed by my words, at least on his blog.

However, my last post seems to have been the last straw as he says that he no longer likes me anymore, along with the usual “I’m wrong, racist, a chicken and what I said was stupid and I need to proofread” sass. It’s unlikely that he’ll stop referencing and challenging me in his posts concerning the so-called “race grievance industry” (RGI).

xP will see this and may think it’s another attack from the RGI. After all, he thinks that millions of search results relating to the fictional ‘industry’ must mean that people are talking about it. That’s like saying that a YouTube video with over a million views must mean that each view equals one person.

Of course, he’ll say this is – more or less – wrong, probably put his spin on it making me out to be the bad guy in all this. Think he’s right and righteous. And will likely, in the future, challenge me or the RGI on the subject of racism in his usual fashion.

For those of you who read this and regularly visit my blog, I want you to know that I didn’t start this. (Some of you already know that.) xP will likely say how he didn’t start this, but will blame me as the real shit starter. But the truth is I never heard of him until he responded to a post I made about Paula Deen. (Oh yeah, he’ll claim that it was a black woman who commented.) After, that I responded in the same manner as he did, and it was a back and forth battle ever since until I got fed up and kicked him out of my blog.

I took the fights over to his blog, and it was no different. xP has to have the last word, continues repeating statements and tries to vilify you or make you out to be a heel. I just gave up and left him alone, because he was draining my energy and clearly wasn’t interested in hearing anything outside his right wing thought machine.

But throughout our beef, he continued to reference me and another blogger Abagond and calls us “foot soilders” for the RGI and how we’re racist against white people. Abagond, unfortunately had to deal with his trolling behavior, until he banned him too. But before and even after his exile from both of our blogs, xP still brings up our names or link to our blogs.

xP will paint me out to be the bully in all this. He’ll claim how he responded the way he did, because I responded the way I did. Overall, he will NOT take any responsibility for this skirmish. He will likely portray himself as the more civil one in all this. But I have pages of his comments that say otherwise.

I could never mention him again in this blog and ignore him. But he will continue to bring my name up or link to me in his posts about race and racism. He will not leave me alone even though he says he doesn’t like me anymore. For some reason, he wants to keep this “war” going between us, and doesn’t care to let go. I really don’t know why. I just want peace and put this to rest. I don’t want to fight him anymore.

I can only speculate and theorize. But in the end, xP is hellbent on antagonizing me through blogging alone, and as long as it doesn’t violate WordPress rules and conditions, he will continue until one of us caves in and(or) leaves.

Prepare for another response post from him and expect the usual.


6 thoughts on “Well, xPraetorius responded in his usual way.

  1. Brotha Wolf, there are some people who only see what they want no matter what. Those people’s minds are made up and refuse to consider another way of viewing things. Those are the types of people who are not worth your time and energy. I would advise you to just leave him and his one-sided views to his followers. I wouldn’t go on his blog and if he reference you and your blog, just consider it a honor because that means he’s always got you on his mind. Therefore, in essence, you have given him something to think about and he’s too stupid to realize it. By him referencing you and your blog, you may be causing his followers to really think that there are other viewpoints that they’ve never considered before. You may be indirectly making his followers aware of other views. There are some people in this cruel world that can’t be reasoned with and he sounds like one of them. Just wash your hands completely of him and keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Wolf 🐺 you throw a rock in a pack of dogs and one of them is going to holler. A hit dog will holler. That X-Pratorious clown is barking. Ignore this fool.

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