A Response To Right Wing Blogger XPraetorius’ Obsession With Challenging, Insulting & Libeling Me

XPraetorius may be lurking in this blog looking for any racism-based post to copy, paste and criticize using vilification, repetition, falsehoods and taunting due to him bizarrely believing that I’m part of a fictional grievance industry.

First off, I won’t go into the usual questioning as to the validity of who you really are. For now, I don’t care if you say you’re part of a think tank, that the person I’m talking to is a black woman or whether or not you’re a paid troll. None of that currently matters. I don’t care who you really are or who I suspect you could actually be.

You seem to have this need to challenge what you call the race grievance industry (RGI), me in particular. You also have this attitude regarding proofreading which, in itself, isn’t a bad thing, but more on that later. You seem to think that black people on the right are brilliant, especially if they repeat what you say on your blog. You think black people on the left are racist and the left itself is stupid and ignorant. You say that I’m a racist even though I’ve yet to explain it – in vain – to you. And lastly, and it is a point you continually, you declare that racism is not a major issue in America today.

In regards to me, you never let go of a comment made by one of my visitors even though I apologized for it. You accused me of being a “willing accomplice in the deaths of thousands of black people”. You told me that wishing that slavery never happened, I would be “wiping them out of existence”. You call me racist, abusive, leftist, coward, a chicken, delusional, a Black Supremacist, a member of the RBI, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You portray me as incredibly ignorant and stupid who’s in desperate need of your “lessons” and “corrections”. Every counter argument or statement is wrong to you. And you constantly ask for proof of my responses, but you never accept them as credible according to you and/or what other conservatives say.

You said at least once that you’re tired of what I say. And yet, you continue to reference, insult and challenge me. Even after I said how much it hurts, you REFUSE to accept any responsibility, say that I’m responsible for my feelings and how nothing you said was offensive unless I think it is. That would be profound if it didn’t come from someone who insults continuously with those who disagree and object his views.

Yes, xPraetorius. You said this and more in regards to me and my posts. Some of it is – as usual – repetition. Almost all of it is harmful on many levels. And yes, that’s what I think, and I believe a lot of reasonable and sensible people would see it and agree with me no matter if they are liberals, centrists or conservatives.

To be honest, part of me wishes that there was someway to have you removed from WordPress for the pain and suffering you’ve caused me as you’ve gone beyond being political and have crossed many lines with your cheap shots. Because of your trolling habits, I wish you were exposed for who you REALLY are. But most of all, I wish you would keep my name off your blog, leave me and other black bloggers alone and get some kind of help which includes seeing the side of black folks who don’t parrot your views and actually get serious about participating in race-relations and how to improve them without lashing out and insulting our intelligence. 

I really wish you were a much better person than you are online, and maybe you are in real life. (Truthfully, I doubt it.) But I haven’t seen any niceness coming from you when you’ve talked to me or about me. You try and make me feel low in regards to spelling and grammar errors. I admit that I make mistakes, and I need to be corrected. However, coming from you, you have a tone of condescension whether you disagree or not.

And you seem hostile, abrasive, demeaning and uncivil when it comes to those who don’t agree with your conservatism, but on the other hand, your affectionate, ecstatic and joyous towards those who share and echo your views. I’ve noticed it here and on other blogs. You have this need for like-mindedness and and treat the opposition like crap.

I never knew you existed until you left your offensive comment in a blog post about chef Paula Deen while essentially defending her. Yet, your constant argument to your readers is that I attacked first. How can this be when you threw the first punch? And I know you know deep down that it’s true.

I know. You’ll accuse me of trying to read your mind. It’s another deflection tool to avoid the subject and its significance for YOUR own benefit. The fact is that much of whatever you put on your blog came from your mind, not out of thin air, and the tone and content of your blog posts and responses are not special or unique as other people faced similar treatment, mostly from white people.

I’m not saying you’re one, but you sound A LOT like how the more emotionally fragile, constantly threatened, woefully ignorant, and aggrieved entitled ones respond to issues of race. That’s why I assume you’re one of them based on WHAT YOU WRITE AND HOW YOU RESPOND.

You know what to say to push my and other people’s buttons. You know how to disrupt blogs. You know how to take words, phrases, entire paragraphs and posts and twist them around making them and the authors out to be terrible and dimwitted. Yet, you WANT people to STILL treat you nicer than you’ve treated them! That’s why I banned you. You were being toxic and abusive in your responses. It wasn’t because you were white as you’ve claimed. It was because you were BEHAVING DEPLORABLY. It’s an explanation you don’t want to accept for whatever reason. You insist it was because you’re white even though you sometimes claim you were black.

So, that means you don’t and have never taken me, or the subject of racism seriously. Was it because I’m a black man who disagrees with you and writes about white racism, a subject you don’t think is any big deal, a point you repeat so often on your blog and possibly to yourself? I doubt I will get a straight answer, let alone a pleasant one.

My regulars have told me to leave you alone and let you live in your own snug bubble. But your blog posts and comments are highly problematic. They do NOTHING to help race-relations on the internet, but they only slow down and push back any hopes of dialogue and solutions. You believing that white people are victims of black racism than the other way around, sympathizing with white nationalists and believing “black racists” created them, stating that white slavery in Africa is somehow worse or more significant than the slavery of blacks, that black leftists are delusional and racist against whites, believing and recycling white nationalist points regarding South Africa and all other like-minded sentiments only excuse and ignore (at least) and strengthen and support (at worse) anti-black racism.

You claim that you love black people, yet you knowingly condemn and vilify ones who don’t echo what you think or say. How is that love? How is what you say not racist?

The bottom line is that you constantly trash me and what I’m saying, put a devious spin on it to make me sound like a heartless idiotic bastard out to attack you and is racist against white people. Your obsession – yes, obsession with portraying me as a racist no matter what I say or ask of you is damaging and shows how much you think little of me. Although you’re not one of the more extreme trolls who uncover information about me to give to your friends to initiate intimidation tactics against me and the ones I love, your posts and comments are still harmful. I hope you don’t go overboard and become that person who’ll scare me into silence.

I want you to stop your attacks against me on your blog. This is getting old and crazy. The craziest part is that you’re trying to bad mouth someone who’s tired of racism done against my people while you expect me to acknowledge and feel for the supposed racism committed against white people. What’s sadder is that you think me writing about and condemning racism is racist in itself!

Do you seriously want to continue this pointless obsessive campaign against someone who means you and no one else any harm? Is arguing and “defeating” me that vital to you that you would continue to stir the pot? You can try and claim how you’re the real victim in all this, but I, my commenters who know the truth and anyone else who dealt with your attitude online know who’s really at fault in this.

I hope no one else has to deal with your abuse on their blogs and websites.

So, if you want to continue this insanity, let me tell you that I WILL NOT back down, and I WON’T give in to you. I don’t have to accept your challenges! Not accepting doesn’t make me a chicken! I don’t have to search for evidence for someone who won’t accept it no matter where it comes from! You’re more than capable of researching it yourself! I don’t have to let you back in my blog! It’s MY BLOG! So, I do what I WANT with it! But more importantly, I WILL NOT change my views regarding racism to please you!

This is not an attack. This is me standing up to you.


9 thoughts on “A Response To Right Wing Blogger XPraetorius’ Obsession With Challenging, Insulting & Libeling Me

  1. This troll is an idiot and has pissed me the hell off! How dare this coward come on YOUR blog and try to demean you. Please be careful with fools like that because they are unpredictable and dangerous.

    1. Actually, I blocked him. His IP address has been blacklisted. So, he won’t be able to come here. I can still see him responses in the trash folder, and he still tries to vilify me (and another black blogger) on his blog even after we banned him a long time ago.

    1. Already did. He won’t comment here, but Word Press can’t do anything unless he says or does something against their guidelines. Technically, he hasn’t gone far enough for them to do anything.

      1. I have found, that one of the best ways to block people, I don’t want to hear from, is to send them to the Spam folder. After a while, their comments never even reach you, and you never need to vet any of them. You only need to do that one or two times and then you never see their comments.

      2. Thanks. There’s another way I’ve learned. You can put their IP address in the blacklist box. Only that doesn’t stop them from attacking you on their blog.

    1. Sadly yes. He won’t let go, and I doubt even his followers know how crazy it is. In fact, he responded in his own blog, as I knew he would. He also won’t let go of Abagond either. He still mentions him in his usual rantings about the RGI.

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