The Things About That Columbia University Student Who Screamed White Supremacy

Source: Metro UK

At Columbia University, a young white dude, Julian von Abele, wanted to let his fellow black students know how great white men are. This was reported after a debate concerning Trump supporters encouraging sexual violence to which von Abele took great offense, so much so that he yelled out the awesomeness of white people.

The Daily Beast reports:

In the video, which was posted at 3:54 a.m., an apparently drunk student can be seen yelling, “We invented science and industry and you want to tell us to stop because, ‘Oh my God, we’re so bad!’” The student was identified by the Columbia Daily Spectator as sophomore Julian von Abele. In the video, he continues his rant by saying, “We saved billions of people from starvation, we built modern civilization! White people are the best thing that ever happened to the world!”

Click on the link to watch the video.

As expected, the students protested which made von Abele more offensive entering cheerleader mode when he screamed. “F*ck yeah, white men!” he yells. “We’re white men — we did everything!” It is noted that he continued his tirade while following the black students and even grabbed a black woman asking other black women if they like to date white men. Public safety reportedly did nothing. However, the university has condemned von Abele’s actions, and has launched an investigation.

In response, as you would expect, von Abele denies his exclamations mirrored a common and tired white supremacist talking point, has yet to apologize for his remarks and declares that he is indubitably not racist.

Personally, the funny thing is that I heard this grandiose declaration of white male greatness before from another individual who claims he’s not racist. Our resident blogger with the personality of a Tasmanian Devil said the same thing in a post he entitled, “The Thing For Which Non-White People Owe a MASSIVE Debt of Gratitude to… White Men.”

“The thing for which non-white people owe white men, in particular, a massive debt of gratitude is: Western Civilization. Secondarily it’s Capitalism. However, the latter requires the former to exist, so I’m going all the way to Western Civilization.”

But he would claim how he’s not a white nationalist or even white period…

“I’m nothing like a white nationalist. In fact, I’m not white. No one’s white — it’s just a generalizing label that fits rather poorly.”

His blog posts regarding race, politics and society shows that he seems to agree with their usual talking points of black racism and the evils of feminism, and he would probably invite this student over for a drink to say how proud he is of him for sticking up for white men. But I digress.

Aside from that, von Abele’s meltdown triggered the usual topics of free speech, historical accuracy, racism denial, white fragility and white love and pride. While it’s true that he didn’t say that only white men were great, he went on to harass others telling them his love of himself and white men. The only reason I can conclude is that it’s based on his broken delicate ego when he was checked during a conversation about Trump supporters, which he admits he is one, and how they endorsed sexual violence for which the current cracker-in-chief is accused of committing by over 20 women. He felt the need to defend the honor of the persecuted white male by turning white supremacist on the students.

Again, he didn’t say that only white men were great, but he still missed the basic points. Based on the reports, NO ONE made hateful statements about white men, but have made an truthful assessment regarding Trump’s true-to-the-end followers who also included white women and people of color. Second, white men were not the only architects and contributors to Western society, and as long as we’re keeping it real, some didn’t do it out of honest and generous deals, cooperation and compromises, but out of macabre and rape-orchestrated conquests and nonsensical race and gender based oppression.

But the most glaring thing about von Abele’s words are about his love for self and white men. Here’s the thing, NO ONE, to my knowledge, has EVER said that it’s wrong to be a white man, at least in a biological sense. I’m not saying it hasn’t been said, but to say so is wrong on several levels. HOWEVER, history has shown that white pride was born out of believing that white European aesthetics and cultures are superior to everyone and everything else. Such pride was created out of not just out of the scientifically incorrect myth of white superiority but the direct and indirect destruction and disarray it played on non-white European people and cultures which have lead many areas where people of color dwell in third world standing caused by European colonization and imperialism. Von Abele’s actions that night demonstrated white supremacy’s underbelly of rage and hostility against nonwhites when he not only screamed at them but physically harassed them. His pride in his white maleness resulted in terrorizing black students, insulting them and making them feel less-than.

It’s never about hating white men. It’s about hating things some that white men have done and are doing. It’s about the actions and the consequences from those actions, NOT what those people are.

Von Abele’s self-love and pride would be admirable if he didn’t forced it on others out of fragile emotions, a lack of factual information and guilt created from centuries of racial and sexual dominance for which his people benefit greatly from in this society. He is far from alone as these problems are widespread and have given new energy in modern times. I don’t think he’s really a white nationalist drone for hatred (yet), but it’s vital that he and all others like him learn that self-love -true self love – shouldn’t come from the hatred of everyone else.



5 thoughts on “The Things About That Columbia University Student Who Screamed White Supremacy

  1. There is a difference between pride and prejudice. The loser on this clip seems to think that being ” proud” of being White should equate to looking down on other non Christian Whites.

    You have White people who will say ” Im proud to be Norweigan, Swiss, Australian or some other kind of European American extract and it would be no biggie to me as there is nothing wrong with being becomes a problem when they tells others that something is wrong with them because they’re not White.

    I think about the Confederate flag and how it could have been a symbol of Southern pride if it wasn’t for the fact that White supremacists used and smeared it as a symbol of hate. Similarly, to a White person saying they’re White, it wouldn’t be a problem for them declaring such if they didnt say it for belittling others with it.
    In the case of this White guy, he’s belittling the Black students with his pretentious telling them that they’re nobodies because they arent White .

    Its evident that the White guys knows nothing about Black/ minority history of inventors because if he did, he would keep his mouth shut. Blacks and other minorities created/ contributed to civilization. If it werent for them , this world would be nothing.

  2. “We invented science and industry ”

    LOL. Who knows where this myth came from. Africans were practicing “science and industry” long before anyone ever heard of “white people.”

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