Stan Lee, Comic Book Creator and Former Marvel President, Has Died

Source: Hollywood

From NPR:

American comic book writer, editor, publisher and former President of Marvel Comics Stan Lee died Monday at the age of 95.

Lee gave us over six decades of work like The Incredible Hulk and The Amazing Spider-Man β€” superheroes we could identify with, characters that allowed us to suspend our disbelief because they reacted to bizarre situations like you or I might.

In a 1998 interview, Lee told me, “Before Marvel started, any superhero might be walking down the street and see a 12-foot-tall monster coming toward him with purple skin and eight arms breathing fire, and the character would have said something like, ‘Oh! There’s a monster from another world; I better catch him before he destroys the city.’ Now, if one of our Marvel characters saw the same monster, I’d like to think Spider-Man would say, ‘Who’s the nut in the Halloween get-up? I wonder what he’s advertising?’ “

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5 thoughts on “Stan Lee, Comic Book Creator and Former Marvel President, Has Died

  1. Loved that guys work ever since I was a kid. My brother introduced me to his comic books. Though I’m more into biographies/ autobiographies, I still enjoyed his books.

    As many people said, his books had a human side of it. His storylines was equally as great as his characters.I can never forget about ROM,Hercules ( though both were limited editions, What If: Dark Phoenix, the X men and The Avengers were some of my favorites and let me not forget about the Black Panther.

    I’m also going to miss him making his
    ” signature” appearances on his flicks. It’s going to seem strange not seeing him doing it. Stan lived a good 95 years…a good 95 years enjoying doing what he loved the most.

    Rest in power Stan.

  2. I saw a long quote from him about racism and he seemed genuine and kind of cool. He brought lots of joy to comic book lovers. May he Rest In Peace.

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