The Synagogue Shooter, and My Agreement and Criticism With a Blogger’s View on the Massacre

Source: WTRF

I thought I respond to this particular post, well part of it, by a certain blogger concerning the savage terrorist attack on the Tree of Life Congregation synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here’s what he wrote:

I swear I just watched this happen.

The “News/Analysis” television was CBS’s “Face The Nation” I don’t know the anchor’s name.

The anchor was interviewing Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma. The topic was the massacre at a synagogue in Pennsylvania, allegedly perpetrated by the Trump-hating Robert Bowers.

This guy, Bowers, had numerous social media posts all saying how much he hated Trump.

The rabidly anti-semitic suspect called Trump a “tool of the Jews.”

See if you can guess on whom the interviewer tried to place the blame for the synagogue shooting.



Just to make it clear as to what he’s referring to, here’s the a segment from the transcript of the interview conducted by John Dickerson where Sen. Lankford argued that the terrorist (Robert Bowers) had anti-Trump sentiments and that Trump, himself, should not be held responsible for the tragic murders of 11 people:

JOHN DICKERSON: One of the things that the shooter in this horrible shooting apparently said, or was guided by, was this idea that this caravan coming from Central America was being supported by globalists, some people say George Soros’ name. President Trump has made that same case. Do you see any connection between the shooter motivated by that and the case the president has been making?

SEN. LANKFORD: I don’t because this particular shooter also condemned President Trump, saying he was a globalist and that he was allowing some of this to happen. So I- I don’t see any connection where you would connect the president to this particular shooting, just like I wouldn’t see that connecting Democrats when a person walked up to a baseball game last year in Washington D.C. and said, ‘Is this where the Republicans are practicing?’ and then open fired on them simply because they were Republicans. So this- this issue about a shooting at Mother Emanuel Church in South Carolina or shooting in a synagogue or shooting at a Republican baseball practice, this is just hate filled individuals that are very deranged.

Bowers was shown to have strong anti-Semitic views regarding the Jewish community., especially on social media’s corner of alt-right toxicity Gab, which is like Twitter, but mostly for devil-may-care white nationalists who want to wallow in their hate without fears of censorship. Bowers appeared to have an account there and had murderous intent towards Jews mixed with white genocidal fears.

“I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.,” he said before he carried out his heinous attack.

Neither Sen. Lankford nor the blogger was wrong about Bowers’ animosity towards Trump. It was reported that he felt like 45 was too soft and never voted for him. He was a contradiction of what is expected of an anti-Semite. Yet, the news media jumped on the opportunity to link the attack to him prompting many to lay blame on the horrific event on the president’s feet. Though Trump was reported to have said some unsavory statements regarding Jews, some would likely argue that it would be unwise to lay the entire blame on him. Antisemitism was here way before Trump slithered into this world, and it will likely remain after he turns to 1000 year-old dust. They may be right. However, it’s going by the same playbook as the right in their continuous, seemingly unstoppable anger towards former-president Barack Obama won’t stop blaming him for – everything. Tic for tac

Yet, not all white nationalists were convinced that their troll-in-chief was as hateful as they are against Jews. Still Trump’s election and presidency have done little to nothing to prevent the hate from spreading. In fact, they made it stronger.

This is where the agreement stops in regards to this blogger’s rant as he, as usual proceeded to attack the media somehow bringing Barack Obama, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy into the mix. Only NOT ONCE did he express any remorse or sorrow for the victims, their families or the city. It was, instead, a conviction of the news media and an oddball defense of Trump. There was virtually no condemnation of the heinous act.

As a side note, the media should be questioned. Do I trust it completely? No. Is it objective in its reporting? Largely no. However, what can’t be ignored is that this senseless mass shooting was carried out based on the kind of white nationalist hatred that was unleashed in a church in Charleston, SC three years ago.

The terrorist attack at the synagogue was the latest example of America’s underworld of hatred rising to the surface with confidence, the kind of infectious violence within the black hearts of ultra-right wing extremists. That’s not an attack on the right in general. It’s reality. It’s the kind of evil that leads to violence. If those on the right don’t want to be associated in any way with these groups and individuals like Robert Bowers, then they need to drop their anti-left politics and condemn these people without any ifs, ands or buts. And the left needs to be more proactive, clever and assertive in condemning this kind of hate.

What happened on that day that took the lives of 11 innocent people should not be a partisan-hating matter. People were killed. Lives were destroyed. A community is mourning and living in terror. And the hatred still continues. That’s what matters.


2 thoughts on “The Synagogue Shooter, and My Agreement and Criticism With a Blogger’s View on the Massacre

  1. Supposedly,George Zimmerman wasn’t sure about voting for Trump and he voted/ supported Barack Obama yet he killed a Black teen( Trayvon Martin), and made derogatory statements about Muslims and other Latinos( can you believe that?)

    Even though Trump haven’t used his fists physical harm on people, his mouth is doing his work for him and of any of us would do what he’s doing we would be in prison for making terroristic threats.

    Trump is the * uncontrollable cough* president of the USA. He has a responsibly of what come out of that mouth of his and much as he think he has no bearing on what he say..he does just like entertainers because there are some warped minded people who will do as he say.

    I cannot blame the Jewish people in Pennsylvania for wanting to shut the door on Trump. His mouth just caused the deaths of 11 people and caused many more. His pretense compassion is not only disrespectful but it’s just disgusting.

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