A Troll on a Payroll. You Actually Get Paid For Being an Online A**Hole

This post is about something I learned from our favorite right wing fanatic troll XPraetorius (XP). For those who don’t know this clown, let me explain a few of what he says:

-Racism is not a major issue for black people in America.

-Racism against white people is more acceptable.

-There’s apparently such thing as a Race Grievance Industry (RGI).

-Black liberals are the most racist group in America.

-I’m racist, I’m an accomplice to black-on-black crime, me wishing slavery would doom my people to more suffering in Africa, I slander him, my blog is equivalent to Stormfront and that I’m an overall terrible person.

I could go on, but I couldn’t stomach anymore just typing this. This XP, who has his own blog, claims he belongs to a group of other bloggers, and they’re all conservatives and that they’re very influential. Since they’ve started, they, or rather he, targeted my blog and fellow blogger Abagond. To them, we’re foot soldiers of the imaginary grievance industry and what we and black liberals are doing are very much Hitler-ish.

XP used to be here quite a bit, sometimes claiming to be a black woman. I can’t believe that, but it’s not impossible. But while he was here, he engaged in arguments in topics pertaining to race and racism. Honestly, dealing with him is like arguing with a spoiled child who thinks I hate him because I scolded him for saying something offensive. And by talking about racism, by his words, that means I hate white people. Sounds like a fragile mindset to me.

He doubles, triples, quadruples and quintuples his arguments in the form of condescension, calling your responses stupid, and repetition. He loves to repeat himself. In fact, it’s a frequently used title on his blog. In the end, I had to ban XP just like Abagond did because of his embarrassing behavior and weak arguments. He continues to talk about us on his blog, me especially since I give him doses of his own medicine. He claims we’re racist against white people, and no matter the argument, he will repeat it in a manner of white paternalistic arrogance.

It was clear that this troll was not a serious or reasonable debater. If anything, he embodies everything a debater shouldn’t do. He has played every card in the book that would set off people he deem are liberals and seems to be gleeful about it. So, either he actually does have personal issues that he takes out on others or there is something more.

It could even be both. Still, my pride led me to debate him on his blog only to get more of the same and worse. Even though I won many times against him, he still wanted to fight. And recently, I came across a revelation as to why he writes what he writes.

I came across Abagond’s post about Russian trolls. There’s a link underneath with the name of our troll as a paid troll. So, I did a little google search, and came to find out that trolling apparently pays. It’s reported that political agencies send people to intentionally disrupt online forums on social media. And this certain troll is one of many.

Don’t believe me? I’ll let him confess:

This is a large part of his final message on Abagond’s blog.

At first, I thought XP was full of shit. Turns out he may actually be a part of some company or foundation that is likely right wing oriented, probably the National Review since he references it so much.

Even though he never admitted outright that he gets paid, he did say that he has connections in both the government and media, and if it is indeed the truth, that must mean that he must get some kind of compensation in return for trolling other blogs. Abagond saw this and also noticed how XP spends long hours and extensive writing in whatever he says. No one with a life would blog that much or that long for nothing. So, that must mean he’s getting a paycheck for being a crackpot conservative.

Only where is this book or set of books and where is this appearance on this major news network? Is this part of his trolling as well and is not true? Who knows except him or them.

By the way, notice how he mentioned Al Sharpton. Not surprising seeing as how conservatives think he and Jesse Jackson are the only black leaders they think we have like they’re Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine and the so-called RGI are storm troopers.

Another clue seems to stem from his habit of copying and pasting other people’s blog posts and refuting them in red. That’s a habit of his, and it appears he copyrights all of his articles in the process.

Some of XP’s posts are long and wordy with some including written content from other blogs so that he can, again, argue against whatever’s said. So, in some way, he must be paid more if there’s more content to read. It’s just a theory though, but regardless, he practically admitted that trolling was his job.

He also admitted to using sock puppets to help garner fake support. Here’s proof in his own words.

XP planned to return to Abagond’s blog using sock puppets. (He probably did to lurk around as he’s forbidden to comment there.) I found out he used this deception on my blog, and I didn’t realize it at the time. Somehow, I found out, and when I told him, he lied and told me that his “friends” weren’t him. But I told XP that the proof was in the IP address that I could see in the comments. Most of the commenters who backed him up had the same exact IP address, and despite this, he continued denying it. But as you can see, XP used sock puppets to further troll me and maybe collect dollars in the process.

Two other people share the same IP address (on the left) meaning they’re from the same computer.

Now, if I’m wrong in anyway about how to spot sock puppets, I would be happy to admit I’m wrong. But from what I’ve learned, it’s not complicated at all. XP used one computer to create multiple identities, and wasn’t clever enough to make any of them to appear anywhere on his blog as commenters or even guest bloggers. If you were to check out his blog now, you can see how he doesn’t have many views, compared to mine at least, and not many people say much there, again compared to mine. Only I give him a lot of undeserved attention and have probably unwittingly made him richer.

So, XP gets paid for being a total deplorable jackass on the internet. Of course, if he sees this, he will say how most, if not all of what’s said and shown, is wrong. He’ll accuse me of slander, again, and he’ll end up in his broken record mode and rewrite the same ole’ crap I’ve read a thousand times.

It’s unknown if XP’s still getting a paycheck and who pays or paid him. There’s nothing that shows that he did this for actual research. I’m not convinced that he is a part of some little group. Though he could be. Then again, his writing never changes no matter who he says he is. It’s hard to know where the lies end and the truth begins when it comes to this character or group of characters. He could even be a Russian troll. Regardless, it’s hard to believe that someone could be this insane, in impenetrable denial and stuck on ignorance. Then again, he could very well be a professional troll and a tricky liar. I do know that he harbors great and obsessive resentment towards me and Abagond, probably – in some part and I may be mistaken – because us banning him must’ve put huge dents in his ego as well as his paycheck.


6 thoughts on “A Troll on a Payroll. You Actually Get Paid For Being an Online A**Hole

  1. I suspected as much and have repeatedly stated that some of the “new” commenters to abagond and your blog could be XP. One thing that never changes are the tactics. XP was a very calculate liar and would often use confusion as way to bypass what he was lying about. Furthermore he was big on name calling just to get you to continue to engage him. I personally suspect the guy Daniel Jones and A russian nagpo to be possible xp clones.

  2. Interesting.

    I’ve always been taught not to let the world know all of your business because it may be used against you. When you use stuff like this ,people have to be careful because they will get caught in their mess.

  3. I have always suspected that all these deniers of racism that post on your blog and Abagond’s were probably this shit stain x-pear.

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