XPraetorius Goes Too Far, Calls Me an “Accomplice To Black-On-Black Crime” (UPDATE)

XPraetorius, the blogger behind the Praetorian Writers’ Group and a self-proclaimed collective of conservative writers, made a post about a comment I made to express his unending disdain for the left for supposedly making excuses while black people are dying.

In his usual fashion, xPraetorius goes in on the left in how it ignores “black-on-black crime”. He did express his disgust towards racist mass killer Dylann Roof who, more than three years ago, shot and killed nine black churchgoers in a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Yet, his anti-liberal rage prevails as he accuses the left of leaving out those with new ideas to solve the problem. Presumably, xPraetorius may be referring mostly to himself as one of “those” with those ideas.

And then, he went in on part of a comment I made in one of his recent posts while calling me a racist, though he never addressed it as a comment I made:

“I guess all those police brutalities and polices murders against black people are all in my head. I guess all those incidents where white people harassed black people entering public places for no good reason are also unfounded and are totally not race based. I guess white folks calling the cops on us for merely being in a coffee shop, a gym, a store, a restaurant or even at a park having a cookout is justified just because. And one more thing, I guess I imagined the terrible church shooting that took the lives of nine innocent black people by a lone racist.”

In his dichotomous mind, xPraetorius seems to think that me focusing on white racism is ignoring “black-on-black crime” which is a racially charged term to imply that ONLY black people harm and kill each other:

You make excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse, and you whine and whine and whine and whine and whine about the perfectly irrelevant, completely forgetting that BLACK PEOPLE ARE DYING! At the hands of other black people. And you’re complicit in it, and you should be ashamed of yourself, FREAKIN’ DO SOMETHING! Can you tell that I’m a bit ticked off?

That’s when he says:

You give me the big kiss off, when you’re a willing accomplice in the DEATHS of thousands of black people, and I’m tired of your stupid excuses, while BLACK PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!

The last part set me off in the worst way. So, I responded and cursed xPraetorius out in spades. Yet, as usual, he feels he said nothing wrong or false, and doubles down on me being an accomplice:

Now, about the word “accomplice.” You need to read this well: When you do what you can to prevent others from proposing solutions to what is a deadly problem for black people in America, then you’re as much as helping to pull the triggers on the guns that kill black people. That makes you an accomplice. I know you don’t like the word, but it’s true…

…Nope. I never crossed any lines. So, of course, I won’t apologize for what I haven’t done.

The sad part is that you are part of a problem that kills black Americans, and you refuse to apologize for that.

Here’s a link to the post and exchange.

Before you comment, let me say that I know I should’ve left xPraetorius alone. After all, I banned him from my blog as his responses has shown to be toxic and offensive. However, his blog is highly problematic and whether you leave him alone or give him attention, he will continue to spark fires even if you come to fight the flames. I already risk him getting more hits by linking to his post.

It’s not a liberal or conservative issue. It’s a human issue on many levels. It’s an issue with decency and having open conversations with open minds and hearts. It’s about respecting each other’s views, listening and learning.

But xPraetorius has crossed the line and has gone way beyond offensive.

He may seem like he cares about the lives of black people, but he seems to vehemently care more about the crime and violence in our neighborhoods as opposed to incidents where race was a highly implied factor. And don’t get him started on this little thing known as institutionalized racism. None of that is as important, it appears, and he can’t seem to be adult about it not to tell me that I’m part of the problem.

I never ignored the problems of crime and violence in black communities. Hell, I’ve seen it and was very close to it during my lifetime, and I’ve done my damnedest to help acknowledge and fix the problem. But I also focused on the assault against black communities cause by racism and acknowledged that problem as well. It seems he thinks black people, those on the left as he sees it, are misguided and have one-track minds obsessing over an issue he thinks is not a major one and could care less about black people harming and killing each other.

xPraetorius has the gall to accuse me of not giving a fuck about the issue of crime and goes so far as to call me an accomplice! Needless to say, it infuriated me. I was beyond offended, and civility be damned, I told him off.

I don’t know if xPraetorius’ concern is genuine. His views on the issue are a bit distorted. But his track record shows that he has a way of saying the most screwed up things to those he considers are liberals and doesn’t and won’t see them as hurtful. He thinks he is in the right most, if not all, of the time.

It is not because he’s white – even though in some instances he claims he’s a black woman – as he says, that I go after him and silenced him from my blog. It’s not even because he’s a conservative. It’s because he’s practically a cyberbully with little to no empathy. He won’t own up to this and other insensitive and derogatory comments he has made about me and other bloggers, and he will continue to go on the offensive against other bloggers outside his thinking. Why? Maybe it’s to draw attention to draw other like-minded folk to his blog as, at least compared to mine, it’s relatively unpopular. Maybe, in some sick way, he’s enjoying pissing people off for some unknown reason, maybe to fight against his enemy, the left. Whatever it is, xPraetorius is an example of what happens when people abuse their freedom of speech to spread insanity and fear, and he sees nothing wrong with it no matter how painfully obvious it is.

UPDATE: I just found out that xPraetorius has written a response about my response. I won’t say anything about it. No comments, thoughts, opinions or anything. He would likely respond to that response that was a response to his response. He has, however, added his views about I.Q. and which ethnic groups in America have the highest and lowest. I’ll just leave it at that, and let you decide where he’s going with it. But if you don’t care, and I don’t blame you if you don’t, that’s cool.


16 thoughts on “XPraetorius Goes Too Far, Calls Me an “Accomplice To Black-On-Black Crime” (UPDATE)

  1. Desperate times calls for desperate measures…people doing what they can to diminish your spirit by using the Black on Black mantra to distract your good deeds.

    The good Lord did say that “if you don’t faint not” you will be rewarded at the end. Black people have fainted these many years/ centuries from White oppression and it’s not going to happen no time soon.

    1. I expected the black- on-black crime argument from him. But him calling me an accomplice and claim that I don’t care was way over the line. There was no need for him to go that far, but like you said, he’s desperate enough to sink lower and lower just to win online arguments no one asked for.

  2. I’ve seen this tactic before. Claim to be so concerned bx what the blacks are doing to themselves. It’s basically an extension of what’s called “colorblindness”. You don’t put the race down directly; you instead attack it from another angle, where you claim the real “problem“ is something else, one in fact that is actually detrimental to the blacks, but “ignored“ by the liberals. (So you’re the one actually supporting the race, and your opponents are the real “racists”).

    But by now, you’re highlighting the “blacks and their problems” so much, (often concluding in scolding them for the “problems”, and being so ignoranly duped by those evil Democrats, and the cause of this is usually “for the ‘free stuff’ they offer”).

    But they’ve now succeeded in rehashing all the old classic racist stereotypes (which were held by the old “racist Democrats” of the past, and ignoring the Southern Strategy, and focusing on the party names like that determines the “good guys” vs the “racists” is another big part of the ploy).

    Basically, this “solution” they keep saying we’re avoiding, is more of what we’re complaining of, just more violent policing of us and all our “crime”, while cutting off any assistance, and when the problem gets worse, just jail and kill off all of us, and they don’t have to “say” this; the “facts” will “speak for themselves” as to the necessary course of action.
    Tim Wise (who I saw you link to) and Ian Lopez excellently nail these ideological tactics!

  3. I can’t read his blog as I don’t wish to subject myself to eyestrain and his reams of bullshit. He’s like a broken record except the broken record makes more sense.

    And then, he went in on part of a comment I made in one of his recent posts while calling me a racist

    Europeans coined, invented the concept of racism so let them own it. There are not black ‘racists’ as such. Bigoted, prejudiced? Maybe.

    You give me the big kiss off, when you’re a willing accomplice in the DEATHS of thousands of black people, and I’m tired of your stupid excuses, while BLACK PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!

    Like I said, he is mentally ill. Maybe he’s in the full throes of psychosis. Don’t feed into his pathology. I would find it worrying if someone I told to stop interacting with me continued to do so and got progressively more unhinged.

    I don’t know if xPraetorius’ concern is genuine.

    It isn’t.

    He’s a loon, simple. Don’t feed into his pathology. He probably masturbates while writing his posts. Send him a supply of Kleenex and KY jelly coupons to help him along. He is not worth your precious time, regard, or energy. Put him on blast or try to! I apologize for my jocularity but I’m a weirdo who finds these character comical. I refuse to empower them by responding to their specious ‘debates’.

  4. That individual is just as we have always said they are mentally ill. I will not read his insane rantings. If’s obvious he’s obsessed with you. Can you say “unhinged “ This individual is not well.

    1. Honestly, and I don’t care if he sneaks around and respond to this on this blog, but he shouldn’t be blogging. It’s near impossible to have him removed from WordPress, because technically, he hasn’t violated there terms of agreement yet.

  5. Please 🐺 don’t engage this sick individual anymore. It’s not healthy for you either. Just ignore it.

    1. This guy really is a monster and doesn’t care. What’s worse is that he thinks that if you’re offended, that’s on you, because you control your emotions. He doesn’t want to be held accountable and avoids responsibility. He sounds like a sociopath.

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