The Alt-Right Hates Everything, Including Each Other

Picture courtesy of the SPLC

The loose coalition of far right white supremacists, Neo-Nazis and white nationalists who call themselves the alternative right (alt-right) seemed like a force of negativity to be reckoned with, at least that’s what most of them considered themselves to be. Their politics are strictly race-based, gender-based and religion-based with white male Christians screaming to the world that they have it so hard. The election of Donald Trump seemed – at the very least – like an answer to a prayer as he exhibited their primitive sentiments to varying degrees. They hoped that the white man will retake their place as the rulers of the world fighting against other groups who dared to ask for fairness, equality and justice.

Soon, their hopes seemed lowly but surely dashed. Not only did Trump’s election did nothing to truly empower the alt-right, but their own foundation was starting to cave in under the weight of their own hate, and part of the blame goes to none other than the alt-right itself.

BBC journalist Mike Wendling wrote Alt Right: From 4chan To the White House, a book documenting his observations of the movement. The New York Times gives a brief summary of his findings:

Each chapter in his short book takes on one aspect of the alt-right. Wendling writes about the “Intellectuals” (like the democracy-hating Curtis Yarvin), the “Racialists” (peddlers of racist pseudoscience), the “Channers” (4chan forum posters) and the “Meninists” (male anti-feminist activists). He discusses the movement’s abuses of language and its obsession with the media. Finally, he describes the neo-Nazis and other violent white supremacists who have come more to the front since the election of Trump. What united all these groups was a (sometimes irony-cloaked) attachment to hard-right politics, especially on race and gender, together with a seething hatred of liberals, leftists and above all “social justice warriors,” those campus leftists supposedly obsessed with political correctness, safe spaces and trigger warnings…

Although Trump’s victory was a tremendous boost for the alt-right, Wendling argues convincingly that it is already cracking up under the weight of its own contradictions. Winning the presidency sapped much of the strength of a movement that defines itself almost exclusively through what it hates. Wendling shrewdly notes that despite its edgy, countercultural pretensions, the alt-right is almost entirely “culturally sterile.” Endless piles of ephemeral internet memes aside, it has produced little or no music, literature, film or poetry.

Without a solid foundation, the alt-right’s charge into a superior political faction has so far been nothing more than a joke with their members as punchlines. Their unity is as fragile as sugar-made class, and with their obsession with hatred is so strong, it’s no surprise that they would turn on each other.

Things started looking grim as hell for the alt-right during their Charlottesville rally they held in August of 2017, a rally that turned violent and deadly as a confrontation with leftists ensued and a counter protester was killed by an alt-right assailant. Trump, in all of his moral upstanding, blamed both sides, however.

You have the lovers’ triangle that ended in a trailer park smack down and led to the crippling of a white nationalist group the Traditionalist Worker Party led by Matthew Heimbach. But before that, the Neo-Nazi leader was involved with spats against other alt-right groups, and it was his own family of white nationalists that exposed his two-timing ways.

Plus, there’s Richard Spencer, one of the most well-known figures of the movement and a victim of the fist of justice. He had a speaking tour set hoping to invade America’s cities and spread the gospel of ignorance. But after he dropped the lawsuit against Kent State University, anti-fascist groups opposed him at virtually every turn and his own alt-right lawyer Kyle Bristow dropped out, Spencer decided that his mission wasn’t “fun” anymore and cancelled his tour.

Next, you have Christopher Cantwell a.k.a. the crying Nazi. He’s pretty much a punk in the eyes of his comrades who are mostly former comrades. And it didn’t help much that he became an FBI informant and accused alt-right shit stain Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer of trying to undermine the movement.

You have Andrew Anglin who’s currently on the lam trying to hide from a lawsuit against him by a Jewish woman whom he urged supporters of his site the Daily Stormer to harass her after she argued with Spencer’s mother. Still, he claims he’s in faraway places like Cambodia even though it’s highly likely he’s still in the States praying to his white male Jesus to keep him away from the evil Jewish justice system.

Finally, for now, there’s alt-right politician wannabe Paul Nehlen, who exposed another alt-right figure who goes by the pseudonym Ricky Vaughn as a dude name Doug Mackey who’s been bashing Nehlen’s congressional campaign on a podcast.


There’s so much beef among the deplorable army that mutinies and coup d’etats are happening more and more often. Their “leaders”, and I use that term very loosely, are being overthrown by other “leaders”. But, all is not quite lost. They still have powerful supporters on Fox News and the Republican Party who, more or less, echo their ideals into the mainstream making bigotry and chauvinism more acceptable and necessary in a shameless shroud of free speech.

The varitable clusterfuck known as the alt-right may be showing some cracks, and it will likely fall apart before they realize it. Even though they may scapegoat their eventual disintegration on Jews, feminism, people of color and conspiracy theories that hold no merit, in the end, they’re the catalysts of their own self-destruction.


12 thoughts on “The Alt-Right Hates Everything, Including Each Other

  1. ” They still have the powerful supporters F ox News and the Republican Party”.

    Hmmm…I don’t know. Even with those guys..I think that their power is beginning to wan. These days,it seems that their party have caught 45s contagious disease and it’s hurting them.So far,the places where Trump was the man at are slowly giving him the boot. If he’s not losing, he’s dangerously close to doing so. Several weeks ago, he lost in a supposed stronghold of his in Pennsylvania and let’s not forget about Alabama. Who would have thought he would have lost in the Deep South? Also, recor d’s were made by the election by voting in women,minorities,transgender people and just non Republicans in Republican ” territories “.

    Far as Fox News,they may be falling to an abyss but the news with the news is not as good. Don’t get me wrong..any propagandist news agencies like them should not ever be considered real news and should not be shown however Sinclair News may be competition against them and if you love the devil,their news is for you. Compared to Fox,those guys will make them look like legit news and one will be able to know that Trump has a hand in it. Their employees have to begin their news by ” dispelling ” it as real news( lol!) They horrible thing about Sinclair is that they’re buying up channels like it’s nobody’s business. I’m not big on TV like I once was and if we’re still able to get news via internet( If the FCC) doesn’t destroy that,I’ll get by that source.

    Desperate times calls for desperate measures.Either way, the GOP and Fox are getting desperate. The long time saying ” The Fear Of The Black Man/Planet ” is slowly becoming true and in general, minorities with be majority in the States..and even the world.Reasons like these are why they are acting a fool/ resisting.Back in the day,the KKK and the Skinheads weren’t getting along with each other but they were in order more so than today. Now that Trump is president..they’re like animals fighting in the wilderness.They don’t know how to act.

  2. That looks like a honky ho-down lol! You can’t make these stories up. This is one way of dealing with them; sit back and watch them implode. They’re too fucking stupid not to.

  3. This just cements my theory that not only do such people have no culture, they are not a culture. They are not creative and have no real imagination in them. As a general rule people who exercise their creative energies tend to appreciate the worth of other human beings, if nothing else. People with imagination generally tend to like people, or so I’ve found. There’s something about being creative that pushes that tendency forward.

    People like the above are emotionally, and creatively stagnant. They’re the embodiment of entropy. They make nothing, they do nothing to add to the worth of humanity, they say nothing worth listening to,and it’s sad, because as white men in America, they have every opportipunity to do so. And don’t.

  4. It fits perfectly into their own self-loathing view of themselves and everyone else. If they cannot be happy, their job is to make everyone else as miserable as they are.

  5. Spencer is really the leader of this movement. He’s certainly not the power (money) behind it, but he’s the de facto “leader” if you will. “Alt-Right” is his word. And he’s a full-fledged Nazi who has advocated in favor of ethnic cleansing/genocide, and specifically black genocide.

    In most countries, he’d already be in jail, and if there were justice in the US he’d be charged for inciting violence. Black people should take him very seriously. He’s a real threat and needs to be imprisoned for life, along with his donors and conspirators.

    1. Resw,

      You are absolutely correct. These Nazi’s should not be dismissed as hapless clowns who will conveniently implode before committing horrific acts of violence. They will be around and very dangerous for the duration.

      I also agree that understanding where the real power (money) for these groups resides is important for anyone observing their movement/formation. Black people’s lives depend on that knowledge.

      1. True that!
        Just becasue they’re small minded and stupid, just because they’re losers, doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous.

        Even though Fleas aren’t known for their level of intelligence, they still managed to take out a third of the human population of Europe, just by existing.

  6. Yep. They hate humanity because they hate themselves and want to make everyone and everything miserable as they. They are utterly incapable of empathy, love, compassion, and humility. So sad.😢

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