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Photo courtesy of the New Yorker

I always say that if you’re a racist, admit it. I have, even though I’m more prejudiced than racist as I have no power to oppress large groups of a particular ethnicity. But some people who have said racist things don’t want to be called racist or seen as a racist. Some prefer to use fancy shmancy words (race realist, alternative right, someone who read the Bell Curve and believes it) instead. Somehow being called a racist is worst than actually being a racist. But to paraphrase Shakespeare and Outkast at the same time, a rose by any other name would still smell like boo boo.

However, one man wants to convince people that being called a racist is not only okay, but it’s a badge of honor, and that man is Donald Trump’s former right-hand goon and former Dr. Doom behind one of the interwebs’ fake news machine  (Breitbart) Steve Bannon, and he wanted to ease the fears of the les miserables section of the French far right.

NBC News reports:

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon re-energized France’s struggling far-right National Front party Saturday by speaking at a party congress and telling Marine Le Pen’s nationalist supporters: “History is on our side.”

Bannon’s appearance in France was part of a European tour as he seeks an international platform for his closed-borders, anti-foreigner message that helped Donald Trump win the U.S. presidency.

The former Breitbart News chairman was an early admirer of the National Front, whose long-standing “French First” motto rallied voters for years before Trump’s “America First” campaign.

“Let them call you racist. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honor,” he told the crowd at the party congress.

“You’re part of a worldwide movement bigger than France, bigger than Italy,” Bannon told National Front supporters, denouncing central banks, central governments and “crony capitalists.”

“History is on our side,” Bannon said to hearty cheers.

If history has shown anything that it’s never been on the side of overt white racism, at least not for long. If it was, the Confederacy would’ve won and Nazi Germany would’ve won the second world war. Hopefully, if history’s track record remains consistent, the current rise of white supremacy will fall and fall hard.

Yet, Bannon and the alt-right and its many names and sub-groups want to empower the false campaign by turning bigotry into hollowed pride, a zero-sum philosophy that amounts to racial pride for one’s race cannot exist without racial hatred for other races. Perhaps that’s why pro-black groups and movements are feared as the faux-quation tells them that a movement like Black Lives Matter also says that white lives don’t matter.

It’s nothing too surprising. We have racists who are proud and unapologetic of being racists, and there are racists who hate being considered as racists, but have no problems talking, acting or just plain being one. You know, the ones who’re silent, nice or pleasant to their sub-human pals and would even echo their hate fueled, fear-based blather, but are not racist as they don’t have Nazi or confederate paraphernalia and have black friends and lovers.

Old Man Bannon wants to give an archaic, primitive, destructive and yet, obviously powerful ideal even more power and put whip cream and cherries on top of a mountain of centuries worth of steamy, fly-swarming bullshit that only the worst of mankind would gobble up with wine. He’s honest about his evil and seems to take it in stride. You gotta give him credit for that just as we give him credit for contributing to the depreciation of honest journalism.