Meet Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet, the World’s Saddest White Supremacist

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It’s no secret that the alt-right movement, another name for a loose coalition of white supremacists and white nationalists, are clambering to let the world know that they’re fighting for the rights and privileges of white men. It’s governed by an assortment of dumbasses, jackasses and dumb jackasses that invest in hate and ignorance and see them as symbols of pride. So, it’s no wonder that at almost every turn, you hear about how an alt-right member ends up getting screwed either by his comrades or by himself.

Take Tim Gionet, a.k.a. Baked Alaska. Please.

Okay, that joke is lame, but so is Tim, and he can prove it. But before you witness his failures for yourself, the Angry White Men blog site wrote a quick summary on a pathetic male considered the Wile E. Coyote of the alt-right:

At the “Unite the Right” rally, Baked Alaska was livestreaming when someone maced him square in the face. The footage of Baked writhing on the ground, yelling in agony and begging for milk to wash out his eyes was pure schadenfreude. (They haven’t caught the man responsible, but I have a suspicion that his name rhymes with “Shmaked Shmalaska.”)

After being forced to endure a deluge of milk and mace-related memes on Twitter, this litigious idiot threatened to sue everyone who called him a “Nazi” — in spite of his fondness for tweeting “1488” and gas chamber jokes.

In what was probably the dumbest lawsuit threat of all time, he actually photoshopped himself holding a gun, then threatened to sue a news outlet for defamation when they used the picture in a video about white nationalists who support Bashar al-Assad.

Already banned from nearly every crowdfunding platform known to man, Baked Alaska finally snapped when his verified Twitter account was permanently suspended.

What followed was an eight hour livestream in which the disheveled YouTube personality wandered around in a parking lot to ask strangers why mean old Jack Dorsey took his toys away.

The man has been owned so many times, in fact, that an entire website called “Milk Leaks” has been set up to document it all. Yes, this includes an instance where Baked hit on a cosplayer who immediately revealed herself to be 13 years old.

Click on the link to “Milk Leaks” to see Baked Alaska broadcast his long list of fuckups.

The alt-right has shown themselves to not only be out of touch with reality (after it’s only several weeks ago that female members are saddened with how misogynistic the alt-right truly is), but basically has no home training and think it’s their right to be horrible people if they wish, because you know, the world is against white males and being a white male apparently means being as loathsome a white male as legally possible, because…imaginary white genocide. So, it’s no shocker that the movement can’t get their shit together. There is always a back waiting to be stabbed or a sad clown kicking his own ass so that somebody will notice him.

Normally, I would feel sorry for any poor schmo that tries but can’t succeed. But Baked Alaska is so awful that if a rattlesnake bit him, it (the rattlesnake) would die. The AV Club’s post about this troll best describes him:

What stands out, aside from all of the delicious schadenfreude, is just how bad at all of this Baked is. He can’t talk, he isn’t funny, and he babbles about himself constantly; literally the only thing this guy is good at is playing the victim. Granted, that’s really all the “alt-right” asks out of their icons, anyway.

So, what will Baked do next? He’s recently reported back home in Alaska. But he still has access to a camera. So, his next screw-up will come sooner or later and it will be recorded for the world to see, because that’s apparently his gimmick.


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