Trump shows his white supremacist side again, and Trump supporters continue to deny it


Nothing 45 says or does is surprising anymore, at least not to those of us who reside in the realm we call reality. When his Twitter feed is lit with racist statements like a burning cross or his second asshole that is his mouth shows his inner KKK spirit, it’s become so common that we expect nothing less. Yet, we live with the fact that this walking turd is head of the United States.

In another installment of Donald Trump’s dipstick racism, the Washington Post reports that lawmakers wanted to protect immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and African nations. It was said that it was during a meeting of a bipartisan immigration deal. Trump, in his most classy and informed way responds, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Is it also stated that he suggested that America should bring in “more people from countries such as Norway”.

The diarrhea didn’t end there. Trump went on to ask why we need more Haitians and to take them out. Keep in mind, this was weeks after the New York Times reported that Trump said that Haitians have AIDS.

Whether his supporters want to believe it or not, and they really don’t want to, Trump has been showing his racist orange ass for years. Media Matters reports:

“…An undeniable shadow of racial animus hangs over Trump’s every action, whether it’s playing footsiewith white nationalists or denying black people housing access, picking public fights with black athletesand pundits and public figures or questioning President Barack Obama’s place of birth, calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists or calling for the death penalty for a group of innocent black and Latino teenagers.”

Seriously, what more proof do these racism denying, Trump supporting fools need? The sad possibility is that they will instead whine about how attacking Trump for his hatefulness is racist itself. Such people cannot be taken seriously, nor can they be talked to, at least not without throwing fits.

Whether they’re scared as hell of knowing that their president is the definition of a white supremacist or know damn well that he is and prefers to provoke others for shits and giggles, one thing is clear. They’re seriously touched in the head.

In their saddest attempts to stop any opposition against the current regime in Washington, they will show how much in denial they are about his racism or that there is racism against people of color (POC). Some will try to make it an equal-oppressive case and bring up that white people are “victims” of racism too. Some will go that extra mile and deny of the existence of anti-POC racism in favor of a more baseless claim that white people are the new victims. They will claim Trump’s statements as not racist, but fact, whatever they can drum up to avoid the r-word but have no reservations of echoing such sentiments.

Le sigh!

Their attempts, disguised in quasi-intellectual jargon, to disprove the simple truths in order to defend their white world leader have shown how blind, ignorant and frightened they are to the realities that POC face in this hollowed era of white supremacy. They will argue in bad to zero faith.

As mentioned earlier, such people cannot be reasoned with. In the end, it’s best to leave these clowns alone isolated to their warped fantasies that prevent any hopes of progress, fantasies that do nothing but support a stupid and yet destructive ideology that whites are superior and yet are victims on a colored planet. It’s a fantasy where Donald Trump is their king and savior or rather their lord and master.


6 thoughts on “Trump shows his white supremacist side again, and Trump supporters continue to deny it

  1. If you’re going to deny the problem..make sure that there are no witnesses there and no clip to make you no look like a racist bastard.

    Man..45 think he’s Hitler.. he think that he’s slick. He’s trying do do his protégé number..Difference being back in the day ..nobody knew what Hitler was going to do until the world seen the horror of the Holocaust. There was no social media and reading books about this during Hitler’s time and Hitler didn’t initially let the world know his business…unlike his wannabes.

    If 45 is going to claim Africa,Caribbean and Latin America as ” sh**holes” at least visit them. I haven’t visit Africa as well ( but would love to visit Dar Es Salaam ,Tanzania) but there is always two sides to every story and judging by the photos that my ex and a Senegalese friend shown me..its not the depressing countries that Trump profess it to me. My ex fiance was Togolese/ South African and grew up prosperous in the outskirts of Johannesburg South Africa. He was educated in Durban,South Africa and in the States to be a endocrinologist and far as the “s***h***” he’s from …which is mostly South Africa, he planned wanted to go home because its his home and it was paradise. Most Africans I knew wanted to go home to help their families,community and just miss home…not because their homelands were h**l to live with.

    Here is another thing if Africa is supposed to be the sh** h*** that he wants the world to believe ,why do I see young White people surfing on Senegalese beaches? in once case ,my Senegalese friend showed me picture of a White family from Tennessee who lived a couple of homes away from him ,because they liked his homeland ..and the beaches and has a job there. They also have nice homes and stores there.One don’t have to be far to know what a sh** hole is..just look at the States…especially in the trailer parks.

    As the saying goes ” Loose lips sank ships” and his plan to rid of immigrants will only back fire on him. I don’t know about anybody else but I like a world that is more diversified. I want to learn more things than the genericness from the States.

  2. I generally pride myself in conjuring creative insults about the Baby-In-Chief, but your opening paragraph puts me to shame. I humbly relinquish the crown of justified T***p-bashing to your far-more-worthy self.

  3. Nobody should be surprised by tRump and anything he says or does. The large segment of white Americans are not bothered by his xenophobic speech because that’s how they feel. This type of speech just appeals to his white supremacist supporters.

  4. Was listening to Chauncey DeVega’s podcast and he made a statement that was quite sobering that we need to be honest that many black Americans in private conversations have these same horrible thoughts and have made the same comments similar to Trump in regards to who should be let into the country as citizens. He says he’s heard Latino’s in his community make disparaging comments about Haitians. Their is lots of anti- black sentiment towards black Haitian from Dominicans. There is lots of bigotry from American blacks toward black immigrant people and vice versa.

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