Trolls: Show me proof of racism so that I can reject it!


It’s great not to be alone when dealing with crap. Other people know what you’re talking about and often sympathize.

If you’ve ever been in a forum or thread about racism, you may have seen that one clown that demands of proof of racism. Evidence is presented from articles, excerpts from books or books themselves, videos, charts, data, statistics, graphs, scholarly writings from academia, stone tablets, whatever. You’ve given the doubter everything and anything you can find to make him/her see that you’re not lying.

To the doubter, that’s not enough. Nothing you can give is enough. You’re just wrong. Your proof is wrong based on questionable or straight-up false sources, information and data. Either it’s from a right wing outlet or it was just pulled out of thin air just to not only discredit you but also make you look stupid and insane.

Another thing they could do is pull the old you-don’t-know-what-white-people-think dodge. Son of Baldwin at Medium writes how it’s done:

They will ask you if you can read the minds of white people. Yes. That’s their favorite one. That’s their standard of proof. The only way you will be able to prove racism to these white folks is if you’re telepathic. And even then, they’d question the accuracy of your telepathic abilities and will request a white telepath to verify your knowledge — and they will only believe the white telepath if they disagree with you and agree with them. Anything to avoid having to confront and admit that racism exists, that they benefit from it, and often participate in and perpetuate it…

Nothing you say will refute that. That’s a round-peg claim they will push through a square hole while getting folks to believe that they’re communicating in good faith. But as Son of Baldwin continues:

Beyond being a sign of intellectual laziness, psychological ineptitude, and a gross exploitation of unearned authority and privilege, it’s emotionally sophomoric and an insidious and pathological deflection strategy designed to protect white people from encountering any reality that doesn’t make them feel like the most special and innocent snowflakes at the dead center of the alabaster and crystalline universe.

And there are plenty of snowflakes that hate to melt but end up dripping with intense negative emotions. As such, they will revert to a childlike state, resort to immature name calling, bullying and an obsessive drive to break the patience of the people they’re confronting and will deflect and deny any accountability for their actions. It’s the lowest form of racist Jedi mind tricks to run down any conversation about racism and drive you mad and exhausted.

But as Toni Morrison says on the same piece:

“The function, the very serious function, of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language, so you spend twenty years proving that you do. Somebody says your head isn’t shaped properly, so you have scientists working on the fact that it is. Someone says you have no art, so you dredge that up. Somebody says you have no kingdoms, so you dredge that up. None of that is necessary. There will always be one more thing.”

And like the author of the piece, I WILL NOT put up with it anymore. They can cry about how their “freedoms” have been taken away. They can pat themselves on the back for winning the mental war on liberal PC culture. They can continue to bad mouth me, call me racist – which is another tactic they love to throw at you – and my blog. But I will NOT put up with any more drippy attitudes from a bunch of assholes running from the truths about racism like a thief running from the cops.

Click here to read the Son of Baldwin’s entire article.

23 thoughts on “Trolls: Show me proof of racism so that I can reject it!

  1. Don’t you also love how, when they are disagreed with, they say what a Black friend told them? That need for validation screams that if they knew what they are talking about, they would have no need for validation. It also disrespects individualism and paints expectancy that Blacks who do not know each other are suppose to get into tribal formation to believe the White deliverer because they have a Black validator.

    1. Roy Moore’ s wife claimed that they has Jewish ” friends ” and that their lawyer was their friend and she attempted to call out a Black
      ” friend ” during his campaign.

      Oh please..for once…just once, I just wish that they quit using “My Best Friend Is Black ” excuse. Its beyond over redundant,old and mostly bald face lies to the point where it becomes pure comedy. No logical thinking Jewish or Black person would want the Grand Dragon of the KKK and no White supremacist would be down with that. Notice also that you rarely see these friends/ best friend out to defend them. I live around Jewish and though I’m not Jewish and not make me any kind of expert but one of our Jewish friends once told my family that he was purposely called a” Jew” like Ray Moore’s wife and the suspect that called him that end up seeing stars.

      Speaking of the Moore’s Jewish lawyer/ friend..turns out that he’s actually Doug Moore’s great pal. Not to say that Doug Moore isn’t/ is racist but the irony of it all…( Source: New York Daily News.
      Jan 2 ,2018)

      1. M. I sincerely don’t think that they know how much it taints their credibility, especially when a Black person is speaking from experience. It also goes to say that they perceive “friends” as people who they perceive have assimilated based on their approval. It is proof that when it comes to race relations, there are Whites who do not appreciate the gray areas. They want everything to fit into a stereotype of their imagination.

      2. ” I sincerely don’t think that they know how much it taints their credibility, especially when a Black person is speaking from experience.”

        Yep..and they never want to leave it alone until they think they can wear you out ( which will!). Here is another favorite racist excuse of theirs ” I have Black folks in my family” but here is the question with many of them: do they have positive interactions with their Black relatives and do they treat them as their equals? Its no good to for White people to tell me about having so called Black friends when they never have then same with Black people as a whole. I guess they really believe that Black people are stupid to believe such garbage. Yeah..they have Black friends..when they win football games.

      3. M, regarding,

        “…do they treat them as their equals?”

        They have a difficult time treating each other as equals. Get a group of 2 or more together and see how entitlement and supriority competes. LOL!

      4. I really think that anti-semitism in the Alt-Right / White Nationalist world doesn’t have a bearing anymore. People like Jared Taylor (American Renaissance) go by if you look white and act white you are white. While they still hold a very anti-semitic facade it can be overlooked by substantial contributions to their cause.

  2. Yeah there’s a term for what you’ve been seeing Its called Sea- Lioning! and there’s a cartoon that perfectly illustrates it.

    But you are correct. The process is meant to drain your energy for doing anything else. They’re arguing for the sake of arguing, and doing it in very bad faith. They’re not talking to you to get to the truth. They’re talking to WIN the argument.

    Sea lioning:
    In social media, pestering a target with unsolicited questions delivered with a false air of civility. Via Chez Apocalypse.* “Sea lioning” is a very recent neologism inspired by a September 19 cartoon, “The Terrible Sea Lion,” by David Malki, who blogs at Wondermark.Nov 3, 2014

  3. Most think pieces and anti racism blogs raise the hackles of most racially aroused trolls. So they deflect and do the tired and typical tactic and call black people who call them out on their trash racist when it’s them who are the racist.

  4. You want more evidence that anti-semitism isn’t a big issue with White Supremacists is look at the Trump Administration. Look who Trump is in-laws with and despite all of that the Alt-Right/White Nationalists hail him his worst policies…. Case closed.

  5. People resist having to correct their own lazy mental shorthand. It’s so much easier to just fall back on the same old racist stereotypes rather than do the work to untangle and correct them in one’s own mind.

    Source: Imperfect white dude who appreciates your blog.

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