What Are Your Hopes For 2018?


Another year is upon us. Some way 2017 was almost or just as bad as 2016. Some say it was better than 2016. In any case, we can’t go backward. We can only move forward and progress.

So, what do you hope for in the new year? What are the things you want to see happen? What do you want to do? What do you hope to accomplish?

Speak your mind in the comment section below.


7 thoughts on “What Are Your Hopes For 2018?

  1. I thought that 2016 was wayyyy better than 2017. Obama was still in office and though there were struggles during his presidency..you could find of piece of mind and security with him. 2017 had to been one of the most craziest years,I’ve ever endured.

    What do I hope for 2018? Hoping that we’ll all get an unexpected surprise from the Whitehouse like Doug Jones becomiprosper.ama’s senator..I’m just hoping that his win will also equate to more non GOP chairs being gained and a non GOP becomes president again. I just hope their cocky reign will be case of getting dethroned from the castle.I

    What I plan to do in 2018? Hmmm..I don’t know I guess do pretty much what I did in 2017: work, play,go to church..repeating the process but if there is one thing that I would like to do is to do volunteer work in something. Maybe work with mental health people, ,literacy programs HABITAT ,teach a bilingual class..if my French and Spanish improves..to the point where I’m comfortable speaking/ translating it…not because I want points doing it. I just want to contribute to improving the lives of others as I enjoy seeing others prosper.I’ve done it before and maybe I’ll do it again.

    The last thing I would like to see is for Morris Brown College reopened again.Though I attended a PWI ,I was saddened when their accreditation was snatched. It meant a legacy was also being snatched. Occasionally, when I went there for research purposes and passed there,I just nodded my head in disbelief wondering ” How could this happen ?”

    In spite of MBC downfall, there are actually students still going there..determined to be part of the the hopeful future official reopening of the school while their President is doing what it will take to get its reaccreditation back and suppose ask for it this year.
    I was reading a similar problem with Paul Quinn College but their president got them back on track. If he could.. Im encouraged that the same can take place with MBC.

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