This goes out to any and all trolls

Like I said in my previous entry, a couple of trolls seem to be attracted to what I have to say to the point where they won’t live and let go. I’ve dealt with the likes of the Praetorian Writers Group and now I’m dealing with a fellow going by the name Gentlemen’s Foundry (GF).

I’m sure you’ve seen the comments he left which allude to me being a racist. I admitted some years ago that I AM a racist (even though technically I’m prejudice), and I’m not proud one bit. On that note, I’m also sexist, and I’m not proud of it either. I accept that I’m both those things, and have been working to change. I don’t hide behind a smokescreen of denial by pointing fingers. But I digress as I’m not accusing GF of anything in this post.

However, GF has accused me of being racist. So, I’m not scarred by it. I admit it, because this is a racist nation and one cannot live in a racist nation and not be affected by it. Again, I’m not proud of it, nor am I in denial of it. Yet, these conservative mofos think they’re immune to it, and that us who are black and more on the left side of thinking are somehow a threat to the well-being to white male civilization.

Of course, me admitting to being racist is more than enough fuel for the those like GF to use against me. xPraetorius used that “I’m racist against whites” thing before, and I knew it was only a matter of time before another like-minded individual to pounce in my den.

I don’t write about white racism out of some sick satisfaction. I find no pleasure in talking about an issue that affects me way more than people like GF can fully comprehend. I grew up, met and have been friends with white folks, and after learning at a later age that white racism is still a significant topic generated an internal conflict.

I’m still friends with most of the white people in my life. I lost a few after my woke side took form. But I still love them all as I love all people. I doubt GF believes that since he believes that straight white males have it tough due to conspiracies against the group and that he’s no racist even though such a belief is essentially a race-based issue.

More may be coming for me for speaking against racism and white supremacy, and GF seems hellbent in trying to defeat me by any and all means in an internet fight I don’t intend on waging. In a response to my post, he did exactly what I said he would do, went to his blog and refuted every point made while simultaneously proving mine in the process. In one of his responses he left this little warning:

“Listen, coward. Anytime someone tries to divide my country along racial lines, it is a threat to my fellow citizens and my family. Regardless of their skin color. Being considered a minority, in selective conditions, does not make you immune to my wrath.”

It does no good to convince GF that I’m NOT the one dividing his country, and I have a strong feeling that telling him who really is will do a world of good. People like Steve Bannon, Milo Yiannopolis, Mike Cernovich, Chuck C. Johnson, Richard Spencer, Tim Gionet, Andrew, Anglin, Paul Kersey, Jared Taylor, Carl Benjamin, David Duke and our own clown-in-chief and his gang – just to name a few – are the ones GF needs to truly worry about, not me.

Seeing how both xPraetorius and GF have been mostly silent about those individuals whose racist views are as plain as the noses on their faces, it just shows how disingenuous their stance against racism really is. So, to me, that means they’re full of shit, and anyone else with like minds are also full of shit.

I don’t know why they’re obsessed with me or my blog, but if their underlying motive is to make me run, it won’t work. If GF thinks I’m a threat to his country, he’s either delusional as fuck and is trying to bring me down for reasons only his therapist can theorize or he’s a typical troll, even though he won’t admit it, who’s seeking attention and amusement due to narcissism and sadism.

So, I would like to let him and any other troll lurking about that if you want to silence the message, then you BETTER silence the messenger. If you have any wrath to unleash to satisfy your insecurities, you better be thorough and do a damn good job.

As they say from where I live, get at me.


40 thoughts on “This goes out to any and all trolls

  1. Dumb post, BW.

    I had pretty much given up on the idea of engaging with you since you’re not serious about your anti-racism, but since you attacked me (and us) at top, I figured I’d put in my two cents worth.

    First off, you never “dealt with the likes of the Praetorian Writers Group.” In every one of our interactions, over hundreds of posts, you evaded, avoided, bobbed and weaved. That was the point: you never, ever actually dealt with any of my points.

    I convincingly refuted all your major premises, and most of your minor ones. I then determined that you’re just not serious about the “anti-racism” about which you howl so operatically.

    A person ,b><i.actually serious about anti-racism would lat least know something about racism and about anti-racism. Would lat least know something about the history of slavery and of racism in the world. Would lat least be familiar with the thinking and writings of those who agree and those who disagree with him.

    You, however, know only… a bunch of anecdotes. You’re a collector of anecdotes. Anecdotes are important to the person telling the anecdote, but they tell us next to nothing about conditions in the country as a whole. A subject about which you’ve shown yourself to be woefully ignorant.

    You admitted all that even in this very post! You said:

    I donโ€™t write about white racism out of some sick satisfaction. I find no pleasure in talking about an issue that affects me way more than people like GF can fully comprehend. I grew up, met and have been friends with white folks, and after learning at a later age that white racism is still a significant topic generated an internal conflict.

    Iโ€™m still friends with most of the white people in my life. I lost a few after my woke side took form. But I still love them all as I love all people. I doubt GF believes that since he believes that straight white males have it tough due to conspiracies against the group and that heโ€™s no racist even though such a belief is essentially a race-based issue.

    Anecdotes… about you.

    Important to you, but perfectly meaningless as regards the entire country, which is, on the whole, not at all racist. We proved it to you too.

    Your racism is a great discredit to you personally. You demand that others not be racist, but it’s okay for you to be racist? Are you kidding me? It’s your choice to be a racist. And you can choose not to be a racist.

    Then you say, in the above-quoted paragraphs, “I have been friends with white people.” ROFL!!! That’s identical to the phrase “Some of my best friends are black;” a phrase that people like you tried to use as evidence of the racism and the bad character of the white people who said it.

    BW, I don’t know this GF bloke, but if he’s upbraiding you for making false accusations, for spreading division, for being a racist, for being a big part of the problem… he’s right.

    I don’t suspect this post will make it to your blog… you have a tendency to censor those who disagree with you. Shame, though, because it represents another opportunity for you to learn, and to grow, and to be a better man. An opportunity that, I regretfully assume, you’ll decline to take.


    — x

    1. Lol. A well structured rebuttal followed by “What the fuck ever.” Classic. Sorry xPraetorius, looks like you just wasted your time! I’ve considered just letting him go about his ways, but then I get these darling love letters… I wish I could have ended a debate in college with “what the fuck ever.” Or a disagreement with a doctor with “what the fuck ever.”

      1. Lol!

        BW and I have gone back and forth for a long time. It’s all part of a long-standing effort on the part of my colleagues and me to study the Race Grievance Industry as a whole. BW is one of the RGI’s “foot soldiers,” and one of the few stubborn enough to hang in there for a while. Most of the ranks of the RGI are cowards, and unable to maintain a cordial debate. BW has his moments (see the rant in this thread) and then he has other moments when he’s not a complete clodpole.

        BW’s an okay bloke, but prone to flights of fancy, and convinced that he’s a real soldier against racism. However, the racism he rails against hasn’t been a big problem in America for half a century. What black people face in America is daunting, but it’s because of a massively condescending, horribly infantilizing impulse on the part of the political Left.

        I don’t blame black Americans for being upset about conditions for them in America! However, they then direct their ire at the one political tendency that actually treats them like adults and like people in full and they slavishly (I used the word intentionally) vote Democrat, largely because the Dems are the ones handing out (1) free stuff, (2) validation, (3) the possibility of revenge, and (4) excuses for failure of any kind.

        I’ve enjoyed your interaction with BW as well!


        — x

      2. I do feel bad for him, because I WAS him up until a few years ago. I was brainwashed by a liberal family, liberal media, liberal school. Not that being liberal is bad. I’m a big fan of lots of liberal policies and ideas (particularly socially.) But when push for evidence and fact-based conclusions, that hunger pushes me very far right.

  2. Bro. Wolf the male(assuming) known as GF asked you to define (in a language that he understands….(my interpretation) …). When he truly gets it, meaning there is no way to deny it. Eg. White is melanin(the melanin that produces various skin tones originating with darkest people. which the other skin tones are fading away from the original) deficient people who are youngest people on the planet. There is no recourse that would make what was state false (denying that another issue).

      1. Frankly, xPraeorius, I’m not in the mood to read your bullshit. Besides, I just remembered this is MY blog, and unlike you, I believe in Freedom of Speech to the fullest and not shy away from cursing. So, allow me to tell you that I no longer give a fuck.

      2. Keepin’ it classy as always, BW!

        This is just more evidence that you’re just not serious about being anti-racist. At least you’re open about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

        You see, I do care, and I’ve actually worked, hard to find out what’s going on, and what actually went on, and for what happens behind the scenes, behind all the media hype and the superficial nitwittery that you’ve fallen for.

        You never responded to me on a bunch of posts. One of them showed you that there were more white European slaves in Africa than there were in America. You never even responded to that, ummmm… startling? … revelation. And you never watched the video by the highly respected economist Thomas Sowell.

        Your quote: “I don’t give a f##k” should be embarrassing. You should “give a f##k”… a massive, empathetic, thoughtful, seeking, curious, searching, self-improving, growth-bringing f##k.

        That you don’t is a huge discredit to you.

        The half-witted phrase “I don’t give a f##k” should never, ever, ever cross the lips of any person. Not ever. Ever.

        You, and all people, should always give a f##k.


        — x

      3. But I thought you support the freedom of saying whatever you want. Isn’t cursing a part of free expression. I’m just expressing my freedom, and you’re angry? Maybe you really don’t support it, another testament of how full of shit you are.

        I can’t talk to someone like you, because you’re unable to talk to. Plain and simple. If you can’t see that, you’re truly a dumbass. If you won’t see that, then you’re a coward.

      4. Yes, you have the right so sound like an uneducated, trash-mouth, classless clod. And, as you indicated, you’re surely going to avail yourself of that right. ๐Ÿ™‚

        You can’t talk to me because you don’t have anything worth saying.


        — x

      5. Also, you’re so in love with the right, you CHOOSE to ignore the racism festering on your side. I wasn’t and are not so devoted to the left that I would ignore their bullshit. I call it out no matter what side it is because, to be simple, there’s crap on both sides which should indicate that it’s not restricted on one side as your blog seems so obsessed on believing. It’s not just the left. It’s both the left AND the right.

      6. Wrong yet again, BW. Why break the streak, right?

        I’m in love with no political tendency, BW. I am a Conservative, and I am of the Right, which means that I’m a lot more vigilant about the Right — my own ideological home — than I am about the Left.

        With that out of the way, as I’ve said numerous times there is racism on the Right, and on the Left, but a thousand times ,i>more on the Left. The Right has some serious problems, but one of them is not racism.

        The Left has way more serious problems, of which one is racism.

        This is basic stuff, BW. If you were serious about being anti-racist, which you’re not, you’d know all this.

        Did you watch the video from Thomas Sowell yet? If you didn’t, what are you waiting for?


        — x

      7. Because it’s not a big problem. There’s no reason to get all hot and bothered about something that’s not a big problem.

        I’ve pointed that out to you many times, BW.


        — x

      8. Oh, yeah… and I pretty much proved it by #1: the piles and piles of evidence I gave you, and #2: your inability to rebut a single point. I might add that no one else in your circle has ever rebutted a single point either.

        You’re not serious about your anti-racism. More to the point: you can’t be serious about anti-racism when you yourself are a racist.

        I’m sorry, BW, but you stand accused of all the things that you pretend to be so upset about.

        It’s a common thing in America: to deflect from what you yourself are guilty of, you point over at someone else who’s not guilty of it and shout at the top of your lungs about his guilt.

        The racist, of course, deflects from his own racism… because he has to, and because the media, and the vast Race Grievance Industry support his false accusations.


        — x

      9. Lol!

        On a more serious note, I wish you and yours a wonderful, sweet, happiness-filled, love- and laughter-drenched Thanksgiving.

        I know that you recently suffered a life-changing tragedy, and I pray that you will use that pain to make you stronger, and to bring you closer to God.

        I know you hate me, but I think that also, deep inside, and begrudgingly, you have some small measure of respect for me, and I pray that you will find the right way to reconcile all that conflict in your heart.

        I have no conflict (in this regard ๐Ÿ™‚ ) in my heart. I genuinely like you, and always have, and always will.

        BW: You have so much potential, and I’ve long recognized it, else I’d have abandoned you long ago. You’re a massive pain in the gluteus maximus, but you have the potential not to be. I love you for that.

        And I wish you the happiest possible of Thanksgiving holidays, and please know that I’m praying for the peaceful repose of the soul of your loved ones who have passed away… as well as for any pain you’re experiencing.


        — x

      10. Fuck you, xPraetorius. But on a serious note. Fuck you, xPraetorius.

        You don’t know shit about me or what I’ve been through. Yet, here you are trying to read my mind, the same tactic YOU ACCUSE ME OF DOING TO YOU. Another show of proof that your hypocrisy.

        I don’t hate you. I dislike you. There’s a difference. And you only have yourself to blame for me not liking your delusional, egotistical ass. Though your pathological narcissism and constant lying will try to deflect that and try to lay the blame on me while ignoring your bullshit. Go ahead and prove me right, asshole.

        You say you like me, but it shows you like me as if I’m a dog and you’re my trainer. Your answers show that. Again, deny that, you shitfaced bastard. Is this how you like your own children, bitch?

        If I’m such a pain, why the flying fuck do you come here. If I’m such a pain, DON’T COME HERE, STUPID! It’s that simple, or are you that much of a pathetic jackass to want to waste your non-life on a person you don’t fucking know?

        I tried to make peace and be a better man, but you’re not having that. So, this is the language that you better get used to if you decide to continue to step foot in my den. But you don’t have to take it though, but that simple ass concept doesn’t register in that microbrain of yours, does it?

        So fuck your Thanksgiving greeting and while you’re at it, fuck you as well. How dare you try to minimize racism all the damn time and act like a fucking expert on a subject you obviously don’t know about. You’re part of the muthafucking problem WHETHER YOUR LITTLE BITCH ASS LIKES IT OR NOT. I don’t give a fuck about what you think on the matter, because it’s all nonsense. And I don’t give a fuck if I hurt your little feelings when you shit all over the meaning of what racism is based on what you’ve learned from white people who constantly deceive you. If you want to continue kissing their asses and sucking their dicks hoping to be a part of their club, go ahead. Knock yourself out.

      11. Lol! Not bad snark, BW. Just a couple of things you don’t understand.

        (1) You have never hurt my feelings, because it’s impossible to hurt my feelings.

        (2) You are not serious about being anti-racist. If you were then #1: you’d never, ever, not ever say that “you don’t give a f##k, and #2: you’d never, ever, not ever say that I’d never persuade you of anything, and #3: you’d never, ever, not ever say that you hadn’t visited the link I sent you from the deeply-respected Harvard professor, Thomas Sowell, and #4, you wouldn’t be so plainly ignorant.

        (3) I can make your amusing little rant a bit more concise. You could have said the whole thing with a simple: WAAAAAHHHHHH!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ (best when accompanied by stomping feet, scrunched eyes, and clenched fists)

        Oh, and FYI: your inability to control your temper makes you seem like an uneducated, half-wit. You’re not, are you?


        — x

      12. Of course. You have to have feelings in order to break them. Thanks for proving my little experiment.

        And actually, I was quite calm when I cursed you out. I was just exercising my right to express myself. Isn’t that the American way?

      13. Lol! You do make me laugh, BW! If that was being “quite calm,” then you express yourself very poorly. Have you considered a creative writing class?

        I’d be willing to believe your little ploy here if #1: I hadn’t just baited you into showing what appear to be your “true colors,” and #2: you hadn’t so recently posted your horrifying agreement with “Alliyah’s” evil post, and #3: you had somewhere, somehow posted at least one serious argument to the many, many posts you and I have exchanged.

        BW: if you were serious about your anti-racism, which you’re not, then you’d be able to argue my point of view as well as your own. You can’t. At least be man enough to admit that.


        — x

      14. In other words, you still have no substantive response. Wow! It’s not as if I haven’t given you a chance.

        And… this simply proves that your little rant was… just a little rant.

        C’mon, BW… be a man, not a sniveling coward. You might learn something.


        — x

      15. Frankly, xPraeorius, Iโ€™m not in the mood to read your bullshit. Besides, I just remembered this is MY blog, and unlike you, I believe in Freedom of Speech to the fullest and not shy away from cursing. So, allow me to tell you that I no longer give a fuck.

        That’s the spirit! Ignore them. Typical white supremacists and their side kicks. The refrain answer me or engage me or else, is just another one of the disingenuous clarion calls. Believe me, it’s a waste of energy as are they. Ignore them or mock them, deal with them as you will.

      16. Herneith, you’re an ignorant, uneducated, illiterate moron, with very little going on between your ears. I’d prefer it if such as you would ignore me. You never have anything intelligent to say, so there’s no point in your saying anything at all. You waste electrons that others could use to make replies that aren’t as half-witted as yours. Let others who aren’t quite as stupid as you contribute. ๐Ÿ™‚


        — x

      17. You insult her with name-calling as you always do, and you call her unintelligent. You’re the definition of projection. Everything you say about us, you’re really talking about yourself.

      18. @Prae:

        LOLZ!!!! Coming from you, I consider your post a compliment. I must have gotten to you for you to have such a response. Usually, you’re more foolish with more drawn out diatribes. Well, I believe in succinctness not drawn out the drawn-out bloviations you’re so fond of, so this is for you; Fuck off and don’t address me again.

      19. I believe we are allowed to address you until otherwise mandated by a judiciary. If you wish to disengage from a public forum, you are free to do so. Should you wish to appeal to WordPress for a cessation of communication, you are free to do so. Should you wish to pursue legal restraint, you are free to do so. We will happily comply with all rules and regulations.

        If you use this link, you may be able to shut down people who are abusing you.

        Though I warn you, those in glass houses….

      20. Thank you, BW, for proving out the results of my little experiment.

        As you know, you’ve constantly accused me of name-calling, and that’s something I almost never do. So, I figured I’d show you an example of actual name-calling to see whether you could tell the difference.

        You proved unable to. Even when it was right there in front of your nose.

        You’ve confirmed my previous observation: You’re not serious about your so-called “anti-racism.”


        — x

      21. Using the experiment excuse, I see…

        Regardless of what you say, I AM serious about anti-racism, and I’m convinced that you only twist things around in your favor to come out on top against what is blatantly obvious.

        Bottom line. I think you’re not only full of shit, you’re a living fountain. You claim how you’re a black woman. I don’t believe it for a second. You claim you’re serious about anti-racism. I don’t believe that. You claim you’re serious about having a conversation. I don’t believe that. You claim you’re “friends” are not you. I don’t believe that. In fact, most thing you’ve said, I don’t believe any of them. And nothing you’ve said convinced me in the slightest.

        I honestly do think you think I’m gullible enough to listen to you. Not only that, I think you’re really trying to break me for some sick satisfaction. You hope one day I’ll cave in and say that maybe you’re right and turn to the right side. But that’s not happening. And knowing you, you’ll deny it.

        All I see from you is projection, obsession, narcissism, denial and the habits of a contrarian and someone in need of attention. In short, you’re just a screwed-up person who needs help.

        Seriously, do you act this insane in real life? I hope the answer is no. You may tell me no. In fact, I know you will. And you may not, but online, you’re a total troll, and only you won’t see it.

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