The Habits of Certain Conservative Trolls Based on Comments and Blogs


I seem to have caught the attention of a troll or two lately. It’s not many, but they’re eerily similar in what they believe in based on the comments they leave behind. Here’s a rundown on these types based on the responses (so far) and blogs some have:

Self-proclaimed conservatives

The trolls I came across proudly brand themselves as conservative or members of the right wing side of politics. As such they have certain beliefs that they adhere to, again, based on their comments and blogs if they have them.

Liberals are their arch enemies

If there’s one thing conservatives hate, among a lot of things, are liberals. The left is the side of politics they despise due to the core belief that liberals hate white people and, in general, hate America. They consider them socialists which is their antithesis to their fascism.

If it’s not right, it’s left, no middle

Anyone who disagrees is apparently a liberal or at least a weak ass conservative. There is no center, no grey area. There’s right and there’s left. No in-between. And if you’re not a member of the right, you just ain’t right.

Racism against blacks is not as bad it seems, according to them

They don’t think that black people have it that hard. Some may agree that there is racism against them. However, they scoff at the thought that there is such a thing as institutionalized or systematic racism.

Some may even take it a step further back and claim how slavery had its qualities for blacks. For instance, according to them, they were brought to America, which is essentially a win. They could’ve remained in Africa and lived in a third world hell, they believe. This is probably based on how they view Africa today through the mainstream’s endless stream of images of extreme poverty and war in some areas in a few countries.

Islamophoic for a reason, Muslims are terrorists

Some think that Islam is a violent religion. Muslims are terrorists essentially. So, it’s okay to look down and even hate them. All terrorism in the world was caused by Muslims. A white terrorist is – like the liberal media they oppose – a pair of words they won’t put together.

They’re against racism – mostly against whites

They don’t think racism against people of color, blacks especially, is a major issue. However, racism against white people is. They strongly feel like whites are being oppressed due to, but are not limited to, affirmative action, welfare and diversity. Even though affirmative action mostly benefits white women, most people on welfare are white and diversity is still low in numerous institutions, these conservative trolls think that the oppression against white people, especially straight white males, is real.

Some may believe that there is still anti-black racism, but if they have blogs, you couldn’t tell as they’re not so vocal about being against it. They may even try to argue that it’s not racism and that it’s the fucked up nature of black culture.

They think POC bloggers who discuss whiteness are actual racists. Some think they’re no different than white racists, even though there’s no equivalency and no threat. However…

They won’t admit what color they are

Even though they portray themselves as those speaking against racism against whites, they won’t reveal their race. Normally, you can’t know what some of them look like, and – of course – it’s in their favor. They can say how they’re black, Latinx, Asian even a Martian if they want to, and will stick to that story no matter how ‘white’ they sound.

Make no mistake. Some may actually be POC who sides with conservatives. It’s not unusual. However, the way they respond and/or blog leaves a little suspicion. Just saying.

They demand proof so they will reject it

As mentioned earlier, conservative trolls of this and other varieties don’t believe in widespread systemic racism or that America is racist towards POC. So, when you explain the contrary, they will ask for evidence, data, statistics, charts, anything to make your case strong. You actually produce some form of proof, and what do they do. Turn it down in their response.

Your attempt to proof your case is weak to them no matter what you produce. If it’s an article from a news site they deem is leftist, it’s cause for immediate rejection. If it’s a research paper from an accredited college, it’s still no good. If it’s empirical evidence, it’s tossed away. No matter what you give them, they’ll throw it away and say “try again”.

Bottom line, they’re not interested in your evidence. Thus, they’re not interested in what you’re saying. Racism against POC is a small issue to them. End of story.

Yet, racism against whites is the more vital issue.

Have minimal proof of their own claims

They don’t have much, if any, proof that white people are being oppressed, and any evidence presented is normally from a right wing source. But of course, any differing source from practically anything is deemed leftist and wrong while right wing sources are credible no questions asked.

When it comes to POC and Muslims, POC conservatives that echo their sentiments on racism or Muslims who agree that Islam is a violent religion are perfect to strengthen their cases. They are their holy grails of unbridled support. Apparently, the rest of the POC and Muslim communities who think differently should listen to their right wing members as what they believe in is the truth.

However, some will never site their information. No links. No excerpts from articles. Nothing. They will produce data and stats out of seemingly nowhere and claim how it’s true.

Arguing against basic facts

You can’t argue over what’s objective. But to these trolls, facts aren’t facts and fake news and false information, produced likely by other conservatives, are true. They live in a Bizarro world and love it.

Actual news is fake news

Any news that shows straight white males, especially conservatives and Republicans, in a bad light over something they’ve done or accused of doing is considered fake, a part of some conspiracy against the right and against straight white males. End of story.

Writing about the bloggers they trolled…constantly

Not necessary limited to conservative trolls as I’ve written about trolls before. But for some, they feel this need to obsess over them as they write excessively about how and why their opponents are wrong based on their thinking which they strongly believe is the absolute truth.


Egotism, believing and portraying themselves as something more than what they actually are, regular bloggers. Hell, they probably think this post is about them. And they may be right.

An unyielding drive to win arguments

Their basic drive is to “conquer” debates against liberals. They want to have the last word despite some of them claiming to want to learn, exchange ideas or have a conversation. The truth is they don’t want to learn shit from another viewpoint and their version of conversing involves that they talk and we listen and agree. The clues are in their use of insults against your opinions and/or you.

When you confront them about it or throw insults back at them, then they’ll cry victim and lecture you on how wrong you were for giving them a taste of their own medicine. For the right, personal responsibility never applies to them, only to everyone else.

In the end, they don’t know when to quit, unless you block their asses. They’re basically cyberbullies, lurking for a blog, website or forum to invade and assault those not on the right with false notions about race, gender, anything of topic.

It’s not merely about disagreeing. They will engage in juvenile name-calling and petty insults thinking that they’re actions of an intellectual. But for a group of people that thinks the most privileged group in a white racist, sexist (against women) nation are victims of oppression, they’re obviously not as aware or as anti-racist as they think or proclaim they are. And like it or not, that’s a simple fact that they chose to ignore.

And soon, the ones with blogs will write about this and rebuke every statement piece by piece, making me and the post appear stupid and evil to make themselves look better.


42 thoughts on “The Habits of Certain Conservative Trolls Based on Comments and Blogs

  1. Once again they’re trying to work from that power dynamic. Lesser peoples time and attention belongs to them, and trolling is one way they can get your time and attention. I noticed the same dynamic with men who feel entitled to women’s attention and don’t take no for an answer, or white people who require unpaid emotional labor from PoC. It’s the same thing. They feel entitled to take up your time, and will use that time to feel good about themselves, so the narcissism fits right in there. (All bullies, racists, misogynists, etc. are, at heart, narcissistic.)

  2. As I was reading your blog post I was thinking about the situation with Ray Moore. Man..other than him being disgusting and cold..I really don’t know what to say about the GOP. Supposedly..they are supposed to be about Christian “values” but as all can see they are anything but..

    The bible said that if you know something but stand by their lies, you’re just as wrong as the suspect. Real Christians that I know wouldn’t stand for those lies. There was a case of a woman who said that she would rather stand by a child molester than to vote for a Democrat,then some of the people in ‘ Bama vow that they will stand by Moore..guilty or not.

    Before I went to work… I woke up to a TV minister by accident ( left my TV ) and I was thinking about something he said .He was taking about how the devil is acting..knowing that time is winding down for him.He then compared it to how 45 supporters are resisting this.

    ” The bottom rail will rise to the top”

    My mom , my late grandmother and old people like them would tell me and siblings that saying.Did always understand the words until years later. Yep..the next time I visit my grandmas grave, I will tell her the recent elections produced a lot of minorities ,transgender,gays and socialists..could this be the beginning? I may not know but it’s encouraging to see.

  3. “…for a group of people that thinks the most privileged group in a white racist, sexist (against women) nation are victims of oppression, they’re obviously not as aware or as anti-racist as they think or proclaim…”

    There is also the raw, naked fear of losing control over other groups. Not to mention the loss of centrality. Self-proclaimed “White people” are facing a future of equality with other groups. No more skating around on White privilege. Fewer acts of consequence-free violence. No more deference from other groups.

    When all you have known is privilege, equality feels like discrimination.

      1. How to deal with these malfeasants? Prepare a bowl of popcorn(with a ton of butter on it). Meander down to your computer. Read these fools posts and have a hardy laugh! If you care to respond then do so. Try to do so with a straight face! Sooner or later they will quit bugging you. Another alternative? Ignore them. Being a weirdo myself, I think these jackasses are comical.

    1. Its the White western mentality in a nutshell. It’s all about personal ego, dominance, and control,(although certainly not over themselves, it seems). They really have derailed the entire courses of whole countries. Who knows what the world could have been like without their horrific influence.

      1. You’re right. It is a free country. And I have used data against people like you, because I want to back my ideas. I’m free to do so as you’re free to write about whatever you want and back them up.

        But what trolls like you choose to ignore is that freedom is for all of us, not just you conservatives.

        It’s okay that you disagree with me. It’s cool that you want to converse and even argue with me. But when you act like a spoiled brat using insults, trolling tactics and refute shit that’s proven and common knowledge, then you should prepare for a response that not to your liking. And you and other self-proclaimed right wing passer-bys crossed that line and are too much of a coward to take any sliver of responsibility. I’ve taught children as young as eight who are more responsible than you grown ass men who cries about being attacked for being white and/or conservative and not accepting your behavior as the root cause of someone tired of your bullshit attitude.

        The funny thing about it is that the right supposedly believes in personal responsibility. In fact, I believe in it wholeheartedly. AND I PRACTICE IT. As such, I corrected my thoughts about incels and wasn’t ashamed to admit it openly. I tried to make amends with another right wing troll and accepted my role in our skirmishes even though he/she/they/whatever continued trolling.

        So, what’s you’re excuse of not holding yourself accountable? Or it is part of right wing culture to avoid that shit but preach it to everyone else.

        Well, I wouldn’t say it’s right wing culture as the left is guilty of it too. So, I partially take it back. But it’s still a thing no matter what side of politics you’re on.

        See, I admit that I’m wrong about a lot of things. Maybe one day, you’ll concede and admit yours, not necessarily with me but with yourself.

      2. I’m not sure why you suspect I’m not accountable? I’m anonymous for a reason. It makes ad hominem attacks like this crumble.

        The one thing I’ve continually emphasized through every discussion is that you provide quantitative evidence.

        You mentioning personal responsibility and accountability has nothing to do with the conversation. Everything I’m refuting is not proven and not common knowledge. You have an obligation to provide evidence for your claim, if you expect anyone to believe you.

        I appreciate your responses because they over a delicious bounty of idiotic statements and unsubstantiated claims. It’s like a buffet of juvenility.

  4. Gentlemen,

    I’m not asking for you to reveal yourself. And you’re seriously in severe denial with a side of cognitive dissonance if you think for one minute that I make this shit up.

    So, go ahead and write about it on your blog. I’m sure a simple blogger like me is a more vital topic as opposed to North Korea or sexual harassment.

    1. I appreciate your responses because they over a delicious bounty of idiotic statements and unsubstantiated claims. It’s like a buffet of juvenility.

      If its a cornucoppia of ‘juvenility’, than why are you here? why bother? You are a fucktarded sack of shit. Frankly, I don’t give a shit as to what you believe, all you and your ilk are good for is shits and giggles. This blogger is too gracious in letting pieces of shit such as yourself respond. Fuck off.

      1. You seem awfully emotional for not caring what I have to say.

        Ah, no, I just love to cuss and carry on, I do this in person also. Everyone needs a hobby and cussing is one of the many I possess. Thanks for caring though, I hope my assurances will put you at ease. I must say that you are very patronizing and condescending though. This is another aspect of white supremacy albeit benign. Carry on, I must prepare for the day.

      2. Why does it have to be white? Can’t I be supreme just because of who I am? Then, racists do try to make everything about skin colour, don’t they?

        I swear a lot too, honestly. Bad habit. As I get older, it seems to be tapering off.

      3. You only seem to care more about me and how I write about white racism than the kind of racism exhibited by whites or the system of racism in this country. So, if you cared about racism so much, shouldn’t you be just as vocal about that on your blog? I’m asking.

      4. Sure, I could write about racism endured by all kinds of people. Ever read those Hunger Games books? At the end, the mockingjay shoots the up-and-coming new leader. Instead of the original oppressor. She did this because the new brand was implementing the same tactics that the old one was.

        There is racism against black people. Of course. I see it all the time, and I HAVE confronted it and will continue to. Any time another citizen is under unjust attack, I’ll defend them. There is racism against Armenians, Palestinians, Japanese, Pakistanis, Polish, Assyrians, Mbuti, as well as half the ethnic groups in Africa by other Africans.

        But combating racism doesn’t mean adopting racist techniques and firing back at a particular race. I can’t combat all of it. But I might be able to stop a new kind from growing.

      1. I never said that you were a news agency, and I’m not even going to touch that other part. You being here means it was enough to grab your attention to not ignore.

      2. Someone needs to combat these ideas. It’s a matter of principle. To let them go unchallenged seems inexcusable to me. I guess that is where I derive satisfaction, fulfilling an outdated sense of dignity.

      3. I combat ideas as well, but you seem to want to ignore the heart of the matter. I’m against ACTUAL racism, the kind you purposely choose to ignore while obsessing over me giving you a definition of what ‘white’ is to YOUR satisfaction. That’s not fighting racism, it’s supporting it by sheer ignorance you wish to display.

      4. What an egregious simplification. I love that you get to define what “ACTUAL” racism is. I wish I had that super power. How do you know what I choose to ignore? All you know about me is from what I write about here.

        Is it really so strange to ask what your definition of white was? Particularly when you isolate the group so much? Seems like a reasonable request. Asking questions to get to the the foundations of an idea is called the Socratic method. I wasn’t aware it was considered ignorant. My bad.

        Instead of using logic or debate structure, maybe I’ll just declare unfounded truths and ultimatums.

  5. GF

    You would be able to define what racism was if you actually faced it everyday. Racism would not be an academic pursuit or an abstraction that you “debated” for fun. Racism would be real, gut-wrenching and inescapable.

    Black people can easily define racism because we see it in its many guises on a daily basis.

    1. Afrofem,

      Something that obvious is purposely overlooked by GF, xPraetorius and like-minded folks so obsessed with the notion that anti-white racism is a real threat. Like I said, it shows they’re not serious about the issue, but only want to win online arguments.

  6. I wish I’d found this post (and your site) ages ago, for it is excellent and this particular article hits so many nails squarely on the head. Could I reblog it? It would end up here:

  7. Reblogged this on Coalition of the Brave and commented:
    As I read this article I found it lined up very accurately with my own experiences with the conservative right. This is not to suggest than anyone and everyone who identifies as conservative or as right-wing is bad, nor that every liberal/left winger is good, for I know those positions aren’t true. However, it is my overall experience that when you start to speak out against things like racism, bigotry and sexism, it’s the conservative right that tends to push back harder.

  8. Brotha Wolf,

    This is more widespread than I thought. I had trolls on my website, Journal de la Reyna, who consistently made racist, sexist comments that Blue Light Buzz and I had to block because the commentary was vile and the ad hominen attacks directed at me and my co-blogger/journalist. We persist and our blog is still alive and kicking more than ever before. I’ve seen a lot of hateful trolls on your site as well. They’re disgusting and evil. Hang in there and never give up.


    1. I had to block these kinds of bloggers. They can’t stand it when I kicked them out. They cry about me taking away their free speech and insist that I was the bad guy.

      I even trolled one of them and he didn’t like it one bit, but he didn’t think that what he did was the same thing or how this was a taste of his own medicine.

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