Your Thoughts: The Ongoing Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Powerful Men

We’re all aware of the rape accusations against former comedian and actor Bill Cosby ever since another comedian Hannibal Burress’ comedy show was uploaded online in which he pointed out Cosby’s hypocrisy.

In time, we hear about the numerous sexual harassment allegations levied against Donald Trump. Yet, he still managed to be elected President of the United States.

We’re all have heard about the shit done by R&B crooner R. Kelly, former and deceased Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and former Fox News star commentator Bill O’Reilly. Soon, the news would report on the sexual deviance of former movie producer Harvey Weinstein, animator and creator of Nickelodeon’s The Loud House Chris Savino, actor Kevin Spacey, former President George H. W. Bush and all other powerful men exposed as being sexual abusers and outright rapists.

Damn! That’s the only thing I can say at this point.

This shows that rape culture is a much larger problem than most of us thought. But what are your thoughts on the ongoing news of powerful men being accused of sexual harassment?


12 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: The Ongoing Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Powerful Men

  1. We should not be surprised when this sort of thing happens. Reputation and celebrity is great for hiding a multitude of sins.

    We are stil beholden to the Western religious thinking that if a person is successful in their careers, or just have a lot of power, that they are fundamentally “good” people, and that unsuccessful people are inherently “bad”. That we can tell whether or not someone is a monster, just by looking at them, which is a very juvenile way of seeing people.

    We worship powwer, authority and celebrity and predators who have all those things can,and will, take full advantage of our gullability. In their minds, we’re all a bunch of naive fools, who believe whatever we’re told.

  2. These are further thoughts on this issue. It is about time powerful men removed themselves from preying on women, and we should never quit being morally strong. Humanity can not become civilized without being moral, and we need to stop being so flip when it comes to respecting women.

  3. Hollywood and the fashion industry have always had the reputation of sleeping your way to the top. Way back when, women knew this and made a choice as to whether they wanted to enter into the world of being violated, which is why at times I think there were just a handful of successful actresses and models.

    Powerful men in other industries fell in line with the idea that women would be willing to exchange sex for something or promises.

    As far as George H.W. Bush, he had a reputation when he was VP under Reagan that included children. The book, “The Beast at Work” is one source that reports it. In other sources, former FBI agent Ted Gunderson dug deep into the reports and has written books and produced documentary films about it.

    It’s good that the light is revealing sexual harassment. It’s about time.

  4. It’s about power. They do it because they can. People must realize there is safety in numbers. That is why they try to silence individuals and isolate people when they lodge complaints. When someone lodges a complaint a little support goes a long way.

  5. I think this stuff has been happening within every single civilization since the dawn of humanity. Even the animal kingdom isn’t immune. Every single biological entity….

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