I can’t think of a clever title for this article, because writing about gun violence is draining


Last year around this time, I wrote about my close encounter with a shooting at a club. The brief summary is one you’re probably familiar with. Crazy-ass niggas started fighting most likely over dumb shit that ended up with one of them pulling a gun popping into a crowd and injuring a person or two, some who probably weren’t even involved but was in the line of fire.

I’m sure you heard this bullshit before by local news or word-of-mouth. Some of you may have even witnessed it, have been victims yourself or knows someone who is or was. But it doesn’t get any easier no matter how many times it occurs, where it happens or how many people are shot and killed.

On the first Sunday evening on October 1st, Stephen Paddock unleashed a hellstorm of firepower on a crowd of concertgoers in Las Vegas killing at least 58 people and wounding over 200 more. Media outlets would christen this as the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

I’m going to skip all the usual liberal observations. I’m not going to talk about how this was another tragic incident of white men with guns. I’m not going to talk about the privileges attached such as him being described as a mentally unstable lone wolf that doesn’t represent the entire whole. And I won’t bring up any double standards and what if scenarios if he was nonwhite. It’s not that I don’t cosign with such analyses. It’s just that I’m tired of the whole broken record.

Let’s be honest, mass shootings in America are more common than we would like to believe. Each time, a heavily armed terrorist, a white male most of the time, would unload gunfire into a group of unsuspecting people taking out as much of them as possible. Each time, the news would report on the incident and dig up as much about the shooter, particularly any history pertaining to his mental history. And we are urged by politicians to pray for the victims and their families and friends affected by the tragedy.

Yes, praying is always the go-to solution for gun violence. While I’m not against prayer or anyone who practices it – hell, I do it too – what has praying done so far, and what exactly are we praying for?

We live in a nation obsessed with guns and gun safety. We’re fed the same spoonfuls of NRA bullshit that having guns will make us safer. We’re told that having a gun will protect us from, ironically, a “bad guy with a gun”. We’re even told what those “bad guys” look like. And we’re told that it’s your unalienable right to use it. Protect your life while snuffing out others is the American way.

Only the neverending stream of mass shootings and gun violence in general only proves how quick this nation plays fast and loose with firearms when men with burning hatred are able to obtain gun and decides who lives and who dies. The hollowed pleas for mourning and prayer masquerade the compliance of leaders not to act and instead, heed those who profit the most to not impose stricter gun laws. And after days, weeks and even months of grieving, we will move on with our lives, until history repeats itself with another shooter in another place taking out more lives.

I live in an area where gun violence has happened and will likely happen. I remember one such incident where there was a drive-by shooting outside a club around the corner from my home. That club has long since been closed and in its place, a church is installed. But I still remember hearing those gunshots as if it happened yesterday.

People in poor neighborhoods struggle to stop violence. In low income black communities, there have been movements and groups committed to stopping the killing of their residents no matter who the killers are. Those people are familiar with the crisis that guns present. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the hands of “good guys” or “bad guys”. All that they know is that they’re in the hands of guys. Period. And any guy with enough rage in his heart and a loaded gun in his hand will make sure someone suffers. Whether they’re good or evil doesn’t matter. All that matters is that lives are being snuffed out as if they’re worth nothing.

Close to 60 lives were taken in one night by one man hellbent on taking out more. But don’t think this is isolated. As stated earlier, gun violence is frighteningly common in the U.S. As you read this, lives are being erased and more lives will follow suit. Soon, another mass shooting will occur. Mourn. Pray. Move on. Repeat.


13 thoughts on “I can’t think of a clever title for this article, because writing about gun violence is draining

  1. Can I make this confession? I am beyond SCARED of guns!

    I cannot get that nightmare of my late aunt losing part of her finger from her semi automatic while she was trying to get the bullets out it and if that isn’t bad though, a guy who was fixing on our roof found a bullet on top of our roof. When he made that finding, I thought about a sweet little boy who died in my city 10 or more years ago because of celebratory gunfire..which I also suspected the bullet on our roof coming from.The bullet was shot up in the air and went through the roof..then through the kid while him and his mom was ringing in the New Year at her church. I guess the Lord must have been with my family. That bullet could have stuck me or any other member of my family. Call me paranoid, but when New Years,the Fourth of July or just hear anything remotely like a gun, I duck for cover because a bullet has no name and it don’t care who you are.

    They say guns are suppose to protect you..hmmm I don’t know about that. For some people it may but it seems that a lot of them seem are doing more harm to people than help. Occasionally, you’ll hear the news about a kid accidentally getting hurt/ killed by them,somebody getting shot by one to ” settle ” a dispute or in this guys case..to kill people..to me..for a political purpose. I’m sorry..but I’m not comfortable with guns around me. I was on train with a cop and he was standing beside me as the train was crowded. I moved because of his gun..fearing that it may accidentally go off on me.

    Ironically, as I finished watching today’s local news..there was a report about a metro ATL police station where there is a concern about the guns inadvertently going off..especially if dropped. My aunts gun took part of her finger off and I’m just imaging if one drops..going off ..Scary thought.

      1. Thanks.

        Now you see why I’m opposed to guns. I try to look at the ” bright side” of having guns and maybe for those few, it do protect them but overall I’ m seeing more of the negative than positives in it.

  2. I’m sorry to invade your blog about this but let’s put that title of ‘worst’ mass shooting to rest. There were a bunch of indigenous Americans by the hundreds, men, women and children, that were thought less than human that were gunned down execution style. Yes they should be considered ‘American’ as well during a time the ‘monster that exercises the most privileges’ did and still thinks he/she is more worthy than anybody else.. I know you frequent Abagond’s blog so you should know ‘Wounded Knee’ and what happened to a ‘Sioux’ Village as brought up by a poster.

    1. Thanks, but I already know that what happened in Laz Vegas wasn’t the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. I said that according to the media it is, but I never said I agreed with it.

  3. You also have to figure how many mass shooting coverups or stories that never made historical record occurred prior or during the Civil Rights Era… Think about how many unaccounted POC victims in North America were Mass Executed every time the Mainstream went on a gunning spree.. I have no doubt the history books are a shame written by the monster victor…

  4. I too will forego the “normal” responses. I’ll say instead that, overall “gun violence” is quite rare in the US; it’s mostly confined to certain urban areas (and no,they’re not all Black areas). I’ll also say that the term “mass shooting” is new and a change to older terms, mostly for political reasons. It no longer properly represents things like Los Vegas,Orlando, or Sandy Hook.

    Now, to the hard part – There’s no legally acceptable fix and, frankly, your own activists would quickly engage in lawfare against any “common sense” measures, e.g., background checks, psych evals, etc… on the grounds that such things would disproportionately prevent Blacks from owning firearms.

    Also, such things would do little to no good since there’s already 10s of millions of firearms out there already. Do you want them confiscated by the Government? Do you think they COULD be confiscated? What do you think would happen if the police rolled into Black neighborhoods and went door-to-door, searching for- and taking any firearms found? Hence, my use of “legally acceptable” above. Even the FBI, and ATF admit openly that, short of nationwide confiscation, none of the advocated for- gun control measures would noticeably impact crime statistics.

    Oh, and on a more “oh shit, we don’t disagree” point – My opinion of the NRA is almost as low as yours.

    1. Agree with Jonolan:

      Gun control has always been about keeping weapons out of the hands of non whites. The first gun control laws were passed against gun ownership for blacks in the late 1800’s. Another slew of gun laws were passed by Ronald Regan to stop the Black Panthers from open carry.

      If assault rifle bans were federally passed it would be poor and working class neighborhoods that would bear the brunt of the State.

      To those here who are afraid of guns I would suggest joining a gun club and get training. Knowledge is power and you will no longer fear.

      For those interested in a black perspective on gun ownership as well as black history I recommend this blog.


  5. Well if Sandyhook and those little white children being murdered didn’t get to the stinking rotten core of this issue then nothing will move the NRA or any of these racially aroused knuckle dragging gun Neanderthals.

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