The Death of Kenneka Jenkins


Who was Kenneka Jenkins?

She was a 19 year-old Chicago teen who went out to a party with some friends Friday night around 11:30 p.m. Sadly, she was found dead in a suburban hotel freezer that following Sunday after midnight.

How did Jenkins die?

Unknown. Autopsy reports are still pending as of this writing, and police are tight-lipped. However, the story has taken the internet by storm as many people, including Jenkin’s mother and sister, suspect foul play.

What do people on the internet think?

Many people also suspect that something’s fishy, so much so that they believe Jenkins was violated by a group of men prior to being murdered and left in the freezer. There are other conspiracy theories that center around robbery, trafficking and rape. So far, nothing is confirmed as to what led to her death.

Are there any clues to Jenkins disappearance?

From Essence:

 Police told the teen’s family that they spotted her on surveillance video from the hotel “staggering” near the front desk around 3:20 a.m. Saturday. According to reports, the police initially believed she went into the freezer by herself. 

Police confirmed Tuesday that they were investigating a video posted by one of Jenkins friends on Facebook. The video, which has since been viewed millions of times, appears to show Jenkins and others in the hotel in the hours before her disappearance. According to Rosemont spokesman Gary Mack, police have identified most of the people in the video, which shows a woman in glasses, speaking to the camera. In the reflection of her glasses, you can see part of the hotel room, where Jenkins is apparently sitting.

Currently, it is not known how Kenneka died. However, we must avoid jumping to conclusions and blaming the victim i.e.  we shouldn’t say things like,”She should’ve been more careful about the people she called her friends.” Nothing is known about what happened to this poor girl yet. But I hope and pray we get some answers soon.

Keep in touch with your preferred news source for continuing updates.


10 thoughts on “The Death of Kenneka Jenkins

  1. If it weren’t for the power of social media, Kenneka’ s name would just be a blip on a map and its bad when the have to play as cops.

    While I’m not going to pretend that I’m a detective, I will have to agree with Kenneka mom and sis..something just don’t smell right about her murder. One of the problems with this is how ..supposedly..she was drunk and ” accidentally” locked herself in the hotel freezer. Though I’m not going to say that its not possible for anybody to do such, this girl was drunk. How on earth would she know what to do with the freezer while her mind is somewhere else? It just seem odd how out of all places..she would choose a freezer to hang out in.Most people do their business in a hotel room..why a freezer? It was also said that the girl was heard screaming. Yes, drunk people can scream but you have the intoxicated scream and then you have the danger scream. Its suggested that he scream was a call for help.

    As some people have suggested, her ” friends” set her up for rape and murder. That is what it seems like to me.

      1. Because it’s likely not. They see a young pretty woman (probably kind of petite) and targeted her knowing that her background would make an extensive investigation a lower priority. Or at least they thought so.

    1. Sadly, it’s the kind of culture we live in. Usually, the lesser privileged are always seen as the ones at fault for their conditions. In this case, it’s a young black girl. So unfortunately, they don’t see her death as her fault.

  2. This is just so sad my heart goes out to Kenneka’s mother. I feel that those so called friends know what happened to this girl it’s someone in that group or maybe all of them have knowledge of this girl’s demise. Rest In Peace Kenneka.

  3. This one is simple for me Mr. Wolf: this was homicide. Gut instinct tells me the investigaron wouldn’t be dropped so easily if she were white.

    You’ve surely read of the black dahlia case and how far they went BACK THEN to ascertain the ID of the killer. Smh! Anyway, it’s another sad tragedy in this senseless war on black people that’s been raging on for centuries. Peace out.

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