White folks, you better do something about YOUR people!


The title of this post was a reference to my former college roommate. He was a young white male almost like a clone of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, only kinder, with glasses and more humble, evidently was blinded by his whiteness. As such, whenever I, he and our two other roommates would watch something on television, and it showed black folks acting crazy like on a sitcom, he would turn to me and say, “You better do something about your people. Hee hee!”

Outside, I snickered, but inside, I was fuming. Each time he said it felt even more painful. I wanted to curse him out. I wanted to hit him. But I know if I did that, I would be in major trouble. So instead, I flipped the script while watching white folks and told him that he better do something about his people. He laughed, and said, “I’ll try.”

To this day, I wonder if he knew what I did. I doubt it, because I wonder if he knew what he was doing. But then again, that would assume that he was naive, not knowing what they’re doing. Still, part of me honestly reserves that judgment towards SOME white people unless proven wrong. (And I have proven wrong before.) But that still doesn’t mean they’re that much different than the ones who flaunt their white supremacy like a peacock. Racism is still painful whether it’s without thought or malice of forethought.

With that said, I thought the next edition of the “woe is us straight white Christian male’s” rally populated with angry-for-no-logical-reason-than-to-preserve-the legacy-of-their-overtly-racist- and-shameful-past-and-stand-up-to-any-and-all-groups-supposedly-out-to-oppress-us-according-to-racist-cowards-and-trolls white folks in Charlottesville, Va would be another loose gathering where they would show up, rant, rave and go home. But, it became a violent battle with one dead and several injured mostly due to one James Alex Fields plowing a car through a crowd.

The rally itself was enough to remind people that racism is not only a major issue, it’s also destructive when dealt with white people so furious they’re willing to kill to make a point. This is nothing new, and this is not to be confined to individual fuckups alone. It’s an entire matrix from political offices to corporations to schools to lone jackasses out to destroy those who aren’t or don’t submit to whiteness.

But when it shows, white people are quick to distance themselves from the madness. Yet, they turn around and quickly pressure the black community to do something about violent crime in the streets. They want to know why Muslims don’t say anything whenever an Islamic attack happens within white dominated nations. However, when violence and terrorism has a white face, white folks lose their shit when they’re confronted and questioned and try their best to disassociate themselves them their troubled kin and remind themselves that they are different, better and good. 

Some of us don’t care about being told how there are ‘good white people’ out there. Being good didn’t stop tragedies like this from happening. Being good didn’t end racism or at least put a dent in the machine. Being good didn’t stop so many atrocities in the name of white supremacy from happening. And being good didn’t prevent the living embodiment of white supremacy from getting elected, nor did it prevent white male thuggery from turning governing into a cheap-ass reality TV show.

So, white people, what are you going to do about this? What are you going to do about this atmosphere of hate, ignorance, fear and violence? One of your own died from this weekend’s nonsense. You better do something, or else more of your kind will continue to destroy YOUR society.


13 thoughts on “White folks, you better do something about YOUR people!

  1. When black people are protesting the mainstream media outlets portray them as violent and out of control. But these butt wipes are out doing the most and the media will do it’s damnest to cover up for them. A woman was killed by some maniac plowing his car into the crowd of demonstrators. His mother crys and says her son is just a supporter of Trump and not a white supremacist because he had a “black friend.” I get so tired of them pretending to be obtuse about being racist.

    1. “When black people are protesting the WHITE OWNED mainstream media outlets portray them as violent and out of control.”

      Fixed that for you.

  2. Your situation that your former White roommate kind of reminded me about situation I had with a college guidance counselor ( not mine, just talking to her in general) about jobs . We were talking about the art of doing job interviews and as I was talking with her I used the word ” A’int ” somewhere in my speech. She was telling me not to use the word because it sound unintelligent. As pissed as I was her, I kept my composure though I told her in a coded but nice way how I felt about her thoughts. I reminded her that 1) Most Black people and other POC’s don’t have Southern dialects..we talk General Standard English and secondly, if she looked at the history of how White Americans..especially Southerners speech was in the day…hmmm..let’s just say it didn’t sound too ” sophisticated”. Even though I didn’t quite say it to her in that manner, I just told her to research history , see how they talked and reminded her that slaves struggled speaking their ” English ” as they weren’t teaching slaves to read/write. She walked off when I told her that.Besides, I was just talking and not trying to impress anyone since I wasn’t in no formal setting with Mrs. know -it-all. I’ve known the most educated of White people that have used the same speech. People just use it and it doesn’t make you less/more smart because of it

    Anywho…My heart go out to the young woman that was killed by those racists cowards. It’s interesting how they can talking abut preserving the White race yet you kill her. If they loved their people as much as they say they do, why kill her? As the saying goes if you love them let them be. I think about events that White people would have never thoughts would be their problems end up being theirs” Gangs violence, drugs..they didn’t react when it happened to Black people but they are now that it had crept up in their neck of the woods and it’s 20 times worse than the problems we had to face.

    Right now they think that 45 is the messiah and think that it funny but now some of them are regretting their vote for him. Did they think that he was going to be on their team because of it. If he can throw his own AG , spokesman and other White GOP members under the bus what make them think he won’t do the same with them? With some of them, they will do anything to stand by their White privilege status . By the time they get the message it may be too late for them.

    1. I heard some alt-right members quickly blamed the attack on an anti-Trump activist which was proven false. It shows how desperate some of them are to not hold any accountability for what their people do.

      1. Yes they did try. Like the murderer in the Pacific NW, where the right-wingers tried to make that man into a Bernie-bro.

        Any time there is a violent incident regardless of type, there is a bulldozer rush to paint the perpetrator as either Democrat, Liberal, or the new buzzword, “Antifa.” Even Faux News will, on occasion, mis-identify Republican political miscreants as Democrats, often without correction, retraction, or public apology.

        I think it is part-and-parcel to the “Democrats and Liberals are the Real Racists” strategy.

      2. Heavy Armour is right, they did try but don’t let 45 and his supporters fool you. Behind closed doors …at least with the White supremacists they are blaming each other. I was just looking at another blog where the author pasted some of the words of there basically getting pissed at each other of their ” image” to the world…lol! and the death of Heather ( the lady ran over by the neo Nazi).

        Man..what a crazy world we live in.

  3. https://images.dailykos.com/images/435138/story_image/Screen_Shot_2017-08-12_at_10.51.21_AM.png?1502549516

    I didn’t expect 2 have 2 compliment the KKK 4 having the good sense to wear hoods.

    Even the makers of the Tiki Torches that they use has made it clear they do not approve.


    Trump created them.

    They’re his children.

    There’s a reason someone initially declines 2 condemn white supremacist groups then waits a full 48 hrs 2 do so n Trump statement was a direct reflection of the fact that his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is an alt-right white supremacist sympathizer.

    Yeah sure two days later Trump called was forced into saying they’re ‘repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.’

    Big words Don

    But noticed he ain’t talked about punishing them ?

    Y ?

    Bcas Trump’s entire administration is filled with well-placed promoters of white supremacy, Bannon’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    When it comes to black people (unarmed black people) who protest

    We get the real deal.



    1. I’m sorry, but Trump didn’t create this hate. It’s been here before he was spawned. They’re just more bold and open with no fucks given. Trump just helped to empower them.

      1. This drunkard Bannon will become an unfettered lunatic now that he is no longer ‘working’ at the white house. He will still be working for Trump but without the restraints which he had on him before.

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