Opinion: If you’re STILL supporting Trump, you HATE America

trump supporters

The title alone is enough to enrage online trolls to swarm here and attack. Luckily, I’m not very known. So, I don’t expect a heavy bombardment of F-bombs, N-words and profanity from the white nationalist brigade who claim to be fighting for free speech, their unholiness Donald Trump and their country and theirs alone, America.

Yes, we know many of them haven’t gotten over Obama’s Presidency. They’re still bitching about it even though he’s no longer in office. Yet, everything’s still his fault. They detest everything about him, especially Obamacare, and even though they won’t admit why, we all know the reason.

It’s not just Obama. It’s everything on the left side of the political area. They can’t stand anything the left says or does. They see them as they see terrorists which to them is every Muslim in the world. Hell, some of them hate people on the right if they don’t pledge their allegiance to Trump. They have a word for those types as well.

You may say that ‘hate’ is a strong word, but if you were to hear them or read their social media messages and tweets, most of their vitriol is directed to anyone and everyone who opposes the Trump Presidency.  The media, the left, Democrats, anyone who disagree and detest this man are traitors, and facts are part of a conspiracy against the man. To these people, Trump is better than God himself!

This is not saying that all of Trump supporters are lost or caveman-like. Slowly but surely, his fan base is deteriorating as they realized their votes were huge mistakes. But there are still many who stick with their leader, because they see their prophet bringing forth an America they think they want, a lily white one where women and minorities know their place, Muslims don’t exist and where the world fears and respects this nation, or else.

This is the core of Trump supporters’ so-called ‘patriotism’ where white men rule the nation and to an extent, the world. Those who don’t think so and reject the broken-down bandwagon are the problem and must be harassed, ridiculed and targeted for blood.

I didn’t vote for Trump, and as long as he’s in office, I will NEVER refer to him as ‘President Trump’. That is my right as an American citizen to reject a person that I and many deem as the worst possible choice to lead this nation, a person whose xenophobia, racism, misogyny, poor business and leadership record, embarrassing lack of decency and basic understanding of the world and a the temper of a two year-old who has done way more harm than good is still somehow attractive to human beings with a functioning brain. To them, they still stick with him, because he ‘tells it like it is’. That’s it.

My rejection of the Trump Administration even without these reasons is enough to invoke the ire of his followers. To them, I’m un-American. I’m a libtard. A leftist. A snowflake. A n*gger. I hate this country, and I should go back to Africa. If I was a conservative, I would be called a ‘cuck’. My free speech would be silenced by those who claim to fight for the same right. Oh, the irony!

But such venting usually lacks any convincing argument as to why I should have Trump’s back. To date, I haven’t seen nor heard anything that would make me have second thoughts and regret my decision. These people are overflowing with hate and fear, negative emotions they’ve convinced themselves to be badges of righteous American pride against their own citizens fueled by willful ignorance and moral bankruptcy.

In my humble opinion, they don’t give a damn about this country. They would rather see it crash and burn than to love and respect their fellow citizens who want to see changes that will help everyone, and they hope Trump will be the locomotive to make that happen.


5 thoughts on “Opinion: If you’re STILL supporting Trump, you HATE America

  1. Those alt-right idiots are showing their arses in Virginia. But this is what happens in the era of Trump’s America.

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