Racist Cop Exposed, Forced To Resign


As if people need more proof of why black people have a rocky relationship with police, here comes this gem that will likely be discarded anyway.

The Root reports:

An officer with the Estherwood, La., Police Department came under fire Monday after he shared a racist post on Facebook. After deflecting and attempting to defend the post several times, the officer has reportedly decided to tender his resignation to the department Tuesday night.

KATC first reported on the situation Monday, indicating that it would not identify the officer in question because he had not been charged with any crime, but Twitter user @Freeyourmindkid found the post and shared screenshots of the page belonging to Wayne Welsh, who identified himself as the assistant chief of the Estherwood Police Department.

The offensive post shows a white woman pushing her child’s head underwater in a bathtub with a caption that says, “When your daughters [sic] first crush is a little Negro boy.”

Click here to read the entire article and learn more about this hemorrhoid with a badge.

No surprise, Welsh is reported to be a Trump supporter who detests Democrats, Michelle Obama, women in power and just women in general. In my opinion, I bet he’s less sorry for his actions and is more pissed that his “free speech” has been under attack and led to his resignation. Another poster boy in today’s atmosphere of festering hatred.


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