RANT: White women who do this are evil as hell


Not sick. Evil! If this bitch (Yes, I call her a ‘bitch’) was sick, that hints that she wasn’t in her right mind and just needs help. Nah! Hell nah! She gets no fuckin’ sympathy from me, and she doesn’t deserve any from anyone. But you and I both know poor saps somewhere will excuse her deplorable behavior as a poor little girl who needs compassion. Fuck that, and fuck them! 

Not that I got that out of the way, here’s what happened.

It all involves the latest episode of this nation’s series of racial hoaxes. This one happened in Pottsboro, Texas earlier this year where a white woman named Breana Rachelle Harmon ran into a church half-naked and bloodied saying how she was raped by (drumroll please) three black males.

To make a long story short, it turned out to be false. Everything, including Harmon’s own injuries, was fabricated. (The injuries were self-inflicted.) At the time, she only got misdemeanor charges. But recently, the courts decided to up her charges to felonies.


Now, some who read this are already more offended by me calling her a bitch. They’ll argue that Harmon’s still a woman who deserves to be respected as such. Nevermind that this sadistic liar could’ve caused enormous trouble for black communities in and around Pottsboro. Luckily, she wasn’t clever enough to make her case convincing, nor did she have the smarts to make a fool proof plan and got away with it.

So no, I will not give the same respect that this blonde bitch doesn’t give black people. She’s another white psychopath donning the costume of the innocent Caucasian maiden victimized by a pack of black beasts hungry for white womanhood. And those of us unafraid of painful historical truths would know that that kind of false interracial crime shit lead to the lynching of numerous black men.

No one with a heart and soul should feel sorry for Breana or any other fool who would knowingly cause such chaos. No one should ask for leniency for her crime. No one outta cry tears for a cruel woman who’s facing serious jail time. But there are those who would do all of this and more, and they’re probably just as horrible as she is.


9 thoughts on “RANT: White women who do this are evil as hell

  1. ” I will not give the same respect that this Blonde b—h doesn’t give Black people”.

    I can’t blame you. If there was a word that was lower than that ..anything but a child of God..she deserve to be called that and I don’t want to hear any excuses of ” You shouldn’t call her that”. Well, White men have called Black women all sort of “N—er B—–S, or just the “B” , whores and so on and it’s just crickets all the way and White
    ” feminists” ..where are they to condemn such use of the word?

    This women lied about Black men raping her. She could have caused some to get lynched/shot. That could have been my brothers, your brothers and somebody else’s Black brothers she lied about. I agree, there will be some people who would rather find the evil of Breana being called the B word than see the injustice of what she could have done to Black men but some of those same people who think that seeing human suffering as a joke are sick..like Breana and some of their own vile excuses may be used against them.

  2. I remember this skank thank God she wasn’t believed I shudder to think how some poor black man could have lost his life because of this dog lying. She’s a POS.

    1. Yep. What disgusting diabolical human being. I wish that Emmitt and his mom were still around so his true killer could tell them that she’s sorry for her lies and sending him to his grave. She should be thrown under the jail 6 times over.

  3. As a white woman, I fully agree with you.
    I’m glad she will be prosecuted now.

    False accusations like these harm the black community and also true victims of assault (no matter their colour).

    And mental health issues are no excuse for sh*tty behaviour.

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