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black couple

Before I begin, I want to make something loud and clear. This rant was not written for the satisfaction and ego boast of the white male ego, nor is it to absolve all the things I’ve blogged about concerning racism. Hell yes, racism is a major issue, but it’s NOT the only issue. And lastly, this is not a distraction from what some of you deem are “real issues” that hark back to racism. Once again, racism is still a problem. I wholeheartedly agree. But so is misogyny, or in our case, misogynoir, and we need to stop being punk-ass cowards and confront this issue inflicted against black women partly by black men.

With that said, let me say something simple and yet powerfully true. Black men can not be pro-black if they are not pro-black women. You can’t fight for black people if you leave black women out or if you throw them under the bus. Black women are black people too.

Yes, it’s a plain statement. It’s true to life. It’s common damn sense. But too many brothas can’t seem to grasp it, because we’re taught not to think that way or haven’t been taught that way at all.

What’s even worse is that one way or another, black women are the enemy. If they’re victims at the hands of black men, we protect black men and vilify his victims. We see them as weapons out to bring black men down, especially rich and powerful ones. We call them trifling, manipulative, gold-digging or just no good all for the sake of black patriarchy protectionism.

We constantly judge them by their looks. If we don’t chastise them for wearing make-up and weaves, then we deem them less attractive for their natural hair and skin color and go chasing lighter-skinned black women or just straight up hook up with white females.

Keep in mind, there’s nothing wrong with having preferences, and it’s not a sin to date outside one’s race. However, cutting black women down for having darker skin is deplorable, especially when some of ya’ll have dark skin as well. Skin color is not a choice when you’re born, and dark skin should not be viewed as less attractive or unattractive. Again, some of you have that complexion and you look down on black women with the same complexion. I call that a sign of internalized racism/colorism.

Seriously, some of ya’ll sound like racist white dudes for the insults and excuses you spew when you berate black women, the same women who created you, support you and stand by you. But it’s troubling that you don’t see something so gotdamn obvious and glorious and would go out of your way to throw them under the bus for self-serving purposes.

Seriously, do ya’ll secretly hate yourselves? Do ya’ll really wish ya’ll weren’t black?

Let’s be honest. That kind of behavior is beyond pathetic, and shows evidence of how powerful a few centuries of oppression can be. And it’s time we see that shit for what it is.

After the celebrity news media was on fire over the scandals surrounding R. Kelly, Kevin Hart and Usher, that was my breaking point. (Actually, I reached my breaking point years ago, but this week, I went critical.) I felt ashamed for being a black man, and I bet a lot of other black men feel the same way. But some brothas will cast blame on black women for putting themselves into situations that aren’t their fault, and will still think of themselves as ‘woke’.

Brothas, that’s not being woke. That’s being sleepy as hell, and when you’re sleepy, your ass doesn’t think clearly.

Ask yourselves, why the bloody hell are we spending so much precious time supporting and protecting niggas who pose a serious danger to the black community, and by that I mean black women? Also, why is it that everytime – EVERY FUCKIN’ TIME – a black woman accuses a black man of abuse, assault and rape, we automatically go on the defense and instantly assume that she’s lying and out to ruin him. We never think about how he ruined her in so many ways. We never consider how often this shit occurs versus the ultra tiny number of false claims which we will callously stick as evidence of their supposed trifling nature. We never, not once, consider that she may be telling the truth and was genuinely and tragically harmed. We never think of the welfare of our sistas unless its to our advantage.

Our male privilege is showing through a diseased dick, gentlemen, a dick we will use to fuck up our community to save our victimhood.

Yes, I’m aware white men do this too. I’m aware of the likes of famous white men like Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Bill O’Reilly, Hugh Hefner, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lewis, Donald Trump and even Thomas Jefferson. I know some of you be like, “White men do that too.” But that retort lacks moral reasoning. Our oppressors engage in that shit. That doesn’t mean we should do the same to our women. Why the hell should we?

Do you see how wrong it is to adopt their misogyny? If not, something’s seriously wrong with you. It should be a wake up call to be better than they are! 

If you’re still reading this, and are pissed off, good. I’m not interested in your arguments or excuses. Direct your anger at the no-good jackasses that’s ruining our communities that pray and destroy black women. If you’re truly woke, you would do what you can to stand for and with black women. No exceptions. If you truly consider them your queens, act like a king, a true king, and banish the behavior and mindset that’s harming your queens by mental paupers who think they’re kings. 

Yes, there are innocent and kind black men that have been targeted by racism, and some have been punished unjustly for being accused of crimes they didn’t commit. BUT there are also black men who have caused great harm to the black community. Not every brotha is Emmett Till, a member of the Central Park Five or Nelson Mandela. We have predators within our midst and we need to fight them and the society that enables them to continue their shit. If we don’t start fighting for black women – our mothers, sisters and daughters, then we’re just contributing to the ongoing destruction of our people.