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To a lot of white folks, black people are the worst things since cold grits. They’re obsessed with thinking they’re superior to everyone else, especially blacks while hung up on the notion that we’re naturally below them in every way they deem is important to them.

Their claim to fame is all the accomplishments done by White Americans and Europeans since time immemorial. Many of them think that all of the greatness of Planet Earth, i.e. civilizations and sciences for instance, was only done by pale face. The rest of the world, especially in the tiny land of Africa, didn’t do shit as far as they’re concerned, and they wouldn’t be civilized without the intervention of the great white man.

Their “evidence”, and I use that term loosely, usually comes from – of course – white supremacy sources. Crime reports, real or fabricated, are “proof” to them. The local news where the suspect is a black person is “proof” to them. Pseudoscience produced by struggling business owners with high school diplomas from the South or Midwest are proof to them. Basically, anything that hints towards the damning lie of black inferiority is worthy of their attention.

It’s no use lecturing them on historical, societal and scientific truths, because white supremacy is the truth to them. It’s their only “truth”. White people are not just people. They’re better! Everyone else who disagrees, including actual experts, are simply wrong. No argument will suffice. None!

Diversity, in their minds, promotes white genocide. Black crime or rather black-on-white crime is astronomical. Affirmative action is the only explanation why a black person advances in his or her career. Again, no counter argument with actual facts and data will work on them. The superior white race is in danger from the inferior black race.

They are proud to be white. Yet, their pride is hollow as they need to hate nonwhites in order to feel good about their complexion. They can’t love their whiteness without hating blackness. And many of them are fine with that.

Oh, and don’t even think of bringing up slavery or racism. Black people are in the state they’re in, because of their own culture. White people didn’t do anything. They’re cosmically innocent.

What are your thoughts? Why do you think a lot of white people hate and fear black people? Leave your comments below.