Your Thoughts: Why Do Whites Hate and Fear Blacks?

To a lot of white folks, black people are the worst things since cold grits. They’re obsessed with thinking they’re superior to everyone else, especially blacks while hung up on the notion that we’re naturally below them in every way they deem is important to them.

Their claim to fame is all the accomplishments done by White Americans and Europeans since time immemorial. Many of them think that all of the greatness of Planet Earth, i.e. civilizations and sciences for instance, was only done by pale face. The rest of the world, especially in the tiny land of Africa, didn’t do shit as far as they’re concerned, and they wouldn’t be civilized without the intervention of the great white man.

Their “evidence”, and I use that term loosely, usually comes from – of course – white supremacy sources. Crime reports, real or fabricated, are “proof” to them. The local news where the suspect is a black person is “proof” to them. Pseudoscience produced by struggling business owners with high school diplomas from the South or Midwest are proof to them. Basically, anything that hints towards the damning lie of black inferiority is worthy of their attention.

It’s no use lecturing them on historical, societal and scientific truths, because white supremacy is the truth to them. It’s their only “truth”. White people are not just people. They’re better! Everyone else who disagrees, including actual experts, are simply wrong. No argument will suffice. None!

Diversity, in their minds, promotes white genocide. Black crime or rather black-on-white crime is astronomical. Affirmative action is the only explanation why a black person advances in his or her career. Again, no counter argument with actual facts and data will work on them. The superior white race is in danger from the inferior black race.

They are proud to be white. Yet, their pride is hollow as they need to hate nonwhites in order to feel good about their complexion. They can’t love their whiteness without hating blackness. And many of them are fine with that.

Oh, and don’t even think of bringing up slavery or racism. Black people are in the state they’re in, because of their own culture. White people didn’t do anything. They’re cosmically innocent.

What are your thoughts? Why do you think a lot of white people hate and fear black people? Leave your comments below.


25 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: Why Do Whites Hate and Fear Blacks?

  1. “Why do you think a lot of white people hate and fear black people?”

    I don’t think there is one reason. No matter what the reason, it’s probably rooted in ignorance. Whenever any people are isolated having no experience in a diverse environment, they can be fearful of the unknown.

  2. I agree with you and Xena. Plus, historically, our interactions have been negative. They know that we are superior beings-hence why our women are raped- physically, mentally and spiritually. Our names + languages have been washed away. Symbols have been snatched and given new definition. The motherland has been pillaged. Our family unit continues to be destroyed. And then there is the media and how we’re portrayed so poorly.

    They know without our backs to stand on, the world will see how truly inferior they are. What other reason is there for such deep-rooted and ongoing hatred?

    1. Hey Kelly,

      “They know we are superior beings… The world will see how truly inferior they are…”

      How do you mean superior?

      “What other reason is there such a deep rooted and ongoing hatred”

      Though this sense of a general deep hatred needs to be explored in depth; As Xena states that answer is complex.

      I think at the core, fear permeates much of it, but there’s also, historically speaking; they came here from a stratified, aristocratic, elitist culture. Their sense of superiority was reflected within their own culture.

      So projecting that onto Native- Americans , Africans and African-Americans wasn’t a stretch for them, especially as they started conquering/ colonizing the lands. Their “success” reinforced their perceptions.

      Part of the issue now is we are asking, telling, and demanding their descendants to examine their ethnocentrism, this sense of superiority, privilege and racism.

      As we all know, introspection and challenging one’s sense of self can feel like a sissiphysian endeavor.
      Sprinkle in the negative aspects of their American history and Sissiphys feels like he’s climbing out of that black hole in the movie Get Out.

      Thus part of the continuance rests in their fear of taking on said challenge.

      And no, I am not naive to the more insidious reasons for things continuing as they are.


      1. You said it. Sadly many people don’t want to climb from the black hole because it’s comfortable.

        To answer your question: I believe that Black people are superior because love is at our core. Through rape, slavery, AIDS, crack, etc., we persevere- most of us not feeling enough hatred to want all white people dead (or else we could’ve killed a good amount of them off by now, no?). That type of perseverance and strength and love above all takes superior strength. We don’t need to create diseases, make fake foods to keep the masses (in the U.S.) sick and dependent, keep billions of dollars to ourselves, gentrify neighborhoods or make a 1000 white savior/superhero movies to try to convince the world that we’re everything natural and good. Why do so many others mimic want a piece? We blossom in the sun, from the inside out.

        We just have it, effortlessly.

      2. Kelley,

        At the risk of sounding of sounding all kumbaya-ish, At our core, I think we all are love. That statement is meant to go beyond the superficiality of how we express the idea of love and the lip service we give to it. It is heavily rooted in existential meaning and my beliefs in what we call God (convo for another day).

        Though I agree, the ability to cultivate the love within us as a people in the face of the horrors you mentioned is amazing. Though I would argue what your statement truly reveals is our capacity for acceptance and forgiveness is often and greatly unacknowledged and underappreciated. That is reflected within our culture and definitely from outside our culture.

        It becomes even more salient when one learns, revenge was one of the major fears of Euro-Americans if African-Americans were to become free. Juxtapose that with the reality of what happened after slavery (or should I say didn’t happen) and how we continue to “handle” the injustices in current times; you would think more people would highlight our acceptance and forgiveness more often.

        Though fear rooted in survival of ones way of life tends to narrow the focus to perceived threats only.

        “We blossom in the sun, from the inside out. We just have it, effortlessly.”

        Now that is poetic.


    2. “What other reason is there for such deep-rooted and ongoing hatred?”

      Some white women prefer black men to white men.

  3. Personally, I don’t believe that skin color makes anyone superior or inferior. There’s one race; human, The idea of classifying people according to race is, as I understand it, came from the British when they began kidnapping the people of Africa to enslave them. Prior to that, people were known by their nationality.

    Kelly, I wish that I could agree with you about Blacks being people of love. Some are. Some aren’t. My opinion is based on my life experience.

    I do agree, however, that it’s quality of character that makes mankind better than those who do not understand nor demonstrate those qualities.

    1. “There’s one race; human…”

      I wish that were true.

      White lives matter to white people.
      Black lives matter to black people.
      Mexican lives matter to Mexican people.
      Asian lives matter to Asian people.
      Etc. etc.

      1. That perspective is learned behavior, though stubbornly persistent. Just because it seems we don’t at as one doesn’t mean we aren’t one.

        Hence the need for continued education and compassionate action not just “feel good” protesting.


      2. Hi Guest. Mexican is a nationality. Some are called Latin or Hispanic because of the language they speak. They are an indigenous people and many descended from Native Americans.

        I agree with Brothawolf that race is a sociopolitical construct.

        The sociopolitical construct has a problem identifying Brazilians as a race because they do not speak Spanish to be called Hispanic, and that nation’s citizens are Black and White.

        “Asians” were not called “Asian” until after 911. Prior to that, they were identified by their nationality, for instance East Indian, Oriental or Chinese, Japanese. One of the oddest things I heard was a native Egyptian being called Asian when Egypt is a nation on the continent of Africa.

  4. Hey Xena,

    “Kelly, I wish that I could agree with you about Blacks being people of love. Some are. Some aren’t. My opinion is based on my life experience.”

    I think all of us are born in being of love (that statement links to my above reply to Kelley), though for a small portion of people their biology may predispose them to a greater challenge in expressing or even recognizing said love exists (particularly apart from their loved ones).

    For the rest of us, life/experience has a way of dimming the light of love (to various degrees); whereas, some of us have difficulty seeing it in others, others have difficulty seeing it in themselves, some can’t see it in ourselves or others, and others just shun the whole concept and see the world devoid of love/light. It’s just a cold dark place of survival then you die.

    Paradoxically, all of that is as part of the challenge of being human and expressing love.


    1. Hi PF Thought. Yes, loving is a challenge of being human. Love is the only thing that the majority of people believe they learn by receiving it. That’s a big mistake because everything humans learn is learned by doing. We humans should do acts of love instead.

      1. Xena,

        Hmmm, that is an interesting perspective on love. I will have to let that one sit with me for a bit.

        Though it does make me contemplate; for many people the learning is in receiving love, because many of us struggle with receiving it even if we give it.

        Sometimes those acts of love are perceived as simple acts of kindness so the action doesn’t have the same impact if a person doesn’t recognize what it is like feeling loved.

        I wonder it that affects performing acts of love?


    1. No. Everyone is not racist in a way that groups are able to control and regulate other groups based on skin color. We can be prejudice, but not all of us have the power and privilege to oppress certain groups of people.

    2. Hey Guest,

      “Our DNA is not the same.”

      And that means what, in general and in regards to race? Also our genetic makeup is 99.5 to 99.9% similar. We have more in common than different.


  5. I think what is more important is what we think of ourselves rather than what they think of us. What we think about ourselves is far more powerful. They know it, and play it in a away we moan and cry abour racism. They are superior as long as we think they are. We are hurting ourselves by giving them so much importance and space in our lives. Racists are nothing, but psychopaths who need help. Let us call them who they are. Let us call a spade a spade.
    I am an Ethiopian living in Europe. My people have never been humiliated or enslaved by a white man. We are poor, but with independent minds who have defeated the white man twice on our soil and have remained independent for over 2000 years. Racism is never an issue for us. We simply laugh when someone tells us he is not or is a racist. We don’t see absolutely no reason for him/her to be a racist.
    I am not saying racism does not exist. It does, but only to the extent we allow it to flourish in our minds. We call brutal police officers criminals and thugs, but not racists. By calling them racist, I would unconsciously accept their race to be superior, which is bullshit. Let us first start respecting ourselves, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with out color. It is the healthiest color given to mankind.

  6. ” Why do you think Whites fear and hate Blacks”

    My reasons why they may have such feelings are
    1. We know White society like almost like a psychic-knowing their moves and where they going with it.
    2. Black people have ..and still are their own people- We come from a culture where we don’t others tell us what we should do..especially when it can hurt us.
    3. Strength-Mentally and spiritually..we’ve always had to be that way in a hateful world
    4. They’re angry of the mess they created-their greed,prejudices of all kind
    5. Love who we are-With all of the differences we may have in our culture, we always find a way to unify as one .

    As the saying does ” A hit dog will holler “. The White man will tell you how proud they are of themselves and that’s ok if they are but if so, why are they alarmed when a Black person is in control of their lives. I mean, a person who is wouldn’t care about what you think about yourself, they will only think about themselves but it bothers them when we’re like that. They’re bothered if you like your Black features, Black social groups/ esteem pages( eg BLM, Black Girl Rock, Black Boy Joy), stories about Black love…ohh it just bothers some of them that you find Black as being beautiful in every way possible…anything that has nothing do with them,they’re opposed to.

    1. Another self-loathing, deep down man-hating loon, yes man-hating! Sir, you actually despise yourself! You try to mask this in your so-called ‘pro-male’ ideology. Most men I know, who are comfortable as such, steer away from this type of ideology.

      1. Oh Herneith, I think I’m falling for you. You make this much more energetic!

        You think I hate myself? Do you have evidence to support this claim? Have you asked me?

        My purpose here is to combat the constant onslaught of hatred I see spewing into the internet. If that makes me a self-loathing loon, so be it.

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