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Reality Check,

In a previous entry entitled RANT: Police are killing black folks, and I have the right to be pissed the fuck off!, you said the following:

“Brothawolf, unless you’re willing to take action, being pissed off is useless.

Problem is, too many black men are pissed off, not nearly enough are moved to action….just sayin.”

To which I agreed, and asked what can be done. You replied:

“We can fight back by starting to fight, which we’re not doing.

In order to get true freedom, each of us has to be willing to DIE for it. Black men are not willing to die for freedom. This is exactly why we remain the white man’s boy.”

So, I asked you what have you done in the fight against this and other problems we’re facing. I’ve yet to hear a response. Now, I won’t jump to conclusions. I will assume that you may be too preoccupied to answer. On the other hand, I will also assume that you won’t answer as you probably haven’t fought yourself.

It wasn’t until now (I’m slow. I know.) that I realized you haven’t really answered my first question. You simply replied that we should fight back. Well, how exactly do we fight back, and what’s wrong with the way those who are fighting are fighting? You continued with a call for sacrifice, a willfulness to die for freedom. But honestly, are YOU willing to die for it?

While noble as it sounds, it lacks substance. Precisely, it lacks any hint of a plan, a sufficient plan that would give results and explain risks. Yes, we must fight, but without a thoughtful carried-out initiative, the resistance will likely fall apart before it starts. So, how can black people effectively fight against an oppressive system of racism?

I asked you what have you done to see what should be done that could work? I also wanted to know if you’ve done anything that you’re very passionate about? Have you been fighting? If so, how? And what were the results?

I won’t pass any prejudices. However, I’m still going to be straight up with you. This is a blog I’ve set up six years ago as a way for myself and other people to have a voice. Even though, I’ve said that it’s just a blog and I’m merely a blogger, it still contributes to the expression of marginalized people without any filters. To some, blogging is a way of fighting. It’s a way of voicing your thoughts and opinions. It’s practicing one’s freedom of speech.

If it’s not a reliable means of combating the enemy, I’m open to suggestions. But here’s the other matter. Still, keeping it real, if you’re not doing anything yourself, it may be a good idea not to throw stones at others. If you’re just ranting, you appear to be – like you said – a pissed off black man, but not pissed off to do anything.

If you’re really willing to die for freedom, I commend you. But if you’re not and haven’t done anything nor plan to do anything, please have about a dozen or so seats.

Many of us, if not most of us, are fighting our asses off. We may not be fighting physically, but we sure as hell are fighting mentally and emotionally. We try not to drink the sugary sweet Kool-aid of white supremacy and get sick from internalized racism. We try not to let our emotions run wild in this zoo called America. Our battles are being fought in our hearts and minds, and we’re still standing our ground after being bombarded by whiteness for so long.

Black folks are angry. Some are doing something about it. And some are putting themselves at risk for the sake of change. But many don’t know what the hell to do. One can not assume that we’re just vexed with no action. Some of us want to do something that will tear a hole in racism. Some of us are doing what we can. Some of us are clueless. But mere criticism will get us nowhere. And that’s being real.