Being woke is another way of being aware of what’s really going on. It’s when one notices that something’s wrong and knows that it’s empirically wrong. It’s when you see that what’s considered normal by many is actually crazy as hell.

But if you know about something but is ignorant about another, does that mean you’re still woke, still asleep or at least, drowsy?

For example, you believe that classism is a major concern in this nation. However, you believe that it’s a bigger problem than say…racism. Or you’re against sexual assault and rape, but you think that most rape accusations, especially against male suspects, are false. Or you may believe that black lives matter but think black people need to focus more on “black-on-black crime” as opposed to police imposed and state sanctioned violence.

What do you think? Can being aware on some issues but uninformed on others still make you woke? Are there varying levels of “wokeness”? Please comment below.