Your Thoughts: Being Woke in Some Topics but Asleep in Others

Being woke is another way of being aware of what’s really going on. It’s when one notices that something’s wrong and knows that it’s empirically wrong. It’s when you see that what’s considered normal by many is actually crazy as hell.

But if you know about something but is ignorant about another, does that mean you’re still woke, still asleep or at least, drowsy?

For example, you believe that classism is a major concern in this nation. However, you believe that it’s a bigger problem than say…racism. Or you’re against sexual assault and rape, but you think that most rape accusations, especially against male suspects, are false. Or you may believe that black lives matter but think black people need to focus more on “black-on-black crime” as opposed to police imposed and state sanctioned violence.

What do you think? Can being aware on some issues but uninformed on others still make you woke? Are there varying levels of “wokeness”? Please comment below.


15 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: Being Woke in Some Topics but Asleep in Others

  1. I think there are varying degrees of wholeness, as not everyone is in the same place as everyone in their interior journey. I like to use the idea of classes, where some people are in the more advanced class on a particular subject, and others are in the remedial class. In the more advanced class you’re already at the level of studying systemic connections between multiple social issues, and in the remedial class people are maybe just learning the proper terminology, or the 101 class where people are aware something’s going on, but aren’t advanced enough on the subject to speak about to someone in the 401 class.

    Some people are still at the level where everything must be directly applied to their own experiences, in their understanding on a topic, and other people have movies beyond the merely personal. Like trying to have a discussion on race with someone who can only think in terms of their lack of personal racism, and yet, can’t see how they contribute to a greater system-wide version. It’s alsmot impossible to hold a discussion with such a person because they’re just not at the same level on the topic as you, and some people never move beyond the 101 class, feeling that’s enough for them to know.

    I know I’m still discovering topics I’m still not woke about, like working on my eliminating my transphobia. I’m in the 101 class on that issue, but on the race issue, I’m in the 401 class. Im still working really hard to advance to the next level of ridding myself of homophobia, and am somewhere in the intermediate stage. I do the reading, I do the emotional work involved in examining my feelings and why I might have them, and seek to do so from a place of compassion for all beings, rather than a place of self aggrandizement.

    But it’s frustrating to try to talk to someone who ain’t putting in any of the work, but keeps popping into more advance discussions with grown ups, and ain’t got nothing to add.

    1. @Ikeke35: That was a great summation of how we are all on different levels when it comes to discussions about different topics that are going on in our culture in regard to intersection of race, gender, politics, etc., That was the way you broke that down.

  2. This post describes White Feminism in a nutshell.

    Also, Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

    And Ron Paul fanatics.

    All of them meet at the intersection of Ignore and Deflect.

    And that is the answer.

  3. Great question.

    My short answer: yes.

    No one has a high level of knowledge on everything; one has to realize this, not be ego-driven and be open to learning.

    1. @Kelley: Yes to your post I see a lot on one the blogs I like to comment on. And many posters are driven by their egos. It’s a pissing contest for quite a few posters who have come and gone. I was impressed with some who actually had knowledge to share and some who were just jerks and did what I call cerebral masturbation. It probably felt good to them spouting their hair brained opinions thinking they were dropping some kind of knowledge bombs and impressing people.

      1. Ha! Cerebral masturbation! I like that!

        And I agree with you. Why not share the knowledge instead of condemning those that want to know or would benefit from from the information? Definitely a never-ending pissing contest. We are all ignorant of something.

  4. You asked: “Can someone being aware on some issues but uninformed about others still make you woke?”

    With me..if I was a social justice activist..the thing with me wouldn’t be so much of me not being ” woke” about the subject but knowing were my priorities lie.

    I think about this topic, I think about how justice organizations like BLM was formed and how others followed. One would have thought that after they formed, others would be more supportive of their work and mind you a great deal of them were but there were also a few non-Black ones who were like ” why can’t you help us?” and why call it Black Lives Matter?”

    Let the critics say it, Black people were asleep on their issues and everybody else’s . If there is one thing that Black folk has never been asleep on is racism and other injustice issues. As people say our issues are ” interssectional”..if it effects Black people then other non-Blacks should get the gist of it themselves but some of them don’t see it that way. Some of them think that BLM should just forget their mission,change their name and just save only them or may criticize their organization for not being “organized” or not having a leader. You would think that with groups like that have developed, one would think ” I love my people and I want to fight injustice for them” but some of them don’t always see it that way. BLM was created because of the continued police abuse that was being afflicted on men, women and children who just happen to be Black. Whether the organization is organized/disorganized, they took action and cared less what people thought in terms of their style of fighting. At the end it was..and still is about..the Black community’s affairs.

    Black people have always been supportive of others but when it comes to their communities, it shouldn’t have to take take other people to it. The love of their people and the the injustices they see in their communities should prompt them to form their own coalition.Just because people may put their focus one thing doesn’t mean that aren’t paying attention to other stuff.It’s just that we come first.since it was focused and started about Black deaths.

    1. There’s also the added situation of non-black poc being resentful becasue black people have so much visibility. Some of them are actually angry that we get so much attention for our issues, and I tell them, the reason why, is because we have many many decades of practice hollering at white folks to stop hurting us, which has created a kind of hypervisibility. They need to do the same thing. When enough people are hollering at them, only then do they get the message.

      White people pay an enormous amount of attention to everything black people say and do because we’re the one group of people less easy to control through propaganda and lies. The side effect is that it can often feel like other groups issues are being ignored, and some of them want us to speak out on their issues.

      As Mikki Kendall States, “We aren’t their mules!” and they need to do their own work on their own issues, as they are the only ones who know how white supremacy is really affecting them.

      1. ” There’s also the added situation of non-Black POC being resentful because Black people have so much visibility”

        If they only knew the real motive behind media’s visibility for Black people. They’re not interested in helping Black people, just try to find bad stuff to report about us and even if they were to report us for our good, what do some of these critics. If something stands out people will look. Black people social groups stand out because we’re more vocal and we may do things that people may find unorthodox. It doesn’t make them violent( as they are wrongly accused of being), unorganized and not to be taken seriously as they’re often accused of being.

        Like you also just said..another reason why were also presented on TV is because we’re not a group that be easily manipulated by their lies and will confront them and it seems as when we do this, it’s interpreted as being violent or them being instigators. Black people have always been expressive and colorful with what they do. it was they’re way of keeping their faith. As the saying goes ” Experience is the best teacher” and with all of the experiences Black people have been through with slavery and racism, it has..and teach them not to bow down to their oppressors, to speak out against any injustices inflicted on the Black community and mostly..not to let time repeat itself to go back to pre-1865, no way! They cannot expect for stuff to happen when they won’t speak out/do nothing about it. Can’t get something for nothing.

      2. Exactly! My Mom used to sum it up like this: A hit dog gon’ holla! And we been hit too many times to be quiet about it.

        We (and Native Americans) have a long history of being unapologetically confrontational with White people. That’s not going to stop anytime soon.

      3. @Ikeke35: Another good point the groups angry at black Americans need to fight their own fights. No we are not their mules is correct those other groups also are too busy trying to gain acceptance in white spaces and being shills for white supremacy, so there’s that. Black people got enough problems trying to just stay breathing.

  5. “What do you think? Can being aware on some issues but uninformed on others still make you woke? Are there varying levels of wokeness ?”

    As a WP I would like to think that I’m “awoke”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I can fully understand the experience that POC go through under white supremecy. I will always be “uninformed”.

    An “awoke” WP doesn’t necessarily need to know the things Tim Wise writes about and I’ve met some white progressives who were still blind to their own racism yet would claim to be an “anti racist allie” while telling POC what it was they were doing wrong. Knowledge of white supremacy doesn’t mean that WP can change their pathlogy.

    So what’s an “awoke” WP ? Maybe one that doesn’t meddle. Or tell other people how to think and live. One that allows black people to form their own associations and doesn’t try to guide them or take them over.

    What the greatest critisim white liberals have of BLM ? They dont like that its “leaderless”. What they are really on about is controll so thank god its leaderless.

  6. Your sure can be awoke on some topics while asleep on others, that is part of the learning process (there is a lot to learn about in the world).

    The issue becomes contextual when someone attempts to challenge and potential expand your level of “awokeness,” in a particular arena and a person does not want to expand their awareness. Then you may not be awoke, you’re probably still dreaming.

    I’m not sure we are ever “fully awoke” because most of the time there is always a perspective that adds more to the conversation.


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